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When I started as a Wealthy Affiliate member, I didn’t even know how to add an image in WordPress even though it is a pretty simple process. Since I haven’t seen the WordPress dashboard until I signed up with the WA, everything was very complicated for me.

That’s why I want to share with you this, me back then stressful process, and now easier than opening a wine bottle.

You can upload your image in 3 very simple steps:

  1. Finding an image relevant to your content
  2. Uploading it to the page
  3. Editing an uploaded image


Finding an image relevant to your content


These are all free websites with tons of images royalty-free for download. Just pick one, open it, and save it to your computer.
You are allowed to use those images for anything you want.

I like using screenshots as you can see on this and many other pages within my site.
That’s because I want to get you as close as possible to My experience with the Wealthy Affiliate.


Uploading an image in the post

Ok. Now when you chose and saved your images you want to upload them to your post. It is a very simple process.

Place your cursor where you want to add an image in the text


  • STEP 1: Click on ADD MEDIA in the upper left corner of the WordPress dashboard
  • STEP 2: Click on SELECT FILE
  • STEP 3: SELECT an image
  • STEP 4: Click on OPEN



The image will appear in a media menu. Now you need to get it ready for adding it to your post. Don’t worry if you forget to do this. You can always go back and edit it later.


Edit attachment details:

  • Title: I always type a page title
  • Alt-Text: Also here I type a page title
  • Alignment setting you will set according to the position of the image
  • Link to:
    NONE – the image is all by itself, not linked to anything
    CUSTOM URL – image is a link to some other source
    ATTACHMENT PAGE – if you want to get it ranked too

Attachment-detailsI use NONE and CUSTOM URLs most of the time. Don’t forget that if you link it to an ATTACHMENT PAGE, if you ever delete it, Google will process it as 404 for a while.

In my very first posts, I used to add too many imageries and after I deleted a lot of them I had them as ”not found” mistakes in my Google Webmaster tools.

It can be annoying when you see on your Live traffic tool that people have found them on Google. You might lose some visitors like that.

You can prevent that by making sure that you will delete them in a Google webmaster tool as well once when you delete them from the actual page.

However, don’t stress much about it (like I did), since there is a very simple solution for everything. In the first place, you can always ask the Wealthy Affiliate community for assistance.

  • Insert into post



Finishing touch

Now when you added your image into the post, you just need to make some adjustments, and you are all set.

  • Align the photo with your text
  • Adjust the size
  • Update your page




You are all set!

As I said, it is a very simple process, but at the same time, it can give you a hard time if you are a complete newbie like I was whenever I joined the Wealthy Affiliate. I kept this post as simple as I could.


I also created a short video training for you.




Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. Ah, this is really good and honestly I am happy that you can give information about WordPress. I like the way you have explained this post for me because I just started my own business as well and I think it’s very good that I am able to get resources online that can help my website. It doesn’t seem so hard to put a picture on WordPress. Thanks

  2. Hello Sunny, I have recently been really active online and I got to open a WordPress account which I will be using for my business but it has been stressful uploading the image, and I just had to search online and stumbled on your site. I am really happy I can now do it on my own and I will do just that right away. Thanks for the assistance 

  3. I had a very tough time getting through WordPress for the first time I wanted to get a gravatar and it was so annoying, but as soon as I was able to learn one or two things about it, it became very interesting for me and I was also able to teach some other people. 

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article with everyone. The main content of this article is how to add images in WordPress. Adding images to WordPress is very easy which I did on my WordPress website. Adding images to WordPress can make a website more attractive. Learn how to add images to WordPress from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform has all kinds of training systems through which you can add all kinds of WordPress images and learn how to add them.

  5. Hello Sunny, Just read your article “How to add images to wordpress”. Really an informative article for beginners. In fact Adding images to WordPress is very easy. I like the way you have explained this post. It is great that you have mentioned all the Free image resource sites. Thanks for this informative article.

  6. Thank you so much for explaining this in great detail. Your content is amazing as always and I encourage you to keep up the good work….

    Before I leave, I need to ask you something….
    Are you using any image optimization plugins, and if yes, which one are you using?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I am not using any image optimization plugins at this time, though I am thinking of making my life easier.
      I am just following Kule’s suggestion to have only up to 5 plugins installed.

  7. Thanks for the great article!  I am not an expert when it comes to a lot of functions within WordPress, and I often find myself googling the answer.  That is what I did, and this article popped up.  After you upload an image, how important is alt text for photos?  

    Also, thank you for adding websites where we can get free photos!  Keep up the great work.


    • First you got me confused as your name is the same as the name of my favorite workout trainer EVER!!! And for a moment I was like wow did he actually followed my website??? Then I saw it’s spelled differently lol

      Ok, back to the topic. 

      Well I make sure that my photos’ Alt text carries a keyword as well or the name of the article when I want it to be linked to the page. In other cases I don’t bother with it too much. 
      what do you think about that?


  8. Thanks for this very great article. I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge from reading this article, and I am very positive that this knowledge will be very handy not just to me, but to everyone around me, later in the future.

     Great job on this one Sunny.

    • Thanks Kelvin. Knowing WordPress happens to be the single most important tool for an online entrepreneur. 

      What is your experience so far? 

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