1. Weathy affiliate is an online marketing platform whee one can trade or market good and their products affiliate marketing can help you achieve your business goals and objectives, it can help you on how to start online business or marketing, wealthy affiliate marketing is the best platform so far. Thanks for this great piece of information 

  2. This is a very great article you have written on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s nice of you to dedicate the beautiful write up to Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I have had a great experience on the platform for the past 1 month. With the information on Wealthy Affiliate you have here, I think I will be sharing your article to those I would love to introduce Wealthy Affiliate to. Thanks!

  3. I am also a member of the wealthy affiliate platform and I agree with on wealthy affiliate and the wonderful job done by Kyle and Carson. The community is built in such a way that members interact freely without their moderation or any form of intervention. Top of it is your ability to get help from the community. Members interact like a family. I love the community

  4. You certainly have shown how good the community within Wealthy Affiliate is.

    The great thing is that there is always someone about 24/7.  Because membership is from every corner of the world, it is day time for some member.  So if you ask a question, you can be pretty sure thst you will get a response in a few minutes.  And many people will want to chip in and give their opinion, so you will always have several different opinions to think about, so that you can fully understand and decide how you will proceed.

    There is also live chat where you can actually have conversations with people.

    Wealthy Affiliate definitely is a great place to be, regardless of where you are at in your online journey.

  5. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform with a lot of content and training. And from the start, we get a bit lost with so many tasks that need to be done. I appreciate you have guided us through the process of setting up our profile image and also understanding how the ranking system on the platform works.

  6. Hey thank you for another great post!  I love Wealthy Affiliate and I can tell that you do too!  One of the great things about the site is how simple it is to use, especially for those who are complete beginners, like myself.  What makes this even better is the fact that you can network and meet others, and if you do have a question you can ask it and you are assured to get an answer!

  7. Great post on Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a premium member now for 6 months (I got my badge yesterday)

    I can personally highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing. Kyle & Carson have created an awesome community full of experts in all areas. The people are great, the training is great, the community is awesome. You just need to put in the required effort to succeed.

  8. The Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great program to be in. You have laid out the process in detail and have my interest. It looks like the is help when you need and there is great potential for growth. How would you then make money at Wealthy Affiliate? Do you get paid?

    I am interested. 


  9. Great tips on how to create a profile on WA, and a presentation of the platform and website with detailed descriptions.
    I like that the site is nicely transparent and easy to use, and, in my experience, you quickly conquer navigation.
    I joined WA as a complete beginner with no previous experience with websites and online business, and I gained a lot of knowledge on this platform, took the initial steps, and connected with wonderful people who are always available to help if I need help.
    In my experience, WA is a really great support system for creating and building an online business.
    I wish you all the best

  10. Why did you put name Slobodan Milosevic as a sample for sign up…???

  11. Thank you for showing the process for new members. I just joined Wealthy Affiliate, so the interface is a little bit confusing to me. I didn’t know that following a lot of people will help me in the process, so thank you very much. By the way, is there any obvious reward for being an Ambassador? Thanks

    • Yes it’s good to be an ambassador as you are then very visible within the community, people reach out to you, visit your websites. Overall it’s good for SEO

  12. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read today that I’m sure will help many to learn more about the amazing Wealthy Affiliate platform, as you write in your article, this platform is well designed and built to help anyone who is interested to start and build up an online business on affiliate marketing, I signed up about 6 years ago and I’ve been working on my own website and today it makes an income for me on a niche I love to work on (crafts) What I like most about this platform is it has everything anyone can need to build up their online business, training, community and keyword tools and many more online tools to build a website!

  13. Very interesting article. My husband and I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now with no regrets. The training they offer is second to none and the wealth of information, guidance and friendship you find within the platform is amazing. You are correct in mentioning the extreme positivity and helpfulness of fellow members. We have never come across so much positivity in any platform until we came across WA. Anyone new coming in is always welcomed and encouraged to follow the training and begin their online journey. We loved that we actually had a brand new website created and LIVE by the end of the 3rd FREE lesson. Since then, we have been learning and growing our websites and have never been happier. Thanks for sharing this amazing platform.

  14. Wealthy Affiliate is a great, supportive community and I have been a member now for two years. I am still learning and following the training and always find new classes and new ideas. A great tip to follow the top 200 . I already follow some of them, but didn’t realise that I can get more visitors to me website by following the active members. I will indeed do that now. 

  15. Yes, I am working my way through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I would say I am doing ok on the ‘chores’ of blogging and responding to comments. I find that networking is the best thing about the platform. Sometimes I just read through what other members have to say, and I learn so much. Magistudios training is awesome and will serve me even if I leave the platform. I need to work on my affiliate marketing though, being more regular and following up. Thanks for the reminders.

  16. Thank you!! Awesome step-by-step information. I have a tendency to not be motivated for changes outside of my comfort zone. Your step-by-step information really gave me the incentive I needed to sign up immediately. I had absolutely no hesitations after looking at the overview on how easy it is to sign up.

    I can really appreciate your views on networking within the community at Wealthy Affiliates. I seemed to put a lack of emphasis on this topic, and now have a completely different outlook on this matter. Thank you for that honest insight of your own personal experience.

    I truly feel as if I am far more comfortable now in my decision-making process and am excited to learn more as time goes on. I think all of your information has been accurate and very easy to understand. That is exactly what a beginner like myself needs to gain confidence.

  17. Thanks to your article Sunny I now understand the wonderful community better at Wealthy Affiliate. I have been active there for 2 years and have made some great friends and felt really supported on my journey. It is a pleasure to be able to answer new people’s questions now and assure them that they are in a safe learning environment. Even better is the support Kyle and Carson give freely to all of us. I love the system that they have set up where commenting and liking other people’s comments can bring traffic to your own website and theirs. A well fully integrated system.

  18. I love your Sunny disposition! You are proving time and time again that there are infinitely many ways to earn income. I feel utterly inspired learning that being in top 200 can and will lead to higher rankings and traffic to your websites. I also love how simple and effective your guide is on what to expect at the wealthy affiliate. So far, I am starring all of your posts as I find them to be of great value.

    However, I was wondering how I can increase my activity rank? Thanks for all your assistance!

    • Do you have your social networks active? Did you interconnect your pages within your website using interlinks? Increase communication and engagement with your audience. 

      Hope this helps 🙂 

  19. Thank you so much Sunny, this is an important article you have written on Wealthy Affiliate. People have to see how easy it is to sign up and get started. It is so great to work from home, making money online at times you decide. I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anybody because Wealthy Affiliate is the best. Sign up, and let’s make some money!


  20. Hey Sunny

    So true everything you have written about this platform. We are on our own in our spots of this earth but never feel alone in this community. Everything at WA is set up to support us in becoming a success online , however it is up to us to do the work and put in the efforts to reap the rewards. So far so good:)

  21. Hey there Sunny,

    Great Article and i am sure everything you say about Wealthy Affiliate is true. It seems like a great community of mentors. I really like that tip about finding the top 200 people and following them. They definately are the most influentual and i this tip wil be uselful in any network ot Just Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you for this insightfull article.



  22. I like wealthy affiliate because it kind of stems into anything else that you might want to be doing. The ultimate goal with what the affiliate is building your own website and ultimately even if you would rather not do affiliate marketing and would rather do some other type of business building your own website establishes your brand and it’s something very important for anything you want to do in terms of selling whether it’s affiliate marketing or your own products

  23. This is a great Wealthy Affiliate review Sunny! I love how you even showed everyone exactly how easy it is to sign up for this amazing website. As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I can personally attest to just how fantastic the community and training is here at WA. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to build up an amazing online business, then you’ll definitely succeed as an affiliate marketer using the WA platform. 

  24. Well, this is an amazing piece of writing about wealthy affiliate. I’m so thankful that I joined this huge group, it’s so interesting and fruitful. I think Kyle and Carson have made it so perfectly, this is one of the largest communities ever. It’s amazing how these guys are always there to support and help you whenever you need them.

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