Why Is Important To Interact With Your Audience

Best-Online-Home-Business-logoHello everyone,

In today’s post, I would like to focus on the comments section of the website and why it is important to interact with your audience.

This is a quick and very important read for everyone working on an online business career. If you are a newbie and you never thought about this, great, you will learn something new today! If you are an experienced entrepreneur, then I hope this article will be a nice refreshment training on interaction with your audience, customers, followers, and those who found your website for the first time.


So let’s see..

Why do we need an audience?

Website for online business entrepreneurs is a market where they offer their services and products.
No audience – No business. At the end of this post, you will find my articles where you can learn the importance of keywords and SEO optimization, and how they are connected to your audience.

The audience means traffic. The same as the store’s visitors. Those people working in the Macy’s would never sell anything without people constantly walking into the store. The same is with your website.

Audience = Visitors


What do your site’s visitors bring to you?

  1. Traffic which is endorsed by the search engines, Google is the toughest one but once your website meets Google requirements, you will enjoy that Google love!
  2. Better ranking in the search engines
  3. Bigger chances to be found by organic traffic more often
  4. Potential sales
  5. Ultimately your financial freedom


How you can attract visitors to your website?

  1. Writing the quality content (endorsed by the search engines, especially Google)
  2. Optimizing your website’s SEO 
  3. Doing your keywords research on a regular bases 
  4. Using your social networks for promotion: FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
  5. Becoming a member of the traffic exchange platforms


Traffic exchange platforms

I am currently a member of several platforms that can be used for traffic exchange. Somewhere I am active 100%, somewhere 20%, and somewhere not at all. Here are some of them, and as time goes by I will update the list:


Wealthy Affiliate

Not a classic traffic exchanger but it has a great community and a feature that brings traffic to my website all the time. It is a comments platform where I go on a daily basis, review the websites, read through, and leave my comments.


That way I earn credits which I then use to request reviews of my website and certain pages I want to get feedback/visitors on. These credits have a cash value too, so I sometimes choose to cash them out. Way to earn income with the Wealthy Affiliate as well and you can read more about it HERE



Global MoneyLine

MoneyLineA great platform where you build your network, exchange traffic with them, advertise your website and business links, make money through their affiliate system. Click HERE to learn more about Global MoneyLine 

In case you have a concern about how you can utilize the MoneyLine in your niche which is not the “making money online” niche, here is my answer I left for one of my visitors. I took a screenshot so I don’t type it twice (not good for Google love)



Classic traffic exchanger. Pay it forward community where you have to review each website, earn points, and get clicks back to your website. What I use the CashJuice platform the most is for networking with like-minded people. And I also found some nice programs advertised there. YES, YOU CAN MAKE MONEY with the CashJuice program! Read HERE how! 


In case you have a concern about how you can utilize the CashJuice in your niche which is not the “making money online” niche and what is an impact on the SEO, here are my answers I left for some of my visitors. I took a screenshot, so I don’t type it twice (again, not good for Google love)




We share abundance

We-Share-Abundance-reviewI joined this community last week of October 2020. I am not active there. I just log in every day just to see if I can find something new that will change my mind and make me be more active within the community.

I believe it is NOT A SCAM but still, I didn’t feel comfortable, maybe just because I didn’t understand the program? Maybe because I am not into investing in something I can’t see, touch, or feel? Maybe because it has a very strong expression of the same beliefs I have, but still they sound too much for me? Don’t know. Go ahead, click HERE, and read my review. 


Before you make an opinion according to my review, read this comment left by Charmaine, apparently, a successful member of the We share abundance community – I am open to be wrong and to make income with the We share abundance!


Now when you have your audience…

Imagine that you walked into your favorite store. And you found there a wonderful, kind, smiley, caring individual who shows you nothing but care, respect, attention. How do you feel? Do you feel welcomed? After being answered all the questions, and had a nice conversation, would you want to go back to the same store? YES right?!

Well, this wonderful, kind, smiley, caring individual is now YOU for your audience, for your visitors, people reading your articles, and interacting with you.

Find time to answer back, help and assist them, no matter what is your niche. Reserve one hour a day aside for interaction. This will go a long way and you will have real followers. Your visitors will be happy to see your answer, and there you go, you have double, triple, quadruple hits on your website’s link which means more Google love!

On another hand, do the same when you visit other people’s sites. Leave comments, start a conversation, pay it forward for your future success.



  1. Write quality content
  2. Do a keyword research
  3. Optimize your website’s SEO
  4. Allow comments on your posts
  5. Interact with your audience
  6. Smile and be happy – you are already successful!


With that being said, I always answer the comments, one hour per day is for that purpose, so please always come back to check and get your clarification on the questions you asked.

Btw, I realized that my visitors were not receiving a notification when I answer their comments, so I installed today the plugin called Subscribe to Comments Reloaded. If you are using WordPress, you will find it in the plugins and it’s easy to install.


As promised…

Click on this article to learn about SEO optimization  —>>> What Is SEO Optimization?

And click on this one to get tips on how to use the keywords and attract your audience to your website  —>>>  Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam


I hope this article gave you some benefits. Share your thoughts with me in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

I will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 




  1. Thank you for this article.  Generating traffic and having visitors to a page or platform is very key. I won’t underestimate its importance. It is nice to build interaction with audience as well. I will also try the cash juice program, although I am a bit pessimistic. And the global money line program is not bad at all. I would try both to figure out the best.

    • Yes do so, you will like these platforms. They are made for networking with like-minded people. If nothing, you will gain some trusted visitors there. 

  2. Very, very informative article Sunny! Traffic is very important to our wellbeing as we are literally nothing online without traffic. I noticed you mentioned Tony’s reviews of GlobalMoneyLine and CashJuice. I have signed up for GlobalMoneyLine due to his recommendation and I was thinking of signing up for CashJuice as well but after seeing you say it may hurt my SEO I may not. While I am currently signed up for GlobalMoneyLine I am not very active on the platform because honestly, it confuses me. I’m not to sure when exactly I am supposed to do or how to do it. I am sure it is very simple, but I just can’t figure it out. Maybe I need to look up a tutorial on the platform or something. Either way, thank you very much for the article!

    • Hi Rachel, I hear you. I would strongly suggest that you use your free membership at MoneyLine as it is beneficial. confusing but after spending some time browsing the platform, you will find it simpler. 

      Regarding the CashJuice, I am not sure if that’s true about traffic exchangers vs SEO. What I know for sure is that I experienced a lot of benefits being a member there as I expanded my network significantly. 

      Sorry if you misunderstood me. 


  3. WOW, this has really been a very insightful article for me to read and find today! You are correct! it is very important to interact with your audience but I had no idea that there was so much more that went into it! This is really eye-opening for me and I will be taking it into consideration for the future and for what I end up starting later on. Thank you so much for this!

    • I am so happy to hear you found some takeaways for yourself. Please let me know how it works in the practice for you? 

  4. Totally agree – I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of interaction with their audience and the impact that has on SEO. Search engines love sites that have a lot of interaction… very useful how you’ve shared the platforms that you use for this… I will certainly have a look at some of them and sign up.

    • Thanks Mohammad, please do let me know if I can assist you along the way. 


  5. Thanks a lot Sunny for this informative article. I have really learnt a lot and I have understood the importance of traffic. I have seen that interacting with audience have a very long way with getting much traffic. I will try the Cash juice and the Global Money Line platforms as well. 

    • Great! Go ahead, grab momentum and sign up Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with 🙂 

  6. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one. I agree with you on this. When you interact with your audience, it gives them a king of belonging and a feeling that they’re close to you so everything would work smoothly. A really great idea

  7. Ah, this is a very important thing for anyone who wants to advertise online or has an online business. In fact, anyone who needs customers needs to understand the point of having to interact with your potential customers as this can in turn fetch you enough money to move up the gear in your business world.

  8. Thank you Sunny for this article. Generating traffic and having visitors to a page or platform is very key. I won’t underestimate its importance. It is nice to build interaction with audience as well because they are actually the ones that bring traffic to your site and making them feel welcomed is very important 

  9. Thanks for this very educating and informative article that is so rich in knowledge on the importance of one’s audience and why communication with one’s audience is very important. I have gotten to learn a something very important from reading this article and will be sure to use this knowledge well later on.

  10. Wow, this couldn’t be any truer. I often tell people that platforms are called SOCIAL media for a reason because we should interact. This content would definitely help anyone who wants to really make it big consistently. I advise that people read this with utmost sincerity to themselves and be ready to be patient while observing this. Thanks so much for this piece.

    • Thanks Tosin for your comment. I appreciate your taking the time to share your opinion and honesty. How is your business going these days? Have you tried the CashJuice and Global MoneyLine?

  11. Thank you for this helpful tips here. Though I know a lot of people would not want to take the advice here but I would say that a lot more has been said here that can make this to be totally worthy to me. I feel that making a difference is always possible in the long run and definitely seeing this here makes great sense. Thanks

  12. I see no reason why you shouldn’t always find a very good way to connect and interact with your audience, it’s if no good if you just waste a lot of time trying to address a set of people who are not actually with you in understanding, this article applies to very vast and different aspects of life, thanks.

    • Thanks Shavo for understanding my words in the way they were typed. I appreciate your comment. 

  13. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one. Sunny, I like coming across your website because just like Tony, you give tips on internet marketing and online business. Interacting with your audience is very important and these tips are awesome tips too. Thank you 

  14. Hi Sunny, these are all fantastic points and they apply to businesses that are online as well as people who are just interacting with live audiences! I think I need to take another look at CashJuice after reading your thoughts on them. I can see how this would be beneficial in helping to make the right connections for success!

    • Aly that would be a great choice! Take advantage of the freat free opportunity as CashJuice is. As soon as you start interacting with people, sooner you will see success coming. 


  15. Hello there Sunny, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. I never felt the need to interact with my audience although i am new and i am still learning, thanks

  16. In the world of marketing and business, audience which is popularly refer to as people is a very key in Marketing and audience are refer to as king, because after production is made and those not meet the needs of the people, and people decide not to buy then production is a waste.

  17. I like your site because you teach with your own example. I have been reading your posts and everytime I leave a comment you answer me. That helps me find answers to my questions and it also feels good because I have a real person with whom I can connect on this topic. I see the importance of connecting with our audience.

    • Hi Abel, I am very happy to hear that! Thanks for your testimonial. 
      Every internet marketer should build their own network and this is the exact way to do that. By interacting with your audience. So important! 

  18. Thanks Sunny, that was a great read. I have read some of your previous posts on Globalmoney and Cashjuice. To be honest I still haven’t checked them out yet. I really should as it seems the increase in traffic is there for the taking. I am a member of WA and it is a great platform.

    I have noticed that getting more comments and definitely replying to the comments posted has boosted my website rankings somewhat. I still far off on reaching a huge audience, but it’s growing.

    Thanks again and all the best 


    • Yes Rob! Interaction builds your audience big time. Find as many programs where you can get some new members of your own network, who would want to exchange some traffic with you. That’s the key. Once you have enough people for Google to kick in you are all set. Organic traffic is on the way! 

  19. I really enjoyed going through your article. As a-digital marketer I know that the importance of traffic can never be overemphasized and they are really important in the online world. And wealthy affiliate is also a very great platform as well. It is just the perfect platform for anybody that wants to venture into an online scheme 

  20. Audience are the reason why we started affiliate marketing in the first place. Without audience, then our online business is nothing. That’s why it is very important to interact with them carefully, provide solutions as much as we can. I see that that you’ve listed some areas we could get audience or traffic. I’ll check them out.

    • Yes James, these programs are definitely great for joining for those wanting to have some more traffic. 

  21. Interacting with your readers is very important because it is one of the aspects of building trust which is important when it comes to driving traffic. When you build trust there is more chance someone to return to your blog. Many authority websites are very distant to their readers and don’t answer their questions and in the end this hurt them more than they think.

  22. These few days have been eye-opening, for me as a young entrepreneur starting up new business in the tourism industry, and most of my client would be able find me easily and seek for my service from the abundant traffic that such platform offer, am glad that am here already a part of the business ventures. Am grateful to be and active part of affiliate marketing platform, and really can’t wait to enjoy all that the online market has in store for me.

  23. Thank you again for another supreme review. This is a great resource page for people to join other networks to grow their subscribers and readers to their blogs and websites. 

    I used your link for Cash Juice and I will take a look at Moneyline a bit later and possibly sign up for an account. 

    Thank you again for always providing amazing content. Have a great day.

    • Thanks Gregg, I am super happy to be of assistance. How do you find the CashJuice so far? 

  24. This is a great topic that a lot of people are going to be searching for. You make a lot of valid points of why certain things are important especially dealing with google.

    The great overall content and I like that you link to other resources to help out even further.

    Financial independence is what I think everyone is looking for nowadays and I think the information gives visitors like myself a lot of things to think about in this realm. 

    I appreciate the information and love that you are providing such a good resource for everyone in need.

    Keep up the amazing work and content!

    • Hi Christopher, Thank you so much for your incredible comment!!! I appreciate you. Good luck with your online journey. Drop me a message should you have any concerns. Sunny


  25. Hi Sunny, thanks alot for such an interesting and educative content. It is very important to interact with your audience because it gives room for proper conversation and also you get to know each other better. Interacting with your audience is also a process by you can learn and also share different ideas and thoughts

  26. I believe a lot of people underestimate the value of their viewer engagement and the effect it has on SEO. Search engines love places that have a lot of feedback … very helpful for sharing the channels you use for this purpose.It is really crucial to attract traffic and to get tourists to a website or platform. I would not underestimate its meaning. And it is not terrible at all with the multinational money line scheme. I’d try all of these to find out the best.

  27. Thanks for sharing such an informative post! I agree the online platform is not that much different than the physical store. You have to interact with your audience and if you help them right, they will come back and buy from you again. This is a great way to build trust and credibility. Thanks for sharing about other platforms, I am going to check cashjuice out. 

    • Hello Nuttanee, 

      You will love the CashJuice. I have been enjoying it truly so far. Learned so many new things and also found some great programs as well, as I was getting the links from the CashJuice members. 

  28. Hi Sunny, 

    Thank you for sharing your progress with us. The page shows that with effort there can be positive progress. You are not only with Wealthy Affiliate but other communities too. Your reminder of why we need audiences resonates with me. They are truly the heart of our business. 

    Thank you. 

  29. Hello there!

    That’s an amazing article you have there. Honestly, I have never realized how important it is for one to maintain a very good interaction with one’s audience but this amazing article has just opened my eyes to those facts. It is interesting to learn that interacting well with one’s audience will help me gain more traffic on my website and that will surely take me closer to my finacial freedom. Henceforth, I’ll start ensuring that I make good interactions with my audience.

    Thanks for sharing that knowledge

    • Hello Caro, I am delighted that you feel like you gained some good knowledge and take aways from this article. Go ahead and talk to your people. It will make them and you happy! And your business will benefit from it! 

  30. I’m very interested to read about traffic exchange programs. Other than Wealthy Affiliate i wasn’t aware others existed so its good to learn from your website about others. Your reviews seem very honest and that is good for a loyal audience. You website is easy to read and follow and isn’t too rich in detail that could make visitors click away. I will certainly come back for a visit.

    • Thanks Dameon, that’s certainly my mission, to build a place where online marketers will find answers to their questions, concerns and find that clarification about the programs they can find online. 

      What are your thoughts on some of the programs so far? Did you have a chance to join them yet? What can I do for you to assist you with your membership? 


  31. You’ve always been an inspiration Sunny,

    When everyone is drowning in piles of tasks that make care less about what’s happening around them, you take the time to engage with people and I’m quite amazed that you spend time interacting with all your readers, amazing! I’m definitely going to try that, I’ve been scared to type long comments because I thought nobody would read but man, you proved them wrong.

    I sometimes have unsavory comments on my blog and I just leave them be because of the negativity that i want to avoid but do you think I should reply to them too?

    • Hi Riaz, 

      Please try, it will shift you from trying to enjoying. Especially when people come back to you answering your reply. That’s where you will smile big! That’s called NETWORKING 🙂  

      Regarding those unsavory comments, didn’t get any comment yet that didn’t find its place in the comment section. So I leave them visible all too. 

      Yes please, answer to EVERY COMMENT you get! You have more chances to prove your articles right when someone is challenging you! And you can use your links, recommendations, and every possible way to promote your website even more. 

      Imagine, someone left a comment which talks opposite of what YOU KNOW it works as a program, or whatever is the topic. And someone else finds your website on Google and reads THAT unsavory comment. But they don’t find your answer. Guess what they will do? Search for the proofs elsewhere and bam! You lost your visitor! 

      So yes answer to every comment you get unless it’s spam when you don’t approve it. 

      I welcome negative comments, as they give me a chance to do a quick review withing my reply from the aspect I might haven’t thought about previously. 

      I hope this helps 🙂 


  32. This is lovely.  Communication with the audience is a nice idea as it’s a way of interacting and  carrying the audience along. Thank you for sharing this amazing information. When there is no audience,there is no business. It’s the audience that read, contribute and comment on the websites. Trafficking is also caused by the audience.

  33. Hi great article I had never heard of traffic exchange platforms. I have a blog too about farming and related stuff but had being struggling to get much traffic. I found this very interesting and just joined up with cash juice hopefully it will help me to bring in more traffic and grow my website  

    • Congrats! It will be helpful for sure! Good luck and let me know how it goes and if I can help somehow. 


  34. Hi Sunny, 

    Loved this article. Most of us overlook the fact that comments act as traffic pullers and most people trust your site or article only after reading reviews and comments of others. 

    Thank u for this reminder. 

    In fact, I also would like to remind other folks to add links in comments and even link back to your own blogs inside of Wealthy affiliate. 



    • Hi Aparna, yes that’s a great point. You can share links within the comments section. That helps a lot of Google trust and helps the audience find easier what they are looking for. 

  35. Hi Sunny! I love your posts and reviews! I didn’t quite realize the importance of traffic exchange sites for helping build my business so I will definitely be joining cash juice and global money line! You have inspired me to carry on building and providing a ton of value for my audience members so thank-you! 

    • You are welcome Michael. I am glad I helped you learn something new 🙂 Please use the traffic exchange platforms wisely and you will see them as your great friends 🙂 

  36. Thank you for insight regarding cash juice and moneyline, I have heard a lot of people talk about these two platforms and you have given me the best description yet. a couple of questions though? can you share more than 1 online business with people on these platforms? is there a limit? secondly how can monitor/track the exchange traffic works? how long did it take for you to see results from these platforms? 



    • Hi Joe, 

      A great question! I have been using these platforms to meet people and invite them to my “network”. So I see results in a way of having more people interact with me. The results will be visible as soon as you put some time into networking. You can share more than one business yes. You can share whatever you want to share 🙂 

  37. Hi Interesting article I have looked at traffic with a different view now. I have not considered some of these traffic technics but I might look into them because of your article.

    So with Global Money Line you are getting traffic which probably won’t buy your products but it does bring traffic to your site which will help you with google and this in turn will bring more traffic, am I looking at this the right way?

    • Yes Dave, 

      You are getting it right. Whoever comes to your website brings traffic to you and it is a potential buyer as well. 

  38.  Hello sunny! Interaction is important in public speaking because it involves your audience being more directly with both you as speaker and your content. An involved and engaged audience is more likely to pay attention to you and connect with your words. While you may not necessarily engage in a two-way dialogue with your audience, there are plenty of ways to interact with them verbally. At a spirited campaign rally,  Thanks.

  39. Great article and it was interesting to read about some of the other sites that people are using for social networking and exchanging traffic. I have my own arsenal of go-to traffic exchanges, which I mainly use for advertising purposes, but reading this I think I should also try to brand myself further too, as most ads you place you can have a profile attached about yourself. 

    The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is my favorite though, but not for advertising as they don’t like that, but for all the like-minded people that you meet inside, as well as all the tools that they provide in order to run a successful business online. This is one membership site that I will probably belong to until I die.

    What is the best way to do keyword research in order to get the most out of your website traffic? I normally use Jaaxy, but wondered if you had other ways you could recommend?

    • Hi Michael thanks for taking time to write your comment.

      I use Jaaxy as well as it served me great for all these years. Didn’t have any need for something else truly. I sometime use the Chicken soup technique tho and tie it with Jaaxy search.

      For those who have never heard of Jaaxy it’s an awesome keyword research tool 

      And you can find more about it here:

      What Is Jaaxy About

  40. Wow, I had no idea. I heard that one should get comments on their websites posts and that it would help to rank but I had no idea it was that essential. Like you say google is the hardest index to get into and once you have it you will feel the love. That is exactly where I want to get so thank goodnes I landed on this page to be reminded of the importance of an audience. 

  41. Great tips, Sunny. I’ve started to have small visitors on my website, though just a very few of them actually leave a comment. I always tried my best to reply but they rarely come back to check it. The plugin suggestions by the end of the article seem interesting. I’ll try to install it, but is it a heavy-load plugin? I’m scared it will affect my site speed. Thanks

    • I installed the plugin and didn’t find it “heavy” for my website. But you have right, it might slow it down. I always remember Kyle saying having up to 5 plugins is ok. 

      Try it and you can always take it off if it doesn’t serve you. 

  42. One thing I love when I read your articles is how open you are about your efforts on your business. You consistently make me see that making money online takes strategy and effort. Audience engagement is the key to content marketing. No audience no business, so if there would be audience you have to keep them. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and i also use the comment section too. It is  a great section. I am trying to signup on global money online with my outlook but cannot . System says cannot accept my outlook. 

    pls can I get assistant from you 

    • Hi Parameter,

      Why don’t you open a Google account? I opened that Gmail account specifically for the programs I sign up for. That way I have a guarantee of being accepted into every program (your example says different) and also my private mail is not getting all kinds of email lists and so on. 

      So the best thing and the easiest one you can do for your business right now is a g-mail account. 

      Hope this helps. 
      Let me know how it was. 

  43. Its great to read your explanation of traffic and traffic exchanges. I admit i have joined a few of them based on articles like this. I find them quite confusing and difficult to use. After reading this post it seems a bit clearer. I understand that it’s good to build a rapport with like minded people. I’m going to take another look over the weekend. Thanks for the great information.

  44. What a great comparison the one you did there with a Macy’s worker and how they need people to go in the store to find what they need vs an online business that people also come to ones website to either get information and/or purchase something, often times, questions need to be answered. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain that relationship with your visitors ongoing. Do you have any recommendations or advice when someone comments something on one of your posts but you have no idea what to answer them? Either if it is because it has nothing to do with the topic or the comment is too generic. 

    • Hi Stephanie, on the comments/questions like this, I answer even though it’s not my topic and then spontaneously navigating to the topic of the article. People sometimes need to talk, and we are here to serve even if it is not in our area. It doesn’t happen too often but if it does then you just turn a conversation in your favor and add some links towards your website pages and that’s it. But first, answer their questions. 

      Hope this helps. 


  45. Yes, that is correct. Building a connection to your audience is really important especially if you have a website that needs consistent traffic. It is important to know that without your audience, everything you are writing or making is nothing. And I pretty much agree with the post like having an affiliate program, making use of SEO, and etc. Just try to be truthful and genuine to your audience and everything else will follow.

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