Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy-Affiliate-training-Best-online-home-businessWant to make an online income?

In this article, I am giving you an insider view of the Wealthy Affiliate training. Sign up for free and start your online business today!

You can start making money right away and this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, I avoid MLM programs and those that promise overnight success.

I guarantee you, the Wealthy Affiliate program is second to none and you are bound to be successful if you commit to follow the training and do every task that you are asked to do. It’s not going to be easy but it is going to be fun!

The training modules at the Wealthy Affiliate are both for newbies and experienced online marketers.


Wealthy Affiliate training

Within the Wealthy Affiliate program, there are several training modules. Some of them are highly recommended especially if you are a newbie in online marketing and affiliate marketing. So let’s see what is in store:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (5 courses = 50 lessons)
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp (7 courses = 70 lessons)
  3. Tutorials
  4. Video training
  5. Webinars


Online Entrepreneur Certification

This course is the best for getting started. It is made of 5 courses (10 lessons each) walking you through the process of creating a website and growing an online business within absolutely any niche that you want.

This training is interactive so you will be required to work your way through the lessons and by the end of the first level (10 lessons), you will already have your website up and running with some initial content already published. The entire first level (10 lessons) is included in the free starter membership and you have lifetime access to these lessons.

Take a look at the lessons:


Online Entrepreneur Certification getting started level 1

  1. Lesson – Getting rolling – A quick look at the process of creating an online success
  2. Lesson – Understanding how to make money online
  3. Lesson – Choose a niche – In this lesson, you are getting assistance in choosing your direction
  4. Lesson – Building your own niche website – WOOHOO YOUR WEBSITE IS UP!
  5. Lesson – Setting up your website – Setting up your WordPress back office
  6. Lesson – Getting your site ready for search engines – All in One SEO plugin
  7. Lesson – Creating your initial website content – You are guided in writing your Privacy policy and About me pages
  8. Lesson – Creating custom menus on your website – Giving your website a form
  9. Lesson – Understanding keywords, the start of your content – Learning keywords in details
  10. Lesson – Congratulations and your next steps

THIS IS SO GREAT, RIGHT? Once you accomplish all the tasks within this first level you are able to move on to the next one. There are 4 more levels (40 lessons altogether) that are available with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership.


Click on the photo below to read my full review of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Wealthy Affiliate training and see what else you can accomplish following the lessons.

A little spoiler alert: by the end of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, you will have your business already ranked in Google and making income.



I mentioned before that Level one is available in the Free Starter membership.

To sign up for this one you don’t need a credit card. On the signup page, you will be asked to add your e-mail address, username, and password. And that’s all! You are in!

Now listen to this awesome fact! For the first 7 days from the moment you sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate, you have a 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL TO THE FULL ACCESS TO THE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.

This means that you will be able to enjoy all the features the Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, training courses, video training, tutorials, live chat, founders’ support, technical support, free website building, free hosting, free SSL security certificate for your website, community support, comments platform where you can earn income and much much more.

I believe that you will love this so much that you will decide to become a full-time premium member as I did back in 2015. when I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I signed up within the first 4 days 🙂 And have never looked back!


Before we get back to other training modules at Wealthy Affiliate, you can see here what is premium membership offering. This is what you get for the first 7 days for free!



If you decide to remain a free starter member after the first 7 days, that’s ok. You can do that. If you decide to become premium the price of the membership is a real deal!

When you pay a monthly fee it comes to $1.63 / day


When you pay an annual fee it’s $0.83 / day





FOR $19


After 3 months as a Premium member, you will be able to become a certified commenter in the comments platform and start making online income right away by giving comments and article reviews. Read more here:   Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – For Free


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

The same as the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is divided into several courses spread into 70 lessons altogether. This interactive training teaches you how to promote and sell the Wealthy Affiliate program itself (which is a great product to sell) and gives you a great opportunity to make money as an affiliate.

My personal recommendation is to start with this course first, as the product is completely ready for your promotion. You don’t have to overthink. You will be guided by Kyle (the owner and co-founder of the Wealthy Affiliate) step by step and ultimately will become a successful affiliate marketer. When you learn the process, you will be successful in building your website in any other niche you choose further on.

The first module is available to the free starter members and the entire course (other 60 lessons) to the premium. Remember, you have full access to premium within the first 7 days!


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase One

During this first phase you will be getting your business rolling:

  1. Lesson – Getting Started! – You will learn about commissions you will be getting as the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate – a little spoiler alert – you have a realistic potential to increase your income to 4 and 5 figures just by promoting the program itself. It’s a great quality product and you are on a hot seat of a successful entrepreneur in making. Of course, you will have to work diligently as it’s not an overnight get-rich-quick scheme.
  2. Lesson – Choosing your direction – learning about the niche and choosing your target audience
  3. Lesson – Building your website – At this time you already have your own website launched
  4. Lesson – A website look around – Navigating through your WordPress back office
  5. Lesson – Activating your plugins
  6. Lesson – Getting your website ready for SEO – All in one SEO plugin set up
  7. Lesson – Your initial framework of content – Privacy policy and About me pages and initial menu structure organization
  8. Lesson – Understanding the keyword research process – Learning about keywords research
  9. Lesson – Creating thoughtful, insightful reviews – Creating your first moneymaking article
  10. Lesson – The exciting journey has begun


By now you have a clear idea of what you are going to be doing towards your online income goal, your website up and running and quality content rich with great keywords published and visited by the Wealthy Affiliate community members (great for your SEO optimization and Google ranking).

The full process of becoming a successful affiliate for the Wealthy Affiliate you will find in the rest of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp phases (60 more lessons). Click on the photo below to follow my detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.




Wealthy Affiliate tutorial platform

Besides the two main courses we just talked about, there are hundreds of tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate written by experts in affiliate marketing and the online marketing field. Besides Kyle and Carson (cofounders and owners) these are also written by super successful Wealthy Affiliate members.

This type of training is something you have to experience. There are many of them, and I sometimes share them within my articles when I want you to learn directly from the experts!




Wealthy Affiliate Webinars

These come out weekly. There are hundreds of videos available to watch. So if you missed them while streaming live, you can come back to the Wealthy Affiliate training section later and watch them all. Some of the webinars are reserved for the Premium Plus members, and most of them are available to both Premium and Premium Plus.

So if you want to know the subtle content tricks to boost your SEO, what are the components of a well-designed website and so much more, search your query here!


Click on the photo below and become a FREE starter member today with a FULL PREMIUM ACCESS FOR FREE for the next 7 days!

After that, you have a choice of a lifetime opportunity to stick to the plan and reach your financial goals. Along the way, you can make a decent income in many ways as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

To find more information read my FULL WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW.


If you want to skip my review because you already feel the momentum of starting something big and changing your entire life CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW to explore the tutorial platform and set up your account:



Best-Online-Home-Business-logoLet me know your thoughts so far in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to chat with you! Sunny



  1. It’s awesome that Wealthy Affiliate gives a solid free introductory trial that doesn’t require giving credit card details upfront. I have never been a fan of free trials that need a credit card with autorenewal because it feels like they take advantage of people who simply forget to cancel versus truly earning new customers.

    Great to see so much free training available. It’s fantastic that WA understands that the success of their customers makes WA more successful too! I am definitely a fan of this win-win approach to doing business. 

  2. Hi Sunny, I’m pleased to meet you again. As I mentioned before, I am new to Wealth affiliate and still doing the training lessons. I find your article very encouraging and motivating too. I’m eager for success but I am going to take it one step at a time to get there. Thank you for sharing this amazing article with us. I will be visiting your site more often to learn more about achieving financial freedom with the best online home business. I will also be sharing this helpful information further too.

    • Hello Kokontala, please feel free to reach out should you need any assistance. And yes, do so, take one step at a time. Make a plan and follow it. The training is great it will get you to your goals. 

  3. Oh, Wealthy Affiliate has changed a ton. I once was a member at Wealthy Affiliate about 5 years ago. I tried really hard at my blog and I even blogged and wrote a training or two inside the platform. But results didn’t come my way. And I got discouraged. But I haven’t been able to forget Wealthy Affiliate. Deep within I know I’ll make it. All I need is to keep on trying. After these years, here I am again, researching… trying to see where the platform is now and pushing myself to join again. I have lost my password, so I think I’ll just have to create a new account.

    • Hi Ann, since you sound like you did make a final decision, welcome back! And this time make a plan, and make your way through moving one step (lesson) at the time. 

  4. This is an awesome Wealthy Affiliate review Sunny! You are definitely right that the best way to success is to have a plan in place and follow the training. The training lays the groundwork as it teaches you the principles of affiliate marketing, which you build upon as you build up your website and your brand. It definitely takes time and effort, but it definitely works.

  5. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for two years and the main reason why I did join at the time, was because I could sign up for free and get the free trial period. So that is a huge bonus that you do not need your credit card to sign up. Within 7 days I realised the value of the training, so then jumped on the $19 first month membership. It was then a no-brainer for me to take out annual membership, so I will highly recommend the training and joining.

  6. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 7 months now.  Even though I haven’t made any money yet, I am still finding value in my premium membership.  I’d say the Questions and Chat areas alone are where a lot of the value is because you usually get responses within minutes. I am learning so much and working hard.  (That’s the important thing too – you have to work hard to get the most out of the program.)

  7. Thank you for the heads up. Online business is the way to go in the era we are living in. It is unfortunate that while at that there are plenty of scams that takes advantage of the already disadvantaged people. I like the fact that your review is based on personal experience. From what you  have said Wealthy Affiliate is worth a go , even if its a free trial for a start.

  8. Hello, Sunny, in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms regarding training. I always thought to start with Bootcamp training, and reading what you suggest in your article as the first choice, seems more tempting. I also like the WA webinars, which help me to learn step by step and building my sites. I must take action with WA boot camp training. 

    Thank you for sharing this. This article is helpful to everyone. 


  9. This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate and to list the courses is nice to have.  I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for about 5 years now and would probably never consider not being a member.  There are just so many benefits.  I know years ago I joined them and kept getting emails.  At the time I thought they were a scam.  Only if I had gotten serious about it with WA way back when.  Its phenomenal.

  10. Hi Sunny – Many thanks for this blog post. I am quite new to WA (I joined only a few months ago) and to be honest I have been so busy working on my website that I have forgotten to go through all the great training that this platform offers. Your overview of all the courses is very useful and you remind me what of something really important: I need to find the time to learn. Thank you!

  11. Hi Sunny,

    This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined in December 2020 and have been hugely impressed with the quality of the training and the speed with which I have been able to build a website and create quality content.

    Like you, I signed up for the free training and within a week had decided to go Premium – a decision I’m so glad that I made!

  12. I really enjoyed reading through your post. I’m already a member of WA and have been for about 4 years. The fact that I am still here and still using the platform says it all–I find true value in the program, the training, and the community. In my experience, WA offers a high-quality training program that, if followed, leads to success.

    Your review is spot-on!

  13. I love this review of Wealthy Affiliate. It has so much information. I think WA is one of the only fully-complete and best packages for learning affiliate marketing, and also for setting up a business alongside. 

    You know Sunny, your style of specific and direct information is really good. I am sure everyone who visits your site ends up bookmarking it. 

    Thank u for providing such fabulous reviews. Keep smiling. God bless you. 



    • Thank you so much. I am happy to hear that these reviews give clarification to my site’s visitors. Thanks again! 
      And keep smiling too 🙂 

  14. Thank you so much for another great review!  I have to admit, I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for about a month now and I love it!  I have been going through the classes and training, and it is making everything so much easier to deal with.  I have been able to make a beautiful website due to the training that they have given me.  I think it is well worth the money, but that’s just me!  I like writing a blog I’m passionate about!

  15. When I joined the Wealthy Affiliate, I started the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. Unfortunately, I have to say that after a few months I have not finished it yet because I strictly follow the instructions and do not continue until I have completed the tasks (I am a single mother, my little daughter will soon be two years old, and I do training lessons as time allows). However, I have almost finished level 4, and I am slowly approaching the end.
    And after that training, I plan to continue with Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.
    I am very satisfied with the guidance through the lessons, they are very clearly presented and the tasks guide you through the steps through which you create a website and start building an online business. Despite the slow progress, I persist because I trust that the results will start to show over time.
    Thank you for this excellent presentation of all educational opportunities within WA, good motivation.
    Friendly greeting,

  16. This is a great overview of the training available at Wealthy Affiliate.

    As anyone reading your post will see, there is a huge amount of training available.  It is very comprehensive and covers absolutely everything that anyone needs to know, not just about websites, but also affiliate marketing.  It is simple delivered in step-by-step instructions, so anyone can follow it.

    The fact that you can try it out for free makes it a no-brainer.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Sunny,

    Thank you for writing this article. It remind me the day I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was so excited that I can become my own boss and setting up my own business with little capital. Since then, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate from 2015 April. 

    A long journey for me in fact and I have completed most of the lessons, except those PPC modules which require money to spin (not ready for that yet).

    I would encourage novice to sign up Wealthy Affiliate platform and become free starter membership first. You are going to learn a lot along the way. Once you have the basics, go for the premium to utilize all the additional features. 

    Wealthy Affiliate platform is very suitable for those people who do not wish to get too much involve in the technical side of internet marketing. It can be very frustrating when your website do not work, but Wealthy Affiliate platform is easy to create your website and I strongly recommend non-technical entrepreneurs to use it to create your online business.

    Your article summarized all the key training lessons at Wealthy Affiliate and it is no brainer not to sign up for the Free Membership to pick up a new skill.

  18. There are some good explanations here about some things I was wondering about such as the income generated through affiliate marketing. I always wonder where do the customers come from. I appreciate the explanation of the research that is essential to get a good online program going. I have just started out and found all the tasks a little challenging, but I notice as I learn more and more and join the training webinars, things seem easier and I can streamline my daily activities. Thanks for the details.

  19. I’m another longtime Wealthy Affiliate member who highly recommends this program. A good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have the option of seeing what it’s all about before you spend a penny on it. In fact, it’s even possible to build a succesful business with just the free membership. The paid ones, however, are worth their cost, as they offer so much more in the way of instruction and resources.

  20. Hi

    I am not very old with Wealthy Affiliate but the platform has been nothing but God sent gift from above. I have learnt so much in such a short period of time and I must say I am very grateful to have come across it. The tutorials are so detailed and very easy to follow. I have not yet finished the tutorials yet and I am in no hurry. I am learning a lot

  21. Hey there! 🙂 I absolutely loved reading this article. I actually used Wealthy Affiliate to launch a personal fitness website and all of the steps in WA are easy to learn and have actionable advice. What I also like about the website is the mentoring I’ve recieved from the community and my coaches Roope and Kyle who have given me support through my highs and lows. Another thing not many people know about Wealthy Affiliate is that once you have a premium coach, you can instant message them for feedback on your site and articles. Thanks for this post because it reminded me of how amazing Wealthy Affiliate is! 

  22. Hello Sunny,   I have really enjoyed your site and am heavily considering venturing into the affiliate marketing bussiness. I found your site to be truly inspiring and easy to navigate. You have convered so many of my questions in the “important pages” section.  This company “the wealthy affiliate” sounds like they have simplified the experience by providing the bare bone essentials for success.  Your site has great flow and offers  a great deal of usefull information.  My only hesitation in starting on my own is the time between start and earning an income.  I am interested in  replaceing  my 9-5 with a bussiness that brings me joy and fullfilment.  Can you give me some insight to a realistic time frame of when I can expect to start making any kind of income.  Thank you for your time and congratulations on your success’s.

    John Haire

    • Hi John, I started making income with the Wealthy Affiliate right away back in 2015/2016. It wasn’t an amount big enough to cover 9-5 income BUT also a consistency was lacking. However, it was up to me. If I was consistent I would experience a fast-growing business. This is regarding your question about when you can expect an income. 

      Now what I can tell you, as I came back with a new website it is still getting there, and it’s been a year. All the SEO experts say that you need up to 2 or more years to experience the success and maturity of your website. Let’s see! 

      Be consistent, don’t give up, push articles and quality content all the time and you will be fine. Don’t quit your job tho until you get the income rolling here 😉 

  23. Hi Sunny, thank you for your awesome article.

    This is a really super expanded review, I absolutely love it. You’ve done it in a way and you put me to question myself. Why I haven’t found this Wealthy Affiliate program earlier? 

    I completely love how you explained step by step, this article completely blows my mind.


  24. Hi Sunny, thanks for writing some basic information about Wealthy Affiliate training. I recently joined this platform and felt a bit confused due to so many things that can be done here. Personally, I will get the online entrepreneur certification first before trying to do the Bootcamp. I hope you can help to answer some of my questions if I get stuck there 🙂 

  25. Hello there, Sunny! Great and informative post! I have been with wealthy affiliate for a little over 6 months now. Definitely enjoyed the training and learned so much when compared to before I took a chance at this opportunity. I still have yet to earn an income but I’ve been encouraged by many to keep on trying (and I plan to). You definitely provided a very detailed overview of the program. Thanks for creating this post!

  26. I have tried Wealthy Affiliate, and it is the best training and platform that I have found to build an online business. The training is spectacular because it covers all levels of web design, from beginners to more advanced. The training is always up to date with the most current methods available. The free starter membership is worth a try because you get seven days to access the premium membership. So if you are on the fence, I would highly recommend you give it a try.

  27. I joined WA on April 2020 and it was something new for me, but as I went through the training I felt its something I wanted to do. I wasn’t that serious from the beginning.

    As I took it serious I saw great results. It’s not easy and it does not take few months to succeed. You will need to spend a lot of time writing great content and everything will happen if it’s meant to be.

    With great work you will succeed. Thanks for the insights and article. I good reminder for me. 

  28. Hello there sunny . Thank you for this amazing review about wealthy affilitae. I have been here for a couple days and i believe truly that wealthy affiliate is second to none. The training is step by step by one and only Kyle and Carson and besides the community has answers to every question. I am glad i found wealthy affiliate and i believe and going to grow with wealthyaffiliate. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Thank you for this great detailed article of a wealthy affiliate program, you dissected it so well, it makes the training so simple to follow even though is not that easy for some newbies like me and a mother of 8+ twin. your article has boosted me to keep going that the end would be fun, which is the money-making part. yeahhhhh.


  30. Hey there Sunny,

    Great article, love the way you broke down the available courses inside Wealthy Affiliate. This will grab the attention of anyone looking to build an online business from scratch. With so much of scams out there and being scammed a few times myself i was sceptical about Wealthy Affilliate at first but to be honest this is one of the best place for anyone to start. I highly recommend Wealthy Affilliate as well.



  31. Interesting review!

    I have been a member for the last 3 years. Wealthy Affiliate is a solid option for everyone that is looking for a method to make a full-time income online. The most value in my opinion is in the live classes. It’s basically almost 400 hours of advanced training in marketing, sales, and even a bit of management.

  32. With Wealthy Affiliate you can work for yourself and you can start now for free! This intensive and very detailed walk-through explains how easy it is to make money for yourself! Training yourself step by step. The Premium package is so  affordable and worth it plus the extra income will pay for it in the end.

  33. Hi, thanks for this review on wealthy affiliate training. As a newbie in wealthy affiliate I can agree with you that the training at wealthy affiliate is great and can lead to great success online. I like the fact that you mentioned that you are bound to succeed with wealthy affiliate provide you follow the training as you ought to do, this is true because if you do not you will be confused and result in the lack of success.

  34. Hey Sunny

    Wealthy Affliliate has taught me so much in my 6 months since joining. This journey amazing and being a part of the community  is so enriching. I am not rushing any of the training and have been focused on writing content that will be worth gold to my readers. Interaction with fellow members has been invaluable thus far and this platform will be easy for me to market when the time comes.

  35. Thanks again for a great blog. WA helped me a lot at the very beginning of my online career right through bootcamp. I had no idea at all what I was going to do and what I was going to write about so I definitely recommend it to anyone who is in that situation. I also want to say that the webinars are great!

  36. Hi Sunny. Thank you for another great post. I couldn’t agree more then wealthy affiliate training program is best starting point for beginners. When I was beginning my adventure with digital marketing I was overwhelmed with number of information I needed to understand. It wasn’t easy and to be fair I check few sites with such trainings where I was not satisfied with quality and organization of courses. But when I found wealthy affiliate everything became much more easier. Trainings are clear and designed for novices, and active community is always there to answer all my questions.

  37. Wealthy Affiliates is such a great resource for joining the world of online business. Even if you don’t start earning money right away (since this is, as you said, not a get rich quick scheme), going through the training and writing posts for your own websites can be a great, productive way to spend your spare time. I’d like to know more about the tutorial platform. Is there a video (or a handful) in that section that you recommend in particular for someone new to the program?

    • I would always recommend the entire training, all the modules to be finished, and then, as one learns the basics, they’ll know what tutorial to look for further. 

  38. Sunny, thank you for sharing a very good article about the training that Wealthy Affiliate offer. Even if other platforms can promise that you will see commissions virtually overnight, it takes a long time to see consistent and recurring commissions that will support you in the long run.

    WA offers solid, authentic and up to date training, the has a very high standard. It is easy to follow the training modules, and the WA members are urged to create additional tutorials in their field of expertise.

    Further, there is also being produced classes on different topics within the Affiliate Marketing niche which are golden. I have yet to see anything that comes close to what WA offer.

    I am shortly finished doing all the training and it is phenomenal. I can recommend WA to everyone who asks. It is that good.


  39. I have tried many platforms and, in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to learn how to start a business online. Not only the classes are well-structured. But the community is unbelievable. I am still amazed today of the kindness of the member. You will always have somebody to help you when you have a problem or when you feel stuck. Just love WA. Great post, Sunny.

  40. Excellent article for all readers who have interest to get involve with Affiliate Marketing, this is clear straightforward informative information to getting started.

    I am a member of this awesome program and loving it, I also gain some knowledge from reading this article in areas I am lacking in moving forward.

  41. Hello Sunny, this is a great review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It’s very detailed and comprehensive. I really the description of each lesson. It gives a great overview to anyone interested in the program. I do agree with your that following the training is great way to success. 

    I joined WA for free and within a few days I knew this was for me so I upgraded to premium membership. WA is a great platform and this is a great review of it.

  42. Hi there, Wealthy Affiliate is an outstanding business and affiliate marketing training platform. You can build your niche website from scratch with the tools available within Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    When you start your level 1 Entrepreneurship training, initially you may become overwhelmed by the amount of information and training available within Wealthy Affiliate but you need to be consistent and persistent, as the money does not come quickly and hard work pays you money in the end.

    Wealthy Affiliate is arguably the best affiliate marketing platform. Wealthy Affiliate gives you valuable information and a way to apply it right away and it’s comprehensive training gets you up and running fast.

    As a beginner what do you think, how long will it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

    • That question related to timing is very often among those who are just starting. I always give the same answer. It depends on the entire process, not just one or two aspects. If one is committed, faithful, and diligent probably will succeed sooner than later than someone not taking the online business seriously. I made my first $ within months since joining back in 2015. It’s truly depending on the business owner and the quality of their work. 

  43. Hi Sunny, great review very thorough and I think you covered all the initial bases. I also think that if I were not a current member I would click one of those join buttons. You very clearly spelt out the free element – try before you buy. 

    Having only been a member for 1 month, I know I am a baby in the program, everything you wrote in your post is absolutely correct. I would recommend anybody wanting to find an opportunity to create a genuine online income should join Wealthy Affiliates.

    The reason is because, it is down to hard work if you are successful or not. Doesn’t need any particular skills and you can feel proud of your achievements. I have written 15 pages since joining in March 2021 my latest a 2,500 word epic. I never thought I would learn to write about something I didn’t know about off by heart. It turns out I can, and pressing that publish button, does really feel good !!!!!

  44. Hi, I have been looking for a way to make internet money when I stumbled on this article. Unfortunately when it comes to websites and internet money I have no idea whatsoever. However, I have come across a few other internet training courses but somehow they did not convince me. It looks like Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal offering a comprehensive online course that works. In fact, I will go ahead and give it the best I can, after all, there is a free trial. Thanks for the information.

    Nektarios Tsakas

  45. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a wonderful opportunity for beginners and experts alike. It offers an excellent, in-depth learning experience that will take you all the way from where you are now to becoming successful online business owners earning a great living! Just to share that I joined back in 2015, and I am a success story because of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s legit! 🙂

  46. I love the way you put it – the wealthy affiliate training is second to none. You are very correct, the training at wealthy affiliate changed my perspective about online business. Instead of seeing it as a one off, fast way to make money, I now know i can build dedicated business that I grow steadily with commitment 

    From the online entrepreneur certification to the weekly webinars with Jay. They are al lovely training geared at building a steady online income. 

  47. Hi Sunny,

    Your article is very thorough, informative, and also precise. I love how you have broken down all the ins and outs of the wealthy affiliate platform. You explain everything clearly in an easy-to-understand and stepwise manner from the initial Online Entrepreneur Certification course to the affiliate boot camps and other tutorials in the platform. I am a big fan of making some extra passive income online from affiliate marketing.

    Thank you for sharing this guiding review post.



  48. Hi. So good to find this article. I joined wealthy affiliate and all I have to say is that you are absolutely right. The experience has been amazing and fun so far. Of course, this isn’t one of those quick money making projects but it surely ensures long term success if one puts in all the work.

    Thanks again,


  49. Ever since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, it has been one knowledge gained to the next. I am proud to build a successful online business and for now, I specialize in health. It was very difficult to build this online health shop due to the limited information I got on niche selection. However, I was persistent and consistent and right now, my health articles are ranking first page on google and I have visitors every day. It is an amazing venture with Wealthy affiliate and I really do love the training and webinars. Most importantly the training and knowledge on BLOCK Editor are so so wow and it makes my articles and reviews to be unique. I can’t wait to have an online health empire because I intend to touch on most aspects of health.

    Or what do you think? should I be niche more specific as recommended by experts? I just want an online Health empire, more like Health line and Mayo clinic. Thanks.

    • Hi, yes your niche should be a specific one. The health empire sounds broad. But if you find a perfect nailed down audience then I think it won’t be a problem. You might be thinking about an online place where people will find everything they need to know about their health. You can, for example, make a first step defining whether is a holistic, alternative, or traditional method. And so on. Go further by asking yourself a question, who will benefit from the info I share and you will find the way to go. Hope this helps. Find me on the Wealthy Affiliate should you need any further help https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c

  50. I think I also upgraded about four days after signing up. That’s not to say the free version is not more than adequate to really get you going. I just happened to have a bit of extra cash right at that time and was so confident after such a short time that I was going to be in it for the long haul, I was just excited to get right in there. It is such a great platform! 

  51. Hi Sunny

    This is an all-inclusive review of the WA platform.  It leaves no doubt for anyone who has been looking for an online business opportunity to join. 

    I have joined the platform after reading a Wealthy Affiliate member’s review. I did not hesitate because narrated some of the previous networks that were just a waste of time. 


  52. Sunny, very good article. As a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I am aware of all the benefits and perks involved with membership. Your site sums everything up very nicely. It is very informative, interactive, and accurate.

    All of the links take us back to the program, and they are all active. Your site is very nicely done. If I were not already a member, your site would tweak my interest enough to check out the program.

  53. I have been in WA for 15 months now and I can say that your article is one of the best I have seen. Very well written I must say. Everything you said is the truth about WA.
    I made some money starting in the second month of joining WA went my website was still, well, let’s just say it was the rough copy. Albeit the money didn’t just pour in, I do keep making some which keeps my spirits up. The biggest problem I find is getting Google to share the content more. The good news is that I have noticed more traffic every day now and most of it’s from Google which seems like it’s just starting off.
    I don’t believe it’s hard work as some call it, it’s nothing hard about it, just keep doing what needs to be done every day and don’t expect perfection, honesty is more important. Great article thanks for sharing.

  54. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost one year. the training is great, what i like the most is , training is at you own pace. You can go back several time if you are on clear on a particular topic, plus the community of support is amazing. I think it is a great gift for personal development and growth

  55. Thank you for your review on Wealthy Affiliate training! I came across WA the other day and i am not sure if it is a right fot for me and now I have the answer, thanks to you! I definitely have to check it out, i love the fact that i can rank at level one and the it is a free trial without my credit card information. Will check out from your link! 

  56. Great article! Well written, visually appealing and helpful and laid out nicely. If I wasn’t already a member of WA, I’d seriously consider joining from your site. Are the pictures you used from the WA site screen shots? Or where/how did you pull them? Just an out of curiosity question. My niche is not the WA or make money online one but I’m still learning how to pull good picks for products etc. Thanks again for the encouragement and help!

    • Hi, yes, the majority of my photos are screenshots. I like using those more than downloading from the internet. 

  57. Hi Sunny, I’m so glad the word is getting out about Wealthy Affiliate! I’ve looked into quite a few other affiliate marketing training programs before, and this one stands out by FAR. I started with WA only about a month ago, and I’m still so impressed every day with the community and the crazy amount of value it offers! 

    Without even paying a dime, there is so much detailed training and expertise available. It’s blowing my mind. I wish I’d heard about WA sooner, so I’m glad you’re letting everyone know!

  58. This is great information about Wealthy Affiliate. I have been working on my online business for @ 5 years. With the training Wealthy Affiliate provides. Operating a profitable online business has always been a dream of mine. One of the points you make about Wealthy Affiliate is the free seven-day trial.  No money upfront to check it out. That is what encouraged me to become a member.


  59. A good review of wealthy affiliate. It is something to seriously consider if you are thinking of making a life changing decision.  I think many of us are sometimes too casual when making decisions that affect our finances and time. This could be due in no small part by all the get rich quick schemes floating around online, promising much and delivering little.

    Nice in-depth review.  Thanks.

  60. Great article, very informative for anyone who wants to make use of this great platform called WA. This article is well detailed and easy to understand what is all about. I am not regretting being a member, because this platform has taught me a lot of things, it also boosts my confidence.

  61. Hello there,
    This is an amazing article. I totally agree with everything you’ve said about Wealthy Affiliate. I came on board this amazing affiliate program last year. Prior to joining the Wealthy Affiliate program, I had tried a lot of different online affiliate and work from home programs, but WA is one of the best things that I have ever tried. It’s amazing to see so much free training available on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. And it’s so great that Wealthy Affiliate leaders understand that the success of their members makes Wealthy Affiliate more successful too!
    Thank you so much Sunny for this awesome review about Wealthy Affiliate. I learned a lot from the training videos and it was helpful for me to build my first website. As someone with a background in Refrigeration engineering, I’m not that techie when comes to the internet or making money online but this program has helped me build my first ever online business. I will definitely recommend Wealthy to anyone who wants to start their own online business and also learn during the process. Thank you so much for sharing this Sunny!

  62. Hello there,

    This is an amazing article. I totally agree with everything you’ve said about Wealthy Affiliate. I came on board this amazing affiliate program last year. Prior to joining the Wealthy Affiliate program, I had tried a lot of different online affiliate and work from home programs, but WA is one of the best things that I have ever tried. It’s amazing to see so much free training available on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. And it’s so great that Wealthy Affiliate leaders understand that the success of their members makes Wealthy Affiliate more successful too!

    Thank you so much Sunny for this awesome review about Wealthy Affiliate. I learned a lot from the training videos and it was helpful for me to build my first website. As someone with a background in Refrigeration engineering, I’m not that techie when comes to the internet or making money online but this program has helped me build my first ever online business. I will definitely recommend Wealthy to anyone who wants to start their own online business and also learn during the process. Thank you so much for sharing this Sunny!

  63. I love your website. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in February of 2021. You describe the program very well and thoroughly. And you’re right, it is not a get rich quick scam. At Wealthy Affiliate they teach you everything you need to know to build a prosperous online business. As a teacher, I am used to creating lessons, and I have to say, WA creates very comprehensive lessons with easy to follow instructions. I am a fan of WA and your website promotes it very well.

  64. This is a very informative post about the different types of training that are available within the Wealthy Affiliate program. I have completed the OEC and I’m about halfway through the Bootcamp. What I really like about it is that it makes you take action at the end of each lesson and that helps your blog to grow as you go along. It also helps with setting up and maintaining social media sites. All in all definitely worth the money.

  65. Really enjoyed reading this website page the topic is very interesting and broken down in easy to read sections. I like that you mention that affiliate marketing can be hard ( like anything worth wild doing) but fun at the same time. It also reminded me that I have still of yet to do the affiliate boot camp. Thanks. Martin .

  66. Joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the best thing you can do for yourself. There are amazing things you can do as a beginner, from having countless lessons that introduce you to the business world to starting your own website for free. Imagine what you can do with a Premium membership, I’ll just tell you, you have the right to 10 websites. Fantastic, isn’t it? I have recently joined the platform and I am very pleased with my progress. Big PLUS and big RECOMMENDATION

  67. This platform sounds wonderful. Its kinda, sort of like a college; except it has no credits! Or, one can see it as an online institute where one has a flexible schedule to learn on their own. Kind of like a DIY( do it yourself) except, one has a huge team. 

  68. Thanks for this information. I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for about 2 months now and I can definitely say that the training I have gotten here has been more beneficial to me in a practical sense than I got from 4 years for my bachelor’s degree. This is the best training program I have found in regards to website building and affiliate marketing.

  69. Hi Sunny,

    This is a very informative post! I am amazed at all the detailed information that is here for Wealthy Affiliate. I am thinking this might be an option for me to start an online business. 

    I am curious, what is your story? Is this where you have built this amazing website you have here? If I can get this kind of quality at Wealthy Affiliate by starting for free I think I am in! 

    I really have no clue where to start with any of this online stuff. Will I have any guidance on getting where I need to go and what to do once the courses are started?

    Let me know, I am a bit anxious!



    • Hi, yes I started here and learned everything about online business through the Wealthy Affiliate training. Look no further, since you found the Wealthy Affiliate, start with the training. You have the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification course. Just follow everything step by step. 

  70. Yes, yes, YES. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program and the only thing that ever got me doing the work continuously. I have a hard time sticking to things and I procrastinate. I never learned discipline. I have always felt so overwhelmed with the technical side and the marketing side of blogging.

    But this program has been so supportive because of the strong community that is always there answering your questions when you’re confused, cheering you on to the next stage, encouraging you when you feel frustrated, and celebrating your successes. Four months in and I’m on Level 4 of the Entrepreneur Certification course and I even made my first $58! It’s starting to work. People are visiting my site and I feel like I can help them. It’s amazing. 

    Thank you for reminding me that I can switch to the yearly premium membership rather than the monthly! I’ll be doing that now:)

  71. This is what I’ve been looking for. 

    I’ve tried so many things online most of them spammy & get rich quick schemes.

    The thing is it’s very difficult to spot them from the onset (at least this has been the case for me)

    The fact that they first give you premium access for something like 7 days makes this a no brainer for me.

    If you’ve used whealthy affiliate to come up with this website then i’m impressed. Are you having personal sucess? 

  72. Hello, I am currently on level 4 of the training. I am ready to move forward of course. So far, most of my posts have been indexed by Google already. I am waiting for my articles to start ranking on the first page of Google though. Luckily for me, I write approximate 2, sometimes 3 posts a week, so I definitely have keyword rich content. Lately, I have been focusing more on traffic as well as average, KQI, and SEO. I see that it is indeed a joint effort. Most important, I am so glad that I took a chance on myself. I am successful for stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking the road less traveled. Above all, there are sunnier days right around the corner. I am so happy and grateful for the moment I found Wealthy Affiliate, everything but a get rich quick scheme. Thanks — this is an amazing, excellent, very helpful article!

  73. Thanks for your very interesting article on Wealthy Affiliate!  I like your separate pages on “Home”, “Wealthy Affiliate”, “Reviews”, “WordPress”, “SEO”, “Social Networks”, and “Blog”.  What a great idea!

    First of all, I agree with everything you say about Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been a member for eight months, and have enjoyed all the training that I’ve been getting.  You won’t get any better training anywhere else than Wealthy Affiliate, that’s for sure!  It is certainly “second to none”, as you say!

    I have never seen a more comprehensive description of the training, certifications, and prices offered by Wealthy Affiliate!   Well done!  Your “Wealthy Affiliate” section is most complete.

    I also appreciate your “Reviews”  page, with all its money-making business ideas. 

    And then you have a comprehensive page on WordPress.  That is certainly the most complete section on the WordPress Dashboard that I’ve ever read!  And how about  “How To Add an Image to WordPress”!  Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask about WordPress.

    SEO:  Another really comprehensive section.  Nothing has been left out.  Most informative!  It contains sub-topics on such informative topics as  “How to Get Ranked In Google”, “What Is SEO Optimization”, “What Is The SSL Certificate”, and “What Is A Backlink About”

    The Blog page also contains some interesting articles.

    All in all, a very well written presentation!

  74. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best platforms for internet marketers and in fact, anyone looking to starting an online business. The trainings are tailored to meet the needs to a beginner and help them succeed. The community is truly a pay-it-forward community that is always available to help. I’ll always recommend WA anday, anytime, everytime. Thanks for this review Sunny.

  75. I feel your excitement that you found this amazing learning platform and a great community. There seem to be so many lessons available and I love that you can try them all out for 7 days to really understand the potential. Even better no credit card needed to sign up, I love that. I notice that there is now an upgrade available to Premium Plus and it includes some training exclusive to that group, awesome.

    A great review and really worth a look. Thanks.

  76. I am new to affiliate marketing and I am so glad I came across wealthy affiliate. I find this platform very informative and helpful. I have no experience and I didn’t know much about using a computer but now I have learnt a lot thanks to this program.

    What I love most is the fact that you can apply everything you learn to any type of business and it will work. The community is very helpful too, whenever you get stuck you can ask for help and you get lots of replies. I am loving my training.

  77. It really is a great training centre.

    The great thing about it is you can try the membership outr all the way.

    The Free starter plan lets you set up a basic account, gives you one website and access to the first level of each of the certified courses and you can see exactly what you’ll be getting as a Premium or Premium Plus member.

    Better Still, both upgrade memberships come with a Half Price discount on the first month, so you can test out the Premium Plus membership for exactly  the same price as the Premiums regular price.

  78. I signed up for their program and I must say I’m very impressed. I ended up going premium. It’s amazing that you b run 10 webpages for that price and it comes with the free keyword research tool. So far I have two blogs going and I’m probably going to transfer over a third from SiteGround. 

  79.  that Wealthy Affiliate gives a solid free introductory
    trial that doesn’t require giving credit card details upfront. I have
    never been a fan of free trials that need a credit card with autorenewal
    because it feels like they take advantage of people who simply forget
    to cancel versus truly earning new customers.have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 7 months now.  Even though I
    haven’t made any money yet, I am still finding value in my premium
    membership.  I’d say the Questions and Chat areas alone are where a lot
    of the value is because you usually get responses within minutes. I am
    learning so much and working hard.  (That’s the important thing too –
    you have to work hard to get the most out of the program.)

  80. Hey Sunny

    Great post on WA. I have been with them for around 9 months now and have found them to be great. The training, the support and the community bring it all together for one complete package.

    The only thing I can fault is that some of the training is outdated and not relevant but you can always get the right info from the community.

  81. After a few years with Wealthy Affiliate, I totally agree that it is an excellent program with plenty of resources and training for new marketers as well as the more experienced. A big added advantage is the support and the community involvement. the boot camps provided the foundational knowledge and the tutorials are there to fill in the gaps.  The live webinars are an added bonus as well. You have provided much valuable information in assisting people in making a decision.

  82. My gosh Sunny, your site looks amazing! Great Logo, Top Banner, professional photo. I really loved the way you have your widgets set up. All of the topics are on point and you kept your advertising banners to a minimum. I’m impressed. Nicely done. The color red is hard to see by those of us who are color blind (we see brown), but I can see the white text in the drop downs. 

    You went all out on the Wealthy Affiliate Training section. Nicely laid out and your paragraphs are short (as recommended).  You have some nice ideas within the text to gain their interest.  A beautifully laid out site!


  83. Hi, Sunny!
    Thank you for this enlightening post on affiliate programs; I’ve joined WA in March 2021 (still a newbie, though!). At this point, I can say that with WA one has access to all the training as well as the tools to successfully walk the path to create an online business in which success depends exclusively on you.
    Thank you for sharing. Take care.

  84. Hi Sunny, as an existing member of the Wealthy Affiliate tribe, I just wanted to say what a great review. You’ve summed up really well some of the main points and features. Of course there are other features which really stand out from the crowd – namely the online community who are literally at hand 24/7 for general support, specific enquiries or just to say hi to newbies. And site support – I cannot rate these guys high enough. Always quick to respond and resolve issues with zero hassle. Just one thing I wanted to mention. You rightly said that when the Online Entrepreneur Certificate is completed, you will already have your business indexed by Google. This is true, but not all businesses begin earning an income until later. But apart from that – great job! 

  85. It is a very good and well documented presentation of WA. You’ve probably been on WA for a long time so you can make such a presentation. I am newer here and I have learned new things from your presentation. I wonder if I will ever be able to find out absolutely everything about WA, which is extremely complex. Thank you.

  86. hey , thats a detailed review on wealthy affiliate , i agree 100% with you that wealthy affiliate is second to none , i have been on this platform for 2 years now and have learnt lot of new tools and techniques like developing website on wordpress , blogging , much better understanding of social media platforms . Have been able to learn a lot from affiliate marketers community here on wealthy affiliate . Truly this is an amazing platform for new and professional affiliate marketers to grow their business . Thanks for sharing .  

  87. Hey Sunny! Great explanation of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been part of the program for a few weeks now. I started with the free version and got through the first course with Kyle. Then I upgraded to Premium and am now on the 4th course.  I have two websites that are just getting started with two separate niches.  So, let’s see. I’m hopeful. It’s great to see how you’ve had success and inspires me to continue. If you you don’t mind me asking, how long was it until you started making a monthly income with affiliate marketing? Thanks again! Sammy

  88. I certainly love your beautiful site about Wealthy Affiliate. One of the things I like about WA is that it does not require a credit card to get an introductory trial.  Those sites that require a credit card and then charge the card in a few days after a “trial” seem very spammy to me. 

    The educational material on Wealthy Affiliate would take you a lifetime to view.  There is just so much available for everything you could possibly think of as it relates to marketing.  

    Then the community of like-minded people who are also involved in marketing is there to quickly help you find an answer to something if you get stuck.  

    This is an awesome review site that looks very professional!


  89. Hey Sunny! First of all I would like to say the design of your site is fantastic. I really enjoyed my visit. For the article about Wealthy Affiliate, I was rather impressed. There was a sort of in depth analysis that you usually don’t find when browsing how to start an online business.

    The comparison of what programs you get between the Online Business Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp was helpful. I also like the fact that you do not have to enter your credit card information for the free trial. Usually programs have you enter that anyway. It seems like there is less pressure to get your feet wet here.

    Nicely done review! Kudos!

  90. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 7 months now.  Even though I haven’t made any money yet, I am still finding value in my premium membership.  I’d say the Questions and Chat areas alone are where a lot of the value is because you usually get responses within minutes. This is because I am learning so much and working hard.  (That’s the important thing too – you have to work hard to get the most out of the program.)

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