What Is Jaaxy About

One of the most important lessons affiliate marketers need to learn is understanding the keywords. It is essential to find the right ones that will get you ranked in Google. There are a couple of values you have to look for when searching for a good keyword. For that, you also need a good keyword research tool.

What are the components of a good keyword:




  1. Searches (AVG) – Number of searches for a particular keyword per month > 100
  2. Traffic – A possible number of the visitors to your site > 50
  3. Competition (QSR) – Number of sites and blogs using that keyword < 100
    For the websites already trusted by Google, QSR less than 200 is ok too
  4. Article Power (KQI) – How well your posts will potentially rank = Great
  5. SEO – Chances to get ranked high by Google = 1-100 the higher the better


For keywords research, I use Jaaxy, one of the most popular keyword research tools. It is a premium keyword, niche, and site research software, a keyword suit that will provide you with much more elaborate detail on keywords and create more efficiency.

Jaaxy is featured by the Wealthy Affiliate, a company I work for and it is available for everyone.


Jaaxy – Overview and Rankings


Product Name: Jaaxy
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Overall Ranking: 4.5 /5
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: Free Starter Join here
Pro – $49/mo
Enterprise – $99

With the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, you are automatically getting an upgrade to Jaaxy Lite with unlimited searches.


Jaaxy – A Keyword Research Tool Review

In the next paragraphs, I am going to reveal to you all the Jaaxy features. Keep your eyes open and look no further if you are in the online marketing world as you will be thrilled with what this great tool has to offer!




Whether you are a complete newbie in the online world or you are an experienced entrepreneur, Jaaxy is simple and very beneficial for everyone. So let’s take a deep analysis of the above screenshot of my Jaaxy page.

This is how the main home page of the Jaaxy account looks like. All the options are listed right there.


So what you can do with Jaaxy?

Search for the keywords

  • You can search for a single keyword, keyword phrase, or even an URL.
  • Once you type in the keyword, all the parameters we talked about before are graded with Jaaxy:
    AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, and SEO. If you are satisfied with your search you can check off the keywords you would like to use and save them on the list.
  • You can also brainstorm further the given keyword when you click on it and get different variations.
  • Later you can also browse your search history.
  • I used Jaaxy for my domain search as there is that option as well. That’s how I found mine – the Best Online Home Business domain.


Alphabet Soup Technique

This is a very popular technique among online marketers. It is very often used on Google. Basically, you type in the word and choose a letter from A to Z to brainstorm all the long tail keyword options which are searched online.

This is a technique I often use to break my writing blockages, it also gives you a lot of ideas when you can’t find any.

Jaaxy team has implemented Alphabet Soup into the Jaaxy program and made a huge favor to all the Jaaxy users.


Let’s type in the word JAAXY.



Now if I want to check the parameters for some of these keywords I will click on “Search on this” and get the parameters.

As I scroll down the list I will find combinations for all the letters in the Alphabet. With a Free Jaaxy membership, you get 10 keywords per letter. With Pro and Enterprise, you will get more.


Saved Lists

Instead of opening the file of the keywords you want to use in the future, you can save them in the Jaaxy lists and have access to them whenever you need them. You can also export the lists.



Search History

Enter a keyword to filter your search history and easily find the keywords you want to go back to for more analysis. It will show you which keywords you searched as the keywords and which ones were in the Alphabet soup research.


Search Analysis

As you can see in the picture this feature will help you understand where is your webpage ranked according to the keyword you are looking for. The membership you are getting for free will give you results for Google page 1. If you want to see the rankings up to 200, you will want to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise.



Affiliate Programs

It is very important to understand that blogging itself doesn’t make an income. What brings earnings is implementing affiliate programs on the website.

Let’s say that you would like to recommend some more literature to your readers, and these are the books on the business you read before. You will search for the affiliate programs and sign up to become their affiliate. You will then receive your own affiliate link and when your visitors use this link for their purchase you get your commission.

Jaaxy helps you find these programs according to the keyword and the name of the company in the dropdown menu.



Site Rank

This is where you check where is each of your website pages ranked.

I did research on my Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam page. It’s not indexed yet therefore not ranked either, but I just used this as an example so I can show you how this feature looks like.

With a free Starter and Lite membership, you get to see only if your website is ranked on the first page in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For further pages in the search engines, you would have to have a premium Jaaxy account.


You can also schedule your search analysis for each of the keywords you are expecting to get your page ranked.


Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Now when you learned what features Jaaxy offers, and how many benefits you get from this amazing tool, you realize that not only you are backed, you are in a run for a great income opportunity! Once you become a member, you are getting your affiliate link which is what you share gracefully with people to help them have a good experience with keyword research. Each click your referrals make is a potential income for you.

By becoming a Jaaxy user (even with the free membership) you are having a chance to earn hundreds, thousands of dollars. It only depends on your engagement and how big your financial goals are.

Now I have to highlight that if you give me something to sell, I will not be very successful. But when you tell me that I need to help someone to achieve something, I will give my best to help, and that comes naturally.

This is the case with my Jaaxy review as well. I am not here to sell you Jaaxy. I am here to help you simplify your process of keyword research and recommend to you one of the world’s most popular online marketing tools.

And on top of everything, I am offering you a chance to make an income, just by using Jaaxy and sharing your experience with people. Check this screenshot and how much you can earn as an affiliate for Jaaxy:



This means that for each referral who upgrades from the free membership, you will receive a payment from Jaaxy. Keep reading to find out about the difference between Jaaxy memberships.


Jaaxy memberships – Different Options for different needs

Starter Trial will be a perfect membership for the time of exploring, fair enough they give you lots of benefits for free so that you can explore and decide what’s the next membership you are taking. As a Starter Wealthy Affiliate Member as well you have access to the following:

  • 30 Keyword Researches with 20 Search Results
  • Website Analyzer and Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword list manager and Brainstorm idea feed
  • Keyword competition data
  • 1 x Speed
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 SyteRank analysis scans

As I said, this is quite a lot for a beginner. Once you experience the value of the Jaaxy feature, you will want to sign up for one of the premium memberships.


Once you become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, you will have access to Jaaxy Lite FREE of charge which is reserved only for the Wealthy Affiliate Premium members.

Jaaxy Lite upgrades some of the features I listed for the Starter package:

  • An unlimited number of keyword searches
  • Site analysis for the first page on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • 10 results per letter for the Alphabet Soup

Click HERE to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate.


Pro – Most popular for New websites $49/month


  • Sortable Search Results and Unlimited search history
  • Search analysis and Manual QSR search
  • Manual Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup 15/letter
  • 2x Multi-Threaded Search
  • 2k Site Rank analysis scans


Enterprise – For Power users $99/month

If you are an experienced entrepreneur and you just came across Jaaxy, this is the membership for you. You and your websites will definitely need the features of the Enterprise:


  • 35 Search results
  • 5x Speed
  • Automated QSR and Domain search
  • Alphabet soup 50/letter
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 10k Site Rank analysis scans


Finally, you can do a nice comparison here:



I hope you found this review helpful. Finally, there is a Help section on your Jaaxy account where you will be able to get the following training:

  1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Management
  2. Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis
  3. Niche Research Refinement
  4. The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

And additional training to download:


Let’s Recap… 

What is Jaaxy and who is it for?

  • Jaaxy is the most popular keyword research tool
  • It is made both for newbies and experienced online marketers
  • It offers keyword research, site analysis, Alphabet soup research, and much more
  • By becoming a Jaaxy user not only you will have an all-inclusive keyword package, but you will also have a good chance to make an income by sharing how awesome Jaaxy is


Product Name: Jaaxy
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Overall Ranking: 4.5 /5
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: Free Starter Join here
Pro – $49/mo
Enterprise – $99

With the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, you are automatically getting an upgrade to Jaaxy Lite with unlimited searches.









Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. Hi,

    I use Jaaxy and it is indeed a very helpful tool. It is great to find new ideas for blog posts, and I love using the alphabet soup technique. That one provides so many possibilities of long tail keywords. I often look for keywords on Google and then I check them on Jaaxy where I can see how many searches that keyword gets and what my SEO would be if I used that keyword. I also have several saved keyword lists which are great to refer back to at later points. I recommend Jaaxy highly to anyone who is serious about creating an online business. Which Jaaxy version are you using?

  2. Thank you for such a great article on the hows and whys of Jaaxy. This truly one of the best programs out there for finding keyword and niche ideas and you truly covered all your bases. Your paragraphs were well ordered and informative. All aspects of Jaaxy were discussed and appropriate links to upgrades were relevant. Thanks for making understanding Jaaxy easy.

  3. Thank you for your post. It is useful for anyone who is interested in online business. The search traffic is life blood of any website. The search traffic is came from key word search in search engineer, such as google, bing, and yahoo. 

    Your review on Jaaxy give a clear description on how to use the program. I particularly like your summary on the components of a good keyword. It is clear and straightforward. The searches, traffic, competition, article power, and seo all have specific numbers to follow, which is indeed helpful for beginner, like me. Some of my friends told me that competition less than 100 is optimal. You suggest less than 200. Could you comment on this?

    • Hi Anthony, yes I know for the competition less than 100. Kyle mentions the same in his training. Basically for the new websites less than 100 for the websites trusted by Google is less than 200. The lesser the better. 

      Thanks for pointing this out. I will adjust. I was thinking of this anyways 🙂 


  4. Hi Sunny,

    Thank you for sharing this post about Jaaxy keyword tool.

    I am a newbie in the online business world. So building a website, creating content, taking care of SEO, etc is a lot to digest for me. I am so glad I found your website and this post has helped me to understand a great tool to help me simplify my work when it comes to SEO. 

    You have a pretty detailed review of Jaaxy. What do you think of the accuracy of the information given for like the QSR, traffics, etc? Also, if I have 0 QSR, does that mean I have no competitions using that keyword? Is it worth it to choose 0 QSR keyword?

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    • Hi Ferra, 

      If you find a keyword that has great parameters and a great QSR like 0, double-check if the grammar is correct in that particular keyword. Or spelling. That might be a reason why no one used it yet. I usually double-check with google. If everything is ok then go for it! That means that no one found it just yet 🙂 

      Hope this helps, 

  5. Wow, what an informative post! I am really interested in starting an online business and setting up my own website. I never really understood how to get started/how to approach it. Your article really helped me create a framework on how to get started and how to move forward. Thanks!

  6. Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for sharing this resourceful article on Jaaxy. I am with wealthy Affiliate for quite a while now and have been using Jaaxy for finding low competition quality keywords. Its a very powerful keyword research tool. I have many of my pages get ranked on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo with the help of Jaaxy.

    You have explained everything about Jaaxy really well in your article. I would strongly recommend Jaaxy to anyone looking for a powerful, effective keyword research tool.

    • Hi Nick, I am grateful for your testimonial on Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you achieve a lot of success. 

      Thanks for stopping by. 


  7. I have only just started using Jaaxy, and getting used to what it can do,

    So far I am yet to test it out with finding the right keywords. I am not sure if I will upgrade soon, but as I get more familiar with the options I will consider it. My biggest concern is finding the alternative long keyword phrases and sticking to the appropriate topic.

    Do you ever search for your keywords when you’re partway through writing an article or at the end?

    Thank you for this in-depth overview!

  8. Thank you for writing about Jaaxy.  I, too, am a Wealthy Affiliate member, and I am thankful for the Jaaxy tool every time I write a new post.  It gives us such a great way for finding quality keywords.

    It’s nice, too, when you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, to know that you actually have two venues you can promote to make revenue.  Of course, promoting our own wonderful business is an important one, but everyone who writes online can use a good keyword tool.  Jaaxy fills the bill.

    I’ve always found it great that the platform was designed for affiliate marketers by affiliate marketers.  They definitely know what we need, and have made sure we get it with Jaaxy.

    • Exactly Fran, Kayle, and Carson as founder of the Wealthy Affiliate thought about their business and company growth as well and added all the tools their fellow members need to succeed. It’s a win-win combination and I also like that somehow it turns out you are saving a lot of money when you have all in one platform like this. On top of everything, you get to make money from so many points. 

  9. This was a really comprehensive write up on the benefits of using Jaaxy for your keyword research for an online blogger like myself.

    I am new to the world of online marketing and I must say I use Jaaxy lite and find it an amazing tool, it’s so easy to use and without it I would have no other way of knowing which keywords had high or low traffic or competition.

    At what point in your business do you consider it worth upgrading to enterprise?

    • Hi Amy, thanks a lot. Well, I think I will upgrade to the enterprise once I achieve the Las Vegas conference. I find that as a great parameter 🙂 

  10. Hi and thanks for this. I saw recently that there was a Jaaxy affiliate program but I wasn’t able to find it on the WA site. Now I know where to look. I spend a fair bit of time using Jaaxy, still the lite version and I find it very intuitive and extremely useful. Sometimes the ratings it gives to specific keywords seem a little counter-intuitive. Here are two examples:

    what is a  … etc etc 10549 1794 0 84 

    what is the something else … 100 17 0 93

    I’ve noticed these kinds of results from time to time that the overall rating can seem to be unrelated to the QSR and traffic data. Why would the first one only get a rating of 84 when it anticipates monthly traffic of 1794 and QSR of zero, and the other has roughly one-hundredth, of the traffic and zero QSR but gets a rating of 93.

    Anyway, this doesn’t really disturb me but it is a little confusing at times. I tend to use the main keyword search feature. I have tried the alphabet soup a few times. But I find when I am struggling to find a keyword I usually know what I want to write about, it is just a question of finding a longtail keyword phrase with high traffic and low QSR. I can usually achieve that by doing variants such as

    What is the importance of …

    How to …

    …. for beginners

    What is ….

    … 101


    So in other words the alphabet soup method doesn’t always work since I need to move the core keyword around inside a phrase to find something that meets my criteria. Sorry, this ended up being very long. Best regards, Andy

  11. Jaaxy is one of the most valuable tools for Affiliate Marketing ever!  Thank you for such a great informative post.  Keywords and keyword phrases are of great importance if you want to make a great success online.  Understanding keywords and all its aspects was greatly overwhelming for me in the beginning.  When Jaaxy came out, it made a lot of stuff so much easier, and a lot more understandable.  

    Your post is amazing, you go into so much dept into each aspect of Jaaxy that there is nothing I can add to make your post even better.  Good job.  May you be blessed and receive a lot of referrals for your hard work. 

  12. Thanks for posting this review of Jaaxy. I have been using it for a couple of years now and absolutely love the platform. It took some getting used to, but I now find it incredibly intuitive. I wasn’t aware that it also had an affiliate program! That’s a really cool incentive and it looks like you could do some really legitimate earning by recommending it. I’ll have to look more into that now! 

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your testimonial. Well, go for the affiliate program if you haven’t done so yet! Especially because you love the feature. 

      Good luck! 

  13. Hello! 

    As a blogger and product reviewer, I agree that it does not pay as well, but knowing more about Jaaxy was great! I do use Jaaxy lite for finding the right keyword and how to apply it to my site.There were things like the brainstorm and Jaaxy affiliate program I did not know about, so thank you for showing me something new!

    How do you suppose a blogger who blogs about inner wellness and the such, get an income using Jaaxy? Could I use it with Jaaxy affiliate or is it only for the Jaaxy program?

    Keep Being AMAZING

    • Hi, everyone can use and promote Jaaxy. It is open for the Wealthy Affiliate members as well as for the rest of the world. Even if your website is about something else other than the online business, you can take a chance to promote Jaaxy. 

  14. You have provided a good description of Jaaxy and what it provides. I am a member of WA and have been using Jaaxy Lite for some time. I find the tool very effective. The best part of the tool is the ability to save my keyword searches. That makes it easy to go back and find new keywords from your earlier list. The alphabet soup techniques are great and gives you a lot of good ideas for keywords for your articles. What I haven’t thought about is to use it to find new domains for my business. But I will make sure to try out the function.

    How does Jaaxy perform wrt to its competitors, money vs functionality? I have tried Mangools which is very good, but very expensive.

  15. As a Wealthy Affiliate user, thank you for sharing your input about Jaaxy. It has actually helped me make some sense out of what I am looking at. Even after all the training, some of it was still confusing to me and I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. Thanks to your review, I have been able to understand it a bit better.

    I believe your review will help lots of folks to understand the benefits of such a powerful tool, whetther they are a beginner or a pro.

  16. Oh Jaaxy, I didn’t know so much about it until now. I see some ads around about Jaaxy and how a good research tool it is. But I didn’t know all about SEO and how the tool itself could be useful to help one get good ranks on the search engines. I think it will really help my online business anv also give me a good reputation as well.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing us an interesting and informative article. The main theme of this article is about Jaaxy. It is really laudable that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Jaaxy – Overview and Rankings. Joining Wealthy Affiliate Platform It’s been a while since I’ve learned to choose keywords from Jaaxy. This is a great platform from which anyone can easily select their niche related keywords. So those who are new to affiliate marketing must know about this platform and use keywords from here which is my advice.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you allow me.

  18. Hello there, making use of search engines for your business to give you the right keywords that can help you have a good traffic from people who make the search is very vital and as simple as it sounds not all of us can make us of these tools or even have a knowledge of it. Jaaxy is tool I have seen for a while now but had no idea how it operates and getting a clear understanding now makes it all good

  19. I have been using Jaaxy for sometime now and I must say it’s the best tool out there I know there are others but Jaaxy just stands out with first hand design and very very classic response to searches….Jaaxy is really good as the keywords provided are the best…I would like everyone to try it out.

  20. For online business owners like me, Jaaxy is a very good and useful tool. I got to understand that in affiliate marketing, understanding what keywords are and knowing how to get the best quality of keywords is very important, it helps pull traffic to your website. Jaaxy is the best and I recommend it.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Jaaxy is a very important asset to everyone’s online business. I hope it will reach many people.

  21. Hello there, thank you for sharing this informative review article about the best online home business. This review on Jaaxy is useful and important for everyone interested or already experienced in online business. You made it so clear, simple, and transparent. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Lesley, I am glad you found it useful. I hope it will reach many people. 

  22. Thank you for breaking down this Jaaxy. I needed to come and research more on it because I cannot seem to maneuver my way init when I was on the platform. But seeing here how Jaaxy really works is superb. I actually like the fact that it offers so many easier way to get the site ranked with the right posts and that is cool to me. Seo at peak and also being able to take note of competitors strengths too.

  23. Hi, Sunny.
    While building a website and creating contents is very much necessary to take care of keywords, as you can become the best in your niche if you take care of SEO properly. I have been an Avid user of jaaxy lite and would like to go for the pro version. Your article helped me to learn about it in detail. Jaaxy is an excellent portal helping all the bloggers search for the correct keyword for the success and monetizing their blog.
    Warm Regards,                                                                                                                        
    Gaurav Gaurs

  24. Hi Sunny, The information you are giving is very thorough. I´m also a user of Jaaxy and find it incredibly useful. I particularly like the alphabet soup so you can come up with new keyword ideas and Site Rank is mind blowing. Jaaxy helps me keep track of all the ranking keywords and the progress on a weekly set basis.

    This was an interesting read and it helped me check if I am making use of all the resources offered on Jaaxy Platform. Thank you. Marisa

  25. Hi Sunny,

    I am a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have been using Jaaxy to look for my keywords. It is a really helpful tool to rank my posts. 

    I can’t imagine myself not using Jaaxy. I feel more confident when I write an article that Google will rank my post because I searched my keyword from Jaaxy.

    Sometimes, the title that I prefer is not seen in Jaaxy or the grammar is not correct. 

    Would it be okay to just use in my title whatever I find relevant to my post without considering the numbers in Jaaxy? 

    Thanks for this valuable information.


    • Hi Marita, 

      I wouldn’t use the title which Jaaxy doesn’t recognize. I would rather go for Jaaxy recommendation. Think like this, if the grammar is not correct, then it can be something Google won’t recognize either. 

      I’d say in both cases, stick with Jaaxy 🙂 

      Hope this helps,

  26. Nice post. i always like your style of writing and the way everything is laid out. Very nice. Your presentation is also great. I can tell that you put a lot into this and it shows. It is always interesting how we all do a post on a number of the same things/topics, but it is still different enough to matter. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks James. Yes I was thinking about that too. Many posts on the same topic but with similar tips but from a different perspective. 

  27. Hey, great article on Jaaxy! You are absolutely correct! Keywords are critical. The popular ones are expensive and competitive. The obscure ones are useless.  It seems to be the ones in the middle that produce results.   It is an art to get this thing just right.  Jaaxy is a wonderful tool in the quest for keyword mastery.  I don’t know how we ever got along without it.


  28. Thank you for this great post on Jaaxy you have displayed everything that Jaaxy can do for a website to get rank and I also use Jaaxy to find my keywords but in this post, you have taught me some new things that i cant wait to explore great post

  29. I have been using Jaaxy for over 8 months now and it has been one of the most fulfilling tools to integrate to my online business. When I first started in the online marketing business, I didn’t pay so much attention to keywords, I would get 3-5 visitors a day! It wasn’t until I started using Jaaxy as a research tool that my visitor engagement sky-rocket up to 30-80 visitors per day. It’s a platform that has everything you need to succeed in anyone’s online business.

  30. I started my online journey with affiliate marketing and learnt the importance of keywords the bad way. I started writing post with whatever title I came up with and my posts didn’t rank well. Guess what, yeah, keywords. I have heard good comments on forum about Jaaxy. I think I’ll give them a try.

    It’s the first time I hear about this Alphabet Soup Technique. It sounds interesting.

  31. This has been very helpful! i have been using jaaxy for about a month now and to be honest i had forgotten all about search analysis and alphabet soup. Keyword search on jaaxy is really accurate and it is really easy to search keywords, make lists etc.

    Thanks for such a great article!

  32. Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for composing such a detailed article. I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for almost a year now and during that time, I’ve been using Jaaxy for all my keyword research.

    It’s one of the best tools I’ve come across for selecting low-competition keywords quickly.

    Thanks to Jaaxy, I’ve been able to optimize my articles really easily. Like you, I would definitely recommend Jaaxy for any internet marketers out there.

    All the best,


  33. I am a Jaaxy user and find it the absolute best tool there is. Reading your very extensive article only strengthened my opinion, even discovering a couple of things that I did not use so far. I had forgotten about the affiliate networks feature completely! From the beginning in late 2014 have used the starter package, which is free and a bit limited, but everybody agrees it will still do the trick. If you are using Jaaxy Pro, can you tell what the main difference is or the main attraction of that option? Thanks very much.

  34. Hi Sunny, 

    This is one of the best reviews i have read about Jaaxy. You have covered everything including the Affiliate program. By becoming a Jaaxy user, using the free membership, you are having a chance to earn hundreds, thousands of dollars. It only depends on your engagement and how big your financial goals are. Its a good deal i think.

    I like your website Sunny, u have put in good efforts. 


  35. I use Jaaxy every time I write an article and it is very helpful tool.  I actually can’t start an article without getting my keywords from Jaaxy. It is great to find new ideas for blog posts, and I love using the alphabet soup technique. That one provides so many possibilities of long tail keywords. I often look for keywords on Google and then I check them on Jaaxy where I can see how many searches that keyword gets and what my SEO would be if I used that keyword. I also have several saved keyword lists which are great to refer back to at later points. I recommend Jaaxy highly to anyone who is serious about creating an online business. Is there any major difference between the free Jaaxy and the paid one?

  36. Hi Sunny,

    I am a big fan of Jaaxy, as I believe that it is one of the best and most powerful keyword research tools available. I use it pretty much every day for my various affiliate marketing websites. Keywords are super important for targeting your intended audience to make a success out of your business.

  37. Hello Sunny,

    Had to stop by to leave something. Jaaxy is a website I thought I have been a pro at .To my surprise, there are still some features I hadn’t discovered not until after reading your post. All I have been doing is browse my key word, find its traffic and competition and then leave. I never knew you could also save them so as to use in the future,. Thanks for sharing for it was a very informative article.



  38. Having a top notch keyword research tool gives on an edge in finding the most optimum keyword for ones content. I am extremely pleased with Jaaxy and highly recommend it to anyone. 

    Jaaxy is not only a keyword search tool but also a high level research tool. I thought your explanations were spot on. 

    All the best to you.


  39. Thank you for reviewing Jaaxy. I’ve been searching for a paid keyword tool for a while and stumbled upon it. Google Keyword Planner isn’t enough to do regular SEO job for me. Its’ affiliate program is a nice addition, since my website is in digital marketing niche. I’ll check the trial version first. Thanks

  40. I use Jaaxy Lite to for my keyword searches. I used Jaaxy first before I registered my domain name, as it helped me scour the web about domain name availability. Jaaxy Lite feels more than adequate to help me with keyword search. Although I am also wondering if there are other keyword search tools that can be at par with Jaaxy. I did not know that you can be an affiliate for Jaaxy, until I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for the info, Sunny, and good luck on your Wealthy Affiliate journey. Cheers, A

  41. Having used Jaaxy myself, I cannot believe I didn’t know about the affiliate section that helps you to find related programs based on your keywords! Your article is really informative and provides a lot of detail on the system, how it works and how you can get the best out of it – I actually think it gives Wealthy Affiliate a run for its money in how useful it is. Thank you for this!

  42. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and a user of Jaaxy and I will vouch for the fact these are both GREAT programs and I wholeheartedly recommend both, whether the starter/free version or premium/lite version.  Having not used the professional, I can’t vouch for that but, honestly?  I get everything I need from the my premium/lite membership and I know many people who do fine with the free membership.  At the starting price of $0.00, there is absolutely no reason to not check it out!

    The interesting thing about your review is that I can see I’m not even close to using Jaaxy to it’s fullest potential!  I had no idea there were so many tools encased within this program and now I can’t wait to get in there to see what else I can do with it.  Thank you for the eye opening overview!

  43. What I love most about Jaaxy is how user friendly and easy to understand it is. Plus the fact that it automatically suggest other keywords than the ones you type in makes research so much easier. I sometimes find the topic of my next article simply from seeing what Jaaxy suggests after type a few keywords in.

  44. Keywords are “key” to any online business. Site intelligence is what works to target the right segment and get ranked on search engines. That is the organic way of driving traffic to your site and thus monetizing it.

    Jaaxy provides this site intelligence right from the beginning with a clear target where you stand. I am a Jaaxy user and use this platform for researching all my keywords. I usually choose traffic>100 but with a low QSR so that my post stands a good chance to get ranked in google.

    The Jaaxy research tool is a great way to see which of your keywords stands where in Google, Bing or Yahoo. That gives you an idea on how to monetize the site.

    Besides, it pays well to become an affiliate of Jaaxy – its a great product and the payout is equally well.

    The Alphabet soup was new to me and I am going to try this technique henceforth.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  45. What a great article Sunny! Jaaxy , to me, is amazing tool. Your review has just reiterated this for me. The depth of information that Jaaxy gives is brilliant. I still have the free version of Jaaxy but I am very tempted to go for the paid version. Thank you so much for this great review.

  46. This is a great article on the ins and outs of Jaaxy.  I have only actually used Jaaxy for about several months and find it to be the best for online businesses.  The article is easy to read and understand which makes it a great tool for the those who are just getting started in the online business world.  It is also a great refresher course for those who need it.  Personally, I have increase knowledge of how the program works after reading your post.  Thank you.

  47. Jaaxy is like the affiliate marketers lifeline when it comes to the online world and getting a good ranking in the search engines. I have been using jaaxy for years and have not been disappointed. I would tell as many who are looking for a keyword search tool to give jaaxy a try. They will be so happy that they did as they see the amazing results that jaaxy can give them when it comes to ranking for the best-targeted keywords.

  48. This is really targeted and helpful advice for anybody seeking to become an affiliate marketer. Y9ou have explained the importance of SEO in a clear and helpful way that leaves me understanding it much better. Your recommendation to use Jaaxy perhaps via Wealthy Affiliate is reassuring to hear as I have been considering joining that platform but have been seeking further advice before becoming a full time member.  Do you recommend it above other platforms?  Are there any other  SEO research tools that you would recommend? I have to say the fact that Jaaxy is straightforward makes it very attractive. You explanation of the alphabet soup was also really clear. Thank you for such a clear explanation and guidance to help me make my final decision.

  49. Hey, a fantastic article about Jaaxy! You know, I’ve never really found myself staying for a while with something other than Jaaxy. Would you think the Lite membership is enough for starters? For example, a blog, a few months old, about sports equipment.

    I don’t feel like investing in it just yet, but perhaps you’d convince me otherwise as if to I’m missing out?

  50. Nice post, this is a great article, very informative and comprehensive, this made understanding about jaaxy easy and how it works, i have never heard of Jaaxy but from the article it seems like a good one, i need to research more about it, although am with wealthy affiliate and they doing really well, so i have to ask and find more about jaaxy before involving with it, i will also re-post your article in case of some people looking for online business..Thanks for the post

  51. Hello, an awesome article you have here am a newbie in the online business world. So building a website, creating content, taking care of SEO, etc is a lot to digest for me. I am so happy that  I found your website and this post has really helped me to understand a great tool to help me simplify my work thanks for sharing this with the public

  52. Jaaxy is one of the best programs out there, thanks for sharing these ideas. Jaaxy is the most popular keyword research tool, It is made both for newbies and experienced online marketers
    It offers keyword research, site analysis, Alphabet soup research and much more
    By becoming a Jaaxy user not only you will have all-inclusive keyword packages but you also will be able to share your experience and make an income by doing so

  53. After reading your article, I realized that I have not fully utilized the Jaaxy function. Thanks for sharing information with a newbie like me. I am already pleased to use the Jaaxy search analysis for my post title with good QSR. It looks like Alphabet Soup Technique is beneficial to get more competitive keywords, which I have not to try yet. I try to look into the rank search on some of my posts, only look promising on one or two posts. I do not think rank search is essential to me for my new website since traffic to the site still below 300 page views per month. I will try to use the Alphabet Soup Technique to get a better keyword for my post and hopefully can improve in search ranking. Thank you very much.

  54. Thank you very much for writing about Jaaxy. Many people are not aware of the features of Jaaxy. I use Jaaxy to search for new keywords. It helps us in finding quality keywords.

    You have tried to put all the details about Jaaxy. It helps us to understand more about it. Keep up the good work



  55. Jaaxy is a great tool and I think your review of it is first class. You set out very simply what it is and how it can help you. I have always been amazed how people selling don’t consider what their potential customers are searching for. The thing is it can be used for offline as well as online marketing and research. 

    As a therapist I am already being asked how I know what future clients are searching for and the answer is Jaaxy. If you are writing content no one is searching for its very much a vanity project but if you can content keyword searches the audience will find you automatically.

    I thought the referral and pricing rate was very clear. A very useful go to information page.

  56. Jaaxy is an awesome keyword tool that I have been using for months now to help get each one of my articles ranked on Google. I like the feature of tracking my ranking status if my rank drops research similar keyword phrases to use to get my article back on the 1st page of results. The second feature that I use is the brainstorm where I can save the keyword and write content related to the keyword phrases. I hope this article helps many others and I will be sharing with my social media followers. 

  57. I have been using Jaaxy now for a few years. I can attest, it makes a world of difference when it comes to not only keyword research but content writing ideas as well. Having Jaaxy as a part of Wealthy Affiliate is a huge bonus but I would absolutely pay for it separately at this point if I had to. 

  58. Hi Sunny,

    This is a real thorough review of The keyword research tool Jaaxy offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

    Without keyword research, it is hard to know what people are searching for. If you don’t know what people are searching for or looking for how can you help people through your website? In the end, helping people what they want effectively turns in to making an affiliate income.

    As you have described, Jaaxy does a phenomenal job even as a free starter member.

  59. Definitely a great tool. I love using jaaxy because of its diversity in use. It has helped me encounter many long tailed keywords which rank real well in Google search .

    I am a premium member. I am just wondering if after certain time we need to pay for this service or if we are obliged to upgrade from lite later on? Will love to get an answer for this.

    • Hi Carol, you can keep using the Jaaxy Lite. It’s just that over time as your business grows, your need for Pro will grow too. I would recommend an upgrade at some point, but it’s not an obligation. Hope this helps

  60. I have been using the pro version of Jaaxy for over five years now, and it has been key to getting a lot of my posts ranked on page one of the search engines. I must say reading through this article again, there are a lot of features that I am not making full use of, so thank you for reminding me again of what I must take advantage of.

    I don’t know about you, but this is the easiest keyword tool that I have ever used, like the others out there are complicated and cumbersome, well the three or four that I have tried in any case?

  61. As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I get to use the Jaaxy Lite, which in itself is an awesome benefit of being a member. However, I have been thinking about upgrading to get the full benefits of Jaaxy. What would you say is the biggest advantage of having pro membership over the Lite Membership? Thanks for sharing.

  62. This post is very informative for a newbie online marketer like myself, who has yet to monetize a website. After reading your review I will be using the free Lite Version for Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate in order to get readership outside of relatives and friends. At present, my passion for research and blogging has been a priority, but now I need to get into keyword research and Jaaxy is my best choice.

  63. Hi Sunny

    Loved your review about Jaaxy. Thank you!

    It’s been a while now that I use Jaaxy, it’s a fantastic tool for online businesses and even for offline businesses.

    I am a bit ashamed because it’s been years now that I use Jaaxy, and I didn’t know that we can find Affiliate programs with it. Now I am going to check this further, right after this comment:) I am so glad I am part of WA as Jaaxy is included in the membership price:). Not the Pro and neither the Enterprise, but it already helps a lot. After my business grows, I will definitely upgrade to the Pro version. I sometimes see good keywords with only 10 searches per month, but then I see that the QSR is very high. This is really weird. I’ve never understood this. Maybe you can explain it to me? I mean, why write an article based on a low search keyword. If the QSR is high, it means that other websites used this keyword, right? 

    It’s confusing:) 

    Thanks a lot!

  64. Hi Sunny, thank you for this review about Jaaxy. I like the way you summarized the 5 parameters in the keyword search (Avg. Traffic, QSR, SEO, KQI). Although I have been through the training on Wealthy Affiliate about keyword search, I had not fully understood what each of these parameters stand for. Your explanation really offers value to me. I understand now, thank you. I have personally been using Jaaxy for a while and I have to say the value is absolutely fantastic. It just helps you to “manage” how well your content is received, instead of just randomly posting blog posts and hoping someone will find them. I have not seen any other tool that will help you in the same way. I believe the “Pro” version will over good value for anyone that already has some traffic on their site and wants to get more into google site rank analysis.

  65. Wow, what a good thorough review of an excellent product.

    Being a Jaaxy user myself, I even learned a few things I hadn’t realised. I loved the very good use of screenshots to illustrate your points. I think that anyone wanting to find out more about this product will really appreciate this post…

    …whoknows, some may well purchase Jaaxy as a result.

  66. Hello and thank you for this article. I am using Jaaxy too and I really like the feature that you can save your keywords so you can check later. So basically you can create a library list of keywords for future use when you have so many ideas to write upon at that moment but completely forgot about them in the future.

    I also like the Alphabet soup feature where I am using it to create headings that are relevant to the topic on my articles that I can expand and write naturally.

  67. I have just started using Jaaxy. I used to write my blogs using common sense, until I discovered that there is a scientific method, based on research, to locate and attract  customers. I don’t worry about how they came up with the methods, I know that I have seen the difference in my results since I started. Now I am applying this habit of consulting Jaaxy before doing any blogs, videos and responding to others. Thank you for the information , especially about the alphabet soup. I see there is more work for me to do.

  68. This is great I love how Jaaxy integrates with wealthy affiliate and let you be able to get keyword searches in there and pick out your top scores from the QS our ratings and go ahead and get low hanging fruit competition on the webpage and set up right away. This is a fast track on the success in daily SEO conversion.

  69. Jaaxy is my best online business friend. I always get the most accurate and best advice from Jaaxy. The alphabetsoup and brainstorm features are my favorites. I use them every day. You mention it all in your review. There are not many alternatives to Jaaxy out there when it comes to search coverage. In my eyes Jaaxy is a must for anyone online.

  70. Jaaxy is great for the beginner and experienced online marketer. As a newbie I find Jaaxy an indispensable for me to use. Its use is so valuable to me that there is no cause for me to use or even use a competing product. I think Jaaxy is so solid I am not even aware of their competition. Who is their competition anyway?

  71. Hello, thank you for giving a detailed article on Jaaxy. Thinking about adding on my affiliate list. I love it and use as well alongside alphabet soup. I also love the fact that you can use it free of charge until you decide to upgrade. So i would recommend someone to use. Keep up the good work flowing. All the best.

  72. I started with google’s research tool when I first started out online and since then I have tried several other research tools. In my opinion, most I have used are pretty good but they have not been as simple as Jaaxy keyword research tool as this tool makes keyword research to be a simple and fast process and I have gotten a lot of keywords from this research tool. It might not be as detailed as some other keyword research tool but it has been what I have been using for some time and it has been effective so far.

  73. I enjoyed this article, it was really enlightening . After reading it, I went ahead to enjoy the alphabet soup technique , I was not aware of that. Jaaxy is a real deal. The income earning opportunity is also really appealing, it looks like opportunities are endless. Im going to make sure that I explore all this Jaaxy possibilities. Thank you 

  74. Jaaxy is an amazing tool that is essential for a successful online business. It is one of several tools that are part of Wealthy Affiliate, where you will find the necessary training to start your own online business. At Wealthy Affiliate, there is a very supportive and helpful community that is always there to help you be successful online.

    This was a great review of the Jaaxy, one of the most important tools for those running their online home business. As a premium member at the Wealthy Affiliate, you get to have a Jaaxy Lite membership for free, and you described the features well. 

    I recommend Jaaxy to everyone.

  75. Great  post about Jaaxy! You clearly explained all aspects of how to use this program and understand its functions. I need to get better at interpreting the info from Jaaxy so my blog posts can rank. 

    Thanks for the info on alphabet soup, the search analysis and affiliate programs. I didn’t know it could find you affiliate programs for links that you can use in your post on that certain topic. Amazing! Thanks for the lesson and will apply it with building my site. 

  76. Hi Sunny, thanks for your brilliant article. I’m a Premium Wealthy Affiliate member using Jaaxy Lite, (what a great tool, isn’t it?) and I’d like to ask you a question. In Jay’s live training, he mentions that the average monthly traffic (AVG) should be around 100. But in Kyle’s training about ‘Low Hanging Fruit Keywords’, he says that it’s enough if the AVG is over 30. 

    So I used to memorize the following phrase, when doing my Jaaxy research: “Over 30 AVG – Under 100 QSR’. But after Jay’s webinar, I’ve changed this ‘mantra’ to “Around 100 AVG – Under 100 QSR”. 

    I wonder what your thoughts about this are? Do you always aim for at least 100 average monthly searches? Many thanks from your happy fellow W.A. member Lucie 🙂

    • Hi Lucie, 

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. To be honest, around 100 is amazing, I sometimes search for much more than that. What Kyle says is that it’s ok if the traffic is low and the rest of the parameters are well ranked, because the traffic you can gain in some different ways. For instance, using the comment platform. 

      That’s why Kyle doesn’t bother too much about the monthly traffic as it can be made. And then boom you get that word ranked easily as it had other parameters on your side. 

      Once I had my whole article ranked on the keyword with less than 10 searches. And I still came to Google 1 and had referrals coming in. 

      I would say, both of your mantras are great, but it’s most important to LOVE the word you use in your article. 

      I use my intuition a lot, every time I sit and write 🙂 

      Hope this helps,

  77. Fantastic, thanks for your lovely and comprehensive reply, Sunny! I feel I’ve learnt a lot by asking you this question, and knowing I don’t have to worry too much about the AVG figure will also save me a lot of time while searching on Jaaxy. Brilliant. Thanks a lot and have a great day! Lu

    • Thanks Lu,
      I am more than glad to help. Please reach out any time with any question should you have any or just to say hi 🙂

  78. Hello Sunny! Thanks a lot for sharing this article. I find it very helpful and important. I am a newbie in the online business world. So building a website, creating content, taking care of SEO, etc is a lot to digest for me. I am so glad I found your website and this post has helped me to understand a great tool to help me simplify my work when it comes to SEO. Now I can advance from being a newbie to a professional. Thank you so much. 

  79. Hello there Sunny, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information about jaaxy here with us. I have gone through your review and i must say you have done a commendable job in explaining how this is very important and needed by affiliate marketers as a whole, well done.

  80. Thank you so much for shading this here. I honestly value this here and the fact that you have given this overview here about jaaxy. Jaaxy is perfect especially for beginners who wants to master the approach to affiliate marketing and master SEO contents. Getting the ratings and recognitions from the search engine platforms is the best we could hope for and seeing this here is well worthy too.thanks so much more for this

  81. Jaaxy being featured by Wealthy Affiliate excites me a lot, being a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate program. It is also nice to see that there are restrictions as to who can use Jaaxy. From what I have been able to understand from this article, having a SEO tool like Jaaxy is going to be very beneficial. Also, the features offered by Jaaxy sounds so amazing. I have really gotten a enough familiarity about Jaaxy from this article.

  82. Jaaxy is about so many things and I am glad that you succeeded to underline them all.

    Here is what I like the most about Jaaxy, it is the fact that I can search for a keyword and get an affiliate product that can go with it too. So, Jaaxy has that search feature that will help you find an affiliate program. I personally like to combine the two and get a bigger picture of what I can do with my content.

    So, Jaaxy has a lot to offer to help you win the ranking game and enjoy free traffic.

    Thanks for sharing!

  83. It’s very thoughtful of you to share this article jaaxy and what it is used for, many website owners and content creators always make use of keywords search tools like jaaxy to be able to get quality and much more sorted after keywords that people always make use of. It’s good that jaaxy is very user friendly and it is easy to use. Thanks

  84. Wow, this article was really enlightening and hit me differently because i am a member of wealthy affiliate and I just newly upgraded to the premium feature but it was very surprising that I did not know this much about jaaxy, it was definitely an eye opener indeed. Jaaxy can really be used in different amazing ways. 

  85. Hello there, I have been using jaxxy for something now and it has really proven to be the best keyword tool in the world, as I have used several types of keyword tool but know one has really brought better results than that of jazzy…I indulge everyone to try it..

  86. Jaaxy is the best keyword tool when it comes to competitor analysis. I am a freelance writer and an affiliate marketer. I use Jaaxy when it comes to selecting keyword for my client. I must be say that this keyword tool has helped my business. I see my competitors website, analysis it and come up with the Alexa ranking, number of backlinks and word count. Top of it is the alphabet soup, it gives me suggestions based on what people are searching for globally. Good tool

  87. Hello Sunny, 

    There are lots of sear h engines today and most people do not know the right one to use but somehow I have been hearing a lot about jaaxy and it’s been really interesting. Making this search and getting all that I need to know about it is very lovely. The importance of a good search engine can’t be over emphasized. Thank you 

  88. Here you are with a good post telling us all about jaaxy and how it works. I have used it myself mad I just love the efficiency of how it is able to deliver to me. It’s nice to see you give a couple of points about it too. Practically it gets me to make my research and get people down to my website as well. Love the information about it. Thanks!

  89. I’ve been using Jaaxy recently to determine content for a personal finance website that I’ve created and it’s really helped me to find the search terms that I have a good chance of ranking for at this stage of my site’s development process. I’m trying to stick to the keywords that are not too competitive. I didn’t realize that Jaxxy offers an affiliate program. I’d definitely recommend it as a tool to anyone writing online content that needs to rank.

  90. This is a very informative review on Jaaxy. I have been using Jaaxy for about a year now and find them invaluable for my keyword research. You have highlighted features that I was not aware of, for instance under Affiliate Programs, I had no idea that you could use Jaaxy to find affiliate programs. 

    I will be having a much more detailed look at what Jaaxy offers me after reading your post.

  91. Thanks for such a detailed and great article. As someone who has their own online business, it is very important for me to find quickly and accurately through keywords. Jaaxy is really light and easy to use. In this article, everything is nicely explained about the benefits of Jaaxy. All recommendations from me.

  92. Hi,

    From my online research Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool for SEO. The Jaaxy keyword research tool is for bloggers, small businesses, website owners, affiliate marketers and SEO professionals. It helps to find and research which words people put into Google search engine or any other search engines, is use to find out and analyse which words or phrases people use most often to analyse the search.

    Thank you.


  93. I have been using Jaaxy since i jined Wealthy Affiliate. It is easy to use and very user friendly. Your review of Jaaxy is very detailed and explains everything. I have also learnt some features i ddid not know how they work on Jaaxy. You learn something new every day so they say. I leant about the Alphabet soup. I have not been using this feature. I will start using it. Thanks

  94. What a wonderful post about Jaaxy.  It is the only tool I use for keyword research.  I love using it, as it really gives such a great idea buster, as I call it of help.  I can type on word or statement in and on the right side, it gives other choices, which is a big help for ideas.
    I have used the alphabet soup a bit when I am struggling for ideas or the perfect long tail keyword with one idea.  It can offer so many ways to go that I might have not thought about. 
    Thanks for this great post, it is going to give people a massive look at Jaaxy and all that it offers.  Great job.

  95. The article entitled “What Is Jaaxy About” details all the benefits Jaaxy gives a writer.
    How it gives ideas on new keyword suggestions and even the much sought after long tailled keywords. Can even see how a site ranks on variousor search engines. Find out how a  site ranks for a particular keyword. Get all the keyword parameters laid out for you in one single place. Brainstorm using Jaaxy for inspiration as well.
    Keep all of your searches in Jaaxy history for future projects.
    Exporting lists you have created with Jaaxy is also an added feature of this program.
    Can even assit in selecting a domain you need help selecting a new one.

  96. Hallo Sunny,

    Lovely lesson on Jaaxy you have got here! I am a Wealthy Affiliate Member who has been using Jaaxy for more than 7 months. But you have taught me a few valuable lessons about the research tool; thanks!

    I use Jaaxy to find the main keyword, and a few other keywords, for every article I write. And now I am doing that even for the shortest, quickest pieces I write. It gets them indexed (± ranked) much faster!

    Kindest regards.

  97. Sunny great article about What Is Jaaxy, I use Jaaxy Keyword Tool everyday, I would be lost writing content without this wonderful keyword tool. When I went Premium over 3 years ago, that was one of the biggest sells for me. The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is the life blood of both of my websites, great article and I wanted to add that Jaaxy is how I found my two domain names through Jaaxy, let alone guiding me through my content weekly.

    Great job and very informative post, thanks again.


  98. In dealing with online business, one need to understand what the required keywords are in order to to get the business bet well. The keyword we have to understand right now is the Jaaxy, this is a keyword research which is used to provide information about keywords. This feature is in Wealthy Affiliate and It helps anyone who wants to use it.

  99. I have used Jaaxy for my own content and I have to say it is extremely convenient for a newbie like me; and comprehensive of course. The fact that you can check the QSR to get a feel for the competition is invaluable. And thank you Sunny once again for the information because, at this point, I’ve only been using the keyword search because I had no idea how to use the analytics and soup techniques.

    But one thing to emphasize to newbies is that you would want to sign up for Jaaxy Lite or higher because as a free starter, you are only limited to 30 searches, which you really have to think carefully about the words to search for (like I did in the beginning).

  100. I couldn’t agree with you more on Jaaxy’s potential, it really is the best keyword tool i’ve ever used! The features keep enhancing, it’s becoming more accurate, and I’ve been using it to find highly-searched keywords with low competitions for years now and it’s never failed me! Highly recommended for bloggers of all level.

  101. Jaaxy is a powerful keyword tool that I used mostly for my research. It contains lots of features that a digital marketer can use to enhance their SEO experience. Despite being powerful, the most amazing thing about it is it’s quite affordable. The subscription plan is made easier for newbie especially. What I love about the platform is that I’m able to save and download my research keywords. Though it may not be perfect but then there’s always room for improvement.

  102. I absolutely love Jaaxy. as i have only just come to hear about it there is still a lot for me to learn about but for my website and white hat marketing techniques its gonna be doing wanders in the near future for my business. I think generating a natural income is very important and what faster way to do it then getting instant google search analysis results in seconds!!

  103. Hey.

    Nothing important like keyword when you came to the content marketing, personally I use more than one tools for keyword search, but jaaxy is my favorite one when I get keyword from any tool like google search I must prove into Jaxy because one of the things i Iove from jaaxy is keyword alphabet soup.

    Thank you Sunny for sharing this review.

  104. Jaaxy sounds like a great tool for marketers. SEO is so important. I have to say, when I first started blogging I didn’t know anything about SEO. Oh, the mistakes I made! I would recommend anyone starting out try a tool like Jaaxy. I visited the website and saw that I could try it for free, which I will do shortly. This could be a gamechanger for how I write posts in the future.

  105. Hi Sunny, 

    Thanks for writing such an informative article on Jaaxy. 

    Like you, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and almost daily, I too take advantage of having access as a premium Wealthy Affiliate member to Jaaxy. Mostly I’ve just used it to research keywords by entering a search term and then sifting through the results until I come up with an adequate number of “low-hanging-fruit” keyword terms, so I know that I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of everything Jaaxy has to offer yet. It’s definitely a valuable tool, to say the least!

    I used to just use the Google Ads Keyword Planner for researching all my keyword ideas after scrapping them from my competitor’s websites as a part of my competitor analysis. Jaaxy provides you with so many more options and insights than the Keyword Planner though. 

    What I haven’t tried is the Alphabet Soup technique that you explained above. I definitely will the next time I’m doing keyword research. 

    Thank you for writing such a useful post and taking the time to explain all that Jaaxy has to offer. There’s a lot that I didn’t know about.

    Your friend from WA,


  106. It was a real pleasure to peruse through this awesome article, the layout is very appealing and it basically covers every aspect for affiliate marketers and most especially for beginners who needs to comprehend what Jaxxy is all about. And I really think you have done very well in being realistic when it comes to how much work you will have to put in and to stay consistent in starting and and setting up an online business.

  107. Great article describing the benefits of proper keyword research and how we can do about doing it. Jaaxy is a wonderful platform that is very straightforward and easy to use. Best of all, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free to use. I haven’t looked into any of the upgrade plans but they look to be incredibly useful for those who want to utilize advanced marketing and SEO techniques.

  108. Hello there, thank you for sharing this educative article on what jaaxy is About. This is my first time of hearing of jaaxy and I am wowed at What the platform does it is really an helpful tool.this is the best I have come across so far for finding keywords and niche ideas. I will be glad to start making use of jaaxy from today. It really is helpful

  109. Hi Sunny, thank you for such a great article on the intricacies of Jaaxy. Jaaxy is one of the most valuable tools for Affiliate Marketing ever. Keywords and keyword phrases are of great importance if you want to make a great success online. I really learnt a great deal from reading your article. 

  110. I often use Jaaxy for my keyword research but didn’t know all the features this tool provides as well as the option to participate in their affiliate program, referring people to Jaaxy on one’ss website. It’s perfect that the alphabet soup method is incorporated in Jaaxy as well, that saves time for sure.
    Searching for keywords is a process that takes a long time if you want to find really good ones. Jaaxy makes it much easier. Thanks for summing up all the features.

  111. I am on the look out for a good research tool and I came across Jaxxy the other. Just to be sure that I will not fall for another bad product again, I told myself that I have to do my research first and always so I am at your post. Thanks for your review on Jaxxy. I love the practicality of Jaxxy, there is the brainstorm and related keywords available right in front of me. Sometimes, I struggle with coming with the right word or it is just too high of a competition, I think we all experience that. I am going to check Wealthy Affiliate out as well so I get to try both keyword. I love the fact that there is a free trial for both. Cheers! 

  112. I must say this is wonderful. Jaaxy is letting us know that it’s not enough to have and online business but how much you know about the businesses. growing a successful online business I think  is the main thing. Jaaxy has done really good for themselves. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and amazing information here 

  113. Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool. I like how categorized its feedback is. It really gives detailed feedback that can help bloggers or article writers select the right keywords for better Google rankings or exposure. I have been using Jaaxy for keyword research for my articles and I have to say it did help improve my article rankings and made it easier for me to write articles with confidence. Nice review.

  114. Hi, I use Jaaxy several times a day.  I like you have a blog and Jaaxy is one of my favorite tools.  Whenever I get writer’s block and am in need to spice things up, I head over to my Jaaxy account and, bam! I have another topic to write about.

    In my own opinion, if you want to be successful in an online business, you better have Jaaxy to assist you.

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  116. Oh what can I say about Jaaxy? As an affiliate marketer, I am in love with Jaaxy!This is the ultimate SEO tool for everyone who wants to be a writer and attract traffic on their websites. However, I was a little confused because in the Entrepreneur Training it is said to favor a QSR inferior to 100 whereas you suggest that we should favor a QSR inferior to 200 for websites that are alreay indexed by Google. Can you explain this? Thanks for sharing!

  117. Jaaxy is an amazing program and worth every penny! I use Jaaxy everyday for keyword research and it has everything their competition doesn’t have. The QSR and article power are game changers. Plus, you can save lists of compounding keywords.

    Thanks for the write-up! Your words match my experience with Jaaxy.

  118. I’d have to give Jaaxy a 5.0, as it has been an invaluable tool for me.  I have the pro version, and sometimes I think nah, I don’t want to pay for it, but I still have it because I use it a lot.  It is a great way to find key words where I know it will help with my ranking.  Awesome tool for anyone with a website!

  119. I’m a huge fan of Jaaxy. I’ve been using it for the last couple of years and I can’t manage without it now! I love the brainstorm and alphabet soup features. Whenever I’m stuck on a keyword concept, these methods never fail me! The saved lists are also a huge help. I keep all good keywords that I haven’t used yet in folders, when I need an idea it’s easy to find!

  120. I use Jaaxy lite and I am already very contented with what I am availing. Using jaaxy gets me excited everytime. Once the business will start to kick off, i will definitely upgrade my account to avail of more advantages. I haven’t explored the other features of jaaxy like the soup alphabet, affiliate programs and search analysis, thank you for giving insights on how to use these features. I will explore them soon.

  121. This is a very interesting article about the Jaaxy keyword research tool.  I was getting a little confused here.  So the starter trial is good for all long before I get charged?  But If I sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy will be included in their membership, am I correct?  If I just want to use Jaaxy after my free trial I will then have to pay $49.00.  Is it correct?  So if I already have a website, can I transfer my domain to Wealthy Affiliate?

  122. Hey Sunny: thank you for a great review and how-to introduction on how to use Jaxxy. Here at WA, Jaxxy is the main tool that we use to research on the best words/phrases for our articles. I definitely appreciate you going over the details on how they work and this not only remind me of the trainings we did with WA, but also you added more elements to it that there are definitely some tips i can learn to better and improve my research. Thank you so much for your post!

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    Very nice review of Jaaxy and really awesome use of all the snap shots, best for visual people and very user friendly.

    I liked all the detailed and well organized and step by step detailed information. It is very user friendly and it is a really good source or tool for all the people who newly joins the platform with zero knowledge and experience.

    All the best!

  124. Jaaxy is a great tool that I use as well. But you explained some features that I was not even aware of. I completely forgot about the Alphabet soup method. I will be trying my hand with this method for my next research.

    Great info and also, I had no idea that Jaxxy offered an affiliate program. I have never used Jaxxy to see where my page was being ranked. Thanks so much!

  125. Thanks for your Jaaxy review, Sunny! Could you believe I almost missed something out in the metrics needed for keyword researching? I have actually used numbers below 50 for Traffic and numbers below 50 for Average Searches. Your review has pointed me in the right direction of using Jaaxy for keyword research maximally. Sometimes I used the brainstorming feature but still didn’t get what I was looking for. I guessed it’s because I am still a Jaaxy Lite user.

  126. Hi Sunny,

    Thank you very much for this post! I didn’t even know that there is an alphabet soup technique. 🙂 Thank you, great to know. I use Jaaxy, and it is excellent, but I think I haven’t used all of the features in Jaaxy yet. I had no idea. Do you think that it is better to upgrade? I want to improve my keyword search.

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  128. Hi Sunny,
    Thanks you for your extensive review and analysis of Jaaxy. I found it very informative and as someone who has just recently started my own website I learned a lot that I didn’t know about the software.
    What are your feelings on the benefits of Pro versus the Lite version? I am not in the position to upgrade just now but is it something you would recommend sometime in the future. I mean, are the benefits worth the investment?

  129. You have really hit on some important points about Jaaxy! I use it every day and cannot imagine not having access to it.

    I have used several methods and programs in the past. Some are very good but also quite expensive. Others are free and..you get what you pay for. Jaaxy is included in my WA premium membership, so technically not free (I pay for WA) but definitely a great addon at no additional cost. 

    Your explanation and review of Jaaxy is one that I can easily share with others to help them decide. Thanks!

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  131. As a.blogger myself, I’ve been using Jaxxy for more than a year now and I can affirm this tool has been great and effective tool for key word search and for monitoring my rankings with Bing, Yahoo and the BIG G.  In fact, I wouldn’t have been published any articles without the help of it. Another good thing with Jaaxy is, it’s user-friendly and so reliable even without signing up for premium! 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review! Stay safe!

  132. Thank you Sunny for this review. Jaaxy is one of the must have tools for anyone making or trying to make money online. I have used Jaaxy for more than 4 years and it has been a life saver when it comes to choosing my keywords. Jaaxy helps me with my content ideas and increases traffic to my website. I also use jaaxy to find how my content is ranking. Best keyword tool ever!!!

  133. Hi Sunny, Thanks for going over the Jaaxy platform for your readers. I’ve both had a free and a paid account, and it’s been a good tool for making analytics-based decisions on web content. It’s amazing how simply rephrasing something can yield a huge change in organic traffic (or paid traffic for SEM). 

    All the best!

  134. Great Job Breaking down The way to use Jaaxy! Sometimes I have to rewatch the training to remember what numbers to look for when setting up keywords.  It was evident and concise.  I did not realize WA also  Owned Jaaxy. If someone was starting, would you suggest going to the pro option when using Jaaxy?

    Best Of Luck, Damian

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  137. Thanks for this informative post. I own Jaaxy pro, and I love it. Over the years, I’ve used various kw research tools, some free, like Google, and others like Traffic Travis, SEM Rush, and more. I love Jaaxy’s simplicity. The alphabet soup option really helps me drill down and come up with some great keywords. I love the metrics in Jaaxy that tell me how many sites are using the same kw I’m after this way I can go for low hanging fruit. Even with the free version, you get a lot. However, I would encourage you to get the paid membership if you’re seriouls thinking about building your site as a business. Great review.

  138. I really like how you discuss the keyword you used for this particular article, made it more real haha! I used Jaxxy too for my site but didn’t know about the Alphabet Soup technique. I think that could be really helpful, because sometimes I don’t really know what to write or have trouble finding a keyword to use. I think I also need to implement the saved list feature you mentioned! I write keywords down in my notebook but often forget them lol

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    Hey guys,  if you are not yet using Jaxy, I would encourage to try and sign up for the free plan. You have nothing to Lose but a lot to gain. 

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    In this article you have gone into such great detailed information about Jaxxy Research which is a tool anyone writing content needs to have. I use all the time and I would not be without but I do not often use Alphabet Soup but thanks to this information i will now start as I often get mental blocks.

    Great article


  143. I’ve been using Jaaxy for the past four and a half years and I love it. Besides the great keyword research function, my two favorite features are the Alphabet Soup and the Keyword Tracking tool.

    I’ve found some excellent and unexpected keywords by using the Alphabet Soup method. And, it’s a good motivation to track keywords and watch them rank in the search engines.

    Even if people don’t use Jaaxy through Wealthy Affiliate, it’s an awesome tool to have access to on its own. Well worth the price. Even though I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I still pay for the Pro level. It works well for me.


  144. I’ve been using Jaaxy as part of my Wealthy Affiliate membership for three years and I would certainly recommend it. Besides giving me the search volume for the keywords I want to rank for, Jaaxy has often given me ideas for keywords that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.  I didn’t know that they offered those extra features, though. Maybe I’ll try them out.

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    I love the simplicity of it’s use. The metrics you described for a great keyword to use are spot-on to me. You did a terrific job explaining what Jaaxy is about and left very few stones unturned. Kudos

  147. I particularly like the explanation of the various numbers presented at the top of a Jaaxy search.  Your suggestion of what to accept is important.  Keywords are an integral part of any online post so Jaxxy is a tool that people with online businesses need to use.  I find it easy to use and helpful no matter what the topic of the day.

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    I have used Jaaxy but rarely, your post has inspired me to make much more use of this resource I have available. I shall explore its different uses much more now, having read your explanations on the various aspects.

    So far I mainly use it to adjust my titles. It is surprising what a difference a change of word can make and surprising how much the results differ by changing the words around.

    A good post.

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  153. I love Jaaxy sometimes when I find a topic and think it’s a good title, check the average and traffic the numbers are so low.   I love that in the 5 different areas you are aware of, your traffic, the number of sites and blogs that use the keywords, how well your post will rank, and the chance to rank high by google.Not to mention the additional features. Thank you for explaining it thoroughly, great article.

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    After trying different keyword research programs, I decided to stop to Jaaxy. I consider that Jaaxy Lite is more than enough for me to run my business. I love using the alphabet soup, and I am a fan of finding longtail keywords. Your review is very descriptive, and give a clear understanding on what Jaaxy can offer. I am sure your readers will take the most of it. Well done!

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  161. Thanks for this really comprehensive write up. It would really be helpful in Most recent search for answers on the internet. I have come to love and assimilate your write ups so well that i love reading on anytime I know you are the author. I would bookmark this page for future reference . Thanks once again dear.

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    • Thanks Harry for your testimonial. I love Jaaxy and it has helped me a lot throughout my online journey. 

  163. Wow I really Have to say I am really Intrigued Sunny, I can only imagine the amount of work you must have have putt in into this.  After going through the features and reviews, Jaaxy seems to be a very good Tool  I think every Marketer should have, I personally think it would be a Great choice for blog posts. Its a must try for me

    • Jaaxy is a blessing to have along the online marketing journey! Have you signed up already? What are your thoughts so far? Let me know 🙂 


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    • You are very welcome Otaru. 

      What’s your experience with the keywords research so far? 

  165. I am really getting use to using Jaaxy.  Sometimes I be thinking I am doing something wrong.  It is informative of what keywords to use.  Until I started at wealthy affiliate I never heard of any of these products.  Your website is very informative with pictures of what it looks like and how it works.  The description of the menu topics.  Thank you.

    • You are very welcome dear Alicia. Keywords are important and it’s best when you use them wisely. Jaaxy truly is helpful when comes to keywords research. 


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    • Hi Bella, Jaaxy is a great tool and it does have an awesome affiliate program! Spread the word as everyone will benefit from it! 

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    • Isn’t that great Zac? You get to use a great tool for free, you like it, tell others they join and you make income 🙂 


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    • Hi Alex, I use the Alphabet soup technique often. Sometimes even after I found the ideal keyword, just to make sure I am not missing anything. Glad you learned something new from this article. Thanks for sharing 

  180. Hi Sunny, it’s a very nicely elaborated review on Jaaxy. Initially, it really took me hard to understand the role of any keyword research tool. Yes, I did hear about Jaaxy but from your post, I was able to comprehend it better. Now I look forward to using it more frequently. 

    Terminology of each keyword tool is different, in Jaaxy I can see we use abbreviations such as QSR, KQI, SEO, etc, with simple practice this tool will be very handy and awesome to use. 

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  183. I also like Jaaxy, after one or two times of using it, it becomes very easy to understand and certainly helps with keywords, low-hanging fruit etc. Your website is very comprehensive and clearly shows you have great knowledge on the subject and obviously use it often. This makes it appealing to your visitors when you talk with authority on the subject.

  184. Jaaxy is a very good tool I have used it for finding keywords in the past and its very fast and easy to find keywords compared to some other keyword search tools that I have tried. Have you tried any other keyword tools yourself? I like your style of writing too its very easy to follow

    • Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes, I tried other tools at the very beginning, a few years ago. But very soon I started focusing on Jaaxy and making it a priority tool for the keywords research. What about you? 

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    Thanks for this, it’s really informative but simple to understand.

  187. Oh, I love using Jaaxy. It makes researching so much easier for me especially since it’s all in one place. I don’t have the upgraded plan, but in the future as I grow, perhaps that’ll change. It’s always good to see that other people do use the program too, so that I don’t feel like I’m weird or too new if that makes any sense. The article was a great read. I wish you well on your future success and endeavours.

    • Hi Eirian, I use the free version that comes with the WA membership too. I will be upgrading soon. For now, I am super happy with the Jaaxy Lite. 

  188. Hey Sunny. Thank you for another great post. Every time Im visiting your blog Im learning something new and extremely helpful. I heard before about Jaaxy, but to be fair I didn’t start using it yet. But looking on your review its must for beginners (and not only) giving so much useful information about traffic and trends. Looking forward to test it in practice.

  189. Hello there! Oh wow, the beginning of your post is already super helpful. These days when I use Jaaxy to research key terms, I’ve been just looking only at the QSR. As long as it was below 100, then I use that particular set of phrases when writing content. I never really thought about what the other functions are but you did a great job in defining them and now I see that they are just as important! I definitely need to take the AVG and Traffic into account as well. Thanks for this.

  190. Hi there Sunny, 

    This review on Jaaxy is awesome.

    I’m a personal fan of it and I have been using it for my keyword needs since I got into running online businesses.

    The ease of use, various features related to keywords that are super useful and the ability to get thousands of good keywords in a matter of minutes are what have kept me going with it.

    I would also strongly recommend it. I don’t think I’m ever going to leave it for another tool out there.

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    This is an excellent tool and is an essential tool for every affiliate marketer to have.  It is the only way to find the best keywords to use in post titles.  It is great that it also let’s you know what your competition will be, so that you can avoid keywords that are over saturated and that you will have difficulty being found under.

    I would recommend Jaaxy to everyone.

  193. I use Jaaxy all the time, this is a great service and I use it every time I decide to write a new article for my website. Like you mentioned it is also given to you free as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member which I am, so that is a really great service. Jaaxy makes figuring out what to write about easy.

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  196. Hi Sunny, this was a great review of Jaaxy and I totally agree with you it is an awesome tool. I’ve been using the free version for about 2 years now with my Wealthy Affiliate membership and can’t believe that they give it away free. It has really helped me to understand keywords and how to use them to grow my business.

    I would definitely recommend Jaaxy to anyone needing help with keywords.

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  198. Jaaxy is very useful for bloggers.  I’ve used Jaaxy before but I didn’t realise it had so many features.  Your detailed article has been very helpful and I will be able to use it more effectively now.  It is a good summary of Jaaxy features and highlights how much useful information can be obtained.  Thank you.  

  199. I think that an area I could really improve on is traffic. I am going to start doing posts that are greater than fifty like you suggested. But, for the most part, I am doing great. I always get an SEO that is great with a low QSR.

    I appreciate how you explain which Jaaxy memberships apply to every person based on their financial goals and/or experience. You clarify how blogging by itself doesn’t generate income; this requires becoming an affiliate to other affiliate programs. Above all, your post entails all the jaaxy stands for and then some. I have learned quite a lot about Jaaxy, but reading your post made me realize that with an Enterprise account, I have access to check how my website posts are ranking.

    Thanks Sunny!

  200. Thank you so much, Sunny, for this excellently written article.

    You have made my day. Thank you so much for this explanation. I am using Yaaxi for almost a year now, but I didn’t understand this right. Wow, you have opened my eyes. I only used it for finding my keyword, but Yaaxi does so much more. I can sure need some extra money. With Yaaxi, I can have an extra income. Thank you so much for this, Sunny. Great job!


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  203. That was one of the hardest parts of blogging for me. I couldn’t figure out how Jaaxy worked.
    It’s great and it really helps. The only thing I don’t like is that it only offers 30 free searches. In the beginning when you start working on your website you are not very happy to pay for everything. But everything else is great.

    • Hey Denis, you have 30 searches as a free starter member at the Wealthy Affiliate. Once you become the Wealthy Affiliate premium member, your Jaaxy search increases to a UNLIMITED number 🙂 Double-check that again! 

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    I will continue to refer to your post to guide me as I continue on my online business journey. 

    With appreciation.


  207. I believe Jaaxy is a great tool to use when doing posts for sites. I have some experience in using it, but I probably haven’t used it to the fullest extent. I say this because the main aspect I’ve used is the keywords part. I haven’t really used the alphabet soup or other parts of it. As I recall, the biggest emphasis in training was the keywords search part, but the one thing that I’ll never understand is why the QSR is supposed to be so low and not at least at a moderate level. I can see how you don’t want to have a very high amount of competition, but if the phrase or word you use is 100 or less, it seems like there would be much fewer searches. I probably haven’t been using the tool to its fullest potential, so I’m going to try to use it more. The information was good and easy to understand. 

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