Unfair Advantage Review

Unfair-AdvantageWelcome to the Unfair Advantage Review page. This article is based on my own experience, and before I even start sharing with you what I learned about this program, I would like to highlight that I AM NOT AN AFFILIATE of the Unfair Advantage business.

NAME OF THE PROGRAM: Unfair Advantage
FOUNDERS: Vick Carty and Tom E
PRICE: $17  (when the $5 OFF add pops up you pay $12)
REFUND: Yes, 30 days money-back guarantee


In this Unfair Advantage  review, I am going to reveal the following:

  1. What is the Unfair Advantage program?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. The features of  the Unfair Advantage
  4. My fair experience with Unfair Advantage
  5. Unfair Advantage upsells


What is the Unfair Advantage program?

Unfair Advantage is a method that focuses on affiliate marketing mostly with Amazon.

If you are wondering what is Affiliate marketing, click HERE to find out how Affiliate Marketing works (it will open in a new tab).

Shortly, Affiliate Marketing is a process of making money by recommending the products of companies with an affiliate program. You get your unique affiliate link which you implement within your promotion, someone clicks on that link, purchases the product and you get paid your commission BY THE COMPANY you are affiliating with. Your commission DOES NOT affect buyers’ price!

So Unfair Advantage helps you make this process easier and more certain by giving you the training, the software, and the templates.

Unfair Advantage is a software system that combines a loophole on Amazon with their software and promo hack they came up with. Because of this, the users of the Unfair Advantage can rest assure that it is impossible not to make a commission.




So let’s simplify, you become an Amazon affiliate, and a user of the Unfair Advantage at the same time, and start using your Amazon affiliate links you get from Amazon. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate links and buys ANYTHING within the next 24 hours, you are going to be paid.

The founder of the Unfair Advantage Vick Carty, his partner Tom E and an email marketer who sent me an ad for this program claim that there is NOTHING LIKE THIS out there in the affiliate market!

What hooked me up with the program and made me make my final decision after reading through their description was the video below. It features Vick’s 12-year-old daughter who actually was the first customer to try the program and proved it correct and legit.




Who is the Unfair Advantage program for?

Unfair Advantage is for affiliate marketers, eCom sellers, and internet marketers. Apparently 12 years old can make money using this training and software. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, this program will work for you they say. You just need to use it for about 20 minutes per day.


The features of the Unfair Advantage program

The key features of this affordable $17 program: 



At THIS POINT no one talks about upsells. They promise all of the features listed above for $17!




Unfair Advantage upsells

Upsell 1 – UNHINGED – $37 w/$27 DS

Upsell 2 – COPY US – $37 w/$27 DS

Upsell 3 – WE DO IT FOR YOU – $97 w/$67 DS

Upsell 4 – COMMISSION BOOSTER – $37 DS: $27

Upsell 5 – A GUARANTEED CAREER – $197 w/$97 DS


All that you see as an ad to each of the upsell levels above are actually promoted in the ad as something that you WILL GET ACCESS TO as soon as you sign up for $17! This is what actually signed me out of this program.

I am NOT someone who believes in get-rich-quick schemes where programs do everything for you when comes to online business. I believe in miracles and that I deserved to be rewarded by the Universe with some easy job.. BUT..

What I don’t like is when someone promises something just to make money from me. I would trust more if I had everything unveiled right there in the first ad I have seen and if I was given a chance to decide whether I wanted to be part of it or not.

What happened with the Unfair Advantage, was that all of the mentioned features above were listed as the key features of the whole program from the moment of signing up.



  • A testimonial process of Vick’s 12-year-old
  • A high ticket advantage daughter succeeding with the program

To find that only if you add more and more and more money to your upgrades, you will access these parts of the training.


My fair experience with Unfair Advantage

I found guys named Mark Barrett and James Fawcett the other day online and signed up for their program called Infusion. They are email marketers and being very successful and well known I trusted their word. So whenever I received the email advertising the Unfair Advantage, I thought “Oh yes please teach me how to get high ticket sales”.

So I signed up for the Unfair Advantage program.

Upon paying $17 I saw that there was an upgrade and since I was super hooked up with the program, I clicked on the upsell link. My bank stopped the payment (fortunately). I then unblocked my card and wanted to try one more time. As was about to go ahead and search for the upgrade link I received an email from the WarriorPlus (a platform where you actually buy these products) as a reminder that my purchase wasn’t complete.

I thought, excellent! This will be even easier than I thought. But as soon as I said that, I saw that they are reminding me to pay $17 again. This was followed by countless emails from different people offering the same Unfair Advantage program under covered with “different programs” the best in the world named differently.

I immediately suspected something was wrong. The same Mark that advised me to purchase the Unfair Advantage as the only program offering the features listed above, now they were sending a countless number of emails offering some other programs, and whenever I clicked on the link I got the same guess what – UNFAIR ADVANTAGE page!



Mark-Barrett. Mark-Barrett


Contacting the owners – Support team

I decided to ask for assistance and sent an email where I explained what happened with my purchase and that I would like to purchase an upgrade but can’t find the link and this is what I got as a reply. Note that in the promo they state that you have access to the owners, and here I received an email that seemed to be some kind of an automated response.



Being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate company for the last 5 years, I admit that I am a little spoiled when comes to customer support, and I need to feel I am actually talking to REAL people. I am not saying that the member of the team wasn’t really here in the email above.

What I want to say is that on my clear email where I state that I already purchased the program and I would like to upgrade, I get the link to the same program to “complete” my purchase.


Reading reviews online

Most of the time in my life I listen to my guts. And from the very moment I received an invitation to sign up for this program, I could feel that it’s going to be only for the purpose of helping others to not get hooked up and to save their money.

As an owner of this Best Online Home Business website, I am on a mission to give my audience enough information so that everyone can actually succeed in their online business endeavors, by following my reviews.

I decided to sign up and check what’s the program about and whether my guts were just reflecting my old fear of being scammed.



Would I recommend it to you like the program which will bring you success? No. I wouldn’t.

Last night I read the first review of the Unfair Advantage business program I found on Google. And the amount of disappointment I found there from the guy who also tried the program, made me request a refund immediately.

This morning I woke up to the email which states that money is back on my account and a response from the support team stating the same.


I appreciate that this part went smoothly. You might think $17 is not much, but I would say IT IS! It is because there are so many programs costing that much, and all it takes for success is finding one which is proven to be legit and worth giving money for.


Here you can READ ABOUT MY #1 RECOMMENDED PROGRAM which I joined back in 2015.




I hope you got a clear idea of the Unfair Advantage program after reading this review. I would greatly appreciate if you would leave your thoughts, comments, and concerns in the comment section below. In case you already interacted with Vick Carty and Tom E, please share your experience as well. You might change my mind? 🙂




Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. If there’s one thing I hate about any program or product it is upselling. That alone for me is always raises a red flag, I don’t like it, even if all the other stuff were great to the max, I cannot stand upselling. I see that at the end you bring up Wealthy Affiliate and I read that review too, definitely seems like a better option, but I’m glad that google brought me to your site to tell me more about Unfair Advantage. I really learned a lot from this single article. Thank you so much for the information

    • Yes absolutely, the Wealthy Affiliate certainly is a better option. Unfair Advantage takes money and plays around with people going after their financial freedom dreams

  2. Hi Sunny! I think you gave all of us a FAIR Advantage to not become part of Unfair Advantage. Too many upsells that are hidden behind the curtain. I see you are an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and I must say that Wealthy Affiliate is by far the BEST and TRUSTED affiliate marketing company out there! I have heard so many wonderful things about them. Thank you for this review and warning. John

  3. Hi Sunny! I think you gave all of us a FAIR Advantage to not become part of Unfair Advantage. Too many upsells that are hidden behind the curtain. I see you are an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and I must say that Wealthy Affiliate is by far the BEST and TRUSTED affiliate marketing company out there! I have heard so many wonderful things about them. Thank you for this review and warning. John

  4. Hello Sunny 

    Thank for this information review, personally I think this is not the first time to hear about this platform, thank you for founding the information of this platform, myself I do not directly mention either this platform is a scam or legit but to be honest this platform it sounds so good for any market love high ticket affiliate marketing I already saved this tab for more research 

    thank you for sharing

  5. It was very interesting to read through all your experience with Unfair Advantage, what a hassle! It reassures me more and more that there are only very few serious programs where you can get a response from the support team immediately and it’s not a machine response. Wealthy Affiliate is one of them, you are right. Many programs and platforms, or rather the owners of them, are only interested to get your money and that’s all. And then sending you e-mails with upsells and lots of spam. 
    I’ve learned a lot in the last years building up an online business, these lessons are precious. Just like you, I now listen to my guts and don’t let anyone fool me with fancy promises.
    I appreciate your honest review, I believe it will help a lot of people. 

    • Thanks Lenka, I hope so. That’s my goal. To save people time and money and warn them about what’s going on.

  6. Sunny, $17 is a lot of money to a lot of people. I don’t like it when companies take advantage of others. I have noticed that Warrior Plus, in particular, is noted for their upsell/downsell things. I too, would rather appreciate it if someone just sold me what they were selling, and get going. If you have something else, come back to me later. The upsell/downsell seems like fraud.

    • Hi Marsha, I agree, for some $17 is everything and for some – nothing. It all comes down to “Be precautious” and you’ll be fine. Read reviews and you’ll be safe.

  7. Hello again! Thank you very much for sharing this review on Unfair advantage. This is my first time hearing about unfair advantage and I must say I’m not impressed at all. I’m glad you don’t recommend it because it would save people the stress of signing up. I agree with you on wealthy affiliate, it’s a very good platform and lucrative too. Thanks for Sharing. 

  8. Hello Sunny,

    Thanks for this information and I’m pleased to have found it because I have had series of invitation to join this platform and from past experience, I thought getting to read a review is the best option. So far,I feel this is not a good business and shouldn’t be involved in even with the money back system there.I how they improve 

  9. Hello there Sunny, nice to see yet another of your review. I have gone through it and i must say i really did enjoyed going through it as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. I always choose to follow your decisions on these affiliate business because you always share with us your real life experiences with these platforms.

  10. I also got excited about Unfair advantage. But once I started to research about it I found mixed reviews. I then became careful and continued researching. And I have found your post. Thank you vey much for your honest approach while talking about this company. Even though they are not a scam, I will give them a pass.

  11. Hi,

    From my online findings on unfair advantage, I will first talk about what is unfair advantage is a method that focuses on affiliate marketing mostly on Amazon, it shows that when a company has an unfair advantage in business, it is no longer required to compete against everyone else on a level playing field.

    Thank you.


  12. Thanks for sharing this interesting and very productive article, it’s always sunny how I always get bothered by the makes of products though it doesn’t matter in some cases but according to my experience, it affects the real product itself, a names like unfair advantage isn’t something I’d love to see always and the upsells of the product is too much, you’ll think the product is affordable until you’re registered for it. Thanks

  13. Thanks for writing this review article that deals with Unfair Advantage Program. I have never heard of it before. But from reading this article, it doesn’t feel like my first time anymore as I have learnt a lot about Unfair Advantage. Judging from what I got to understand, Unfair Advantage has a good motive and idea, to help affiliate marketers. What gives it a red flag is the issue of getting to still pay more money to get access to the upsell levels they promised one would get access to after the $17 fee payment. Then their proposed income compared to the amount of hardwork to be put in is just too good to be true, making look like a get rich quick scheme. These all goes to make Unfair Advantage Program looking like there is some monkey business or something fishy.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this here and I really value it here. The fact that you gave helped in exposing this unfair advantage scheme to actually understand that there us no advantage anywhere,you just have to do the work required to maintain long term success and wealth. I honestly value all you have shared here and setooyaly,it makes so much sense to see here

  15. Wow, I have advisor never heard about this platform, unfair advantage. But after reading this review, I really got to understand it properly, it really seems like a nice platform and I would also like to enroll on it also, with adequate work you will definitely earn sufficient money on the platform. Thanks for sharing this review 

  16. I am just happy that you were able to get your cashback.

    This kind of product makes me think of scammers immediately. Because they do not offer what you joined for. Instead, they just try to sell you something else continuously. And you will end up broke without getting the initial product you wanted.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thank you Sunny for this clear and detailed review of unfair advantage. This is my first time hearing of unfair advantage but like many other affiliate marketing platforms it sounds like a great business model which I’m sure anyone who joins will be able to earn a lot from and learn to work with easily. 

  18. Hi Sunny, 

    Unfair Advantage does seem like a decent affiliate program. It has all the required systems for making money and monetizing a website. But I did notice that you do not recommend it. 

    I just read further that you almost got spammed with emails asking you to join Unfair Advantage again and again. That is not the best of practices. I would be extremely turned off too if they got after me to join. 

    Thank u for a nice honest review of this program. It is good that at least someone is trying out programs for themselves before reviewing them



  19. Thanks for this thorough review of Unfair Advantage. It really sounds like this company is definitely just a huge red flag. I do agree with you that it isn’t a scam in the sense that you won’t earn your money back from using this platform, they definitely are not truthful and upfront with what you will getting access to with the $17 fee. They claim to give you access to the whole platform, but you unfortunately discovered that it was nothing but a bunch of upselling. Now, if you have a lot of money to throw around then that would be fine. However, I’m sure you can agree that a lot of us do not and that that would be infuriating. I foresee a lawsuit heading their way sometime in the future due to their false advertising.

  20. unfair advantage?

    That is the weirdest name I ever heard. Well, reading your article, actualy I kinda feel insecure with the platform. If I were you I would call it a scam, specially on the way how they run the business. I feel like, the platform is not mature enough and the operational is still based on trial and error.

    I also agree that perhaps $17 maybe not that much. Still, for something that I want to use for investation, I will not use my source for something like trial and error. I wanna use it for something that I am really sure that it will work. Becasue imagine that 17 stay can give you 500 during 3 months, it might sounds good but think about what you actually already spent during 3 months? Your actual number might not 500 anymore. But if you spent it for something you are sure about it will give you thing in turn, even just 100 during 8 months will much worth than for uncertainty. Don’t you think?

  21. I have actually received a couple of emails about the Unfair Advantage program from Facebook friends.  Knowing that I am an affiliate marketer, they thought it would be a help.  So, you article was very timely.  I have no objection to paying for a program that I think is worth it, but I don’t want to be tricked into continuing upgrades.  Your article helped me decided not to research any further.

  22. I guess the unfair advantage goes to those creators, Vick Carty and Tom E. Both got together to use this opportunity to trick innocent people into getting that scam of theirs, especially with that popup hidden upsells. It’s a noble aim to help people do affiliate marketing through Amazon, but it’s not noble to trick people that way. Definitely one of those things we need to avoid.

  23. This sounds too good to be true. like usual.  Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice if just once one of these programs was actually legit!  I totally agree Wealthy affiliate customer service is so great! It is tough to be spoiled and then have to deal with an autoresponder.  Also, thats so sketchy that you received all those different links that all took you to the Unfair Advantage page.  Good things the bank stopped payment! I have literally had to cancel three credit cards to make sure people like this did not keep charging me monthly after I had already cancelled with their programs.

    Thanks for the great info!

  24. I think the name “Unfair Advantage” itself is already turning people away. It’s always kind of a turn off when the program tries to upsell something. It just doesn’t smell right or sit right with me. I see that you are a veteran in WA and as a newbie in the community, i’m constantly learning from people like you guys who are successful already. Thank you for your review on this program. Appreciated!

  25. Thanks for sharing this detailed review, Sunny. Although you mentioned the program is not a scam, I feel otherwise. I would use the word, dishonest. It is good to know that the experience you’ve gained from the Wealthy Affiliate program helped you to recognise all the improper programs. Your sharing will definitely benefit many people who are trying to learn how to earn online.

  26. Having to read an article about making legitimate money is really refreshing. This article is a review of Unfair advantage, an affiliate marketer with Amazon. The reviewer before anything stated that he was in no way affiliated to Unfair Advantage, this makes the review more credible. The review tells us what this platform is for, who it is for and many more to be read here. Great job!

  27. The review is the opposite of the name. I like the caption. Internet is really doing a good job and one thing about unfair advantage is that even the younger ones can benefit from it instead of just surveying the internet purposelessly. For as many that will want to make money through the internet, unfair advantage is a good one

  28. After reading this post very thoroughly, I now understand why this platform is not really a one that you would love to recommend.  I see that although it looks to help one with ones affiliate marketing business, t doesn’t work so well. Love how you’re able to share this and I’d be looking to give it a go myself.

  29. Unfair Advantage might not be a scam as you say but, there is a lack of business ethics. It looks like they do not understand the value of their customers, They are just in a mission of making money and more more money. Thank you for following your guard and helping others not to fall for this deception.

  30. Oh my, thank you very much for reviewing Unfair Advantage. I’ve stumbled upon their website and thought about signing up due to the low cost. However, I really don’t like their upsell method. Thank you for warning us about them. Since there is a lot of disappointment around the product, I won’t even try to try their program. Thanks

  31. Much thanks for the review about Unfair Advantage. It is very much explanatory. If there is one thing I so much appreciate you on this article, it’s the assurance of a dependable information and recommendation from a good and reliable source like yours. You always take your time in feeding the public with genuine information. I think i am interested in this Unfair Advantage program since i am into affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Selling on Amazon could be pretty challenging. The competition for affiliate marketers is stiff and top of it is the fact that Amazon gives a 6 months grace. After which if you do not make a sale your affiliate link will be deactivated. Seeing Unfair Advantage is like a hope at the back of the tunnel. Top of it, the cost is moderate and highly affordable. Thank you for this durable product. 

  33. Hello There, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful review article which is centered on Unfair Advantage Review . There are lots of red flags in this program. There are too many up sells. Wealthy affiliate is the only affiliate marketing program I am into and I trust. I love your honest review 

  34. Thank you so much for this thorough review and explanation of how the Unfair Advantage program works.  I have never heard about it however, I am sure if I had, especially its low cost, I would have thought it was a great opportunity to promote as an Amazon Affiliate.  What would have appealed to me is the fact that the company claims that I will only need to spend 20 minutes per day.  I am grateful for you and your commitment to share truth.  You are not trying to make money off us but rather you are trying to help aspiring entrepreneurs make an honest income.  Thank you.

  35. This is the first time that I have heard of Unfair Advantage, so found this review to be very thorough and helpful. A rating of only 2/5 never sounds very good. I hate the upsells that are associated with many programs and platforms,  but this sounds like misleading advertising. It appears from the ad that you get all the features for your $17,only to find in reality you have to purchase the upsells to get the promised features. Pleased to see that you got your refund and thanks for the heads up to avoid Unfair Advantage 

  36. Unfair Advantage seems like a scam to me. There are so many programs out there and it is easy to be scammed. Luckily you got your money back. I just can not understand how it is possible to earn money on this type of behaviour. I guess it is the video with the 17 year old girl. People are thinking if it is so easy for her then I can surely do it too. At least in Wealthy Affiliate we learn good online values. That is one of the things I love with Wealthy Affiliate. For less than $17 you can get a website domain at WA  that can give you more revenue than with Unfair Advantage.

  37. Yeah, I absolutely hate these kinds of products. Salesy, crazy, unfounded claims, manipulative even. And full of upsells that are actually what you were trying to buy or thought you were buying with that first purchase. Classic.

    And I just wanted to add one extra thing. As I was reading through your review, I somehow started wondering as to why programs like this enjoy claiming that the software and making money with this is so easy that a 12-year-old can do it. And it dawned on me. 

    It’s not because a 12-year-old can actually make money with this. But because of what it implies. It implies that it’s easy. That even people with very little life experience and knowledge can do it successfully, and, thus, anyone who buys this will be able to as well. This first part is a kind of an obvious aspect. But there is another one.

    What if a 38-year-old male buys this and then is unable to make money with this? There’s the money-back guarantee but I strongly believe about 80-90% of such people won’t ask for a refund. Because they don’t want to look stupid. Because if a 12-year-old can do it and they can’t, they would be putting themselves below the intellect of such youngsters. Which is not something that most egos can handle. And so, they just pick an excuse and don’t ask for a refund.

    In a way, it’s actually such a smart yet extremely manipulative tactic. Not a fan.

    I enjoyed the review though. 🙂

  38. Wow.  I came across a online program was called work from home business and I paid $47 but it was nothing like the advertisement says.  I would have be weary when you couldn’t upgrade and when you reached out to customer support you got an automated response.  I want a real person too.  It is hard.  I glad I came across Wealthy Affiliate too.  Thank you for the information.

  39. Yes, I think you did the right thing there. Surely it can’t be that easy, surely not…

    The first thing that should be a red flag is that it requires payment upfront. I always say that if I want to do investment, I’ll contact my local banks, because at least they are regulated by the Central Bank. I also don’t like programs that over-promise, and there are legit sites that do this in my opinion. Just tell it like it is, if one can realistically earn a couple of dollars per day with this app or survey site then just say so. I’ll get a bunch of apps or survey sites and I’m set.

    Sounds like an outright scam to me, this Unfair Advantage program.

  40. One thing I hate in my life is insincerity. If you’re offering a product or service, you need to be direct with your clients or buyers about every aspect of your service before he or she commits their hard earned money or plans towards it. Even if there is a money back guarantee, it doesn’t still make it right because you’ve wasted your precious time on something that is not worth it. I’m not against upsell, but it should be known to the buyers if it’s something they want. I’m sorry for the bad experience, but I’m glad you did share it with us and I’ve learnt a great deal from it.

  41. Hello there, I must say a very big thanks you for sharing this awes article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me… I have heard a fee Information about this brand and it has been really to see this kind of brand function among all other scams like it self.

  42. Thanks for sharing this experience with us Sunny. It sounds like Unfair Advantage uses questionable marketing techniques. It’s interesting that your bank stopped the payment. It leads me to believe that there have been a lot of refund requests to that business which has decreased the trust of its payment service, making payments more likely to be declined. I’m pleased you were able to get your money back. 

    I also have good things to say about Wealthy Affiliate, where I’ve been a member since February and I have learned so much!

  43. Hello. I’ve never heard of them but this opens my eyes. I can’t believe that there are still suspicious platforms like this. I hope that the text will reach as many people as possible. I am personally on WA and I am very pleased with that platform and my success on it. WA is definitely not a scam but one of by far the best platforms for online passive earnings.

  44. Thank you so much for a great review article on Unfair Advantage. This platform basically deals with Amazon affiliate marketing and which is very easy to use. I have been working with Amazon Affiliate for a long time but have not been very successful. Unexpected success came later when I started using this software. So I would recommend to others who use affiliate marketing to use this software.

  45. Hello Sunny! Thank you very much for sharing this with me.  Though it’s my first time hearing about this platform but I would have immediately signed up for it if I hadn’t seen your review before now. I will save this post and share with my friends who I know do not know about this scam platform.

  46. There are many scams out there and it’s a pity that there’s a majority of people who are into flashy products and that gives room for scammers to grow their industry. The title of the upsells is just not promising any fruitful content and I can rest assure that there’s no gain from any of the upsells. Nice article. I haven’t used the product nor I am interested in it. I have a sharp eye for scams. Nice article. 

  47. I am careful of programs that make it seems like it doesn’t cost much to join then after you join you are greeted with upsell after upsell which I think is not good because you are limited until you pay more which I think is a great turn off. For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the better way with a good payment plan and a good program that can help you to have success. I recommend going with Wealthy Affiliate that is helping so many people to have online success/

  48. Thanks for sharing your experience with Unfair Advantage. I have to say that just by looking at their marketing banner, there are just so many red flags for me. The misleading promise, like found a loop hole or sharing the secrets are the classic that these people are aiming to target the newbies. I have to say that I did not experience as an Amazon Affiliate, so many regulations and it can be very discouraging when you are a new affiliate marketer. 

    The upsells… that is why they started out so cheap and lure you into this rabbit hole. Thank god that your bank freeze the transaction. At least you got your money back and lesson learned! 

  49. Good looking website.

    Love the pictures and screen that teaches people how to use WordPress. It’s clear that you want to help people start an online business and your reviews of other online oppurtunities are helpful. Your story is interesting. I like how you merged acting and travel into a single career. 

    You come across knowledgeable, trustworthy and willing to help. Very good qualities in the online business world

    Good start. Can’t wait to see the progress!!

  50. I always enjoying reading the article from your website. On going through this review, it started to sound very attractive at first but On going further, I began to see the loops and turns they take you through so that you keep paying. Also I notice there are upsells that keep going up and up. Scam or not, I don’t like doing business this way, even it means that I give up on an opportunity of making lots of money in a day. Reading the review is with my time because I, not only want to know the good, but also the not so good , and the details you discuss helps me to know what to look for. Thanks

  51. Thank you, Sunni.  You have just introduced me to a programme that I was previously unaware of. At first glance, with such a “catchy name”, Unfair Advantage sounds very attractive, but you make it VERY CLEAR that you do not recommend them.  Thank you for emphasising this as there are so many scams on the internet, seeing the wood for the trees can sometimes be quite a challenge.  Why would any programme focus on affiliate marketing with Amazon these days?  Their commissions are very low and I understand people have to buy the same day to benefit from finding the specific product using Amazon.  Unfair advantage does not sound like a platform that I would like to work with.  Thank you for highlighting the disbenefits of this programme. All of those “upsells!”

  52. It sounds as if Unfair Advantage’s support is a little confusing and perhaps too automated … Even if $17 is not much, it is still your money and if you want it back, it should not be so hard to get it back. I am glad you got a refund. Although this program is legitimate, I do not like that it has all those upsells. I was wondering about the “we do it for you” upsell, does it mean that they literally do all the work for you and you sit back and watch money coming in? It sounds great but also a little too good to be true, doesn’t it?

  53. Online scams are something as an affiliate, we all should watch out for. Many promises, big money & bright successful futures are offered, but once you pay that entry fee then you’re on your own. No support anywhere! I was scammed myself some years back when I was just getting started. They wanted more and more money, and like a fool I was giving it up. I was told I’d easily make it back. But I should have known better. Well I guess you live and learn!

  54. that pretty interesting feel like I can actually use this site to focus solely on amazon affiliate didn’t know about this site really like how unfair advantage definitely increases your sales on amazon with the training they provide as well the cool tutorials on making your own videos to bring in traffic. 

  55. Something I really hate about Unfair Advantage is the fact that their sales page is over hyped. This type of system always makes newbies believe they can make money online that easy, and without much effort.

    They say: “It pays us $50 a day passively”… “You can duplicate our results within 20 minutes…” LOL

    Come on, making money requires the right knowledge, the right mentors, and most of all working hard. Beginners should have it in mind.

  56. LOL, thats crazy what you stated from the beginning in the unfair advantage. Using a hack that does not work! Thanks for the insightfullness. And I hope others realize quickly that you don’t have to take this unfair advantage for the price as low as it seems. Amazon is a full fledged business operation and will not accept loopholes for long anyway. 

  57. Hi Sunny, thank you so much for sharing another excellent review with us today. For me, it is clear to steer free from Unfair Advantage, and I’m not too fond of the companies doing the upsell thing. Previously I have committed to a particular trial as well from some online company, and a similar thing happened. 

    They actually straight away try to upsell me a $5000 machine. I felt overwhelmed and told the lady I was not interested and didn’t except this. On top of that, she became slightly aggressive, and soon after this, I have organized my refund. I was so relieved to have it all cancelled.

    Thank you so much for creating a place within your website where people can come for an honest review so people can make well-informed decisions and hopefully protected to loose money through scammy bussnisses.

    Thanks again,


  58. Amazon is my main source of income at the moment and I’m relieved I read your review of Unfair Advantage before seeing it somewhere else. In general, I am pretty wary of all companies that promise to make me money, but there have been a few times where I nearly fell for them! Thanks for the honest and ‘fair’ review!

  59. Hello Sunny, I did not know this program up to now, and I want to thank you for sharing your experience and writing down this article for us. It is very helpful for everyone to get real experience and feedback about the Unfair Advantage program by real people like you. I agree with you that $17 is a considerable amount compared with other opportunities to invest it, like your first recommendation platform that allows everyone to learn and build an online business.



  60. You certainly had an interesting experience attempting to try this program. It seems that the “Unfair Advantage” might provide some unfair results for some people. The reviews online indicate that it might be best to hold off on joining this program at any price. Your experience and your resulting review seem to say the same. I think I’ll wait and see what happens with them.

    Thanks for explaining your experience with this program.

  61. The more articles I read about other affiliate programs than ‘ Wealthyaffiliate’, the more I am convinced that joining this last one was really thé best thing I ever did. I have no experience with Unfair Advantage, but after reading your fantastic review, I don’t think I will ever join them to give it a try. So thanks very much for your article!

    Best regards,


  62. I have not done a lot of searching for other opportunities since finding Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks to your review of Unfair Advantage I now know not to get envolved in this. I am certainly not a fan of spending the time to research something, then get into the video, think it sounds really good, then find out that everything is an upsale. How frustrating!

    Thanks to your comprehensive review I will definitely steer clear of this one.

  63. I appreciate your honesty and candor.  Your website is informative and true.  It can save heartache and pain from people. Not to mention $17. And you are correct, it may not seem like a lot, but it is if you are convinced to proceed.  It will not stop with the $17. Your topic is great, catches the eye, and prompts the reader to want to continue to discover what is inside the box.  Once inside, a person becomes consumed by the well-written material and information. You have done a very good job of informing and protecting yourself and others. Job well done.  I look forward to reading more material from your website.

    Respectfully submitted,

  64. Thank you for your post. It is helpful for me. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for affiliate marketing opportunities. Program like Unfair Advantage can be the one for me to try.

    Your review on the program is honest and straightforward. I particularly like your description on my fair experience with unfair advantage. I see you had so much frustrations with the program. I know that $17 is not a big problem, but the time we wasted is a huge problem. People working on the online business are extremily busy. Time is the most important asset for business owner. Spending so much time to deal with low value program is pain on our ass.

  65. I saw this ad video on YouTube. I looked into it and the fellow speaking in the video was so convincing that I almost bought it. As I am reading about this here in this article, I don’t know if anyone should trust this particular program. The software programs that do come with an upgrade, might look bad but they are all factor in one price. Let’s say that the cost of the actual program is $199.00 total. They would create a teaser package to lure you in for a much cheaper price.
    It’s like getting an experience of the product. If you like what you see, you would want to get the next higher package deal which is  like an upsell. If you don’t like it, you’ll ask for a refund. The whole point is to get you to buy it cheap, then upgrade to he next level. If you’d bought the whole software program at a one-time price, let’s $199.00 package, and you don’t like it, it”ll look bad to return $199.00 on their side than a $17.00. Plus, there is no monthly fee. I think if you like the program and it’ll benefit you, the upgrade will worth it as there is no monthly fee or hosting fee. Thanks for a great article review.

    • Right JOhn? The guy is so convincing. That’s what caught me and also because I got an email invitation through the “trusty” contact

  66. It’s funny how the way a website is set-up will generally tell you something about the people you do business with. The “Unfair Advantage” looks like a scam right out of the gate. I would be very surprised to hear they make a living off this. I’m happy to see you gave it a 2/5. I think even that was generous lol. Thanks.

  67. Ther are so many of these programmes that offer the world but fail to deliver. 

    Nowadays if they say ‘Easy for Newbies’ ‘3 clicks and it is set up’  and a major red flag is ‘Earning within minutes’. 

    I had not heard of that programme thank goodness, so glad you managed to get your money back. It often isn’t that easy. It is good to see reviews on such offers to save people from being scammed.

    Thank you, an interesting and helpful post.

  68. I am happy i came across this article on time, i have been researching about upselling brands like this, i have really been skeptical about which of them i should put my money, reading this article just clarifies most of my fears, thanks. But could you create a list of other upselling networks you recommend, drop a link if you’ve already done that before.

  69. This is interesting, never knew such a program existed, striking such a loophole subsist and Amazon hasn’t done anything about it, I would see where a person would use this program because not a lot of persons make their purchases within 24 hours. I agree this get rich quick scheme has its own agenda, thank you for bringing this to our attention, great information.

  70. Hello Sunny,

    Thank you for this warning review about Unfair Advantage. To be honest, I really didn’t know about their existence, so your information provided in the article is an extra asset. I have noticed that all companies that use a price that ends in 7, always have a red flag. Maybe it is just me, or it is really like this.☺

    However, to avoid scam programs, even you said that this one is not a scam,  it will be the best to have concrete and real information before signing up with any of them.

    You mentioned WA at the end, and I can say that I support your #1 tecommendation. Keep doing the great work!


  71. I send my profound gratitude to you Sunny. 

    reading and knowing about your unfair advantage is an eye-opener. Before now, I have never heard about the word unfair advantage. Now I know and the knowledge will preempt me from being a victim.Now I am definite it is pointless and sheer waste of time to thread such parts

  72. Unfair Advantage really sounds like it is an Unfair Business. Upscaling and all that?  You wonder what more will come. However the story about the 12-year-old research, to show potential buyers that even a child can do this, is captivating. Your comment “you are not an affiliate of the Unfair Affiliate”, Sums it all up for me. And it is easy to make my choice after that. 

    I may be interested in the subsequent add of Wealthy Affiliate. 


  73. I am always very suspicious when a program starts out at such a low price because 9 times out of 10 it means there are going to be many of those irritating upsells. you think in the beginning you are going to get everything that’s offered for the original price and then you find out you need to pay another 4,5 or 6 times more and the price is usually going up each time. thanks for the heads up Sunny, I won’t be joining the unfair advantage.

  74. Thank you for your detailed review here and t thanks to you, we all know what the sea holds for us in stocks. I honestly think this is really good and I can make the very best use of the details you have shared here. Thanks so much and the review of this unfair advantage has helped my decision making.

  75. A very catchy name for an online business platform really and it’s all a very good kudos to the makers who are able to out things like this together. Unfortunately though, this doesn’t work well and for me the only good thing about it is the money back guarantee that night as well not get me my money so I’ll just not try this at all.

  76. Good morning Sunny, hope you are having a great day. I have found that any system that says it is done for you, is a big scam, and you should steer clear of them. This is just my experience with companies that claim all the work is done for you. Even though you say the unfair advantage is not a scam, you were probably right to get out of the company. Like I said in my experience any place that says DONE FOR YOU is a scam.

  77. Hello, nice article, but unfortunately this is the first time I am hearing of unfair advantage. But I think it is nice, quite innovative, and simplistic, it seems like a genuine way to make money. I will be very much open to this idea, bcos I can’t say abruptly if it is real or a scam yet. I really hope it’s legit because the concept is nice and captivating.

  78. Sunny, thank you for this review and thank you for all you do to shed light on all of these work at home “opportunities” that may or may not be legit.  First of all, kudos to you for requesting a refund and kudos to the company for giving it.  While $17 may not be much for one person to pay, it’s a lot for a company that might be scamming hundreds of thousands of people.  How many people do you need to scam to make a million dollars?  Two million?  While you don’t call this company a scam, they are devious, to say the least.  Any program that can’t be upfront about the costs and benefits of their program knows that they are not providing a good value.   

  79. Great review of Unfair Advantage – I think I’m spoiled at Wealthy Affiliate too, where everything is so transparent and you know there are real people behind the messages. If a product is good, then the owners shouldn’t be shy about laying out exactly how much it’s going to cost upfront (including all the up-sales) – if they’re not confident in their product, then they won’t do this.

    • That’s a great point! There is nothing worse for me than thinking I got everything within the package I bought, and when I open I see I have to pay more to be able to use the product. 


  80. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one. This is my first time hearing of unfair advantage and in my own opinion, it’s not something I’ll love to get myself acquainted in. It doesn’t look too good so I’ll skip for now. Thanks Sunny 

  81. Hello there Sunny, nice to see yet another of your review. I have gone through it and i must say i really did enjoyed going through it as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. Judging from what I got to understand, Unfair Advantage has a good motive and idea, to help affiliate marketers. Nice one 

  82. Hello Sunny, thank you for sharing with us this very good and wonderful article as it has added a lot to our knowledge and it’s very good to see people learn more and for me. Alot found have faced some really bad business and that is why I have been really keen to get all the information about any business that I see

    • Hello Dane, you are so right. We all should be certain when joining programs making sure they are beneficial for our businesses. Thanks for sharing your opinion and please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you in your online journey 

  83. Hello Sunny!
    Thank you for giving us a heads up regarding this Unfair Advantage. I think they’re living it up to their name UNFAIR Advantage… for not revealing their prices right away and for a poor support team.

    I also hate it when I see upsells on services like this. But I find this company’s upsell quite funny.
    UNHINGED => Does this mean we do it by ourselves?
    COPY US => means we imitate how they did it,
    WE DO IT FOR YOU=> means they do the work and we sit back relax and receive commission ???…. I admit this offer is tempting! 🙂
    COMMISSION BOOSTER and A GUARANTEED CAREER => I’m actually wondering how these two are better than the third one…

    • Rose, great and quite funny point out there! 
      Have nothing to add lol 

      I am so glad they gave me money back 

  84. Hello there Sunny, thanks you for sharing this amazing content here with us. I really did learnt a lot from going through your review. It is so nice of you to share with us your real life experience with this program and your final verdict of its use to you. This looks like a waste of time for me

  85. Hello Sunny, thank you for this very detailed review of unfair advantage and thank you for telling us that you would not recommend us. A lot of scams are all over the net these days, especially in this time of the pandemic. People want to make quick money by scamming other people, it’s scary. My husband has forwarded an article to me the other day about how the scammers through an online program have emptied several bank accounts of those who joined. That’s why the husband was concern about me enrolling at Wealthy Affiliate and I assured him that WA is legit.

    Thank you for making the research for us on what to avoid on the worldwide web. Keep them coming!

    • Wow Julai, that’s new information for me to be honest. I haven’t heard about the fraud you mentioned. It’s good to be precautious

  86. A really good post about Unfair Advantage. Its balanced and to begin with I was interested in what they had to offer, then after your excellent review and the disclosure about the upsells I had made up my mind that it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t agree more that the customer support at Wealthy Affiliate it excellent and it will serve me well. Good post and good luck on gaining traffic.

    • Thank you, Dameon. I appreciate you. Being a Wealthy Affiliate member, one will always be looking for programs with the same amount of customer support. So far, I haven’t found anyone yet. But the legit programs still have good support. 

  87. Well, it’s too bad that the Unfair Advantage program doesn’t stack up or live up to expectations, as the buy-in is pretty cheap and the guarantee is nice. However, it’s good to know that it’s not rated very highly and not recommended overall. Interesting way of operations, I think most people would get annoyed with that system pretty fast. Thanks for sharing and steering your readers away!

  88. I don’t have much to say about the unfair advantage program and I’m glad I came across this honest article review on them before I proceeded to purchase. Will definitely be looking at your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as it sounds amazing to make real money online. I have been looking for an honest and trusted company that can deliver on their promises. Congratulations on your well written review. You have my respect.

    • Thank you so much Gideon, I appreciate your comment and time. Please do let me know if you need any assistance in your online journey. 

  89. Whoa, you dodged a bullet there.  It may not be a scam, but it definitely walks that fine line, from what I’m reading.  Those emails sound obnoxious!  I’m so glad you were able to quickly learn that this was not a good program for you.  I think I will avoid it as well.  I also can’t stand that name: Unfair Advantage?  It just sounds… mean, I guess?  I don’t know.  It’s a terrible name, in my opinion.  There is a lot wrong with this program based on what I’m reading here, so I appreciate you putting all this info out there.  Great and interesting review.

  90. Great that you shared a review about unfair adventage. I noticed you don’t recommend it. It doesn’t seem like a reliable affiliate program to me either. It’s good that you wrote a post like this because it can save people from unnecessary stress. WA is a really good program and I use it too.

  91. Hi Sunny. Thanks for your review and warning against Unfair Advantage. As soon as I see all the upsells I am put off, and they even say “No one else is doing this” on the video graphic when they’re clearing getting everyone else to do it. I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been making good money now for a couple of years from my website. Once you are a member of WA everything else feels like a scam. Thanks for the review.

  92. Hi Sunny, I’ve just gone through your article on unfair advantage review.  This post is very educative and informative too. Frankly speaking, I’ve never heard about unfair advantage before. I’m glad to have come across this review, and I will definitely be visiting your site more often to learn more about achieving financial freedom with the best online home business. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing piece of writing with us, I will be sharing further too to spread the word.

  93. Thank you so much for the review on Unfair Advantage!  I immediately take issue with Unfair Advantage because they have so many upsells.  This is why the price is initially so low, even though I feel like you don’t get much from the low price.  The upsells are terrible though, and then I don’t like that it promises this great career if you pay so much.

  94. Hi

    A detailed and thorough review of “Unfair Advantage”.  I have no knowledge of experience with this company and you gave a good breakdown of what they offer and how it is done.  You included the good with the bad.  

    I can understand the reason that you were tempted to join as it certainly sounds like an attractive offer.  Sad that there is such an aggressive upsell.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a company that is well supported by the staff and the members and a great company to be involved in.

    Wishing you the best with your affiliate marketing career.


  95. Hi Sunny. I was just looking for info about the Unfair Advantage program, and your review is extremely helpful. To be fair opinions on the web are quite mixed and I wasn’t sure what to think about it. Definitely, it’s not a scam, but looking at their offers, there are much better programs (like wealthy affiliate) to invest time and money.

  96. This article is an excellent review of the Unfair Advantage program. When you first signed up, there should have been more support for the upgrades. Getting spammed with emails for similar programs would be very annoying. I have tried the Wealthy Affiliate program, and they offer more than anyone else that I have ever tried. One must put in some time and work to create money online. Adding value to the online world is the best way to build an online business.

  97. Thanks for this review. There are so many programs out there and I appreciate your feedback. Unfair Advantage seems like something that could be useful to some but programs that get you hooked only to upsell is annoying and dishonest in my opinion. I am glad to hear that you got your money back.

  98. Hi my dear. Looking and reading through your article. I’m sorry but I can’t stop saying you are so amazing. The article”Unfair Advantage Review” is a truly remarkable piece of……….truth!

    Thank you for sharing your experience, I was really eager to see what’s going on. WOW! people in this, should I say, COVID world, or just, on everywhere on the world, can do anything to get off even 10$. Almost the same happened to me 2 weeks ago when I’ve received a message from my bank that “your £10 has been transferred successfully”. which, what? I haven’t any idea to make such a payment for even10. Obviously was a scam. Lucky I’ve called immediately the bank which blocked the card and makes a request to get money back. even were just 10.

    So, in my opinion, in all this, people are getting dirty in the mud for even $17 or $5 and can put their family at risk to gain this. Such degeneration of humans we are- someone on youtube said. and he was right.

    Thank you my dear one again, and many blessings. 

    PS. I am really happy that you’ve listened to the inner guts.

  99. Thanks for this heads up on Unfair Advantage.

    It is so typical of these types of companies to offer membership for just a few dollars and then start to pile on the extra costs.  Some people will be fool enough to keep handing out for them, as they will believe that they will make it big.

    For me, I’ll just stick with the old fashioned affiliate marketing and see how it goes for now.

  100. . Unfair advantage review-With so many scams being run on the Internet it’s great to know that you have everyone’s back with your Website. You gave the readers what they wanted. Very honest and open drawing from your own experience to give us all a heads up.

    Secondly I absolutely agree with you about wealthy affiliate. These guys are amazing and I’ve only been with them for 33 days. Help and support in this community is AWESOME!

  101. Thanks for the warning! 

    Sounded too good to be true, it’s platforms like this that put people off especially at a time like this. I really appreciate this review because if I ever come across Unfair Advantage I will already know what to expect.

    That’s why reviews like yours are so important, you save people from losing money, time and stress.

    Thanks & keep up the good work! 

  102. I want to say that your experience with Unfair Advantage is very instructive and warning. There are many such examples and many are looking for an upgrade, which makes every individual who warms up for a job and wants to go with it, quite cool. As if the people behind such or similar programs are not enough to sell the program once, but try to double it or cash it in several times. All that is tiring and people lose interest, and in most such cases, a fraudulent intention is revealed, and not a serious job.
    That is why I support your review and what you have stated in it. Instructive.

  103. I want to say that your experience with Unfair Advantage is very instructive and warning. There are many such examples and many are looking for an upgrade, which makes every individual who warms up for a job and wants to go with it, quite cool. As if the people behind such or similar programs are not enough to sell the program once, but try to double it or cash it in several times. All that is tiring and people lose interest, and in most such cases, a fraudulent intention is revealed, and not a serious job.
    That is why I support your review and what you have stated in it. Instructive.

  104. Well, I dont know if i’d go all the way with the promise that you can never fail with this as i see on the flyer. Unfortunately, many do fail in affiliate marketing and it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. But iit does look like an affordable way for people to at least learn something and could perhaps be an earner from the affiliate marketing and upsell point of view.

  105. What a  fabulous, down-to-earth person, trustworthy, fun you come across! I love the display and colors of your choice too. It is so refreshing to read your work and the URL is saved!! Like you very well said, the online world scamming is a reality, as such a newbie that I am nothing comforts me more than reading what sounds true and genuine, your site does just that. I have a lot to learn from it and feel excited that I just found this treasure, indeed I did. Thank you

  106. Hi Sunny, I really enjoyed the Unfair Advantage Review. I appreciated your honest opinion of the program. I am using the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I’m not sure if anything out there compares to this program. Or if there is, I have not found it yet. Wealthy Affiliate is the best. The training is very easy to follow but the  best thing about Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is the community support and encouragement. Over and over again I am amazed how quickly my questions get answered. Anything I have an issue with, I just post a question and within minutes, someone with a lot of experience and expertise will provide an answer. And not just one, there will be multiple answers. Truly amazing community.

  107. Thank you for sharing your unfair advantage review, this is certainly an eye-opener. We are all trying hard to make money and are sometimes fooled. Sometimes it is worth taking a chance, however I think there should be a level of transparency. All The upsell is a red flag, if something seems to good to be true, most times is not true.

  108. We certainly don’t want to be part of an affiliate program that does not bring anything to our advantage. The unfair Advantage doesn’t seem to be suitable, especially for new affiliates.

    Wealthy affiliate, however, brings more to the table. Tells right away the ins and outs of it all, which I very much appreciated. It’s the best program out there to my knowledge. 

    I am still happy with all of it so far. Thanks for sharing the review. Much needed for anyone starting. 

  109. Interesting review. I have seen these programs show up in my emails from time to time but have never been interested enough to see what they were about. Like you say, ” trust your gut feelings”. If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. 

    I thought the photo of the 12 year old was a fake. To me she looked about 18 or 20. Maybe she is just old for her age. 

    Interesting review thanks for having the guts to try it out. 

  110. As many people around the world are looking for a way to start working from home, an online business could be a great idea to work on, unlucky many will offer to teach you how to do it, but sadly this can be another sad story to tell about an online business opportunity scam, thank you so much for sharing an accurate review on Unfair Advantage that will help many to stay safe, as a member at Wealthy Affiliate, I’m glad I signed up a couple of years ago and I’m working hard to build up my own online business!

  111. This review was very informative. I did not know anything about this so your review was very clear and concise. I learned a lot. I like how you followed the path to find the real truth about Unfair Advantage. It sounded too good to be true in the beginning, so I’m glad I read your entire review and made an educated decision. Thanks for the review.

  112. I think affiliation with a company is the best way to make money on the market, have something safe and known traffic is very high especially on Amazon and there are very great chances for someone to choose a product you are affiliated with you Commission to grow more in this business gen.

  113. Hi there, thank you for the info you gave us on Unfair Advantage. I do know that they are not scammers but they are after your money offering little value. In addition, there are hidden costs and upsells. Unfortunately, in my search for financial independence, I have come across many internet scammers. Fortunately, I stumbled across your website and I will be taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate, it looks like an honest internet opportunity. Thank you so much.    

  114. The way this program is being marketed is quite unlike what I’ve seen with other similar programs and at first, I was considering joining it. I’m thankful to you that after reading your experience, the Unfair Advantage program is definitely checked off my ‘affiliate programs to join’ list. Upsells should be disclosed clearly on the product page in the beginning and it’s a no-brainer to abandon an affiliate program if these hidden upsells show up after joining. Good to know that their customer service helped process your refund request. Overall I found your review helpful & thanks Sunny for helping me decide the best way forward.

  115. I’ve been making money online for a few years and I still get drawn in by these “opportunities”. We all know that there are no such thing as “easy money”. There’s always work behind every success. I hate exaggerations and upselling. Making things easier than they are. But I’ve also realised that we all think different things are hard. Some people thinks making youtube videos fun and easy, while others find it to be hard work. It’s all about finding your own niche for producing and earning. Thanks to reviews like yours, we can all find out what will work for us without getting ruined in the process. 

  116. Hello Sunny! I think this is the second time I heard of Unfair Advantage. I like how you are honest in your review but I would like to research more about it and see what other people have to say. But thanks for the heads up! There are a lot of programs available out there and people should be skeptical to prevent being fooled.

  117. Thanks for sharing.  I’ve never heard of The Unfair Advantage but might have gotten roped in if I had.  Some red flags I’ve learned from reading about money making on the internet are that they have a ton of upsells and typically offer poor customer support/no advisors to the program.  This program seems like a good idea and i’m not saying it’s a scam (as you indicated) but maybe they just don’t execute well enough.  I believe there are easier ways to make money with affiliate marketing, like with Wealthy Affiliate!

  118. Hi! Sunny, 

    I never heard about Unfair Advantage but I visited their site. It redirected to Click Funnels.,They help a member build a Page that they said it sells and generate Leads. Based on your experience, they wanted you to pay the membership twice the first time while they said it’s a month to month payment.What is that an advance payment for the next month? I don’t like that either. There’s no better place other than Wealthy Affiliate Platform. A place of Business Building the right way to create your website.Thank you for the Review… 

  119. Hi. Thanks for this article.

    I learned a lot about unfair advantage even though I didn’t know much about it before reading your article.

    As an amateur affiliate marketer, i like to know everything about a program before payinng to participate in it. Your article gave me all the information I needed about unfair advantage.

    It seems to be hiding a lot from the user and that’s what I definitely don’t want for myself and my business.

    Thanks for the warning.

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