Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam

Welcome to the page where you will learn The Importance Of The Keywords.




Wealthy Affiliate is a company I work for and I wanted to show you how much is important to read the whole article, not just the title (like my mom sometimes does 🙂 )

Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam is a great keyword.

One of the most important things to know when starting an online business is the correct usage of keywords. In this case, I used reverted psychology to show you that keywords can help and trick you at the same time. Don’t let them trick you!


Why are the keywords important? 

Let’s put it this way:

  • I am creating my website, blog, articles for my audience to read
  • My primary aim is Google market
  • To be featured in Google search I need to gain Google trust
  • To gain Google trust, I need to create quality content
  • To create quality content I need to find the keywords that rank well in Google
  • To find good keywords I use Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool featured by the Wealthy Affiliate company. To find more about Jaaxy, click here.


You can also sneak a peek by typing in a keyword into a Jaaxy right here and right now:


What are the keywords?

Keywords are the most often used words or sentences people type into a search engine when they are looking for information in the online world. Keywords in your articles are the most searched words in the search engine within a topic you write about.

How to tell if a keyword is good?

As you see in the photo there are several parameters you are looking at when searching for a good keyword: 



  1. AVG is the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month
    (I try to go for at least 100; higher=better)
  2. TRAFFIC refers to visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in search engines (I try to go for at least 100)
  3. QSR is a Quoted Search Result: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword (Ideally under 100).
    For the websites already trusted by Google, QSR less than 200 is ok too
  4. KQI is a Keyword Quality Indicator (I always go for GREAT)
  5. SEO is a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale 1-100; higher=better)

Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam 
AVG = 745   TRAFFIC = 127   QSR = 170   KQI = Great   SEO = 83

Keywords are important but not the only route to traffic. Don’t overuse them.

How to use the keywords?

I usually find a good keyword for the title of my new article and I use it again within the first two paragraphs. Then I find a couple of more keywords to implement within my writing. The content should be realistic and smooth for reading. Targeted keywords should be only one small portion of the article.

So let’s recap 

Why don’t stress about keywords?

  • Content and natural writing are more important than a particular keyword
  • Google likes more when using the keywords is not so obvious
  • Within a content of 1000 words, there are at least 200 keywords
    (besides the special ones we searched for)
  • Sometimes pages rank even if the keyword is not so promising

What is the best free keyword research tool?

In order for me to start using some tool in the online business, that tool has to be:

  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Free and useful within the membership I sign up for

The tool I always use for the keyword research is Jaaxy. The following screenshot is taken on the Jaaxy page. Look how simple this tool is! You just type in the word and all the parameters we previously talked about are included with all the numbers. You can even search for the domain name here.




Once you get results for your search, you can brainstorm the keyword to further options. You can save your keywords and create lists. Analyze your website ranking. And all of that and much more FOR FREE.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced online marketer, now when you came across Jaaxy, look no further.  Jaaxy is such a powerful tool and you can read all about it here.

Now, let’s go back to where we started. Let me tell you about the Wealthy Affiliate. 

As you can see, the topic of this article is keywords as one of the traffic tools. Since you know now how to grade the keywords, you will notice that the sentence Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam is just an excellent keyword for Google ranking.

That’s why I used it for the title of this page. I know it’s a little bit tricky but it also shows the importance of the keywords. And I wanted to have one STRONG keyword this time which not only has great parameters but also pulls you in for reading because it contains the information you would want to get.

I always tell people, especially nowadays during the pandemic time: “Read the whole article and think with your own heart after you read it. People are selling their online news on keywords that are important for this time.” I like to remind my mom this every time she reads the title. That it might be the opposite of what is the actual news. Reversed psychology.


Wealthy Affiliate is a company I work for.


I am simply IN LOVE with my job and I am more than happy to share my experience with you. I searched for an online business opportunity as a complete newbie. I was so lucky to come across this incredible platform. Everything I have ever learned about online marketing I learned at the Wealthy Affiliate.


I highly recommend that you take a look at my review right HERE, especially

If you are interested in:

  • Online marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Marketing in general
  • Networking

If you are searching for:

  • Online job
  • Business opportunity
  • Financial Freedom
  • Ideas and knowledge

If you need:

  • Ideas
  • Guidance
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Help in creating YOUR OWN BUSINESS


Our mission is to help people find the financial freedom we all dream about. Our vision is to make building an online home business certain, easy, and fun for everybody, newbies, and experienced entrepreneurs.

Look no further, you are at the right place! 


Within Wealthy Affiliate you will find:

  1. The training which teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know when starting your own online business
  2. Tools you need to run your business
  3. Free website builder
  4. WordPress for free
  5. Technical support 24/7
  6. Free membership for a lifetime with the premium benefits for the first seven days – enough time to see for yourself why I am so happy for being part of this community
  7. Very nice offer for the premium membership and much more





So, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?
No, no, and no 🙂

Click here to find out more about this great job opportunity.




Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. With the information you have shared in this review I am concluding that I would be able to learn how to develop and grow an online business if I enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate program.  Did you build your online site with the training and information there?  How many hours do you spend a day on your business?  Have you been able to feel confident in the training you have access to?  

    Did you have any problems getting started?  Are you finding any push back from any of the members already in the program?  You know the kind that makes you think they don’t want to help you? Thank you for sharing information. 

    • Hi Sami, 

      You are at the right place if your goal is to create your online business. 
      All the tools are available within the Wealthy Affiliate. Everything I know about the online marketing I learned here. 

      I spend daily between 8 and 12 hours working on the website

      Sami, you will always have pros and cons, ups and downs, no matter what you do, especially if you are starting a business. However, I don’t focus on the cons and downs, if I find them I use them in my favor. 

      I haven’t found any push back from the people working for the Wealthy Affiliate. I would say, always check information you receive from anyone, not just from the WA community. There is no reason that your success depends on anyone but you. 

      Honestly, Kyle is always available and I have never had any issues since I joined in 2015. 

  2. Great to meet you, Sunny. I am just now building my website and I have taken down the advice you gave about keywords. Great advice. I would think that true content would win over inserting too many keywords. Selling is about giving, not just taking. Well put. By the way, I am in marketing and what you mentioned does sound interesting. What sort of marketing are you working on? One in particular or all of them? I have studied Marketing, but nothing on the subjects you mentioned. It might be worthwhile to choose one of them. I can guarantee, nothing you named is taught in school or in university. So, it does sound tempting. Thanks for the tip.

    • That’s amazing, good luck!
      You found a great place where you can use your skills, I wish I had some official knowledge of marketing as well. Everything I know comes from the long term job I have. Marketing-advising-advertising.

  3. Excellent info on how to use keywords! As an affiliate marketer myself, I use keyword searches daily. Although there seems to be a little different take from different people in the industry, the primary rules seem to be consistent with everyone. With this article, you’ve added a layer of understanding about a few things, and it was comforting and refreshing to hear you say that sometimes a not-so-good-ranking keyword will produce great results. And as I’m sure you know, sometimes the opposite is true as well. And sometimes the great keyword in our title or strategically placed throughout our content won’t get the ranking, but some other phrase we use when writing that was never even thought of as a keyword. If I write some line in my content as I’m making sense of what I’m explaining, it may be a phrase I’d ever think to look up.. And if so, it may show no hits, or >10. But if someone happens to plug that unique phrase into Google tonight, your site comes up first. It doesn’t always happen like that, but the possibilities are countless. 

    Thanks for the article!


    • hello Darrin, I appreciate your testimonial so much. Everything you said is so true. On one of my websites several years ago I had that exact case. Some keyword which wasn’t so well ranked in the search tool ended up ranking my website high. 

      That’s why I always say, follow the rules and teachings but don’t get too stressed about them. Everything in life even an online business growth is your own experience unique for you and no one else 

  4. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I agree that keywords are hugely important. I must admit I have been far more modest or maybe timid in my choice of keyword traffic. I have mostly focussed on low competition keyword phrases. I will usually search and keep searching until I find something with competition of less than 10. Even if the traffic is less than 20 I would still use that as the main keyword phrase for an article. I have even been fortunate to find a completely relevant and usable grammatically correct long keyword phrase that works as a title for a post in my niche with more than 1000 monthly traffic and zero competition. I’ve actually found and used a few of those. I’ve sometimes spent hours just researching keyword phrases around a few topics and building more and more lists for future use. Thanks for a great post on this subject. Best regards, Andy

  5. Enjoyed looking through your Website.  Well thought out and displayed, although I reckon Kyle had kittens when he saw your WA Scam heading.

    It might be made a bit more attractive with different fonts and more images, but apart from that all was well set out and organised.

    You explained the concept of Affiliate Marketing very well and I can’t see any way you could improve.

    Well done.


  6. Great post about Jaaxy! Still learning about keyword search so this post laid it out in simple and easy terms to understand. 

    Your title “Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam” really caught my attention and I really wanted to read to the end to see what you had to say. Because I don’t think it is. But in your post you actually explain the benefits of WA and state it is not a scam. I like that! 

    I need to work better with coming up with better titles for my posts. Jaaxy is a great tool to determine SEO but like you said its not everything. Your post has to flow and deliver great content or else it won’t get ranked on Google. I’ve been ranked on Bing and Yahoo on the 1st page (some are #1 or #2 post), but I still haven’t gotten ranked on the first page of Google. Any tips? 

    • Hi Dana, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. Well, I’d say just keep on writing. As long as you are ranked so high on Bing and Yahoo it means you are doing great. Google is a bit tough when compared to these two. Just continue doing what you are doing and best of luck! 

      Make sure you are getting a lot off traffic from the community as well. That might help too 🙂 

  7. Wealthy affiliate is a wonderful platform and for me it can be said to be the best when it comes to learning all has to be learnt about online business or affiliate marketing. I just joined very recently and this is the reason why I can tell that it’s a good place. When I joined, I received a good welcome from the community. It’s been a good ride since then.

  8. Hello Sunny, with so many articles going around the internet is hard to see some with really good content and this is one I find really great with it’s information. Wealthy affiliate is truly a great platform and so many people have had various thoughts about it being legit or scam. I am happy to see how good it can be and the foresight the platform holds to which they use in helping members grow. Great article.

    • Hi Bella, Wealthy Affiliate can be suitable for ones and tough for others who probably think they will make money just by signing in. But it is not a scam for sure 🙂 

  9. I have seen this kind of article over for a while and it’s always annoying how people are still not aware of the purr fact that Wealthy affiliate is a very good platform, it is very legit and gives a lit of people the chance to make enough money online. I’m a good example of Wealthy affiliate membership and it’s been a good experience..

    • I hope you read it until the end 🙂 Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, for sure.. 

  10. Hello there, thank you for sharing this article and reminding people of the authenticity of wealthy affiliate (WA). I have been in this platform for quite some time and I must say that it is one of the best decision I have made. Wealthy affliate is not scam. Shout it to the world.

  11. Well! Wealthy affiliate is not a scam and it is one of the very best legit sites out there for anyone to learn the full concept of affiliate marketing. One thing that stood out for me here is the fact that you can earn while learning which makes it more practical and can really help to focus better on the study because it is more of practicality than just theories. 

  12. Hi Sunny, I think that there are a lot of scams out there. And I thought Wealthy Affiliate was another one in that group. I am glad to read that you just don’t recommend Wealthy Affiliate, but that you really enjoy working with them. I’m glad that you can also receive motivation inside the platform concerning building an online business.

    PD: Ahhh, I love Србија!

    • Lol Paolo thanks for your comment, actually for each part of it 🙂 

      have you been to Serbia? 

  13. Great article, and I must say that I agree with everything you said there. I am also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program and I meet great people over there who helped me to grow my own business within a few months. There is no words I can describe my gratitude to that platform! For every new member, I wish a great success!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is about Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam. It is truly remarkable that you have presented this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about keyword research tools. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like it is NOT A SCAM. Wealth affiliates cannot be an alternative to doing business from home. Keyword research can be done from the Wealthy Affiliate platform and become proficient in the world of affiliate marketing with various training. I will tell everyone about my real experience to join here very soon.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

  15. I had to do a double take. I fully expected to see a review about Wealthy Affiliate in this post. Instead I found out you were using that phrase to demonstrate the Keyword Research tool, Jaaxy. 

    Once I realized I had been “scammed” I decided to continue reading as I enjoyed how you described the power of the Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy. 

    Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate gives one an advantage on building a home based business. 



  16. From your overall article, you are happy to find WA, and you are working well in your online business with the WA platform. Start talking with keywords, which is essential and valid for getting trust from Google. I should say your article is quite attractive to the newbie who is interested in starting an online business, and they are your targeted audience. 

    The best point of your article is your tap targets appearance at the peak point and comfortable for the audience to click the link even they are using a mobile phone to read your article. Keep up this best practice. 

    I like to read your article with your personality and not straight copy a lot of information from WA. Great job, and I wish you to realize your dream sooner.

  17. If Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, I’m proud to be part of the scam. Lol! That was good keywords you use to get attention. This is called reverse psychology. I was about to unleash on you if you were claiming so. But it turns out you were throwing the hook, which might lead you to an enormous catch. This was a good review. Thanks.

    • Thank you, John, that is exactly what I was aiming for. To get attention from the reader and from Google at the same time. And this is what is going on in the online world. I always tell people, especially nowadays during this pandemic time: “Always read the whole article, people are selling their online news catching you on the keywords!”

  18. Hey Sunny,

    Good explanation about keywords, l believe many beginners are having problem in finding the right keywords related to their niche. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that is integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I used it to perform my day-to-day tasks from searching the right keywords for content, spying on my competitor’s strategy, brainstorming if l have a writing block, checking on my site ranking for a specific keyword, and so on. It’s definitely a must-have tool for me to run my online business.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? As a Premium Member since 2017, l am convinced to said that Wealthy Affiliate is a legit platform that really teaches you how to build a solid online business. Neither, at the point of signing up, Wealthy Affiliate makes any hype claims that you will get rich overnight. 

    Wealthy Affiliate teaches only SEO white hat techniques and this is another sign of a reputation and legitimate platform. It always evolving in providing you with the latest training and the most technologically advanced tools to help you build your online business.

    Best wishes.


  19. Hi, great article. The only thing I would say is the wording. When I first clicked, I read “Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam”. Was it meant to say “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?”. Please correct me if I am wrong. Regardless of this, I love the detail you have gone in to. I think sites like yours are so important, as people often invest in scams. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi, I named the article Wealthy Affiliate is a scam on purpose because it is a great keyword. I might just add that in the beginning so it’s clarified and not confusing. 

      Thanks 🙂 

  20. Hey Sunny thanks for good review on Wealthy Affiliate program As I see here that you were focusing on Keywords and I honestly say that it is very important to know the correct usage of keywords as You stated. And if you want to start like blog or website it is best to have content of keywords and also not to forget that WA has Jaaxy the best keyword place

    Thank you for sharing such a great review.

  21. Hi Sunny,

    Of course Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. There are success stories everywhere. Many Wealthy Affiliates have posted their online income, site ranking etc along more than millions which are growing everyday over decade and half. People can try free to sense the business.

    I am in this stellar platform for over two years. Everything that is promised here is true. 
    Wealthy Affiliate is not scam

  22. There are many people who think WA would be a scam because one of the reason is they seem to provide too much.

    I have heard many success stories inside WA and hopefully I  can become the next one!

    They give a very strong foundation training on how to create quality content and I think that is very important!

  23. Hi Sunny. I am just getting used to all the great features in Wealthy Affiliates and your review reminds me of some of the great things about this platform. The big pluses for me are the training, the community and the support when your goal is a successful online business. I also like that fact that there are many ways to earn. Thanks for these details and tips

  24. That’ll hopefully show to the haters out there that Wealthy Affiliate is something to be boasting about, instead of hating! Thanks for the informative article. What do you think about small volume keywords? Something like 50+ searches. I head certain people actually rely on them at first and see amazing results later down the line. Would you think concentrating on the 100+ at all times is critical?

    • Hi, honestly, I would go for low searches as well. In one of the lessons, Kyle explains that too. It’s ok if the keyword has great parameters and the low number of searches. Not to be practiced all the time but sometimes I do use the keywords with low searches.

  25. Hello,

    Your enthusiasm for what you are doing comes across very well.  Great! The Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform that gives you all-in-one treatment for starting an online business. And not just that, if you are an experienced entrepreneur, Wealthy Affiliate is there with all the information and tools which you will know how to use, but you will also get hosting, protection, and support for your website for free, actually included in the premium membership. 

    Great platform! 

    Wishing you great success.


  26. The topic was really enticing. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and i had to go through your other posts. Keywords in your articles are the most searched words in the search engine you write about. I prefer using them in the title and the first paragraph so i am able to focus on my contents. Thanks for this.

  27. Great article, I myself am a Wealthy Affiliate member and been with the company for a month and I love it.
    Keywords are strong for great quality content and I’m still learning how to use them.
    Thank you for this informative review. 

    Looking forward to one day seeing my blog index by Google 

  28. Hi Sunny 

    I have been using jaaxy for few times trying to come up with good keywords for better ranking on Google and other search engines. I would like to know how many keywords do you need to have before start writing content. This is because as you said I shouldn’t focus much on keywords but rather content but I’m not sure if looking for only one keyword and start writing the whole page(which is what I’m doing) is effective for Google ranking or even better content.

    The burning question though is about site ranking with Google using jaaxy. In just few minutes from now I got an email that my page has been indexed on Google and I must use jaaxy to track which keyword got indexed, but there are over 1000 words on my page and I can’t find any better way of tracking the one(s) that got indexed. 

    I”m hoping you might give me some advice.

    • Hi, I come up with a good keyword for the main title and several for the paragraph titles. 
      I don’t bother too much with the keywords, the tool is very handy so sometimes I make a break during the article creation to find and add some more. 

      For the question related to the page indexed in Google. Well, to be honest, let it be where it is, indexed doesn’t mean ranked high. You will need to meet some other parameters as well in order to get ranked on Google. 

      If you have a burning desire to find out where exactly your page stands on Google, your Jaaxy Pro can help you with that. 

      Otherwise, I would focus on more pages, more content and a lot of traffic 🙂 

      Hope this helps. 


  29. This is a very interesting headline.
    I was wondering, how does the phrase “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?” rate with Jaaxy, compared to the phrase that you used? (“Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam”).
    I wonder if more people search for a negative idea or thought, compared to a positive idea or thought.
    “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?” is a question that perhaps many people ask. People who want to find out other people’s opinion before they decide on their own.
    “Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam.” is a statement that perhaps some people want to believe, before they do any research. Maybe they want someone to agree with their preconceived idea. How do people here at Wealthy Affiliate feel about this question?

    • Hello Robert, I like your comment.
      I am going to tell you my personal story and where this idea for the phrase came from beside it is used as an example for the article.
      Well I came back from a greater pause here at the Wealthy Affiliate and I found that I was off the topic for a while, so everything that you placed in front of me to read was true (until proved as the opposite). Well, I found several very negative reviews of the Wealthy Affiliate and couldn’t believe to my eyes what people wrote, so I began my research and typed in the statement Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam. Naturally. maybe because English is not my native language and I am more straight forward making the statement rather than asking a question. Of course that my research ended where it started, with great trust in the WA as I figured the reasons for so many negativity. Later, when I was about to write the article on the keyword research, I chose to keep the keyword as it is because of its valuable parameters.

      is wealthy affiliate a scam 760 130 192 Great 83
      wealthy affiliate is a scam 745 127 170 Great 83

      An option that you gave is slightly more powerful, but I found that many times when you ask a question, as an answer you get a statement anyways.
      Thanks for pointing this out, haven’t thought about it before.

  30. Hi Sunny – Great article on Wealthy Affiliate. Good advice on keyword usage. I must say your title really had my head spinning. I had never heard of such a mention of them in this context. I like you owe everything I have learned to Wealthy Affiliate. I was fortunate enough to run across them early in my internet affiliate pursuit. BTW your CTA’s for Jaaxy aren’t linking.

    • Hi Nathaniel, which CTA? I just checked them all, they are all good. Thanks for pointing that out though

  31. Hi Sunny,

    Got your message loud and clear. Wealthy Affiliate training platform is not a scam. Well, i had a good recap and an even better understanding of what WA have to offer. Yes, i fully agreed. It is impossible to classify Wealthy Affiliate as a scam, with so much useful tools, trainings and support towards success in affiliate marketing business. With such comprehensive and convincing information available, prospects will be able to make a good decision. On a broader prospective, i believe that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam definitely. Because there are no unrealistic claims and hype up of successes after using the training programs.

    To more success,

    David Koh

  32. A great overview and I had not seen the search term about Wealthy Affiliate before. It made me smile. So firstly a disclosure, I am a member of WA and really enjoy it. I love the community and all the support. However, the point you make about keywords is so important. The Jaaxy tool has been so helpful to me and I can’t see how you would do the job without that. 

    I also love the fact you respond to all the comments. Is it a scam? No, it’s a great educational tool. Do you have to put the work in?  That’s a big YES like any business. I have nothing to say but good things about it and I agree with your article. Nicely written.

    • Thanks, Phil. 

      Yes I like to respond to all the comments overtime 🙂 

      Also sometimes visitors expect the answer (I usually do) so I want to be fair and answer on their questions if they had any.. 

  33. Hi Sunny

    I really like your review of Wealthy Affiliate as you have brought home the many advantages the program has to offer and what can be clearly seen is that it is not a scam. A scam will not offer you so much for so little cost and so much help. I really like how that you emphasis that keywords are important but not the most important, as often you can rank with Google in many other ways. I, myself is part of the program and have nothing but praise from it. How does wealthy affiliate compare to other affiliate programs out there?



  34. A great introduction for new starters and interested parties.  There’s enough here to whet anybody’s appetite moving forward in affiliate marketing or online buisiness.  Your included keywords Information, explanation and visuals help to breakdown and show others what it actually means to work with powerful keywords or Jaaxy and the importance of rankings for articles and content. 

    In my own experience when using Jaaxy, I tend to look for SEO of 95 or more, with the odd occassion where I’ll accept anything from 92 if the keyword is a great fit, I personally never go lower.  I tend to keep all my QSR scores below 100 and aim for that “low-hanging fruit” if possible, depending on the other factors.  I try and keep the AVG and Traffic high too but put more emphasis on the other criteria.  It’s a fine balance with the numbers and getting the keyword to read write grammatically, as it has to go in the content too.

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and started my journey in 2018, so can also agree that this is no scam, it’s a legit online educational journey, self-development and a personal investment that includes global community assistance and WA technical support 24/7 as you stated.  There can be a cost if a member wants more core training and is something others may wish to know if they want to further themselves and learn more skills and experience. 

    I did a great start-up blog at the time that basically read about getting a new boiler fitted at the time of starting Wealthy Affiliate and how fast we, as humans are willing to part with £300 worth of material goods or services yet hesitate when it comes to ourselves, our futures or any self-investment and development.

  35. Your headline is quite misleading. I am interested to read “Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam”, initially I wanted to know why, and expecting that this is a Wealthy Affiliate review. But, I read it all the way down to find out that this is actually about “keywords” and a slight review of Jaaxy.

    Although you mentioned it in the latter part, that you intend to use “Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam” as title because it is a good keyword… It is still confusing 😅.

    Anyway, I totally agree. Keywords are important if you are a content creator whether your medium is blogging, creating YT videos, or using other social media platforms as Instagram, and FB. Because using the right and proper keywords will be easy for your audience to find you because your content is ranking on SERPS’ first page.

    But I have questions though, what do you think about the “Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords”? They say that, the lower the comepetition, the higher the chance to rank. What can you say about that? And how would you compare Jaaxy to other keyword research tool? 

  36. This is a really helpful review regarding keywords and I like the reverse psychology! I did a search for Affiliate Programmes and came up with your blog, but I realise now that it is not a criticism of Wealthy Affiliate that I have been thinking about joining.  I have to say the Jaaxy research tool that you explain looks like an excellent system.  You describe the importance of keywords really well.  Do you think it is worthwhile becoming a premium member of Jaaxy?

  37. Oh wow: I was thinking at first, right away : ‘no, it isn’t !’ Then I saw the content of the article and I was like: yes, you are so right, the keyword is so very important for google and SEO. You really fooled me there , I was going to give another reaction first . Tricky you 🙂 

    Needles to say that this article caught my eye,keep up the good work ! 

    PS. I love wealthyaffiliate 😉

    • Thanks Lizzy, that’s exactly what was my intention 🙂 

      To trick you and then you find a beautiful online gem called Wealthy Affiliate lol

  38. Hi, Sunny,

    Regarding keywords, they continue to be a mystery to me. The more I dig, the more confused I get. Only Google itself knows how it ranks keywords.

    Now, about Wealthy Affiliate, I agree with you. It’s not a scam. It provides excellent tools for all those interested in starting in digital marketing. It’s not perfect by any means, and I think it should include more about backlinking and email marketing. Having said that, it’s an excellent start for beginners. 

    What stands out is its community. WA members are always willing to help you. Overall, I recommend people try it and decide for themselves.

    Thanks for sharing.

  39. Well, I came to read your article wanting to know more about whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

    I’m glad I found your article as I was looking for more information about how good is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners that want to start their own online business, after reading your article is clear is the place any beginner that wants to create a successful online business need to be part of.

    Keywords is something a beginner should know and learn if you want to create an online business, I’m glad I’m part of this great community that have the big opportunity to learn about keywords and all the secrets to create a successful online business!

    Thanks for sharing great information that will help many to find a platform where they can create an online business for real!

  40. Awesome Sunny, I enjoyed navigating through your Website.  Well structured out and displayed.
    You explained the concept of Affiliate Marketing very well and I can’t think of any other better explanation than that you have put out here. Well done and keep up with the great work. How long have you been in the field of online world and what is your advice to anyone thinking to venture in to online marketing?


  41. Your title is very catchy, hence you have served your intention very well. I would definitely be clicking on this shall I stumble upon it on Google’s first page. I am an affiliate marketer myself, and the tools you’ve mentioned are also useful for me too. But I still have a long journey to go as I have no knowledge about marketing-advertising. Would love to read more about what you can share, and good luck on your Wealthy Affiliate journey. Wealthy Affiliate sounds so positive, it would really help you grow your wealth! Thanks for your insights (particularly the first part where you described the importance of keywords), as I keep on overlooking this sometimes. Cheers, A

  42. Totally right and a post with amazing content here! Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely not a scam. I have used their service too and they provide great value for money services. Their online lessons are great for beginners and experts alike and the user friendliness of the platform makes it easy to use and navigate. Plus the community aspect that the founders built and nurtured is unique to such a product and adds a whole new dimension to it.

  43. I love the key word topic you used to begin your article. I can really see how this would attract traffic which is the purpose of choosing key word rich topics.  The answers to the question, why are keywords important, really explains the purpose in a simplified manner.  That alone will drive home the importance of using keyword search to prepare all post and articles to be included on the website.  Thank you for such an informative, well-organized, easy to read and understand, article on key word search.

  44. WOW! This is a well detailed article on wealthy affiliate, and a very informative one, wealthy affiliate is a great and legit business online business, am into it and i have been recommending it since i joined, it has lots of opportunity and one can learn a lot, In wealthy affiliate you will earn and also learn, and they give you lots of support especially those in premium and signing up is free, how awesome, This is indeed the best online business..Thanks for sharing

  45. Wow! what a wonderful detailed article, the title is catchy and content engaging. I learned a lot about Jaaxy that I still need to explore as a newbie.Your explanation on abbreviations and numbers that appear when we search for keywords made sense and answered questions I have been having. I have also been wondering how to does one know when they get ranked. Thank you for providing the answers.

  46. With the information you have shared in this review I am concluding that I would be able to learn how to develop and grow an online business if I enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate program.  Did you build your online site with the training and information there?  How many hours do you spend a day on your business?  Have you been able to feel confident in the training you have access to?

    • Hi bel, yes everything I know about online business I learned here at the Wealthy Affiliate. I spend anywhere between 8 and 12 hours a day working on the website and training.

  47. Hello Sunny, There are so many articles on the internet. There are few with really good content and this is one I find really of great value. Wealthy affiliate is truly a great platform and many people doubt about it’s legitimacy. I am happy to see how good it can be and the foresight the platform holds to which they use in helping members grow.

  48. Wealthy Affiliate is very much not a scam and works well with its Keyword Jaaxy tool. I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate back in October of 2019 and now have six different websites bringing in income for me by following their training and use of tools. There are some users who call it a scam because of not seeing profits overnight and not willing to put in hard work. I will be sharing this review with my social media followers and hope others follow your guidance and join Wealthy Affiliate. 

  49. I have come across many articles similar to this and I understand that you are using the keyword to get the traffic then twisting the article on its head. Personally and this is just my personal view is that I don’t like, that isn’t to say it is effective. The reason is that Scam is a term and often a crime that can cause a lot of pain and suffering to the victim. If people are searching for genuine information about a scam or whether something is a scam and they come across what at times can be pages of marketing material is irritating. 

    We know that WA isn’t a scam but does this approach put out there that it is a scam or could be.

    Saying that I do like what information you put into the body of the article. It is informative and educational for anyone interested in marketing vie articles, blogging or using keyword research in any type of online marketing. You certainly get across the benefits of Jaaxy and keywords. You do in no certain terms state it isn’t a scam, but would many get to that point of the article when they realise they have been duped.

    • I appreciate your comment Castle. This reversed psychology I used in this case just to explain how important is the keyword in this business, and how many times we get stuck with a title not reading through the article, just because the title we don’t like. However, as you said we all know the WA is not a scam. And you can see that in the first chapter of this review. 

      Now if I was someone searching for the online business opportunity, I would certainly click on this page and feel a huge reveal. And plus would be grateful for learning something new 🙂 

      So I guess we all have our own point of view and that’s why all of this is a wonderful journey. 

      Thanks for stopping by.

  50. This was a great article, I understand you were really promoting online marketing company Wealthy Affiliate but you also gave some really good information about keyword research and the best tool to use to find the best keywords.

    I joined a wealthy affiliate 3 months ago so I am a complete newbie to the online marketing world and if I hadn’t I would have had no clue about this kind of thing.

    having the tools like jaaxy for free within your membership is a godsend! and a great community of support to always offer help when you need it.

    Do you think the basic Jaaxy membership is good enough or would you ever advise upgrading.?

    • Hi Amy, I would recommend upgrading to the Jaaxy Pro once your website starts growing so you can use the benefits of the Pro version which are more into site analysis. 

  51. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can tell you it’s not a scam.  I haven’t made any money yet, but it takes time.  The platform is the most valuable that I’ve seen around.  The use of Jaaxy as a keyword searcher is also invaluable, it gives you all the key stats for good keyword creation.  Up to this point though, I had only been shown the value of two of the Jaaxy numbers, now I have four numbers.  Thanks for writing this post, it is fantastic!

  52. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I just hope your post helps others as it is helping me at the moment. At first, I was surprised by the caption until I unfolded the contents of it, I guess that is the power of a good keyword. Thank you very much for sharing this with me.

  53. A negative keyword like Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam that can be more detrimental at times than good, especially if this rings untrue such as with WA. Millions of people will read only the headline and decide on the program or what your content is about. What looks like a potential traffic landslide can yield little to no sales because people feel like they have been deceived. I save negative keywords for actual bad programs because of this. Sorry, that’s my take from 16 years in this business, trust is premium, it builds authority.

  54. At first, I thought that your article was going to be about Wealthy Affiliate being a scam, but then it revealed all kinds of useful information to me. In fact, your title turns out to be a great example for what you are writing about: keywords, which are so important for any online entrepreneur. 

    Do you research keywords only on Jaaxy or do you also check them on Google? What do you recommend?

  55. The Jaaxy keyword search tool is awesome.  As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, I can say that is the way to go especially nowadays. I’ve choosen the Podcasting World. Which is not as easy as I thought but I love to entertain. And Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me all that I need to know to get my business rolling. 

    Thanks for the great review. 

  56. Hi, I agree with you that a) it is really important to identify quality keywords for an article and b) Jaaxy is a great tool to use when researching keywords. I don’t agree though that if you enrol with Wealthy Affiliate you would be getting a ‘job’, which is how you have described it, more than once. At least not a job in the usual sense of the word. What you do get with Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome amount of information and training on how to set up a niche website and use affiliate links to monetise it. But it requires hard work and a lot of patience and self belief, and there’s no salary at the end of the month, like you would get with a regular ‘job’. I also think you need to be clever in the niche that you choose for your website, that it shouldn’t be too broad so that you’re competing with too many other websites, but not so tight either that there just isn’t enough scope to write about it. You also need to be passionate about the niche you choose, but if you’ve got all that right, and can write engaging content, then you’ve every chance of being successful. But it’s all down to you. And it’s not for everyone.

    • Hi Teri, 
      Thanks for your testimonial. I appreciate your comment. We all look at possibilities and opportunities fro our own perspective. Wealthy Affiliate is a company that gives you an opportunity to create your monthly salary. To me, it is a job. From my experience. It’s just that you don’t have a fixed rate, you earn as much as you work for your income. I experienced that in some situations with “offline” opportunities, so to speak, normal jobs. 

      It’s all about the mindset, and you are right, self-belief and patience are crucial. 

  57. Hello Sunny
    I came across the word ‘keyword’ and was just searching on different sites to see how they explain what a keyword is. When I saw your title, wealthy affiliate is a scam, I clicked on it to see what is scammy about it and then realized you were explaining what a keyword is by example. That was genius and it made it much clearer for me to learn about the use keywords from an actual example. I could see straightaway what I can do with keywords.

    This also made me realize how important keywords are. I like the Jaaxy keyword idea too. Instead of trying to guess which words, phrases or sentences will be the best keywords, there is a keyword tool to do all the work for me. I really like that and thanks to the wealthy affiliate platform as you pointed out.

    I learned quite a few new things from your article.

    Thank you.


  58. Really great article Sunny, thank you! You really go into detail about the use of keywords, what to look for and how to use them and this is great for anyone starting out as an affiliate marketer. I liked the paragraph where you spoke about using reverse psychology to generate keywords and hook the reader in – something I’ll try and look to use when writing my articles in the future! The keyword you’ve used in this article looks quite competitive – how much success have you had so far in generating traffic to it, and are you aware of using low hanging fruit keywords when starting out? 

    • Hi Will, Thanks for the comment.
      I am aware of using low hanging fruit keywords. Sometimes I don’t worry about competition that much if it is still under 200 while having other parameters in a good position.
      Quite often I am more into giving the right introduction to the topic than taking care of the word’s position (which might be wrong) but I still listen to my feelings if something is a good idea or not 🙂 This might change over time.. Let’s see what will happen with this article, but remember, it’s still under 200. Kyle suggests under 100 for the new websites. I believe that in this case, the article will be fine.
      Thanks again 🙂

  59. While reading this post, I am thinking of using the reverse keyword which is “wealthy affiliate isn’t scam”. Do you think it will do better than using “wealthy affiliate scam”? 

    I am amazed to how you guys are able to pick up what are the number of searches per month, what amount of traffic will someone get if they rank number 1 in Google for that keyword, and how much is the competition. May I know what tools are you guys using to determine those numbers? I’d like to use the same tool.

    • Hi Gomer, Thanks for The comment. Well, yes Let’s see what the opposite word offers. It can be done that way of course. Jaaxy is the tool you can use for free as the Wealthy Affiliate member. It’s the worlds most popular tool for the keyword research. 
      Thanks again for your time 🙂

  60. Hi,

    I’ve just read your article and like you I’m a complete newbie to affiliate marketing and am so pleased I have come across WA as it has helped me immeasurably.

    Your article has been thought provoking.  When I was first checking out WA those keywords came up a lot and it made me suspicious, so I needed to read more.

    I do feel though that we are told all the time how we have to wrtie an excellent content to get on google listings so that we are helpful to those searching and some people are finding ways to get round this by using keywords that spark a reaction!  I realise your article is the opposite – but do you feel there are other out there able to exploit google by getting to the top of listings with not accurate information?

    Wishing you every success going forward – I love Jaaxy too!

  61. Sunny, this is a brilliant review, has much of everything. I like the very relaxed conversational tone used to convey the points. In some ways, it’s a case study.  I totally agree with your point about the importance of searching for strong keywords, but at the same time cautioning that without creating a rich organic content that the keyword will not rank. In other words, you’re emphasizing the importance of using the right keyword with creating rich content to be SEO worthy. Writing masterfully with any keyword chosen is the key. And it is exactly what you have done. And reading your article is like you are discussing or reviewing 2 articles in one Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate, but you wedded both very neatly. 

    However, my question is where do you think this your keyword of 83 SEO will rank? Will it make any difference had it been you put a question mark on the keyword, e.g “/wealthy Affiliate is it a Scam?



    • Hi Favorme, 

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your time and testimonial and am glad I reached my target with this article. My goal was a desire to deliver an understandable and informative content. And that’s why I haven’t focused on the keywords that much and grabbed the reversed psychology just for the sake of explaining the process of how the Keywords research work. 

      To answer your question, a few years ago I was told that the question mark or an extra article we sometimes use google actually doesn’t rank. It ranks what is searched the most, and that it is recommended to watch on grammar as well. 

      Keyword THE Wealthy Affiliate is a scam that has a better position, because of the article, but as I was told before, Google doesn’t see the article. 

      On top of everything, I truly care more about my content and conversational tone than the parameters. I care about them, but not as much as I want to be precise, honest, and transparent in my writings. 

      Thanks again for your time 🙂 

  62. I am thrilled I came across your site!  

    Targeting keywords can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes on how to properly choose the ‘right’ words.  You broke it down in a simple and easy to follow way!  I really like how you are targeting the avg number of searches and traffic at 100 or more.  I am going to start trying to do the same.  I’ve been targeting a little less traffic.  Plus, I didn’t realize that the higher the SEO the score the better you will rank!  That’s such valuable information you provided.

    Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers an incredible platform for those looking to build a successful online business in a niche they are passionate about.  It’s a win win scenario, you have nothing to lose because you can become part of WA for FREE for as long as you’d like.  I joined WA several months ago.  I started with their free program and training and quickly went to premium because of the benefits and results I could see for my business.  I’m so grateful for WA, being a member, and getting to know other like-minded individuals.  It’s one of the best communities I have ever been a part of.  Thank you for spreading awareness about one of the GREATEST market affiliate programs out there today!

  63. Superb blog on Keywords Sunny. Great review of the importance of keywords. I like the advice you have given that content and natural writing are more important than particular keywords. So we need not dwell too much on keywords alone. In fact, Google likes it more when the use of keywords is not made too obvious. All in all a great article and i have learned a great deal. Thank u. 


  64. I love how you got my attention with that keyword “wealthy affiliate is a scam” it got me more intrigued into the article. The fact that you learned about this type of stuff and these techniques in wealthy affiliate really makes me curious to see what it’s like and what else I can learn by using it. I can’t get over how that title grabbed my attention and you ended up using that to show its value. Kudos to you for that, thank you for teaching all of us something with this article!

  65. For a start, I have never thought of negative keywords that way but now I am more informed after reading this. Yes, it can be tricky as you said especially when one does not know how to use it properly. Thanks to you anyone reading this post can do it well now.

    When I first started content marketing online, I use to do the mistake of using negative keywords wrong and that affected my rankings. But as time goes on and thanks to an article like this, I will never do the same mistake again.

    If you don’t mind what other negative keywords can you advise for a newbie who is starting out online fresh?

    • Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. 

      To be honest, I am not into negative words, in fact, my lifestyle is all around positive thinking and nice uplifting speech. This is just one small exception just for the sake of explaining everything. Hope this helps. 

      I would say always stay in a high vibrational speech 🙂 

  66. Thank you for those great tips on keywords. I have been a member for about 9 months and am very happy with WA training and the quick response from everyone when you have a question. After reading your article a light bulb when off in my head. I get the keyword even more now. Thank you. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely NO scam!!

  67. Thanks for giving out such good information on wealthy affiliate and I agree with you totally that the platform is here to help people make money online. As a member, I’m also proud to be able to make something from it as it has been a way for me to get some income right from the comfort of my home. This here is really nice. Thank you!

  68. It always baffles me whenever I see people criticize a platform as legitimate and Lucrative as Wealthy affiliate  because I see absolutely nothing about WA that they don’t understand it like, very close to perfection. Well, it’s good to read through this article, thanks for considering sharing this here, I’ve enjoyed reading through.

  69. Hello,this is an interesting and educative article. At first I was astonished when I saw the topic “wealthy affiliate is  a scam” not until I read the content. I came across jaaxy sometimes ago on wealthy affiliate platform and I’ve been making use of it since then

    For me, it’s the best for finding keywords while writing 

  70. There have been a lot of talks Bout wealthy affiliate as a platform and when you tell a couple of people who know little about it, they feel it’s all lie and can’t be true. However, the fact remains that wealthy affiliate is one very LEGIT platform for both newbies and guru in affiliate marketing to gain more knowledge when it comes to online business. 

  71. To me, wealthy affiliate is not a scam and should not be counted as one as they offer so much more than what we can imagine. I quite find it bizarre to see it being called a scam and how it can affect its reputation towards people tet to know about it. Surely a very good one to see here. Thajknyiu for sharing here

  72. I’m very happy I came across this article. This is a very detailed one on wealthy affiliate. I’ve been involved in this platform for a while so I totally relate with you. Wealthy affiliate program to me is the best affiliate marketing program and should never be placed side by side with “scam”. It is very legit and also very lucrative. What makes it very interesting is you don’t just earn, you learn because of the quality training attached to the program. Kudos to Kyle and Carson on this one and the thank you for sharing this article. 

  73. Wealthy affiliate is certainly not a scam!

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for years and it is where I learned how to make money online. I learned how to create a blog based on affiliate marketing, and how to create quality content that ranks in the search engines. 

    So, I will gladly advise people to join that platform, especially those newcomers that want to understand how an online business works, and they will get the assistance needed from the community.


  74. I do agree with you on the fact that it’s not about the keywords but content and natural writing. However, keywords do help in a way when it comes to Google recognizing an article and ranking it. Jaaxy can be seen as a reliable tool search and I have been using the tool for quite some time now. The tool really shows a variety of keywords that can help bloggers to structure an article from different angles. Nice article. 

  75. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of when running affiliate programs. Keywords are very essential when creating content, i have heard a lot about jaaxy. I think i will start using jaaxy for my own website

  76. Seein the title of the article jilted me a little and got me wondering, ‘who has written this article?’ Very funny right. But because of the trust and confidence i have in wealthy affiliate, as a member, i kept on reading to see the conclusion of this article. And as you have just concluded, wealthy affiliate is no scam, and is in fact one of the best affiliate palforms out there. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and i have benefited a lot from being a member. All that is written in this article is true and credible!

  77. Wow, as a newbie in affiliate marketing I found this article really interesting and educative as well, I thought I knew about Jaaxy till I read this article, it really explained a whole lot I didn’t understand before. I just perfected my skill of using keywords. Thanks so much for sharing this article, it was really helpful. 

  78. I agree with you. Keywords are a powerful weapon. Keywords can direct you or mislead you. This happens to a lot of people who just look at the keyword and they dont read the article. Your review is an ineteresting read. I like the what you have done there with the keyword. Anyway I learnt quite a bit about the use of Jaaxy. Thanks

  79. Lol! Now that’s an attention-grabbing heading 🙂 I’m a fan of Wealthy Affiliate so I was intrigued to see who was saying it was a scam, but now I can see that you also agree it’s a great training resource and community. I personally find the training resources to be excellent and I’ve been able to create a blog from scratch very quickly and have earned my fist affiliate commissions. Wahoo!

  80. I can speak from my own experience and what I can tell you is that wealthy affiliate has one of the best business model on the internet. If anyone is looking for an opportunity to learn how to build a website and also build and run a successful business then wealthy affiliate is the place to be. There are so many success stories that come out of this community and I would encourage anyone to become a part of wealthy affiliate where they help in making dreams come true.

  81. LOL – well, I read the title too, and thought “This guy is crazy!” Of course, then I read on. You’re right, people read the title and think they know the whole story. Maybe it’s also a metaphor for our lives. Their is so much information out there on the internet that we are inundated. Somehow it seems easier to read the title. I know the purpose of your article is to show keywords, but I just got a little stuck on the title thing – it was so funny!

  82. Hello, Sunny. I think your use of reverse psychology worked. With such a bold statement “Wealthy Affiliate is a scam” I had to click on it to see where you were taking me. 

    I loved your about me page where you took me through your experiences in theatre and acting which apparently led to your experience of cruising. But sandwiched inside your articles, you managed to focus on Jaaxy and keywords which I agree are the secret to successfully building and maintaining an online business. 

    I commend you for, in your roundabout way, accomplishing an alluring invitation to your readers to come on board with Wealthy Affiliate. Well done!

    • Thank you so much. I am thrilled with your kind words. Beyond grateful for your comment!!! 
      Cheers to you sir 

  83. Hi,

    From my online research wealthy affiliate is not a scam, it is a platform to be successful in affiliate marketing you’re going to need some money. Affiliate marketing takes time, effort and lots of learning, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, but it is marketed by other affiliates as a get rich quick scheme, is not a get rich quick platform, it teaches you on how to succeed online.

    Thank you.


  84. Becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate about a year ago, I started to learn about the importance of keywords. It’s really hard to chose a good one i.e. to find the balance between having a keyword not too generic and not too specific or unusual (that no one would look for). In my niche, it really is extremely hard to find a good one but using jaaxy helps. 
    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, and also that it is a good keyword. 
    Thank you for the summary of all the great features and tools the Wealthy Affiliate platform offers.

  85. Hi Sunny. Lol I now wealthyalfliate is not a scam. Started with it 6 months ago and so far its going to so great. Build my own website, bought a domain, got indexed and now am marketing on social media. I have learned to write quality content that a getting indexed by Google. So is definately not a scam. I havent earned anything yet, but its coming.

    How long have been with wealthyalfliate? How long did it take you to earn comission? And how many hours did you spend in a day? I love to know to,  maybe to pressure my self more for early success.

  86. Hi Sunny 🙂 I love the title of your post and it really is a great keyword. Being a member of wealthy affiliate are use Jaaxy keyword tool all the time. It is the best keyword tool available online today. It helps you see who your competition is and how you can rank better than they do for not only one keyboard but many keywords. It’s so important in affiliate marketing when you’re writing your posts that you have keywords that are going to attract traffic to your articles and your website. So having the right keywords are going to give you a one up on the competition. You really did an excellent job describing keywords and how Jaaxy works.
    Once you know how to use the keyword tool you are going to be more successful when it comes to getting traffic and clicks to your products so that you can make money. Thank you so much for a very well informative article on Jaaxy!

  87. Hi Sunny 🙂 I love the title of your post and it really is a great keyword. Being a member of wealthy affiliate are use Jaaxy keyword tool all the time. It is the best keyword tool available online today. It helps you see who your competition is and how you can rank better than they do for not only one keyboard but many keywords. It’s so important in affiliate marketing when you’re writing your posts that you have keywords that are going to attract traffic to your articles and your website. So having the right keywords are going to give you a one up on the competition. You really did an excellent job describing keywords and how Jaaxy works.
    Once you know how to use the keyword tool you are going to be more successful when it comes to getting traffic and clicks to your products so that you can make money. Thank you so much for a very well informative article on Jaaxy!

  88. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. You put so much focus on the keywords, which is truly important for any business that need online traffic.

    You are absolutely right that if you create a website, one of the most important customer source is from search, or google search. Thus it is critical to have a good keywords reserach tool. It is kind of you sharing us with the keyword search tool, Jaaxy. It is nice to hear that Jaaxy is free for Wealthy Affiliate member. For this reason alone, it is worthwhile to join Wealthy Affiliate. 

  89. Great review Sunny,

    Just like you I’m also a member and very in love with Wealthy Affiliate’s features, I’ve been here for 5 years now and definitely stay for another 5 or forever! The community is warm, the founders Kyle and Carson is very down to earth and easy to talk to, and the website support and lessons are always evolving, making sure that we remain as competitive in the business as ever. Definitely recommending to anyone serious in making a second income source!

  90. Thank you for the article, the keyword, Wealthy Affiliate is a scam is not a scam because the words that are being entered in goggle search engines are the right words for google, the reason is because Jaaxy has made every possible. I like this teaching because it exposes me to things I never knew before and I am happy I am learning this.

  91. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article with us..I know it would definitely open the eye of a lot of people who are still seeing wealthy affiliate as a scam website, mI have been with wealthy affiliate for some time now and i must tell you they are one of the best platform to start of affiliate marketing. 

  92. Using reverse psychology to get attention is indeed a great way of getting attention. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about eighteen months now, and my first reaction when I saw the titles was, no, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It provides you with world class training and a great community to support you. And I do use Jaaxy on a daily basis. 

    And yes, creating content that real people want to read, is more important than stuffing it with keywords. 

  93. Well, I reserve my comments after I read your first and second paragraph. I was about unleashing on you. You did great though. You’ve succeeded in getting my attention. Nice keyword you’ve got.

    Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a reputable company that has succeeded in training and “graduating” lots of successful online entrepreneurs since 2005. There are lots of benefit in using their services. But the only thing I feel I like about the platform is just the community. Their advice and encouragement is what have kept me going till this date.

    The use of keyword is very important and should not be overlooked. In fact, this is one of the most vital skill a digital marketer must master. I make use of Jaaxy to carry out most of my keyword research. It is beginner friendly and of course very affordable. Great article.

  94. Being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can confirm that this is a legit moneymaking platform. Just don’t expect instant riches and you’ll be fine. Follow the training, build your website, keep learning and adding to your website and you will have the chance to make some money before long.

    If you want to earn some money online to see for yourself whether it is a myth or not, I think this is a great place to get started. You start for free, get to mess around a little bit in the world of internet marketing, then decide whether you would like to take things further.

  95. Hi Sunny, this is great information about the keyword research tool. Initially, I was surprised to find an article that mentioning Wealthy Affiliate is a scam since I planned to sign up as a free member first to check it. I’ll really consider joining and upgrade my membership to become a premium. Is it possible to get back all of my money within a year, assuming I follow all of their training?

    • Hi, that’s not predictive. I believe that everything is possible, but as I always like to point out, the Wealthy Affiliate never promises the exact date of making the first income as it purely depends on individuals. Good luck, be consistent and focused and your success will be there even before you believe it can be!!! 

  96. Keywords are such a important thing to know how to work with and you couldn’t have said it better there yourself. i always enjoy reading up on. It’s funny that such a small thing like this can help you rake in so much money at the end of the day without spending any money at all. Very help full post thank you!

  97. Hi Sunny,

    Thank you so much for your review! Yes, I also know the Wealthy Affiliate. They are a great platform, and you are so right about them. It can’t be better. I have already tried several affiliate platforms, and they are the best! Absolutely! I would always choose them. All the support you get is outstanding. Thank you again. 

  98. This is fantastic information on how to use keywords effectively. You have explained it in a way that is easy to understand. Sometimes people are so technical it’s difficult to grasp the concept. I like the sound of Wealthy Affiliate, it sounds like a great place to learn Affiliate Marketing. The idea of an online business is a very attractive one, especially in the climate we are facing at the moment. I enjoyed reading the information in your article.

  99. I came across Wealthy Affiliate the other day and just before I commit myself to anything I have to do my research first. So, I am at your post, thanks for the review. This is why I saw many mixed messages, the scam keyword is on the top. And thanks for explaining about the importance of keywords. I see that there is a free trial option available. I will check that out and take it from there. 

  100. A really detailed article and some great content. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the best opportunities the web has got to offer to individuals seeking to earn a living online. They’ve got the best platform where you can be trained literally to create or build a business without even selling your own products. Thanks for putting this awesome review.

  101. Your title attracted me to reading your opinion on wealthy affiliate. I have been member for 10 months. I must say that wealthy affiliate is the home of affiliate marketing. The training is superb, the community is unique and top of it is the hosting platform. Excellent environment for affiliate marketing. 

  102. One of the few articles I read in one go, from A to Z, and still being excited. So well done ! I have been a premium member now for over 3 months and may now consider offer some classes. And I am. I have not earned yet, but it will come. i am patient, I still have tons to learn, from WA and beyond !

  103. Great post about Jaaxy, Still learning about keyword search so this post laid it out in simple and easy terms to understand. With so many articles going around the internet is hard to see some with really good content and this is one I find really great with it’s information. Thank you for sharing this article 

  104. Hello Sunny!  Thanks for sharing this sincere review.  One of the best, if not, the best, online affiliate business program I have ever been enrolled in is Wealthy Affiliates as they  goes above and beyond what budding affiliates need to succeed in their online business. They have thought of everything and the WA community is truly supportive. I highly recommend it!

  105. wealthy affiliate is definitely not a scam. Since I joined this platform, I have gained a whole lot. It has also widen my horizons. This is a platform for everyone who desires an online platform where they  can learn and earn. Even sharing life experiences is one other thing I like about the platform. Thank you for this wonderful article about wealthy affiliate

  106. WA is definitely the best platform that exists. I’ve been at WA for a while now and I’m very happy. I like that you can join for free and then if you want you can upgrade more. For everything that interests you, there are trainings that explain everything in detail. I would definitely recommend a WA as a way of passive earnings to everyone.

  107. Thank you Sunny, for this article, at the beginning I was a little skeptical, WA a scam, but after reading it I understood what you meant by that. Of course, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, it is one of the greatest places to work for. And yes, you are right, I also need Jaaxy for my search for good keywords, for several keywords Placing it in an article was new to me, great, I’m going to use it right away on my new blog.

  108. I would have to agree about Jaaxy.  It is the best key word tool out there by far.  I have the paid version of it because I just feel I get more from it than the free version.  But you can certainly get all you need from the free version if you are not constantly looking for key words 🙂  Great information, thanks!

  109. Amazing examples of how powerful keywords can be! I loved the reverse psychology example in particular. I assume since you work for Wealthy Affiliate you don’t ACTUALLY think its a scam? lol

     Your site has been super helpful with my business endeavors and I wish you the best! Thanks for your article!

  110. Hello Sunny, I read with much pleasure your article, which is so clear and easy to understand the Keywords explanation and all about Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate platform. I also use Jaaxy, and I recommend it to use by every newbie to find the right keywords for the first articles and go on. And Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn and start a successful journey.  

    Thank you for sharing this helpful and beautiful article. 



  111. Very very nice and comprehensive review, you did explain in details and thoroughly about Wealthy Affiliate, truly the best place to work online, definitely the best place for training as well, there is none can compare for such a pleasant price, I wish many can read this review and find themselves place of comfort and maximum support that you wouldn’t find no where else. Thank you so much for spreading the word for all to read about, One of the best indeed.

  112. Thank you for sharing this review of Wealthy Affiliate. You did a great job explaining how amazing the platform is and all of the benefits that the members receive by being a part of the community. Great keyword research tutorial as well. It is very important when you are in the online money making world to understand keywords and how they affect your traffic, no matter what type of business you are operating online.

  113. Hey Sunny, thanks for your clear, outstanding, and amazing review of Wealthy Affiliate! Keywords are one of the few things I first learned when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate community and it’s helped me a lot rank my content on Google. Some metrics I paid attention to in keywords include the Quoted Search Results (QSR), Average Searches, Monthly traffic, SEO, and lots more, and I made use of low competition keywords in my first paragraph, especially in the first sentence, while I write up the remaining part of the content naturally bearing in mind those keywords.

  114. Hi there!

    As I can see you are working for wealthy affiliate here. I would like to know, how long it takes mostly to get the money if I join Wealthy Affiliate? If I don’t want to become a premium, can I still use the facility? Because I might be want to learn only to improve my skill on the marketing and learn the market. But I do not interest to become affiliate memeber. Do you think I can do that?

  115. Keywords are absolutely vital for any website whose author hopes to attract traffic.  Your interactive examples are cool.  I was happy to see your detailed explanation of how Jaxxy works and how it is interpreted.  Without that explanation, people will not realize how important a tool Jaxxy is.  I have a great deal of difficult picking good SEO keywords without that tool.

  116. Using negative keywords is a great way to get visitors to your site. I was personally quite shocked when I saw the title of your article and was quite relieved to get here and find that it wasn’t a scam after all, but your strategy worked as I got to your site.

    I have been a member of both Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy for more than five years now, and these are two memberships I will have for life, as together they have just about everything I need to run my online business. So, no Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam in my eyes.

  117. Thank you so much for presenting us with a great article on the importance of keywords. If we can’t choose the right keywords, it won’t be difficult to get in the Google rankings. So the Wealthy Affiliate Platform has a Jaaxy tool that works great for keyword selection. I myself am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate Platform so I choose my keywords using these tools. So I would say that those who work with affiliates can use it from this platform so that it is easy to select keywords without any problem. Finally I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share the subject of the article in my social media group if you agree with me.

  118. Great post about Jaaxy! Still learning about keyword search so this post laid it out in simple and easy terms to understand. 

    Your title “Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam” really caught my attention and I really wanted to read to the end to see what you had to say. Because I don’t think it is. But in your post you actually explain the benefits of WA and state it is not a scam. I like that! 

    I need to work better with coming up with better titles for my posts. Jaaxy is a great tool to determine SEO but like you said its not everything. Your post has to flow and deliver great content or else it won’t get ranked on Google. I’ve been ranked on Bing and Yahoo on the 1st page (some are #1 or #2 post), but I still haven’t gotten ranked on the first page of Google. Any tips? Thanks for such a clearly explained post.

    • Hi Rade, happy to have you here! Are you from Serbia btw? 🙂 

      Regarding your question, Google seems to need more time for ranking and climbing up to place #1. Tips I have to continue building quality content, interacting with the audience, and believing 🙂 It sounds difficult but it’s true! 

      I believe in it especially now when more people are actually searching online. Imagine how many people on the planet is your potential fellow, so keep it going and results are certain even with good old google 🙂 

  119. You got me there with the keyword! Reverse psychology that made me curious to click and read. The keyword “Wealthy affiliate is a scam” looks hard to rank with QSR of 170 but I suppose with time, one might get there. And perhaps you might be ranked by other LSI keywords. Wealthy affiliate is definitely not a scam and it is indeed one of, if not, the best platform to “work” for!

    • Jaaxy is reporting QSR 156 now. The traffic and search jumped up a bit. I try to keep QSR under 100 but if I feel the keyword and it’s under 200 I am fine with it. Following my guts, all the time through my life brought me to nice places so I do it this time too 😀 

  120. I must say when I found this article I found it because of your Keyword or headline. I was thinking Who on earth thinks Wealthy Affiliate is a scam? I just had to read your article since I am a Wealthy affiliate myself. Great Keyword and headline by the way! Made me take an extra look. What you say about Wealthy affiliate is spot on. It is all laid out for you if you want to start an online business. It has already changed many peoples lives to the better.

  121. Excellent article on this topic, being a member of Affiliate Marketing, and also gotten scammed over the years while joining other online businesses, then to discovered, either they no longer in business, or they are costing  me more after the initial entry fee. 

    I believe in Affiliate business highly because it has enhances many peoples lifestyle and many people, this is their livelihood. Of course, after many years In the business.  I am still trying to reach the income status.

  122. I love this blog post… it is exactly why I chose to become a Premium Wealthy Affiliate member… it is why I choose to follow the training in building my own online affiliate business. The one thing I appreciate more than any other is the fact that the WA community is so quick to offer assistance in answering every question and helping with any problem I encounter.

  123. Great to visit this page after seeing it referenced on your last page about the Jaaxy keyword research tool. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate (definitely not a scam), but I wouldn’t say that I “work for them” as you mention… rather I feel like they work for me. 

    I don’t think I would have found my way to the Jaaxy keyword research without the WA recommendation. Both have been very helpful tools!

  124. Hello Sunny

    Wealthy affiliate is  definitely the legit site and also its the best affiliate program that offering the beneficial training ever, myself  I’m one of the members of the program, one of the best thing I love from WA, is the win-win situation, there is no chase to lose out your money, when you upgrade to WA you will make money on three categories, recurring commission by inviting your friend, create training to WA and also earn money for offering comment to other site hosted on WA

    Thank you for sharing this amazing community

  125. Hello Sunny,

    Thank you for sharing your website.

    I found it very engaging. The way your explained Jaaxy and shoosing a keyword is very useful and informative. I am sure everyone including my self would want to join. During this Pandamic this is going to be a great source of income online and that is just by using a laptop or a computer at the comfort of our own home.

    All the best!

  126. this web site is having very informative content. the style of writing is inspired. Rich content allows the reader to follow what the writer is saying.very successful writing pattern.writer is writing through her personal experience. So the facts are more reliable to the readers.she is covering a vast area of affiliate marketing strategies and explain them through her personal achievements. So readers tend to follow what the writer is saying.

    Also, the overall theme for the website should be attractive rather than this and fonts, and using pictures and other media attractively will increase the traffic to the website.

    the web site has good reach and engagement.it is showed by the comments.And writer responding style also very conversational. So overall comment on this web site is very positive.

  127. Another great article about Jaaxy Keywords searching tool. Myself,  I’m part of WEALTHY affiliate and I’ve been using Jaaxy every single day and I must confess that I love it. It’s the best Keywords searching tool to the best of my knowledge. The amazing thing is the free starter package. 

  128. Hey Sunny, To be honest I was so confused when I started reading your article because I was actually looking for more information about wealthy affiliate, and I really thought it was a scam. Haha

    I’m also glad because I learned more than expected. I mean, I came for wealthy affiliate, and now I also know about Keyword research. So, I’m glad to have come across your article.

    I’ll read your full review about wealthy affiliate first.


  129. Thank you for sharing this awesome information about Jaaxy and keyword research in general. Based on what I read in your article it’s really the key to being successful online. I always wondered what it meant when I saw content writers advertising for work and they claimed that every one of their articles are SEO optimized for better ranking. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job of explaining it for us.

  130. I agree WA has helped me out show much with getting started and having a plan to focus on and achieve. I have grew so much within these past 2 months of signing up with WA. I am so happy to have found them.

    Thank you for your amazing reviews, as always. I love your format and design, very unique and it stands out.

  131. Thank you Sunny for the great review or Scam review of Wealthy Affiliate, and how important keywords are to any article or post. Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam, is great use of keywords, and how these keywords can gain Google Trust by creating great keyword posts, and they will rank. I love Jaaxy and I use the Jaaxy Keyword Tool everyday. Thanks for a great post about Wealthy Affiliate as well as Jaaxy and how important they have been to you in your business.

  132. You got off to a great start with the article. When I read the title, I was horrified for a moment because I know you’re active and promoting WA, but then I immediately thought there is definitely a bigger picture behind the title. And really, an article with a great presentation on the importance of keywords.
    As a WA member, I have access to Jaaxy, and I am really happy with the use. I like it because it is transparent and easy to use, with effective results.
    I’m glad you finished the article with a great presentation of WA because it’s a really fantastic platform for anyone thinking or already building an online business.
    I wish you all the best

  133. When I first read the title of your post I was taken aback!  I thought what on earth is going on here.  As I know for sure that Wealthy Affiliate is certainly no scam.

    Keywords definitely are essential to getting traffic to your website.  The great thing is that while you write away on the subject, you will be quoting lots of other keywords without even knowing it.  However, Google will certainly spot them and reward you for using them.

    For anyone who hadn’t quite grasped what keywords are, don’t worry, as Wealthy Affiliate will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to get your business up and running.

    So if anyone reading your post isn’t a member yet, then I recommend that they get over as soon as possible.

  134. Wow you surely tricked me! Almost thought I made a mistake to sign up for premium. I agree that jaaxy is a great tool to use. I might be new to wealthy affiliate. However, I keep learning something new and hope I will soon make my first earnings. So far still learning and practicing. Love the article and will take some pointers here.

  135. Hahah thank you for the witty article you posted up here!  I have read many of your articles and when I saw this one I was so confused at first!  I was not sure what to make of it honestly.  Then I realized that you was talking about keyword searches and you made it clear that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.  This was a very witty post and I like it!

  136. Hi Sunny, 

    That is a great article on how to use Jaaxy the keyword research tool. Your title is interesting is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? it opens up opportunities to share about the best Affiliate network and to share about the best Keyword search tools. eighter way I am sold on both products and would sign up any time to be part of Wealthy Affiliate and to use Jaaxy.

    Thank you for an awesome article.


  137. The overall theme for the website should be attractive rather than this and fonts, and using pictures and other media attractively will increase the traffic to the website.

    the web site has good reach and engagement.it is showed by the comments.And writer responding style also very conversational. So overall comment on this web site is very positive.

  138. Titles certainly grab one’s attention, and you chose an excellent keyword. I use Jaaxy to research every keyword that I plan on using when writing content. Finding the right words that match searches is the key to getting your content found. Along with finding the right words, one must check the number of sites using that keyword. If there are too many sites using your intended keyword, it makes your content harder to rank. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to build quality websites.

  139. Hi thanks for this article with a very tricky heading, at the same time a great way for people to learn about the importance of keywords and how to use it properly to get more clicks on your blog posts. As an online marketer who also uses Jaaxy, I agree it is a great keyword research tool. the only improvement I will like to see with this tool, is that it should be created in other languages as well, for example French and Spanish, so that those with a website in a different language can enjoy its benefits too. 

  140. Excellent article. My husband and I use Jaaxy on a daily basis.

    I wouldn’t write an article without first doing my keyword research, it is such a valuable tool.

    The fact that we get access to this incredible tool within our Wealthy Affiliate membership is just more proof of how valuable this program really is.

    Kyle and Carson have really outdone themselves and have raised the bar in online business platforms.

  141. This was very insightful and educating. A wealth of information and a plethora of knowledge combined with strategies. I was very impressed with the overall site and the in-depth informational substance that is provided here. it appears that there was no stone that was left unturned. The writing skills here are exceptional and the website layout is extremely user-friendly and quite savvy. It is efficient and has an interactive call to action that is completely strategic to assist with building traffic and turning the volume into dollars. 

    Congratulations on a great site!

  142. WOW, thank you Sunny for this incredible information. The overall facts of your explanation really clarified many things for me about keywords. I have had many ideas about how I should go about choosing my keywords and how I should implement them into my websites. 

    There are many different views and approaches that are discussed. I really enjoyed how you explained your process, and it was easy to understand. Everyone learns from different perspectives or insights. This was very helpful information and will ultimately deter me from making some poor decisions on my own.

    The “sneak peek” into the Jaaxy research bar was very beneficial to me. That tool is extremely useful and has given me multitudes of new and exciting ideas for developing my niche. I was struggling to come up with a broader spectrum of ideas to diversify my posting. Thank you Sunny for another job well done!! Very helpful!!

  143. Hi Sunny, What a surprise it was to read your article entitled “Wealthy Affiliate is a scam”! Your reverse psychology certainly worked with me. Congratulations on writing a really great post. In fact, I was so impressed that I went on to read all about you and am still impressed! I’m so glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate, too, having been scammed a few times in the past. The tools and the training are simply amazing and make it so easy for newbies to start their businesses. Cheers, Jenni

  144. What a great article and it did resonate with me very much Sunny. Words have power and it is so important to make sure that our perception of the word doesn’t cloud the truth. We should always stay open-minded and do our research before making a decision. Going on blind faith is foolish. Jaaxy sounds like a great tool and Wealthy Affiliate a dream place to learn how to build a business.

    Wishing you well.

  145. I can agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, I have been with them for a couple of months and I am very happy with the training I have completed so far. This is one of the best money I have spent. I am willing to say I have gotten more out of these two months than I did out of most of my 8 years of college. 

  146. I think that if I didn’t have a basic understanding of keyword research this article would be super confusing!

    That being said, I just want to say that WA has taught me sooo much! So if any of your readers are leaning on the fence about whether or not to join, Ask Sunny for a link for a free starter membership! And soak up as much as you can! Its free! What do you have to loose? A few hours of Netflix? I promise getting a basic understanding of keyword research is well worth the few hours (all of the hours) of lost netflix bingeing 

  147. Hello Sunny

    Your heading really caught my attention;)

    I have been building my site for the past 5 months and enjoying my experience at WA tremendously. The keyword search stategy Im using is one that concentrates on the low hanging fruit as my niche is highly competitive. Fortunately all my posts were indexed and now Im working on building social media etc. But definitely would agree keywords are king and spend time researching and creating a list on jaaxy its worth it!

  148. Hey There Sunny,

    This a great article and it really explains the benefits of having great keywords. I am new to the online business and i have just with Wealthy Affiliate and i agree it is a great company and definately not a scam. I have also been using Jaxxy a lot recently and the various parameters always confused me but after reading your article it all ecomes clear now.

    Thank you so much for this.



  149. Hi Sunny, thanks for the awesome post on the importance of keywords. I myself sometimes have a problem where I only read the title, usually when I’m skimming through YouTube. I often see these new YouTube videos with titles such as, “Affiliate Marketing Is Dead,” and it forces me to watch the video. Then I find out that their entire video is about how affiliate marketing isn’t dead, so it’s definitely a good idea to find out the entire story instead of just reading headlines.

  150. Well done.
    All of us who struggle with optimizing a keyword research page need to read a post like this sometimes. I didn’t give much importance to key words at the beginning of my blogging.
    Thank you for showing how important certain keywords are.
    Very cleverly done.All of us when we started with WA wanted to make sure the platform was reliable.

  151. I completely agree with you Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome program to use.  It is not a scam.  I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for a few months now.  I have learned so much using this platform.  I am currently on level 4 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. If you put in the work, the results will show.  I have been indexed by google a few times, and that wouldn’t have been possible without me learning on this site.  If you have a willing to learn, then this is the place for you.  It’s easy for anyone to learn, from newbies to advanced learners can profit from this program.  Thanks for shedding a light on this amazing program.


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