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Like every other post I make, this one is being written based on my own experience. Like everything else, Wealthy Affiliate training thought me how to use WordPress.

A few years ago I heard about WordPress and had opened an account, but I never gave myself a chance to figure it out. Now I know that it is the best tool for managing blogs and websites. And it is so simple when you have great teachers around.

It is a tool that we use for making websites and building an online business within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.





Let’s see what’s inside of this great feature

Dashboard – a back office 
Once you log into your account, you will open the door of your back office. From here you will manage everything from the technical to the creative side of your website/blog.



There are over 2000 different WP themes in a store, which present a layout of your blog. You can always switch from one to another until you find the one that fits your needs. Each time I start with a new website I change the theme until I find some that perfectly fits my idea. For me, it is imperative that I love it! Of course, there are many options for each of them.




They are small code programs that improve the functionality of your website. They can help you both in the technical part of your work and the artistic side of your soul 🙂  Some of them are required (those are pre-installed by the Wealthy Affiliate team), and some of them are there just if you want them to improve your work.

Even though there is a bunch of plugins to be used for free, it’s not recommended to have hundreds of plugins installed. That’s why HTML is a computer language that is an awesome tool to be used within WordPress. It’s very simple although it looks scary at the first sight.

Media system
Besides typing text, a WP supports images and videos, and audio which makes it beautiful and open for creation.

A manager of the site is by default an admin, but you can add other users as well:

  • Subscriber – an audience
  • Contributor
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Administrator – a partner

By now I’ve learned how and when to assign these two roles (Subscriber and Administrator) to other people visiting my sites. As you know, I am still learning, and I believe I will make an update on this topic very soon 🙂

Pages and Posts
Pages are the basic structure of the site. You can find them within the site’s menus.
Posts are an update of the blog from day today.
I use them like this:
For example, the content that you are reading now named ”WordPress” is written as a page. I consider it as an announcement for future posts related to it (“Using HTML in WP,” “What is the WP dashboard” etc.) which appears on my landing (main/home) page when you open my site. Some people call that BLOG.

One more excellent feature which allows interaction between the site’s creator and an audience



As you can see, WordPress is a great tool for building an online business. Some people use it just for fun, for sharing some ideas, life experiences.

Whatever you use it for, it’s very straightforward and easy to navigate. Especially if you host your site here at the Wealthy Affiliate which you can do for free both as a starter member (2 free websites) and a premium member (up to 50 on your domain, and 20 on siterubix.com domain).

The best of all is that Kyle and Carson (co-founders and owners of the WA) do all the hard work related to hosting and site protection.

Your job is just to follow their guidance and build your success.


Now go ahead and check my review page and find out what is Wealthy Affiliate and why it’s good to join it today!


Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 



  1. WordPress is the best to use those who are looking for where to get your trading tools and other ideas on how to start online business it can help grow your business with any down fell, try WordPress today and see how your business with be transformed to something else, I will be using WordPress platform today 

  2. I always love texts that encourage us in starting an online business. It is certainly even better if they give useful tips in how to succeed in online business. I’ve been on WA for almost a while and I still haven’t been able to figure out how everything works. That is why such texts with guidelines mean a lot to me. today I will take a closer look at how Word Press works. You really intrigued me.

    • Hello, I am glad you found benefits in reading other people’s reviews, as this is what every successful entrepreneur actually does. It goes along with the research as well. 

      What exactly is challenging you in the Wealthy Affiliate? Can I help somehow? 

  3. Hey Sunny,

    I think WordPress’s plugin feature is probably one of the most powerful plus points they have. Not only are they flexible, but we can also literally build our WordPress website to make it look like a professional site without even knowing any coding or CSS. It’s even more amazing now as normal everyday people like me and you can create own plugins for everyone to use, we could find almost any plugins there on par with professional ones that would otherwise cost us thousands.

    • Hi Riaz, yes you actually made a good point regarding the plugins. I have been using WordPress lately and the Vamtam working on my friend’s website and it’s been a great journey of getting to know it. It has so many features.

  4. i consider this article to be of great value and importance, this is because I have been searching for information or a write that will give me a basic guide on how to use WordPress. And I must say that getting to read this article has really given me an insight and basic understanding of how to use WordPress. Thanks!

  5. WordPress is good for use to build online business website where you can add or edit posts and images.

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