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International-Open-Academy-SEO-course-overviewHello friends,

Today I am going to share my insights on the SEO Online Course that I recently took at the International Open Academy (IOA). I will give you a quick sneak a peek into the benefits of taking this course.

Let me first share a few words about the IOA


What is International Open Academy and why should I become their student?

International Open Academy is a platform where you can find a variety of courses for a great price! Whether your field of interest is art, IT, gardening, DYI, teaching, languages, HR services, you will find a course for yourself. All the courses are accredited and approved by the respective organizations. And they are also reviewed and approved by the Trustpilot which is extremely important today when you have all kinds of content available online!!!

The courses are divided into modules, and you have an exam after each module. You have to have a score of 80% and above at the end of the course, in order to pass the course and get your certificate.


Please note that this is not the university where you will earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree. This is a platform where you can easily upgrade your knowledge, learn new skills, and also get reminders on what you already know.


Affiliate Disclosure: I graduated from the certified TEFL online course (Teach English as a foreign language),  Become an SEO expert and Social Media Manager CourseI gained some nice knowledge here so I decided to spread the word about the IOA, therefore you will find some affiliate links here on this page. 


International Open Academy Online Courses

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Now let’s get to the review which is based on my experience, as always. All I have learned by now about online business, keyword research, online marketing, SEO, building websites using the WordPress platform, and the ways of turning my passions into my source of income was through the Wealthy Affiliate where I am still using their courses and learning about online marketing, as the learning process is endless.

However, the SEO optimization course given by the International Open Academy brought many values my way as well.


Search Engine Optimization Online Course at the International Open Academy

Instructor’s name: Diego Davila – entrepreneur and social media innovator who has helped over half of the million people in building and improving their business’s visibility online, therefore reaching their business and financial goals.


What are the benefits of taking this course and why is it so important for online marketers to learn SEO strategies? 

SEO means SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, which means increasing the search engine rankings of your website so that your pages appear in higher positions in search results which ultimately brings more of the organic traffic back to your website.


As I mentioned, before finishing the Become an SEO expert course I was pretty much into SEO. This course has put all the aspects of SEO strategy together. It really simplified the whole process of understanding and developing a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy.

And most importantly, brought new tips and tricks from the market, and pointed out how and where to look for more ways to succeed.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE TO BOTH NEWBIES AND EXPERIENCED SEO EXPERTS. If you are a newbie, you will learn the whole new world all in one place. If you are already an expert, you will get a nice update and a reminder of the SEO strategies.

THE COURSE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO BECOME AN SEO EXPERT. To become one, of course, the knowledge has to be put into practice.





Course modules

In the following chapters, I am going to share with you some of the questions you will get answered. There is a lot more behind the course link, but here is a small portion divided into 5 modules and bullet points as I found them important while taking the notes:


1. Introduction to SEO

  • Why is SEO important you?
  • How to better serve your audience?
  • What are the 10 ranking factors that you need to know for a good SEO practice?
  • What is the SEO strategy?
  • How to perform quality keyword research?
  • How to optimize your website?

2. Developing keyword strategies

  • What are the keywords and why they are important for your business?
  • How to use the Google keyword planner?
  • What are the best keyword research tools?
  • What is domain authority?

3. Preparing your website for SEO

  • How to optimize your website step-by-step guide?
  • What is the Security certificate (SSL) and why is it so important?
  • How to migrate your website from http to Https?
  • How to make your website mobile-friendly?
  • How to test your website speed?
  • How to optimize your website with the YOAST plugin?
  • What are more advanced techniques for SEO optimization?

4. Establishing your business and online brand

  • What is the SEO strategy to establish your business and brand online?
  •  What are the backlinks and why they are important?
  • How to unlock the power of backlinks?
  • What is Google my business profile and how to create it?

5. The power of social media and video

  • Why is important to implement videos on your website?
  • How to customize your YouTube videos?
  • How to optimize SEO for your YouTube channel?
  • How to optimize SEO for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts?
  • Why is SEO of your YouTube channel and FB, IG, and Twitter account important for your website?
  • How to set up social media post scheduling?

6. Bringing it all together

  • How to submit your URL to business directories and why it is important to do that?
  • What are the key points for SEO success?
  • Final review of the course



& GET 80% OFF! 





To unlock your SEO expertise potential I strongly recommend that you go ahead and see it for yourself!

Not only you will get reminded of what you already know about Search Engine Optimization, but you will also get familiar with updates in the search engine world.




The good thing about International Open Academy is that they give you a 100% money-back guarantee and it is free to become their student. For the first 11 days. After that, there is a small fee. But if you finish your Become an SEO expert course earlier, you will not have to pay for the premium membership. Unless… you find more interesting courses like I did 🙂





And before you go…

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. I will be more than happy to chat with you.

Also, don’t forget to read my full review of the NUMBER ONE ONLINE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!
CLICK HERE  and learn everything about  WEALTHY AFFILIATE, the platform which gives you all the knowledge, tools, and community to build and run your SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS! 






Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 



  1. Hello Sunny! Thanks a lot for dropping this article. One thing I’m really impressed with is the way you explained the terms in a very simplified manner, makes everything very understanding to the readers. After going through this article, I’ve made up my mind to register for this academy. I trust your words and there’s even 14 days money back guarantee. I think it will be a very nice experience especially for people like us who want to build a career in social media marketing. thanks a lot

    • Hi Sophie, i am glad you liked the article. The course was very good as well. i learned a lot, and gained many ideas for my website. 

      Good luck and let me know what you think! 


  2. This is interesting Sunny, 

    I have always searched for a place where I can develop my skills and up my game with search engine optimization. Many of us build contents but know little about SEO. A proper understanding of SEO will turn your business around. Good to know that international open academy has other courses. I will give it a trial 


    • That’s right, and every legit place where you can get some more info is always more than welcomed. I encourage you to give it a try.


  3. This article is  rich and wonderful. I see a post signaling to people who are building or want to building a career in online business. Thank you for sharing this information here. Running through the training and getting paid at the long run. This kind of opportunity should not be allowed to slip off as it’s a rare  and golden opportunity

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by to leave your feedback. Enjoy the course in case you decide to give it a try. 


  4. This is a great way to start an online business. It looks well structured and simple to complex scheme course.  I am actually taking a course in WA and this came across. I see that your course emphasis SEO techniques, which is vital for any affiliate marketer. 

    I will definitely encourage friends of mine take this course.  How much is the cost?

  5. Thank you for your review on International Open Academy for the online SEO course. It always tricky when it comes to online courses so I have to do my research first. That is amazing that they offer many courses. With social distancing this will be a perfect platform for me to learn new skills. I will check out their course. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, 

      I encourage you to try the course. It is valuable and at the great price! 

  6. Hey Sunny, the IOA is a great institution to explore in a world of knowledge, you learn a lot there with the courses available and you can apply them to your dream occupation. Speaking of courses, the SEO Online course is one I’ve enjoyed so far from the courses out there. The course makes it easier for you to understand the whole concept of SEO strategies. 

    The part I like is how you explain and give insights on the course by mentioning the benefits and the whole institution behind it. Making us understand the IOA and the SEO course itself.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I am glad to hear you already tried the IOA courses and that you like them. Continue exploring, the International Open Academy is a really good place for learning new skills. 

  7. It’s very important for you as a business owner and a website owner to know of the importance of SEO in your website, it helps rank your website by search engines and that relatively makes your business very popular as known. This online course is very interesting and good, I’ll share it around so that people can see it.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes this course is good and I encourage everyone to try it.

  8. This academy looks utterly fantastic and it would be a big blessing for me to go aon and become a part of it since I just started my online business. I like that there is a possibility of me being able to learn more about social media marketing and also there is a money back after two weeks which can help me decide if it is ideal or not but since you recommend it, I’ll definitely give it a swipe.

    • Hi Jackie, I encourage you to do that! You will be more than blessed to learn at the very beginning all about the SEO. It complements the WA course big time! 

  9. Thank you for sharing you insight on the SEO online course you took at the international open academy.This is my first time of hearing about this platform and via this article,i now understand the service they render.I love the fact that they give certificates at the end of each course as long as one meets up with their condition and also the fact that there is a 14 day money back guarantee.I will trust your word and register on this platform.

    • Hi Leslie, I encourage you to go ahead and give it a try. You will find it very useful for your online business, as an additional source of information that complements the Wealthy Affiliate platform! 

  10. This looks like a great course to take. SEO is essential for any online business, and the more we can learn about it, the better. This course seems to offer a lot of valuable information like strategies, backlinks, quality keyword research and so on. This is definitely worth checking out. I think that this course will probably help anyone to increase SEO for their websites.

  11. This is an interesting topic. Befriending Google is something that we need to do. But we need training to reach that.

    I am eager to get started with this course. I read a good comment in a forum about International Open Academy. And now I am reading your post. So, I have decided to join. Thanks.

  12. I have heard about Search Engine Optimisation a couple of times but never got into learning more about it so knowing that there is an online class that helps people in learning all there is to know about Search Engine Optimisation really had me impressed and I must say that it’s a great idea to jump on. 

  13. Thank you so much for haring all these here as they can make the difference for us and we can actually learn and master what seo marketing is. Actually what has been shred here is really hood and it makes dk much sense seeing all thses here.  This seo online course international open academy might be next best thing that I have been looking for. Thanks so much for the details here

  14. Hi sunny , I’m really glad I came across this amazing article, it’s just what i have been searching for  and j really enjoyed reading this article, it’s highly informative and helpful, and I love the fact that international open academy offers different varieties of courses for a very good price , my field is in art and I’m sure I’ll find a course for me there , thank k you for sharing this amazing article , it really proved helpful.

  15. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review. I am going to sign up for this academy immediately. The way you explained everything makes the academy more interesting for me and makes me want to register fast. Thank you 

  16. Hello Sunny,

    Thanks for this really clever article and I have to admit I really didn’t see it coming and I have been looking g for a means to get to learn about search engines and a few things about open business in general. This is a very good idea to train people in like with online business and it would be very helpful in business. 

  17. Hi there,
    The subject here is about an SEO online course. Well, many thanks a lot for releasing this article; It felt good, to be able to follow what you wrote; not, as some articles, I have read! The course didn’t look bad too! The amount of things to learn, eh! Well, I don’t know how long it would take to get the certificate? Who cares? As long as I can get; A bragging rights certificate. I learnt a lot about how much people need to know to build a good enough online website.

    Thanks again
    Joe 90

  18. Hi, Sunny,

    I was going to say this program is similar to Udemy, but after reading till the end, I realized it’s not.

    I’d like to learn more about SEO as I understand it’s key to succeeding in the digital marketing world. I have read tons of articles and watched tons of videos about it, but I don’t quite understand it, especially the Google part. My results with Bing and Yahoo have been slightly better, but I need to improve my Google rankings.

    I just checked the link, and it’s something that definitely interests me. Is it a one-time payment?

    Looking forward to learning more. Thanks!!

  19. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. I started my online busines for a while now and the outcome is not as satisfactory as I expect. I did some review and traffic is the key issue. My SEO traffic is particularly poor. I want do something with it, but never take time to do the research.

    Here comes your article, whihc provide a lot of information about SEO. I particularly like your description on Sourse Modules. You give a detailed description on the course, which is helpful for me to make decision on join the course or not. There are so many things about website SEO, which is the focus I would like to do. This is something I like and I will join the course.

  20. Hi Sunny,

    This article is great. As a new online business owner, I do welcome every opportunity to learn and understand how to improve my knowledge and therefore grow my business. I have been working with SEO and I find it quite interesting. I would really love to see what this course has to offer.


    Candy Benn

  21. Sunny, thank you for a detailed look into international open academy’s seo class.  I had never heard of ioa until stumbling across your article and now I cannot wait to check it out.  I appreciate the 80% off coupon you have libked in your article as well.  I’m curious how they teach a gardening class over the internet?? Or are you saying they teach about seo for a gardening niche? Either way, sounds like a great program.  Thanks again for all the valuable information. 

  22. Hey Sunny; International Open Academy seems to be an expert on SEO to have grip such stronghold on your confidence. I do believe that their training in SEO is great. 

    However, If you have listed some of the success your website have gained from your SEO training experience it would fast-forward many sign-ups with International Open Academy. Like myself, many affiliate content writers are eager to learn about SEO and how they can get their web posts on Google front page.

    Maybe you are waiting to add your website optimization success via International Open Academy in your next post.  As you have listed Wealthy Affiliate in this post. Keep up the good work.


  23. Wow!. All that for that price? That’s crazy. I find this very interesting where the course takes you straight to the point. I already saved the link for later. I know some of the courses already. But the ones I don’t know still worth the price. Thanks for a helpful article.

  24. Presently, all that I know about SEO comes from my training at WA. I have however come to understand that knowledge and undersanding cannot be exhausted. In addition, the method of imparting that knowledge varies from person to person, so that one teacher may not be able to reach a student while another would. I know that there is a lot more for me to learn about SEO and this course seems to offer what I need. I am surely considering getting into it so that I can expand my understanding of SEO and so improve my rankings.

  25. Thank you for detailed review of International Open Academy. I actually heard about this academy for the time. This SEO course looks very promising and course content covers everything that you need to know to rank of first page of google. And 14 days money back guarantee is very attractive offer for someone who is not sure about this course.

    I am going to check out other courses offered at IOA. Thank you 

  26. I would like to learn more about SEO and I can see by the course outline that it really covers everything. But I would have loved to get a free trial. Because it would have helped me get access to the course to check if it was exactly what I need. I understand the 14 days money-back guarantee but it is not really the same thing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Hey Sunny 

    Thank you for the headsup about this online course. It is so comprehensive and looks like exactly what I need. My plate is currently full but as soon as I get some time open on my schedule, I will check it out . The content looks great I want to be sure that I do justice to it 

  28. Thank you so much for discussing SEO related online courses especially the International Open Academy. SEO is very important for those who want to make money by blogging and one of the many academies offering this course is the International Open Academy. Reading your article I am very convinced that an academy with a money-back guarantee of up to 14 days. So very soon I will join this academy to do an SEO course. 

  29. Hello Sunny, thanks for sharing this information. I think it is always good to hear different perspectives and learn from them. I like the course structure of the SEO Online course that you have mentioned a lot. While this is something available elsewhere in a similar fashion, there are topics in there that I have not to touch on such as “How to use the Google keyword planner?”, “What are more advanced techniques for SEO optimization?” or “How to submit your URL to business directories and why it is important to do that?”. 

    I am trying to avoid FOMO at the moment as there are too many things that I’m learning concurrently. But I will bookmark this and come back to this next time. 

    I am curious about “How to optimize SEO for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts?” too. This is another topic that I want to look into. Thanks for the article again!

  30. Thank you for putting this through about this platform, Sunny! It is always nice to peruse through your post. This one introduces us some new concept on promoting our business and i trust your opinion as well too, so your article has just confirmed and proof to me that this platform is worth checking out indeed!

  31. SEO is really key for online entrepreneurs to be successful and one should master it as it plays a major role when it comes to content ranking which enables more traffic which can or is likely to convert. I would go for the Open Academy since it is regulated than to invest in courses that you are not even sure they are accredited or carry any value. There are too many scammers out there. Looking at the article, it is surely a well-detailed course. Does the course well suit intermediate bloggers?

  32. Hi,

    From my research SEO is the understanding of search engine algorithms and how they affect organic search results and websites. Building on this knowledge, learning the key elements for creating an effective SEO strategy, including how to select keywords and perform keyword research; consumer psychology and search behaviour; and how to conduct on-page SEO analysis to identify opportunities to improve a website’s search optimisation.

    Thank you.


  33. This is a very informative article on the SEO course offered by the International Open Academy. You have outlined the course details in a very easy to understand manner and it certainly seems worth my while to sign up. SEO is very important, so any opportunity to learn more, is beneficial. 

    So it seems that if I complete the course within 11 days, there won’t be any cost involved, but please correct me if I understood that incorrectly. 

  34. Learning online skills nowadays seems to be very important. Of course Covid-19 has taught lots of folks the hard way. International Open Academy seems kind of cool.. After reading this article, I went through the website and it looks kind of cool and welcoming. Lemme say I’m experienced at the intermediate level on affiliate marketing and would love to take one or two courses from them.

    I check their price for SEO and it not expensive at all. So one can easily opt in. I’m glad you had an experience with them. At least this will make make have some basic understanding of what I should be expecting.

  35. Thank you for sharing this review Sunny. I think it’s important to learn what we can from as many sources as possible. While Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic training platform, it is not all encompassing and may miss certain techniques or skills. It’s also never a bad idea to have a refresher course of material you’ve already learned about discussed in a different perspective. I may look into International Open Academy in the future, thanks to your review. 

  36. Thank you, this is great advice. 

    SEO is something that I am working on improving.  This course seems to cover all the basics.  I believe I will definitely benefit from taking this course.

    I am also very interested in the Social Media Manager course as I have not had a lot of success with my socials.  You mention that you have completed this course. Does this course cover all social media platforms individually or social media in general?

    I am particularly interested in Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

  37. Thank you for sharing your experience with the SEO online course that you did with the International Open Academy. You have made me think maybe I also need to update my skills especially relating to internet marketing. I wonder if they have a good course in advertising for your internet business? 

    Did you find the course easy to understand and was the content delivered in an interesting way? This is very important as it helps one to focus and not lose interest in studying.

  38. Hi, I am so glad to come across your article. I never get tired of learning and being in the online business SEO is one important subject that I´m always trying to increase my knowledge about. The six chapters you have listed seem quite comprehensive, plus your recommendation, I think it is worth going for this course, since you are also offering an important discount. Thank you. Marisa

  39. This information about the International Open Academy sets me thinking. I started doing my online business and wondered why my business wasn’t happening the way I wanted. then I learned that there is such a thing called SEO. This brought a whole new light to what I was doing, and continue to do, and although I have read blogs about it, I still am curious about the details. I would like to know more about SEO. Thanks for this introduction. I’ll be looking into doing the actual studies.

  40. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a year and I think there’s never enough of learning about SEO. I’ve learned a ton and there is still so much to learn. With the ever-changing Google algorithms, the situation is not getting easier. It’s really a complicated field but I love it. It seems like this International Open Academy is something I need because without that I won’t be able to move forward much. I’m glad I’ve found your review about it.
    Do you think I can also offer my services as an SEO expert after completing this course?

  41. seo is something that i have been interested for in a long time and would always love to master. This online course would surely open up a lot opportunity. International Open Academy is a platform where you can find a variety of courses for a great price indeed. I will surely have to join this program and will surely share with my friends as well.

  42. This is an interesting training program to learn SEO, and I will have to check it out. After reading your review noticed the mention of the exam. My question would be if you missed a question and got wrong, would you be able to go back to review the lesson and take the exam again? Thanks for sharing this great review and I will be sharing the review with my followers. 

  43. Training to become a SEO expert with IAO sounds like a good option. Never tried this out myself. I am a Wealthy Affiliate student. But it seems like IAO have some good training too after reading your review.  Do they have a community like Wealthy affiliate have? Or is it just an online course? How is the SEO training and what SEO tools do they use in the training?

  44. Hello Sunny, 

    Outstanding article! I have saved this for my future education. 

    I am fairly new at this and have only begun my understanding of SEO. I intend to acquire more education through IOA. I like the way you have outlined the course so I know what to expect. 

    I have a few tasks to complete before I reach this on my list but I will come back and access IOA from your site to help out with your affiliation. 

    Thank you for this information!


  45. Sunny this is a very interesting item on your part. Very instructive because we have the opportunity to see how we can all improve our skills and make money on some platforms. Of course, this online course is very important for everyone who wants to learn something new and improve their knowledge. Thank you for this import information, you encouraged me to start creating my own online business.

  46. Hello dear Sunny,

    Thank you so much for sharing your website, you explained everything quite well and they are very important and useful information internally for all those who are already in the platform as well as those who would like to join.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for improvement of knowledge and an excellent platform for receiving support with all the questions and other helps needed.

    Best of luck for all your future endeavours!

  47. This was a great breakdown and awesome review. Thanks for your viewpoint. I really do believe in self-education. I believe the late Jim Rohn said it best, something to the affect of “traditional education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune” I truly live by this model.

    I may check this out to see what other courses they have regarding improving an online business. We are all going towards financial, time and location freedom and why not build up the skills needed in order to master this skill and then, help others do the same.

  48. Thank you so much for this article. I’m seriously trying to find more ways to obtain knowledge on SEO through a trusted source and I have not been able to find them until I ran into this article. Your work here has been a tremendous help to me and I appreciate it a lot. I got a lot of insight from a single article and I feel like I don’t even need to go to a separate one. It’s great to lear about IOA and I’m glad they have other courses too! I really need a solid groundwork for me to work and learn about SEO though

  49. Hi Sunny,
    Thanks for your informative article. This looks like a good course. The $19 fee for a course is very reasonable with the 14 day money back guarantee. SEO is extremely important to learn and there are many ways to increase your indexing ranking as more content is published.

    • Hi John, exactly, the price of the course is very good and it is valuable to learn as much as you can about SEO. I am open to every opportunity to learn

  50. Hi Sunny,
    Thanks for your informative article. This looks like a good course. The $19 fee for a course is very reasonable with the 14 day money back guarantee. SEO is extremely important to learn and there are many ways to increase your indexing ranking as more content is published.  This is something many of us should follow up with.

  51. It seems like Google is constantly changing the algorithm, which is why it’s so important to keep up to date with search engine optimization changes. And you are right – there is a lot of misinformation online these days!

    A quick question about the school – are all of the classes taught in English? And do you know if they teach other language classes? Thanks in advance!

  52. Hi Sunny, Thank you for such an interesting overview of the SEO course by the International Open Academy! It looks like a thorough and extremely useful course for any internet marketer. I’ve noticed that one of the modules is about the benefits of the Yoast plugin. Would you recommend over the All in One SEO (which I am currently using), and if so, what would be the main benefits of swapping AIO SEO for Yoast? Many thanks for your advice, Lucie

  53. I had heard about international open academy before, but I never knew that they did SEO training.  Wow what a perfect idea.

    I really enjoyed your review of this course. I noticed that they offer a module for help with social media and SEO optimization.  Have you tried using this module for your own social media?

    I was just wondering how up to date the data is.  As we know they are always changing the rules on social media, so I am just hoping they are up to date.

    Great job and thanks for the awesome tips.

  54. This is a great resource. I’m always looking for new educational programs and learning more and more about the things I’m interested in. I’ve never hear of this one and it sounds right up my alley. Thank you for breaking it down for me. I am signing up right now. 

  55. Thank you for posting this article. I really enjoyed reading it. The information about International Open Academy was very helpful.  I wasn’t aware that a course of this magnitude even existed. This will be my next course of action. I look forward to finding out what other courses are available as well. Increasing knowledge is the key to power and profits. 

  56. Best Online Home Business is the focus of this post.  These are courses to help you out in your online business.  It’s always good to relearn things you knew, just in case you forgot.  The courses are vouched by trust pilot, which is a good reviewing site.  It’s always good to have this around in case we want or need information for your online business.

  57. hello Sunny, 

    I have heard of the IOA before and am glad you actually did a course and are writing about it. I mean, there has to be something better than Udemy. 

    The institute seems to have given u a lot of value and it always helps when your instructor is a handsome guy too! 😛

    I couldnt find the pricing anywhere, or I may have missed it. How much did the SEO Course cost u Sunny? Seeing the contents, I am motivated to take up this course too. After all, the most important thing for online entrepreneurs is SEO.



  58. Thank you so much, Sunny for this excellent review of the International Open Academy’s Online SEO course.

    With more and more websites competing for everyone’s attention, good Search Engine Optimization has become more and more important to the ultimate goal of getting high search engine rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    I really liked the fact that each module of the Online SEO course is followed by an examination and that the participant has to get 80% or better to proceed to the next module. Clearly, this ensures that you understand what was being taught in the module and are in a strong position to implement it.

    Wealthy Affiliate, of course, covers SEO as part of its training as well, but specialist courses such as those offered by the International Open Academy are able to g into greater detail. The two should be seen as complementary, not competitive. Specialist courses are also able to be kept up to date with current search engine rules and emerging trends.

    Examples of these covered in the Become an SEO Expert course include:

    Developing Keyword Strategies

    The Increasing Importance of Video Platforms to SEO

    Using Social Media Effectively

    Again, Sunny thanks for this review I will certainly be following up this and other courses offered by the International Open Academy.

  59. This actually a great opportunity for upgrading your skills and add knowledge into your life thank you very much for sharing this information, the fact that its online it is accessible to everyone interested, I appreciate the way you have narrated, these are great courses for anyone who is interested in doing business online.

  60. Thank you so much for sharing this, it was so timely and seemed like it was just meant for me, the international open academy is really awesome, the regular academies that offer training online just run courses on a particular field but they offer a wide range of courses from art to IT, I just registered the SEO course and I am definitely taking others and I have also shared with my loved ones

  61. Creating a website is one thing on it’s own, and learning how to ensure that your website is ranked among the top rated websites on Google is another thing on it’s own too. That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. I do not have a published website yet, but I definitely would love to get trained and tutored on SEO. My question is can the issued certificate at the end of the course be used to apply for job placements?

    • Hi Kelvin, 

      Thanks for your comment. Well, I believe that the certificate can be used as one more set to the CV. However, the knowledge put in practice is what they will expect after all, but of course, the certificate is getting you one step closer to the second round. 


  62. Sunny, this is such great information to share. In my free time, I tried to learn about SEO. However, it’s hard to find a good one. Most of them are cluttered in SEO and marketing blogs, and I have no idea which content/page that I should read and learn first. I’ll be sure to check the course when I have some spare time. Thanks

  63. Your review of the International Open Academy SEO course is an eyeopener. Its very detailed and thorough. It gets me thinking as an aspiring internet marketer i must enrol and earn that certificate. Yes by now i know a bit but is it enough to take me through. Its a wise idea to do that SEO course and take my knowledge to the next level. Thanks

  64. Hello sunny! this is an amazing review you have got here. Though its my first time seeing a review of this academy but I will love to be part of it as it looks secure to me mainly because all of their courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standard. 

     Thanks for sharing this with me.

  65. Hi Sunny. Thank you for such a nice insight into the text. This sounds very interesting. It seems to me that this would be great for developing social media marketing skills. Knowing what SEO means is very important for online business and its progress. I really liked the text and it definitely led me to more research on this topic. Thanks

  66. What an interesting program!  I’ve used online courses before and find them quite useful. In fact, I’ve considered actually teaching online through one of the platforms at some point in the future.

    Your information on the SEO and Social Media management courses seems very interesting! I’ve learned a lot through various methods but still feel that I have much to learn before I feel confident. I’m going to look into these courses.

    Thanks for bringing these to my attention!

  67. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share your thoughts on SEO Online Course International Open Academy. SEO is extremely important for anyone with an online presence, and it’s worth the investment to figure out how to do it right. For this reason, the “SEO training” marketplace can be a cluttered one. It’s helpful to have endorsements from Trustpiilot – thanks for pointing this out!

  68. I’m all for learning at any stage of your life, and if you need to learn for professional development, then it is all the more essential. The wider and deeper your skill set, the greater the opportunities to benefit from your expertise. 

    The SEO field is one that involves frequent refreshing, and as such, requires revisiting regularly, to make sure you are still  on track with your strategy. If you are not up to date with your SEO, your site audience/engagement will suffer. 

    From your bullet points, this course is laid out in a very logical, and clear manner, and I like the fact they recognize your achievements with a certificate upon passing. This adds to the credibility of the course.

     It seems like you have found and shared a great learning platform here, and I will definitely be checking it out!

  69. Interesting! I didn’t realize International Open Academy offers courses on SEO. I’ve just started my own website and I’m a complete newbie on this, so this could be a helpful course. I completed a TEFL with IOA some time ago and I found their prices very reasonable for the amount of value in the course. I’ll go check this out.

  70. Hello Sunny,

    Wow, it seems the International Open Academy has a lot of fantastic programs!

    This is one course that I sincerely must make space in order to undertake, especially because I have finished the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurship Certificate. SEO is not something we really get an opportunity to deal with in detail as I am sure has been done in this course.

    This question that is dealt with in the course, “Why is important to implement videos on your website?” I wish I could get an answer to it right now. 😁😁 I am so anxious about creating videos!


  71. Thank you for sharing your perspective on the SEO “International Open Academy”.  It sounds like the academy offers quite a broad curriculum offering from IT, art, DIY, languages and gardening. How much was the TEFL course?  How do you plan to use this qualification now?  You also speak very highly about the SEO course they offer.  What added value do you think the course adds beyond what is available e.g. with Wealthy Affiliate?

    Which language courses do they offer? I have to say the money back guarantee does make it sound very appealing.

  72. I have been trying with SEO for some time now and even written articles on SEO, I certainly think that SEO is well alive as against some that say its dead, I always like to keep in touch with SEO and what changes it may bring to my site, this course seems to cover all basics of SEO and all it take to rank your site high in search engines. There is some points you’ve stated that I’m aware of, but I would really like to see in details on how IOA teach and explain some of those steps. For that I really thinking about joining, having a look at the platform and all it has to offer.

    Thank you for this, I think its much needed.


  73. Thank you so much for sharing Sunny! I just started my journey as an affiliate marketer 2 weeks ago, and your article has given me quite a lot of information on SEO; I wasn’t even sure what that is prior to this! Like yourself, I have signed up with WA and I’m going through their courses, and I will keep in mind this SEO to stay relevant to online marketing. 

  74. International Open Academy sounds interesting, I’ve been looking for some mentor to further sharpen my SEO tricks! I have a blog but after a few years, it seemed like I’ve known most of the things I can find on articles and SEO sites, I figured its time I continue to other sources and Diego would be a great mentor for me. One day, I’m going to be a mentor too 😀

  75. Having a platform where an individual can learn various courses online for a good price is nice and one of these platforms is International Open Academy. The good thing about the courses I read about is that it has been accredited and it has been accredited by the various organizations. SEO is a course under IOA, this course is great to be learnt because it helps to know how to increase search engine ranking on the website.

  76. Being a website owner myself, I get the importance of SEO optimization. That’s where the free traffic (and money) is, right?

    I’ve been looking for ways to increase my traffic, because I know that my content is good and can help loads of people get what they want. But I also know that there is a technical side to getting traffic, and I think your course might just be able to help me out.

    Cheers, mate!!

  77. Sunny, this is a great tip on learning or expanding the knowledge of SEO. To have access to this type of knowledge hub about essential topics on our business, affiliate marketing, is of high value.

    You give us readers a good explanation on what this International Online Academy offers in this course, and I appreciate that you have highlighted that this is not formal education, giving you a bachelor´s degree.

    The course itself, about SEO, is very interesting. I could use a refresher, with all the different aspects of SEO gathered in one course. I will register and do the course myself.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us,


  78. Great course review. Most of the topics were familiar to me through my experience at Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, a great deal of the topics are addressed in the weekly webinars. This made me wonder what does Diego Davilla teach that goes beyond the lessons taught by Jay Neill. I suppose I would have to take this course to find out. 

    You didn’t state what the cost is. Hence I will have to find that out for myself. 

    Thanks for bringing another perspective to SEO learning. 



  79. I have been a member a few times and I really enjoyed it. The course is very easy to follow, there are no hard rules or anything like it so you can just go through the process as if you were doing something else for free! It’s also great that they offer online courses in English too which makes things easier on me since my language skills aren’t quite up to par with most of them but still worth checking out nonetheless.

     The only thing i would change about this one was having more time spent learning how to use Google Analytics instead of using their own tool (which has its pros).
    This site offers an excellent overview of SEOs from all angles including search engine optimization, organic traffic generation, social media.

  80. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…I have been really battling with SEO over time and I think this is the best way to really understand SEO once and for all.

  81. I always embrace lifelong learning and for me, this SEO course falls in this category.  This is my first time reading about the International Open Academy and I already love what I am seeing.

    I followed the link and I am happy to see that they are offering a huge discount for this course.  I am truly excited!  Yes, I will be studying with IOA.  

    Thanks for the link and a very detailed article.  Much appreciated.

  82. Hi Sunny.

    It is an opportunity presented for anyone to hone skills, upgrade skills or learn new skill sets for your online business to be successful. It will make you knowledgeable to present your content which will help rank better. These are all must skills to have. You have presented it well here in your review.

    Moreover there is 14 d free trial to embark upon to test it for your level. 
    I will make sometime to try it out.

    Thank for this wonderful share.

  83. Thank you Sunny.  This is truly a great article on SEO online training.  Suddenly search engine optimization makes sense.  I need the process to be simplified.  I also need the pieces to come together.  Based on the  outline of the course, I will get what I need.  Is the course Independent, work at your own pace or is It an online classroom setting?

  84. Wealthy affiliate is a wonderous platform with endless knowledge and potential to create the largest online business you can have in a short amount of time. You just have to work hard in the beginning and reap the rewards at the end. Thank very much for a amazing post i will be sure to share it with others !

  85. Thank you so much, Sunny, for this extremely professional and well-explained article, it is very valuable to me, it is exactly what I need now, I haven’t been in the online business for long and still have to learn a lot to make my website profitable. I definitely need professional help.
    International Open Academy convinced me. Thanks for that.

  86. I clicked on the link to see how much this course was and wow, $19 is a pretty good bargain.  If I learn some information, then that is money well spent really.  Great information on this course, and looks like they have some other good options as well.  Thanks for sharing this information on the SEO online course.

  87. Hello,

    I like your review of the International Open academy because you have experienced several of their training courses and that you succeeded! I personally like the content of this training and the fact that you’ll become an SEO expert at the end. I just have one regret: you didn’t talked about the price! Is it affordable? Is it expensive? Thanks!

  88. Awesome! This course looks like it’s a 5 star! Is SEO as complicated as the internet makes it seem? I feel like you would have to go to years of school first. I’m scared to put my foot in with SEO because it is such a foreign concept to me. 

    Thanks for the article! 

  89. I have been an affiliate marketer for about 4 years.  I must admit that, although SEO is important to me, I rely on programs to inform me whether the SEO in an article is good or not.  I could really use a course to better understand SEO and how to boost it in my writing.  I see also that the course includes some work on Keywords.  This sounds like a valuable program.

  90. I think this is the most thing that I need for now. But I there is one thing that I don’t like, which they are focusing on using Yoas SEO which I am not a fan at all. I tried once and I hate it. I have to buy extended plugin while they said it is one plugin for everythings. So yeah, I prefer to get from some another source that can give SEO course with more general and not focuse on one plugins.

  91. Hey Sunny, you are worth a thousand claps for the way you analyzed and reviewed the International Open Academy Courses. Your review is full of helpful information to digest in the area of  SEO, social media, website building, WordPress, and lots more. I really want to improve on search engine optimization and unlock the power of link building as soon as possible. So, I need a course platform like this to achieve that soonest.

  92. Hi there, Sunny! 

    I’ve been blogging for a year now but still waiting for the mercy of Search Engines especially the big G (Google) which has always been working in many mysterious ways. In fact, I already thought of giving up a hundred times.  

    Thus, SEO Online Course is exactly what every struggling blogger like me needs to have and thank you for introducing this because this gives me a new hope to at last have the right SEO techniques and finally get the attention of the big G!

    This product seem to be great and worth trying due to its free 14 days and money-back guarantee! Though I’d like to know how many days would the refund process take in case?

    Thanks a lot!


  93. Hi Sunny, I agree with you that learning has never ended, and when we have the goodwill to improve ourselves, the ways to learn are also many, and International Open Academy seems to be one of this great opportunity to learn and improve our knowledge. Thank you for sharing this helpful article, which gives to me a lot of new information about IOA. I think to have a look on it, as you highlight, we need to improve and remind what we know, so it seems a great way to do this, having a certificate at the end of the process. 

    Thank you again.



  94. International Open Academy seems to be an expert on SEO to have grip such stronghold on your confidence. I do believe that their training in SEO is great. 

    However, If you have listed some of the success your website have gained from your SEO training experience it would fast-forward many sign-ups with International Open Academy. Like myself, many affiliate content writers are eager to learn about SEO and how they can get their web posts on Google front page.

    Maybe you are waiting to add your website optimization success via International Open Academy in your next post.  As you have listed Wealthy Affiliate in this post. Keep up the good work. I would recommend everyone to at least try SEO. Thanks for this post.

  95. when starting an online business it is very important to learn how to do SEO, I have enjoyed the excellent information in your post, The international Open Academy looks like a great place to learn from. I’m going to take you up on the offer of clicking your link and joining based on your positive experience and recommendation. You can never know enough about this subject.

  96. When it comes to owning and running an online business we should take it seriously just like running and offline business. This business seems to be a great investment and can really help your business to get off the ground. SEO is so important and is a must to have success with your online business. Thanks so much for the positive input of this program that seems to be a winner.

  97. Hi Sunny, thanks for the review on the SEO Online Course that IOA offers. After reading your review, the seo online courses seems to be very well structured and anyone who wants to learn more about SEO would benefit from the course. I will follow your link and start my free trail. 

  98. Hello Sunny.

    Thank you for providing valuable post to us, for the first time I heard international open academy to this site, I went out to conduct a little researched of this platform. absolutely what I discover from it, it very useful for any marketer especially myself for learning also to earn as an affiliate marketer.

    Thank you for being honest and providing to us a beneficial review.

  99. Thank you for bringing to my attention the Search Engine Optimization course at the International Open Academy. It’s just what I need to fill a gap in my affiliate marketing skillset.

     I have examined the course modules and I find such items as SEO optimization for your Website, Backlinks, and How to optimize SEO for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts areas I would want to dig deeper into. The 80% pass mark assures me it’s of a high standard of achievement, the certificate looks appealing to me, and the $19 fee is a no-brainer

    As soon as I put to bed the Online Entrepreneur Certification course I am currently involved in, I will jump on the International Open Academy SEO course.

  100. Thanks a lot for sharing this post. Your content was engaging and easy to understand as well as very enlightening. I’v decided to take you up on the coarse, so well done you for putting it out there and you won me over, Quick question as I know you will answer honestly and not try rip me off, how much is it?

  101. Thanks for your post. IOA looks tempting, so I visited their website. I have a question.  What do you learn at IOA that you don’t learn here at WA as a premium member? Also, I clicked on their site, and the course is only $19. I tend to place value on something based on the price. For $19, it doesn’t seem like something of value is being offered. SEO is not easy to master, so if someone is offering a course on it for $19, I’m thinking it may not be good or of value. If you can explain how this course is more beneficial to me than WA SEO lessons or Jaaxy, I’ll spend the money and join. 

  102. Quiet a clean and capturing site. Your bio is a nice touch on the mix. I got lost there for a while and forgot that I was looking at a Business site. Because your story is so unique but yet many can relate to, there is an opportunity there to have more people joining the academy. but they end up just chatting about your wonderful story.

    If you can find a way to get visitors to link from that part of your site as well. There could be already but I went through and got back to the relevant page. which also works but…

    When entering the relevant sight I lost you this time? Are still part of this Academy? maybe you are not! if you are what do you do in the academy? if not, it feels like a “bridge”. We buy into your story but you are not part of the academy we lose this connection abruptly. Lest you’re cut off the cord and let us know you have no ties with the academy but you recommend it. What if I Join and I go looking for you. Would I find you at the academy? of course not physically. The way we have made a connection with Kyle. We can always “find him” .

    I hope this helps,


    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I am not part of the Academy, I just took some of their courses which I recommend to people. If you want to find me you can find me in the Wealthy Affiliate or here at the Best Online Home BUsiness pages.. 

  103. Hey Sunny, I really appreciate you sharing a training platform  that from the look of everything that you have shared about the SEO Online Course International Open Academy, which by the way- 

    It’s the first time that I ever hear of this program and it looks like this is something that I could definitely see myself trying as a means to really boost up my SEO skills if I intend to run anything close to a successful business!

    I can definitely benefit from this specially since I practically started a YouTube channel a couple days ago. 

  104. International Open Academy has a lot to offer to get your business up and running also providing you the skills you need to succeed great navigation really like how you presented this shows how good of training there is at International Open Academy they also provide the tools to get those winning keywords cool.

  105. Hello, thank you for sharing your nicely written article about the SEO course that you have taken. I am always keen to learn new techniques and skills that will help me development my online marketing skills and this course looks as though it could do that at a very affordable price. There are so many courses being offered online that purport to offer big things but they all seem to come with a very big price tag, so it is refreshing to see something of value at a price most people will be able to afford, plus they have the confidence in what they are providing to offer a 100% money back guarantee which is great. I will definitely book mark your link and look to complete the course in the very near future. All the best. Paul  

  106. This is most certainly a great resource. I agree that this course is extremely helpful to both beginners and experienced online marketers to review and increase their knowledge of the SEO process and apply it effectively. It most definitely covers all aspects of the SEO process. I am going to look into this further.

  107. Hi Sunny;

    I own websites, so the title about an online SEO course caught my attention. And, I can see now that it’s something I might like to pursue. But then I saw where you say there are other courses available. That’s definitely something I will check out. My websites cover a variety of topics and I might find something else at the International Open Academy that would be worth taking, too.

    It’s informative of you to share your experience with their courses. It provides a good overview of what to expect. Thanks for providing this info.


    • Hi Stella, thanks for your comment. I encourage you to check their courses because whatever niche you are in you can always affiliate their courses and earn income 🙂 Good luck! 

  108. This article was amazing! I love how thorough you were with the objectives for each section. Thank you for not leaving out the fourteen day money back gaurantee. I love learning. Your article definitely convinced me that IOA is woth the try. How long is a course on average? Thank you for your services. 

  109. Thank you for sharing this great information about International Open Academy. I wasn’t even aware that it existed until I read your post. By the way I really like to way you explained it and telling us how important SEO actually is in building our online business properly. I never realized how important SEO really is until I read you article completely. If you will allow me to do so I would like to share this with a few of my colleagues that are presently struggling with SEO.

  110. Excellent article and well detailed of its contents, this Academy has all the online courses you would need to start a business online.
    The topic has all the courses I am presently involved with, and I am sure it would be beneficial to me if their course was not similar to mine.

  111. God knowledge of SEO is a necessity in this modern web world. After carefully reading the description of all modules, I have seen that modules 4 & 5 offer the advanced topics that I could definitely use more help with. I will check out this platform and the recommended course – I also want one day to be on no.1 page on Google.

  112. Hi Sunny. With so many companies offering the best in training, management, operations and education, now-a-days-you, just don’t know who to trust. You never know what company is better than the next. Wealthy Affiliate is one trust-worthy program. Many others don’t measure up. I know a lot about programs that promise to work with you, but offers little. Years ago, I was scammed. But I’ve learned a lot through my mistakes, and now do my research first.

    • Yes that’s so true. That’s why I recommend the International Open Academy as one of the platforms on a good side. Their affiliate program is legit too. Enjoy the SEO course when you decide to join! 

  113. Thanks for this introduction to International Open Academy and the review on their SEO Online Course. I was looking for an advanced SEO course, and this once seems to cover all the bases.  Continuous learning the only way to get and stay ahead in the game. So this an easy bookmark for me.

  114. Amazing piece of info, i wish i saw this post earlier, i have had a hard time coming across a platform where i could learn SEO, I’ve been self taught, I’d definitely give this a try, and you didn’t quit buttress on the cons, and if you may, i have focused solely on social media for a long time and coming back to SEO seems impossible, do you have a hack?

  115. Hello thank you for sharing this with us. You made everything look simple and I am definitely going to sign up on the academy and take this particular course on SEO. I recently created a new website and I have been having difficulties when it comes to traffic. I’ll like to know how much the course cost? 

    • Hi David, go ahead and take the SEO course, it’s good for start/refreshment. 

      The courses are on a discounted price of $19

  116. Hi Sunny. Thank you for your review of the SEO online course from International Open Academy. To be honest, I had never even heard of this Academy until you mentioned it in your post. It looks like a very intetrsting course. I like how you broke down each module so the student knows what to expect. Thanks a million.

  117. This is interesting.  I’ve learned a lot about SEO from Wealthy Affiliate but the course modules you’ve listed seem very thorough.  I think a lot could be learned there!  And at the discounted price of $19, how can I go wrong?  I’m going for it, Sunny.  We can’t have too much knowledge, right?  I can’t wait to look around and see what else they have to offer.

  118. Thanks for this opportunity that you’ve given to a lot of is to be able to know about this international open academy course tat deals with Search engines optimization, this is very important for everyone that has a website and also those that are into online businesses. I’ve gained a lot from this, thanks once again.

  119. This is the first time I am hearing about the International Open Academy, didn’t know courses had to be approved by Trust pilot. I the idea of been given an exam after each module, the pass mark is a bit high, hopefully, the exams are not difficult. I will be looking into this course with regards to SEO, I really feel like its an area I could use the help. Wow there is quite a bit of knowledge outlined, I can’t go wrong here… thank you for this article.

  120. This is a really good stuff and bring them back to you and also to elar about how I would be able to learn from this platform to make so much that I didn’t know I could make before. I like the idea of this very much and I’m happy you can tell me about it too. This educational platfrom will help me very well.

  121. Hello there,

    Congratulation on finishing the course with International Open Academy.👏 As I noticed in your review, it is a complex course that covers just about everything a beginner should know about SEO, and how it could change the rules of the game in his/her online business.

    Can I ask you how much the course cost, and what is the period to complete it? Thank you very much in advance. Great work!

    • Hi Diana, thanks. 
      The cost of the course at this moment is $19. 
      Once you activate it, you will have 60 days to complete it. 


  122. Thank you for writing this enlightening review. However, after reading your article, I do not believe that a course of this nature is something that I am willing to pay for. I like to keep a close eye on where my money gets spent, especially in these uncertain times that we are living in today. I do feel that you did a fantastic job explaining the course for all of us though.

  123. Hello Sunny, this is a very interesting and simplified read. As someone who is very very open to new ideas and innovation, I am pleased for finding this article. I am also very keen on learning and growing my perspective, I will be trying it out. I also must commend your style of writing, it is very easy to comprehend and owning to the bulk of the article, being easy to understand is a vital factor. And also, IOA is a great institution to explore in a world of knowledge, you learn a lot there with the courses available and you can apply them to your dream occupation

  124. A very informative article on the SEO Online Course – International Open Academy. SEO is vital for running an online business and knowing the techniques and how to improve your SEO is invaluable. I will have a look in more detail and then see about signing up at some point. If you want to finish the course in 11 days – how many hours/day would you need to put in?

    • I think you would be able to finish it within those 11 days with a couple of hours per day. I was taking notes and signing up for the programs along the course, using his advice right away, taking an action as soon as the lesson is over, and it took me a couple of hours 🙂 So if you are ready to commit you will be able to finish it within 11 days for sure. 

      Hope this helps. 

  125. Hello Sunny, thanks a lot for sharing this article. The IOA sounds like a great institution to explore in a world of knowledge, you learn a lot there with the courses available and you can apply them to your dream occupation. This looks like a great course to take. SEO is essential for any online business

    • Yes Bella, it’s a really good place to join at this moment. The courses are very good. And the SEO one helped me a lot to clarify many things related to my website. Have you tried to find a course that would suit you? 

  126. Thank you for the information in here and the traded words too all in the name of preventing any divulge of information’s here. The good thing is we have with us a professional conman but has a way of always sticking to the process of words he has said. Hence. We could be sure we have gotten a lot more covered in here. Thanks

  127. Hello there Sunny, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. It is amazing to see they offer many courses and that should cover up so many areas one might need.

  128. Thank you so much for this sumptuous package. International Open Academy is a great institution. I am actually a newbie in the online marketing world and I hope to not just be a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform but also take the courage to hijack all other profitable platforms I see even from here 

    • Hello David, welcome to the good side of internet marketing. It’s great that you have joined the Wealthy Affiliate as it is a great start for every newbie starting their online business. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with. 


  129. Hi Sunny, thank you very much for this article. I still find all the expressions complicated to understand, but you have explained them in such an understandable way that even I could get the topic. You are certainly right about that. I didn’t even know that there is an academy to learn how to become an SEO expert. And I need to get to know quite a lot. I would love to optimize my website and need all the tools for that. I will check it out and see what I can improve. Thank you very much again for this great post!

  130. Hello Sunny, thanks for sharing this content here and its very interesting . I like the seo online course international, it’s an online course so it’s free to be accessed anytime and in a quest to boost my knowledge I’ll like to give it a try as well because learning can never stop . Thanks

    • Martin give it a try and get some notebook and pen ready as you will have to write a lot. 

  131. Thanks for sharing this amazing, insightful and Wonderful article about search engine optimization, it is a platform that if well used could help achieve once goal with online courses and affiliate marketing. Have been looking for such opportunity to upgrade my CV without being in a classroom and this is an amazing offer.

  132. Hello Sunny,

    thank you for another detailed information about the SEO online course at International Open Academy, it makes me more and more interested about taking courses at IOA. But I need to find time to make good use of the 100% free money-back guarantee. I have a question though, is it still necessary to take the SEO online course if I already have some SEO training at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Thanks Julai for your comment. I appreciate you and your honesty. Being a member of not only one platform, but every affiliate platform in the making money online niche is what brings success. Also as you review and recommend the programs, this gives you an opportunity to make money referring people right? 

  133. This is a really good topic you discuss and I wasn’t aware such courses existed. This goes to show you could have visitors to your website like me who also weren’t aware that these courses existed and therefore will read further and click your links. The webpage’s are professional, clear and easy to follow with good additions of video and pictures.

    • Dameon, it’s all about affiliate marketing. My job here is to educate my audience on what’s good in the market, and how you can make an online income, and for that, I get to be paid by those companies providing me affiliate links for you to join. It’s like mutual exchange with the same goal – SUCCESS! 

  134. Hello there, thank you for the sharing this wonderful information with us all and it’s been a pleasure reading through all you have said here. There are many ways to grow your business, and I have often see the use of search engines as a goodd ideas and this idea of getting to know more about it would be a very good step I’ll love to take. 

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