What is a backlink about?

Today we will discuss the importance of backlinks and how to utilize them successfully while building your SEO success. So what is a backlink about and how does it impact your website?




Backlinks are links that are created when one website is linked to another. They are called inbound or incoming links as well. They represent a vote of confidence from one site to another.

Some backlinks are more powerful than others, and this depends on the importance of the websites that recommend your website. The more trustful is the website that recommends you, the more powerful is a backlink created to link your website with it.


There are different ways to get more people pointing to your website, especially on powerful websites sending their clients to you:

  • Writing guests posts and offering your content for free to other websites
  • Making a podcast about yourself, your product, service, and industry. This gives you a chance to be present on Spotify and therefore share your website URL with your listeners as well
  • Do research for some podcast creators and offer to be a guest. This gives you an opportunity to connect with their listeners
  • Exchange links with other websites. This builds a lot of trust among the audiences
  • Offer to business insiders to create content for them and they will send their audience back to your website


What is a good backlink?

A good quality backlink is one that comes from a trustworthy website that follows Google’s rules. It comes from a website that has a similar topic to your website. It doesn’t spam your visitors. Always follow and double-check your backlinks on a regular basis so you avoid unpleasant penalties from Google.


How to create and utilize backlinks for your website?


This is a great strategy that connects you to different websites which then become your vote of confidence. What you need to do is to do research, and find websites related to your business, niche, or topic you discuss on your website. GET INVOLVED leaving comments on these websites. Asking honest questions and genuinely interacting with the website owner and their audience, you will gain their trust and build interest in your work.

This will work perfectly well for you if the website comment section asks you for your information. Usually, that’s the name, email address, and URL. If this is the case, most likely your NAME will become your backlink pointing to your website.



These links will work for you only when you focus on creating quality content. Actually, EVERYTHING in online business success is about quality content. This makes people wanting to share your article on their social media platforms. This is also one of the reasons why you want to have the social media plugin installed on your website



This is great because it allows you to connect with someone’s audience with the established trust for the given website. Offer your content for sharing to the well-known and well-visited websites if possible and watch your ranking grow.

The owners of those websites will be more than happy to get your high-quality content for free and in return, you have all eyes on you which brings potential customers to your website.



Simply put, this is like a link exchange between you and the people you meet online. It’s very good to offer to utilize other links within your pages and they can do the same for you. I do this with people whose websites target different niches than mine while finding one single common point to build that exchange around it.



This completely depends on the quality of your content. Natural backlinks are built when people read something on your website and share that content with their friends. Google loves these types of links.


As you can see we are getting back to quality content. Een Google recommends writing for readers, not for search engines.

Always write your content as if you are in a conversation with a friend. This is the only way to not sound like the keywords are your number one priority.

The more quality content you write, the more natural backlinks you will get created by your audience.



Are backlinks really important for your SEO success?

OK. Now I believe it is time to look closely into the importance of the backlinks. Some internet gurus would highlight everything I mentioned above.

And some experienced entrepreneurs and internet marketers would tell you to completely avoid usage of the backlinks and FOCUS ON THE QUALITY OF YOUR CONTENT. 

One of them is Kyle from the Wealthy Affiliate.




Ever since I started my online business journey, I’ve been doing researches browsing a lot. But at the end of my research, I ALWAYS get back to the Wealthy Affiliate platform to get Kyle’s advice. This time is the same. If you are wondering who is Kyle, he is a founder of the Wealthy Affiliate, a very well-known online platform for online marketers.

Kyle has been in this business for more than 15 years, experienced all kinds of updates in the industry, and last but not least, he is a very successful entrepreneur.


Here is what Kyle says about backlinks in detail. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO READ THIS ARTICLE. 

Are backlinks required? Do you need them for your business, will you benefit from backlinks?

The answer to these questions is NO. Kyle points out in this very useful article the 6 key points for your SEO success:

  1. Your content quality
  2. Targeting keywords
  3. LSI within your content
  4. Engagement comments
  5. User experience
  6. Your overall website authority


Now when you have 2 completely opposite strategies that SUCCESSFUL people claim to be working, it’s up to you which one you will choose. If you ask me, I go with the aim of the most quality content I am capable of creating.

I have never made a mistake following the Wealthy Affiliate training, advice, and Kyle’s tutorials. Wealthy Affiliate is the number one authority when comes to online platforms offering training, tools, tips, and tricks for successful business owners. And besides that, they offer a huge opportunity to those who want to make additional online income.

Check here what I mean by that:

What Is Wealthy Affiliate 


Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of information with us. I must say I really did enjoy going through your review as it contains valuable information one needs to be aware of. I think back links are very important mostly when building your SEO. A good quality backlink is the one that comes from a trustworthy website that follows Google rules.

  2. Hello, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. This is my first time hearing of back link and I’m really shocked I’ve never gotten to see something like this and I’m however really excited that I’m getting to know it now. Thank you so much sunny for this. 

    • Hi Sophie, I am glad you learned about backlinks now and their importance to your business. Now go ahead and find them and implement them in your pages. 


  3. Thanks In a lot of ways for sharing this article right here, many times people are not always able to get things done just because they don’t know how to, this article will help people know what backlinks is all about and how it can be beneficial to online business owners, list especially those who are into websites.

  4. Hi, Sunny. 

    Thank you for an enlightening article on backlinks. I use them on my site but moderately. I was advised not to overuse them as they may send the wrong message about your site on SEOs. You are correct,  your content, great keywords, and being true to your audience help your ranking and builds your traffic, Not chains and chains of backlinking.


  5. Hi Sunny,

    I have been using your site again for research on some of the topics I would like to understand better. I have been told by so many people that backlinks are essential to ranking with SEO. I am finding there are folks who are ranking without them at all. 

    I have been trying to follow Kyle’s advice and provide high-quality, useful, and original content.  Unlike you, I have never made it to the front page on Google. This is making me lean toward consideration of social plug-ins and exploring other backlinks to help me improve ranking. 

    The biggest takeaway I am getting from this page is all the information on how to actually get good backlinks. 

    Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Sunny, thank you very much for these educational posts. I’m getting started with affiliate marketing and there are so many things I need to learn. I knew about links and affiliate links. But I didn’t know about backlinks and how they can impact our relationship with Google.
    I hope someday to have a site like yours. I know it takes a lot of work and persistance. But I keep on learning. There are times when I feel like quitting, but useful posts like these encourage me to keep on learning.

  7. A very elaborated article about backlinks. Thanks for discussing how to create and utilize them for our website.

    It is very informative and it is my first time knowing about their true impact to your posts. I also did not know that we may be penalized by Google for backlinks misused.

    And I like the way you presented Kyle’s answer on backlinks for SEO. I agree with his six points for SEO success. I still remember his advice, if people may initially see your site but not impress with your Title and meta description. they will just go away and search for more.

  8. Thank you so much on your article over backlinks and what they are.  To be honest, I did  not know much about back links until reading this post, so thank you for sharing this!  I am glad to see that back links are not important to SEO success though, because honestly, I don’t have many back links on my website.

  9. Hi,

    Just happen to read your article and found backlinks. I am working on the WA strategies for SEO optimization and have not really research on creating backlinks. Thanks for your detail post about backlinks and it really safe my time researching about how to create good backlinks. Will definitely try one or more methods and see my ranking in google is improved. 

  10. I always thought backlinks were important and still think they help to some degree, but I must admit, after I read what Kyle had to say about backlinks, my priority changed to just writing quality content.

    I think quality content is the highest priority, and if you do this, you will get some good backlinks over time anyway. 

  11. Before coming to this website, I had no idea what a backlink is. And now I have the tools and know how to create backlinks and what’s even better, they show you how to get other websites to refer backlinks to your own website. I love this concept because it creates trust with the customers and it builds brand awareness. 

  12. Backlinks are a good way for readers to find your content. Sharing a post on Facebook is the one that I like the best. Creating short youtube videos is another great way to create a backlink. One indeed needs to write in a conversational style so that the content is easily shared.

    Years ago, backlinks were overused, and content writers would try to get as many backlinks as possible. That is why Kyle recommends not to focus on it. Sharing social media content to attract more readers is probably the best way to get backlinks or more traffic to your site.

  13. Interesting take on backlinks. I could see them indirectly benefiting my website after taking the time to work on them.  I appreciate you mentioning the other argument from Kyle too on how they may not be worth it. I’d say it depends on where you want to focus your efforts when you decide to sit down and work on your website.  Helpful article nonetheless.

  14. This is a very interesting post.

    I have read about back links in several places, but never understood exactly what they were, or how to get them.  From your information I can see that they are not easily got and I don’t know where I would go to get them.

    I am therefore glad that you have said that Wealthy Affiliate say that there is no need for them. 

    I will therefore not get stressed about it and if I get some down the line then well and good.

    Thank you for bringing us this good information.

  15. Hi Sunny! You have some great information on backlinks here. I will say this though…are backlinks required? No. Will they benefit your business? Yes. 

    Things are always changing and evolving on the internet. 15 years ago backlinks weren’t that big of a deal, content was more of a focus. Today however, Google uses backlinks and domain authority to build an idea of how reputable each website is based on those things. If you have a high number of backlinks to your site from other sites that have high domain authority and are also related to or in your niche, then you too will be seen as having high DA and receive a higher ranking in search engines. This can bring more organic traffic!

    Not to mention the more backlinks that you have can equal more potential traffic being driven to your site! 

    I guess I’m just saying that I wouldn’t definitively say, “No, backlinks are not going to be beneficial.” 

    Thanks for the article, good advice on how to build backlinks!

    • Thanks for the clarification, Brian. You said it very well. Aim is for the high authority websites 

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