CashJuice Community Review

Hello friends,

CashJuice Community Review article unveils to you all that you need to know about the CashJuice before you sign up and start using it for your online business growth.




If you prefer a shorter version as a clear good sign and gentle reminder it’s a legit program to see the What Is The CashJuice article. If you would like to know the details about this program, stay on this page 🙂


On this page we will talk about:

  1. What is the CashJuice community and who is a founder
  2. How to sign up and set up your account
  3. What benefits you will get by becoming a member of this great helpful community
  4. CashJuice social network
  5. CashJuice plan
  6. The CashJuice FREE membership
  7. My number ONE online business recommendation


What is the CashJuice community and who is a founder?

The CashJuice community is an online platform where you have an opportunity to build your network of people and share your affiliate links converting your friends from your CashJuice network into your audience and potential buyers.

The main goal of your membership with CashJuice is a traffic exchange. 

The founder of the CashJuice program is Darren Merret, a gentleman who has been in the online business for more than 20 years.


How to sign up and set up your account

SIGN UP is for free. And the entire program is divided so to speak into three parts.

The first one is to get referrals. These referrals are your audience and traffic makers. And eventually your source of income in the second part of the program you enter when you join the CashJuice platform.

Traffic exchange here means FREE ADVERTISING and the whole CashJuice plan is FREE!!! You don’t need to pay anything in order to sign up and recommend or/and use recommended programs!!!



What are the benefits of the CashJuice membership?

  1. You don’t have to pay for the membership
  2. You can share as many affiliate links as you wish (although I would go easy with this 🙂 ) The whole point is the traffic exchange, so what I would do, I would definitely pay it forward and look for some new online friendships within the community in the first place
  3. The CashJuice is actually finding people you can interact with as they gather all the affiliate marketers in one place
  4. You get trained by Darren Merret along the way, about affiliate marketing, traffic exchange, and online business in general
  5. Pay it forward system – as you review people’s websites you earn credits, and later those credits you can use to advertise your websites. This way you are guaranteed traffic once you decide to generate it.
  6. The cashJuice platform has an affiliate program as well. So you can share your own CashJuice affiliate link further outside of the community, and as people click on your CashJuice affiliate link, they will also join the community for free being your referrals. Here is where the fun begins! As they become your referrals for the CashJuice, they refer them back to the traffic exchanges. AND HERE IS WHERE YOU ACTUALLY GET TO EARN MONEY AS WELL 🙂
  7. Every person you refer will get you advertising with that traffic exchange they get involved with.


LET’S SUM UP a process of the CashJuice plan which ultimately brings both traffic to your websites and income to your bank account:


You refer people to the CashJuice

Those referrals join the traffic exchange

The traffic exchange then gives you credits

The credits go back into advertising these traffic exchanges


This process is now automated and everything you need to do is update your ads.



CashJuice social network

A great thing about the CashJuice program is that they developed a social network. As you sign up you automatically are invited to set up your account and share your first post.

You can put whatever you want on there. A personal status or business status.

However, it’s recommended to avoid affiliate links and an immediate jump into “business mood” as you want to appear as a human, not as a bot at first right? So a little kind, hello and something about you would be a great start 🙂


The CashJuice is easy and free.
The plan is ready for you to set up and there are no catches and tricks behind the curtain.

You can watch a short video made by the founder Darren Merrett which helped me as well at the very beginning when I signed up. Darren is a bit different than other business founders, he seems to be not so fancy like others lol

I am anyways looking forward to following him and learning some tricks he shares with the community of the Cash Juice platform.



CashJuice plan

As I mentioned earlier, the CashJuice plan is made of 3 parts:



Your goal here is to find a real audience and for that purpose, you are going to be given your own CashJuice affiliate link, which is a bridge between your referrals and the CashJuice platform. Your part of the job is to find a way to advertise your link. There are many different ways to do this, and if you don’t know any of those, you will be given a nice training once you join the CashJuice.

However, CashJuice has a program called TRAFFIC EXCHANGES which is another way to find referrals for your CashJuice link.



  • Generating income through ads – The company places ads on CashJuice, makes money from those ads, and shares that money with you
  • Generating income when your referrals upgrade their account – CashJuice is FREE to use and you absolutely don’t have to upgrade in order to make money although you are more than welcome to make your business even more successful. However, whenever your referrals pay for the upgrade, you are going to get paid for referring that person



  • CashJuice ranks every member based on their activity and success and they call these members CasJuice leagues
  • From your account’s dashboard, you can see who are the members at the top of the league by choosing to see all-time leagues, or leagues for this month or the last month
  • You can also track your progress and position on the league board
  • There is a GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE award – the top ten members are given the lifetime DIAMOND club access. It’s beneficial to follow these successful members as they are going to share their experiences with the rest of the community. But now just that, they will always be the most-followed people here, so following them you are getting visibility to the major part of the community




The CashJuice FREE membership

One more thing I LOVE about CashJuice is that there are no hidden charges once you sign up.

YOU CAN UPGRADE if you want to but you DON’T HAVE TO!


Take advantage of the system that works FOR YOU for FREE!!!
JOIN ME AT CASHJUICE and let’s build success together!





Important update to this review based on some great comment questions I got below: PLEASE READ 🙂





As we are ready to cheer to your success, I would love to invite you to leave your comments below and let me know what you think! Should you have any questions please feel free to ask.


But before you go, check my


The company I am referring to is called the Wealthy Affiliate.
They provide training, tools, hosting, support, and community all in one place AND they also have their own affiliate program which helps you generate a decent income on your way to your financial freedom!









Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this review on cash juice. I’ve gone through it and it’s a detailed one and would help any one who has doubts in cash juice community.  The cash juice platform seems like a very easy one, the steps are really easy to go through. I’m not really a fan but since it’s free and easy, there’s no harm in trying it. I have nothing to lose by signing up so I’m definitely going to do that. Thank you.

  2. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful content here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of before joining such programs. I heard about cash juice not long ago, i thought it was a scam. Seeing that it is free to sign up then there is no harm in trying.

  3. This is even more perfect than I had imagined when I was first introduced to this cashjuice.honestly, what you shared here is really good and honestly worthy to see here.seriously,the overview in here is great and I value it all. Thank you for helping with the information in here. I will definitely head up to sign up now

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing this article, I have heard so much rumors about this platform (cashjuice) but this is the first detailed review I am coming across, the features it offers are mind blowing and it’s also amazing that the start up is free and it also has its own affiliate program. It is really a platform I’ll recommend to anyone 

  5. Thank you for the comprehensive information on cash juice. It looks like a user friendly system , just what we need to grow our businesses online. It is amazing that such products can be made available for free. 

    I am lured by traffic exchange part, it will be great to give cash juice a deserving chance.

  6. CashJuice is in no doubt a great affiliate marketing tool. The process by which cashjuice operates is so dynamic and reliable, and the more effort put in, the more the result(s). The most interesting thing is that signing up and membership is free. Being a member of such a platform for free and then getting to advertise one’s business for free is fantastic. I think CashJuice is among the best affiliate marketing tool.

  7. I first heard about CashJuice last week and I’ve been reading reviews to understand the opportunity better. At first I was worried that it may be too good to be true but I have since seen some really helpful reviews such as yours and I’m more confident to check it out for myself. 

    I noticed that you also mentioned Wealthy Affiliate in this article. I’ve had a really good experience with WA after initially joining on the starter membership. I upgraded to their premium programme and have been impressed with all the support I’ve received with my blogging and affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for the helpful article!

  8. Great review Sunny,

    I’ve heard a lot about CashJuice but never had the chance to read more about it until I came across your article. I love the simplistic way of earning points, especially the part where we standby for daily emails and earn points by clicking on links. Out of curiosity, what does the points and hits do for us once we’ve collected it? Can we cash it out?

  9. I like the fact that you can make money from this business and so many online businesses have been on ground but are really poorly developed and son of really pay any good money to the users. Making money from cash juice would be very good because you don’t have to register or sign up with any fee yet you make money off it. Great information 

  10. This is a very well written review on what that platform about cashjuice is all about and I think the wya you write it is very nice too. I would strongly be looking to give it a swipe and maybe see how it would work for me as well. Great to see you show us this opportunity and tell us how it can work for us.

  11. It’s a lot beneficial to online users when they are able to get platforms that’ll be of help to them on there online businesses, products like cashjuice are really good for promoting your business by converting your friends to potential customers and It’s good that cashjuice has a lot to offer to it’s members, I’d love to check it out.

  12. Sunny, I have signed up with Cash Juice and so far have been enjoying the community aspect of it. I have found the other members to be warm and friendly. So far, I am impressed with how Cash Juice works together with Traffic Ad Bar AND giving you, as even a free member, the opportunity to connect other online sites like EasyHits4U to Cash Juice so that someone singing up for Cash Juice with your link, will also have your referral links for the connected sites. It’s pretty awesome!

  13. I just read about this platform a few days ago and from what you have said it seems to be straightforward with nothing to lose especially with being able to sign up for free as they help you to connect with people within your niche helping to promote your business. I believe that this is a great opportunity to meet people and to grow your business. I must look more into this because it sounds pretty amazing.

  14. I have experience with another traffic exchange that is traffic ad bar and I really did not like it because the traffic is low quality as there are a low number of conversions, if ever. Is there much of a difference between cashjuice and traffic ad bar and can you actually get conversions? The owner and founder is the same so maybe there is a difference right, why would he make two of the same platforms?

  15. I join Cashjuice since it was launching, I really never get too deep working on the platform, it has grown to a sizable number now and I thought I should start doing some networking just about 2 weeks ago, I must say it is real awesome now. Reading this article help me with a lot more I hadn’t any knowledge of and will put it all into practice, I just happens to fall on this article at the right time, must say thank you, it was really helpful to what I’m currently doing of said platform.


  16. I’m really glad I found this website. Now I have an alternative way of getting traffic aside from paid and organic from SEO. It was made clear to me how can I leverage this platform to create my network at the same time have free traffic. This is a game changer for me and other affiliate marketers. Thanks for sharing this wonderful opportunity

  17. Hi,

    From my research cashjuice is a social network site where users can interact with each other by using various forms of media to share and discuss their lives and interests, the company is aims to benefit primarily those people who want to make money or sign-up through writing anything they love regardless what their posts are related to.

    Thank you.


  18. This CashJuice opportunity is something new to me and a whole different means of getting traffic to your websites. I must say that the benefits are many and the chances of it being a scam next to zero when you do not need to pay. Can I ask you ii you are a member and tell us how this program worked for you?

    I would agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the world’s best, if not the best, internet business support programs and would recommend it to anybody. 

  19. I think this is one of the best reviews of Cashjuice that I have seen.

    Now I know a lot more about Cashjuice than before. I really wanted to explore this platform but I wanted to know more about it before deciding. And you review just made me realize that Cashjuice can be a great place for me to grow as an entrepreneur as well as scale my business.

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Thank you for this free network method. Building a network of like minds is important. Good enough cash juice allows a pay it forwad model. Here you don’t necessarily have to pay cash. T Generating traffic such ways will help generate traffic in a consistent manner and they will relate with your niche

  21. Wow Sunny, the more I browse through your website, the more informative it is. As I mentioned in my other comments, I started being an affiliate marketer not long ago and one of the concerns is traffic to my website. You have just presented me with a solution to that AND IT IS FOR FREE! I have not heard of such a networking platform, but it is definitely worth a try. Thank you once again 🙂

  22. Hi Sunny, thanks for writing an extensive review of CashJuice. I’ve found their website when searching about making money online. It seems they have a lot of good reputation. I personally love their free membership system. This is a very good perk during this period since I don’t have a lot of money to buy expensive membership in making money online site. I’ll try them and see if it’s really worth my time. Thanks

  23. Hello there! i really like your review about the cash juice community review, i liked the concept of the cash juice platform and i think that i will definitely sign up one day as i’m also looking for traffic for my website. i like the way you put it down in simple words and the steps are easy to follow. getting traffic online is a bit hectic but with the cash juice community concept, it just looks and feels simple. Free advertisement is not easy to find nowadays but Cash juice platform provides not only that but also exposure to a community of people who understand its worth. Thank you.

    • Hello there, thanks for your comment. I would suggest you join right away, follow the momentum and your impressions you are having. Trust me the moment I started acting right away according to how I feel about some program, I’ve been seeing a success!


  24. Building a network of like-minded people is another powerful tool that can take your business to the next level, and this can be achieved most of the time via traffic exchange sites. I’ve tried some other websites but have not been satisfied. I’ve been hearing of CashJuice but have not given it much attention until now. I see that this platform contains a lot of cool features. Well, let me try and see if this would make any difference with the ones I’ve used.

  25. CashJuice is a great platform to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and also to drive traffic directly to affiliate links or even increase traffic to your blog. I do like the fact that CashJuice offers a free plan instead of having to pay for a monthly subscription from the get-go without knowing how legit or beneficial the platform is. I have been using CashJuice for a while now and I have managed to increase quality traffic. Nice article. 

  26. Hello there, Thank you very much for sharing this review on cash juice. I have heard so much rumors about this platform but this is the first detailed review I am coming across. I love the simplistic way of earning points, especially the part where we standby for daily emails and earn points by clicking on links.

  27. Hi Sunny,

    I am glad I can join CashJuice for free and that no upgrade is required to start seeing results. There are many platforms that ask for money from the very beginning. I tend to keep away from those companies because how could I trust them. But test driving first and upgrading later if satisfied is the way I like it. Thanks for this review.

  28. Hello there! Thanks you for sharing this insightful review on Cash Juice. I’ve come across your article before and it was really helpful to me and seeing another one here is indeed a great one to behold.
    After getting to peruse all what you have written on your article and all I’ve got to say is that money making on the internet has become a usual activity, Seeing Cash Juice as a source where i can also earn some passive income online, they may offer good services but to me i will just have to give it a trial since they offer free sign up. Well i think this article have given us just much information about this program. Thanks for putting this through.

  29. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have heard a lot about cash juice and after signing us it  really proved to be a nice platform, But I haven’t had time to really dig in deep and earn more with them.

  30. Hi there, thank you for sharing this informative review article which is centered on casjuice community review. this is my first time of hearing about cash juice and I have been able to understand all its about. On a neutral ground I am not really a fan of this platform but since the membership is free,I could give it some trial and see what comes of it

  31. Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for this article that has absolutely clarified what CashJuice is all about.

    It seems there are many similarities with Wealthy Affiliate. Though Wealthy Affiliate, your number 1 recommendation, also has training in Affiliate Marketing, etc. CashJuice has a system of paid ads which I think Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t.

    CashJuice does seem to be a good model to me.


  32. I have heard about CashJuice before, but I have never really investigated them, mainly because I did not realize that the whole plan is for free. You have explained the different parts of CashJuice in such a way that it is easy to understand. It appears to be a very user friendly platform and if it will bring more traffic to my website, then it sure seems a good idea to join the plan.

  33. I came across cashjuice the other day but I told myself that before I commit to anything I have to do my research first so here I am at your review. Thanks for a step by step review. I have to say that Cash Juice concept looks really simple and the best of all it is free which I really appreciate it. I am going to try and we will see. Who knows I may upgrade. 

  34. Thank you, Sunny, for introducing me to CashJuice Community. I confess, this is a new business model to me. There are so many scams on the internet, its always good to receive some frank and honest advice on different schemes. I see that this is a platform aimed at helping you to convert friends from your cash juice community into potential clients. The fact that you say it is easy and free is attractive, however, I`m looking for the but ! Seriously, all you have to do is check the daily email and click the links, sending people to my own site? I confess the “points” business does not sound that attractive.  However, I see your number 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.  Now, they do seem to have a good reputation for being ethical.  I`m tempted to look at this further.

  35. I was sceptical at first about CashJuice but you’ve helped me with this balanced explanation, so thank you! 

    I’m going to sign up to it, check it out and see if it will help with my affiliate sites I’m building. As you’ve said (quite rightly, of course), it’s always best not to dive straight into “business mode.” Hopefully I can then help others and pay it forward so we all win!

    Thanks for such a helpful article!

  36. This article is good. Though I really don’t have interest in it before but since there’s no fee attached to the signing up,I think I will try it. All the Cashjuice reviews have been reading proves that it’s easy  to go about as the write up is always explanatory. Thank you for giving us the best review at every point in time

  37. Wow, I had never heard of a system like this before and I’m curious to see how I can add this business model to my already thriving online business.

    I’m curious tho, does the traffic exchange only work with Cashjuice affiliate links or can I direct that traffic to other links that I have?

  38. CashJuice is a very nice affiliate program. I have known about this for some time and I hear everyone is satisfied. I think that people like the most that you can make money by clicking on the link.  Many online platforms work the same way, but the possibility of making money is bad. I read a few more texts about CashJuice and I think I will try it.

  39. Ive heard load and loads about Cashjuice and it seems to be working a lot very a lot of people around the world. I have witnessed first hand this happing to one of my colleagues and he was very thankful for it and that is exactly why i am here. Very well written and placed out out. 

  40. Hi Sunny, 

    This is the first time I have heard of CashJuice. Quite an interesting name for a program. The CashJuice community is an online platform where we have an opportunity to build our network of people and share our affiliate links converting our friends from our CashJuice network into our audience and potential buyers. ts good that CashJuice has an affiliate program too, which may be worthwhile to check out. At first look, it does seem like a user-friendly system, just what we need to grow our businesses online. It is amazing that such products are available for free. Let me sign up and see how it goes. I hope that the free traffic they promise actually comes to my site. That’s exactly what I need right now.



  41. The name Cash Juice didn’t sound like a serious business when i first saw it. On reading this review, I think that it has a number of things that are attractive to me. I like the fact that the owner and CEO can be identified. Another plus for me is that you can get activity going with a free sign up. My challenge is really to find referrals… but most of these schemes, because the have affiliate programs encourage you to do just that. I also like the social networking that it offers. Thanks for the review. It is worth a second look

  42. CashJuice sounds like a really great platform. It seems like a free way to network your business, and I love that you can earn money on it too. I am definitely going to check it out. I’ve read a few other reviews on it too, and everyone says really positive things about it! Thanks for introducing it to me!

  43. I have heard a lot of things of CashJuice Community. I have heard both good things as well as bad things about it. This article has really clarified a lot for me that was not clear to me before! I thinks I have been convinced to try it after reading this and really analyizng what CashJuice is! I think you have really set in stone what my official decision will be

  44. Hi Sunny, you wrote a great review here about Cashjuice, a detailed and helpful information about the platform and the plans. I am not a member yet, but after reading your review, I’m thinking to join and sign up. I also read recently other positive reviews about Cashjuice, and it seems a great opportunity to grow our online business. Your article is very informative and explain in detail every step of the platform. 

    Thank you for sharing



  45. This is such a great and informative CashJuice review! Thank you for sharing it with us. I have seen CashJuice recommended by a lot of online entrepreneurs but I didn’t know exactly how the platform worked so I hadn’t gotten around to trying it out. It honestly looks incredibly simple to use and as a bonus it is free to start. That is always a plus when you are just starting out and do not have a lot of money to invest in your business.

  46. Thanks for the great review of Cash Juice, I was so attracted to it that I’m really thinking of joining.
    Just as you explained nicely and clearly, it’s really easy to use for beginners like me. You have shared all the necessary information with us, so I have no additional questions at the moment, but there will certainly be some when I join. And as I understand it, I will have all the necessary support there. Thanks!

  47. Thanks for your honest review of CashJuice! Good to know it is a traffic exchange platform that makes it possible to share links, build an audience of people who are indeed passionate about what you offer or sell, and drive some decent traffic. I didn’t even know CashJuice could be explored for free to build an audience of followers and promote affiliate links. I am also going to join this platform so soon.

  48. Hi there!

    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing information. I saw this platform so many times but I was never sure about it. I thought it was a scam. Well, the name sounds like one tho. So this cash juice is only for traffic? How long have you been with cash juice? Does it really give something? Can you also make a tutorial of how to use cash juice and let us know how does it looks like, I mean the real result.

  49. I had not heard of Cashjuice until I read your article.  The word Free got my attention as I began reading.  I am not sure I understand how the program works, but I appreciate the idea that you progress through the 3 parts.  I am always interested in networking and bringing people to my websites.  Because its free, I see no reason not to sign and and learn.

  50. Hi Sunny 🙂

    I must say in reading your entire article and watching the video I am totally intrigued and interested in cash juice.

    Darren really has some good points and brings 20 years of expertise to affiliate marketing. I’m definitely interested in traffic exchange and joining the cash juice plan.

    I think you articles very well put together and it makes me realize that there are programs out there that can help me with affiliate marketing and my Internet business.

    And the best thing is that you can join for free just like wealthy affiliate.

    I appreciate your article that you wrote. It is an excellent piece of work and I thank you for it.

  51. Hi Sunny 🙂

    I must say in reading your entire article and watching the video I am totally intrigued and interested in cash juice.

    Darren really has some good points and brings 20 years of expertise to affiliate marketing. I’m definitely interested in traffic exchange and joining the cash juice plan.

    I think you articles very well put together and it makes me realize that there are programs out there that can help me with affiliate marketing and my Internet business.

    And the best thing is that you can join for free just like wealthy affiliate.

    I appreciate your article that you wrote. It is an excellent piece of work and I thank you for it.

  52. Thank you so much for a great review of Cash Juice Community Platform. This is the first time I have learned about this platform through your article. So I would say those who want to do business online can further expand your business by joining this CashJuice community platform. The biggest advantage of this platform is that you can join here for free and it works like a social network that helps in online business. So my personal opinion is that it is a legitimate platform and you can set up your own business by joining here.

  53. I read the whole article and unless I missed it, the whole CashJuice plan is free? I am wondering how does the business model works? Surely there should be some catch in this? How would you complement CashJuice with Wealthy Affiliate? I like the idea of such referral concept. It is like people helping each other to recommend business to one another except that it is referring affiliate links. I wonder does the CashJuice platform earn through the sales that were made through such referral scheme?

  54. Cash Juice sounds like a great option to find interested customers. The fact that one can join for free, makes it all the more attractive. I have joined Cash Juice and love the Traffic Ad Bar where you can check out other people’s opportunities and earn points that can be used to send viewers to your own opportunities. 

    The upgrade option is also attractive as it is a one time cost. I am planning on upgrading to the silver position. 

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity to others.



  55. Hi Sunny! , cashjuice seems promising from the first part because of the part that one does not need money to become a member of the platform. One thing I always look in a platform is how much is being involved in starting up an affiliate marketing , if the money is less or requires no money at all, then I would definitely try it because I have nothing to lose but instead I would gain an experience. Thank you for this article Sunny.

  56. That sounds great. And there is no string attached to? I want to give it a go. Thank you, Sunny. Do I have my website already ranked by google, or will it help get ranked if I try a membership with Cash Juice? I mean, that sounds too good to be true. But I would like to sign up. Thank you again!

  57. Hello Sunny!  It actually makes sense to join Cash Juice if you are a big believer in social media marketing and Traffic Exchanges. Anybody doing Internet marketing probably has a Facebook account, possibly has a Twitter account, and might even be active on Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Imagine how cool it is to get paid for simply posting and getting followers into your social media account.

  58. Thank you so much for this thorough review and explanation of how the cash juice program works.  I have heard about it however, I never fully understood it until after reading your article.  Not only is it a great affiliate program to generate cash, it is also a great platform to share my links.  Your step by step plan for implementing this program is great for those just starting out as well as those that have been in the business for years.  I am among the first group.  Thank you.

  59. I have heard of cash juice before, but it was not explained to me in the way you have explained it. I love the sound of it and am going to go through the sign in process to take advantage of this excellent opportunity. The fact it is free and you don’t have to upgrade is an added bonus. I appreciate you sharing this opportunity and i’m certain many others will receive benefit from it as well.

  60. Thanks for sharing a good review on CashJuice Community, as I’m interested to work on my own online business, I found your article interesting, I read it all and it looks like this is a great opportunity to get traffic to my website and help it to grow, and it’s free! It’s always good to find a good article to help anyone who is interested to work from home with an online business review about more opportunities to keep working and get better results!

  61. I am a daily user of Cashjuice. I think Cashjuice is a great Traffic exchanger and place to connect with new types of people.It was very easy to set up and the tutorials are easy to understand. I only use the free plan for now. Using the Cashjuice blog have also been a great way to network with people and to connect. However the quality of the traffic generated can be discussed. But you will notice more traffic and leads to your website for sure.

  62. I’m glad that someone did a review on CashJuice on the Internet. I’ve read posts that indicate that traffic exchanges can actually hurt your website. I’m not sure why though. Maybe it’s due to the fact that people just stay on your site for as long as they need to earn their credits. 

    So other than hurting your website with the search engines this could also be a waste of time. That’s because your visitors are not interested in your niche. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on any counts. I was also very excited at first when I heard about this traffic exchange stuff.

  63. Yeah, I totally did not see that one coming. I mean, this notion of it being a tool that can help exchange traffic and it being for free. Generally speaking, it does kind of sound like something I would love to implement. Now, knowing it’s free, there’s nothing holding me back, haha. I really enjoy the whole pay it forward thing. It’s really awesome they’ve incorporated that.

    Also, I loved that advice on looking for new online friendships within the platform. It does sound like a worthwhile effort. Whereas the fact that we’re also getting training, that’s just busted. And thank you for the whole break down on money earning through the program.

    I appreciate it, cheers.

  64. Now I have heard a lot of good things about CashJuice. I think it is so amazing that these platforms were created with a pay it forward system to help others build their websites. Traffic generation is exactly what I need. I thinks it is time for me to give CashJuice a shot and at least start my free account. 

  65. I’ve read another CashJuice review recently and it caught my attention. I definitely need more traffic for my websites, especially my site in the health and beauty niche as it is very hard to break through. I like that this program is free to join and is based on the pay-it-forward principle, it is not so common to see programs like that. Thank you for your review.

  66. I have been seeing a lot about Cash Juice lately and it’s always a great idea to have lots of marketing roads available to you when you are an internet marketer. The only thing though when advertising on traffic exchanges is to do it a lot, as you need to be seen by a lot of members before you are lucky enough to get one signup. It is better to upgrade if you can to avoid surfing so much as it takes up a lot of time. 

    The websites you advertise should either be a way to build your list or other advertising sites for the best chances. Well, that is what my experience has been.

  67. Right off the bat, I enjoy the fact that you don’t have to pay for a membership to CashJuice. The system sounds like it could be beneficial, but it also feels a bit like an MLM where the most money / benefit is seen when you have a large down-network to get rewards / commissions from. Am I missing something? Would this still be a beneficial tool if you never had anyone sign up underneath you?

  68. I have to be honest the lay and color make me think to keep away. It leaves me to feel this fake person behind the website. Most people still find it hard to believe that working from home is possible. This way the site is does not make me want to stay or check out any of the links.

  69. I’m just starting out in affiliate marketing. Is the referral process my only means to build a network on the site or do I build it once I get in? That is my only question before I would join. Otherwise, seems like a good community to collaborate with other like minded people. 

  70. Hey Sunny,

    Thank you for introducing this beneficial platform, one of the good things I like on this platform is an affiliate program and is a good for traffic exchange, personally I like more traffic exchange  I think It would be more profitable to me, at this moment I don’t have any platform involved traffic exchange but I planned to register with many traffic exchange. Fortunately, I see this platform very potential for my business.

    Thank you for sharing this product review

  71. Hi, Sunny and thank you for the short a great review of CashJuice. I am fairly new on the same platform myself and are starting to learn how to use it. Your review has helped to sort my questions out quite well. I will watch Darren Merrets video on how to get started with CahsjuIce in order to make the most out of the membership. 

    What I like the most about it is the fact that it is a free membership, and it helps in being a social network as well.


  72. Hi there, thanks for sharing that great review of Cashjuice!  I am a member of cashjuice and I really like it.  My traffic has increased tremendously.  Derran Merrett the founder, also founded Traffic Ad Bar, and once you join one they highly recommend you sign for the other as they work well together.

  73. first off its cool that you don’t have to pay for membership not like other platforms. You can share as many affiliate links as you wish and you get trained to bring in traffic and make money while you sleep cant beat that.  If your looking for a powerful community to guide you to achieve your goals cashjuice is the way 

  74. In you bio you speak about your journey and you history of being scammed. Presenting this web page is confusing as you don’t attempt to address that this could look like a scam to somebody. The page is not inviting you could add some images mixed with the text. 

    The some of the text image are blurred and no indication you can click the pages. Because they are blurred u don need them to lead yon to the next window. You could jut use a tag with smaller image that is relevant.


  75. Great review about the “CashJuice” opportunity.  I had never heard about this online business of traffic exchange and it sounds interesting. What’s most appealing is that it is totally free, with an option to upgrade, but upgrading to a paid plan in not at all necessary to your level of success in the program.

    Thanks very much for this article – it opens up a whole new realm of possibility!

  76. Awesome article! It had everything I needed to know about CashJuice. It seems very interesting, I’m curious the differences between CashJuice and Wealthy Affiliates. Kind of seems like one is more social media oriented but I won’t be able to gauge that until I sign up I suppose. Either way, awesome write-up and great info!

  77. A great article,

    I have just joined CashJuice via one of the other members here in the Wealthy Affiliate network. Your review is exactly what CashJuice is all about. The information that you have shared was great for me to ensure that I am doing everything right so thank you for that. 

    This is such a great program and just like the Wealthy Affiliate Community everyone wants to help other people out. 

    it is also good fun and you learn so much for FREE.

    This will be so useful to many people.

    Thank you for sharing


  78. Cash Juice sounds like an interesting program, Sunny. I appreciate the detailed explanation you have given. I like that it is free to start and seems to have a strong draw to encourage others to join.

    While I am not sure I have the time to devote to “one more program” this might have to be an exception. It seems like it might be just the thing to give me a little more traction for my websites. Have you found it works well for you?

  79. Although traffic exchanges are an  effective way of getting traffic, they’re probably not suitable for promoting most affiliate links. The reason is because most of the visitors you get are there because they want to generate visitors to their own websites rather than having an interest in buying something. That said, traffic exchanges might be a good way to promote money making programs and home business ideas, as the users are probably interested in those things. 

  80. I had never heard  about cashjuice before reading your article. And for a moment I thought it sounded like a scam…untill I read the full details. It sounds like an amazing network that every online marketer needs to join.

    I am definitely going to check it out! I have been looking for a platform like this because maistream social networks dont offer enough free exposure for my business. 

    Cashjuice sounds more targeted to me and Im going to join.


  81. Thanks Sunny for such a complete review. I have only recently heard about CashJuice, so your review was very timely. How much extra time do you think you spend on your business now that you have this platform, too? Is it something you could have a virtual assistant do you for you?

  82. I have been seeing this Cash Juice pop up in my face a few times and never really paid no mind to what it was. thankfully you were here to teach me what a good place this could be.

    As I am in need of finding other places to get affiliate links for my website so this is perfect foe me at least.

    Here I go on to join CashJuice thanks for the information.

  83. Hi! Is this really for free?  I am amazed with all the features listed in here and could actually think of many ways it would help me in promoting my own site.  Networking is always necessary for business and this is what CashJuice is all about. 
    If they have such a good and promising features for free sign up, how much more could it give for upgraded members?

    Thank you for this detailed review. Will surely look into it.

  84. Sunny, your Cash Juice Community review is factual and simple. You just provided your readers with what the facts about the cash juice program are about or involved.  It is a community of like-minded online business builders and opportunity seekers as you implied. I have tested it and can attest to some of your claims here about the Cash Juice. It is all about sharing business ideas, advertising, and social connections.

     I think it is good is a good platform to grow one’s business and social muscles. As for being a free program, that’s the catchword for many online business programs, as soon as you stepped in the will present you with the upgrade offer and close every other door for you the new joinee to progress unless you go pro, which is not a guarantee for success either. But overall, the review has been able to review some facts about the cash juice community. Thanks for sharing.


  85. Nice review. Cash Juice is really rocking it. I signed up and I’m really enjoying the platform so far, especially the FREE traffic. That’s a great way to advertise your website or any affiliate link. I’m still learning how to use the platform properly, like the post rotator for instance. It’s truly powerful. I just wish I had started earlier.


  86. It is very good that you shared this article about cashjuice and how it can be used to help online business owners in developing their online businesses and also it is very understandable, I’ve been able to know all about cashjuice because this article is very detailed and I think cashjuice is a trustworthy product, I’ll check it out m

  87. This is very interesting.  I Think Tony Hamilton written something on this but so I can really earn money within this business platform.  Is this something like Click bank?  I want to sign up but would it be worth it since my niche is about hair guide?  I am interested.  I like that it is free too.

  88. Thank you for your review about cashjuice and what it offers to us all. Though I have heard a lot about cashjuice before but I never took the time to actually take the work involved in this. Seriously, what has been reviewed here is just perfect and I would say I value this here. I think it can surely be well worthy to try out. Thanks

  89. This system sounds like a hidden gem. And as soon as a free minute or two, I am going to take a look at this system. So, I would like to thank you for shareing this with us in your article. I am always looking for new and refreshing way to get my domain out there for other people to see. So thank you for this article.

  90. Hello, thank you for sharing this wonderful review for us on the cash juice community. I am not really into online stuff but this particular one seems really easy and I  am giving it a thought. The best part is that it is free to sign up and I have nothing to lose. People need to be well informed before venturing into things like this and you are really helping in that aspect. 

  91. Hello Sunny,

    Thanks for giving such information about CashJuice. Your article was well crafted and very well researched and it will help people who want to get additional income and to be an online entrepreneur in a short amount of time. I also liked the fact that you displayed the “Plan” which shows that CashJuice is very transparent with its members. Keep going by giving us tips about online business opportunities!

  92. Hi Sunny! Free traffic is good and free sign up is great! Anything FREE always catches our eyeballs. This is something worth while to check out in order to gain other streams of income directed towards our niches and concepts we are utilizing in order to support our family. Thanks!

  93. Hi, Sunny! Free traffic is good and free sign up is great! Anything FREE always catches our eyeballs. This is something worthwhile to check out in order to gain other streams of income directed towards our niches and concepts we are utilizing in order to support our family. Thanks for a great review


  94. Hi, this is the first time I have heard of CashJuice. Very interesting brand name for a program. 

    The CashJuice community is an online platform where people have an opportunity to build a network of people and share affiliate links converting our friends from our CashJuice network into our audience and potential buyers. It is good that CashJuice has an affiliate program too, which may be fun to check out. 

    At first look, it does seem like a user-friendly system, just what I need to grow my businesses online. It is amazing that such products are available for free. I will sign up and see how it goes. I hope that the free traffic they promise actually gets to my site. That’s pretty much what I am looking for and what I need right now.

  95. excellent review on the CashJuice platform. I will take a closer look at this program to see if it can help me with my promotions and my affiliate marketing programs. It is nice to see other options for generating traffic. It sounds like it is worth trying since it is free to join. Thanks again for this great review.

  96. Hello, Sunny! Thank you for sharing this review on the cash juice community. I was introduced to cash juice by a friend but I didn’t really give it much consideration as I thought it wasn’t worth it. Cash juice seems like a great affiliate marketing tool and since it’s free, there’s no harm in trying. Definitely going to give this a try. 

  97. This Cash Juice sounds like a fusion of a few different marketing models. It’s free which is great, and at least, I wouldn’t be hesitant to sign up for that reason alone. I’m not all too keen on the traffic exchange part of it and although it seems totally legit like a solid system, I just have learned my own weakness which shiny ball syndrome, and it would pull me away from current endeavors. I do think the features are great though, such as the ability to advertise your website and affiliate link. Looks like there’s a lot of powerful features within it! Thank you for the review!

  98. I feel like this is more like the EasyHits4u site. They are basically build on the same foundation i.e. traffic exchange. I found it unreliable as people only did it to get traffic and it wasn’t genuine traffic at all. But I will give CashJuice the benefit of doubt and give it a shot.

    • Hi Chezya, I use the CashJuice to network with people. And exchange business ideas and find more legit programs. Use it for the same purpose.

  99. Hi Sunny. I am in the affiliate marketing/online business as well and it is always nice to hear about unknown opportunities like this. I have never heard of The CashJuice before and I really appreciated your review. The good thing is that it is free to sign up! I like programs where you can actually try before spending your hard-earned money right away. Just like Wealthy Affiliate which I am also a member since October 2019. I don’t regret my choice at all. On the other hand, Cashjuice looks like a great opportunity worth looking into!

  100. This reminds me of a similar site named EasyHits4U. They also have to do with traffic exchange but it wasn’t a successful trial. the traffic wasn’t genuine at all because everyone was out there to look for traffic, in the end people would not really spend much time on the site at all because it was just so they could gain credits to advertise their own sites. Nonetheless, I will give CashJuice the benwfit of doubt by giving it a shot. I just hope it will be worth the effort.

  101. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started an online business for a while now and understand that traffic is the lifeblood of my online business. Traffic exchange is one good way to attract traffic to my site.

    I like your CashJuice Community review, which is something I am looking for. I particularly like your description on What are the benefits of the CashJuice membership. It is nice that you don’t need to pay to join the program. So I could join the program and give it a try without any pressure. It is amazing that it is possible to promote the program and make some money. At the same time. I will definitely join this program. 

  102. Great article on Cash Juice!  I have heard of this program on multiple occasions but I was not sure whether top go for it or not. Now that I know there is no cost to me, I am going to try it out.  I guess there really isn’t a downside to a free program that works as an exchange for work done.  I like the idea that the sites to click on come in an email each day.  That really makes thins easy.  Should I be careful to watch my spam folder for the daily email?  Thanks for your help!

  103. Well, this is good and very well written too because now I am able to see what this cash juice platform is all about and also what it offers too. I would be looking to join because you pointed out that it works for those who are already I to this and also for the newbies too. I’m the latter in affiliate marketing.

  104. Hi and thanks for sharing this excellent introduction to CashJiuce. I signed up recently and I haven’ followed through to set up my account or post anything. 

    I must admit I am somewhat dubious whether these traffic exchanges work as well for other niches as they do for the make money online niche. After all, let’s say the niche of your website is knitting patterns. I wonder how are referral links or banners to a traffic exchange going to make sense on your website. 

    Then another aspect of these traffic exchanges is that everyone who signs up is there to sell their stuff not to buy other people’s stuff. 

    Maybe there is something about this business that I have not understood. But it does seem probable to me that if everyone is trying to sell pretty much the same thing to everyone else then that is not a great recipe for success. 

    On the other hand, maybe it does work because there are a few people who know what they are doing and have programs of value and the rest of us are just newbie hopefuls. Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy, 

      First I would recommend that you go ahead and set up your account with your profile photo up and running too. 

      Regarding the niches, well how I see it is that:

      1. You use these platforms for networking with people, share your experience with online entrepreneurs and ultimately make some online connections which will want to do you a favor, visit/share your business to their social networks and pages

      2. You are right when you say that knitting niche traffic exchange will not bring benefits as the affiliate marketing in the online business niche, but you can try to gain some traffic – it’s free right?! 

      Regarding what people look for in these traffic exchange sites: you said many people are there to sell not to buy. Well, I found at least 3 awesome programs right there! 

      And last but not the least, even if it looks seamless to you as you said that many people offer the same thing. I found that very good, as it confirms to me what programs are good. Also, not everybody will promote the full list of the same programs. When you see someone promoting the same program, you can approach them and offer your experience, start a conversation, and exchange some other programs, links, traffic, and so on. 

      Hope this helps. 


  105. This definitely gave more information into cashjuice. I’ve heard of it before but I didn’t think it was something I needed or would be interested in. This had more details that peaked my interest. Thanks to you’re breakdown I actually signed up. Traffic is the hardest part about getting people to my site and I hope this will tip the scales.

  106. Hello Sunny! Thanks for the very thorough review oj cashjuice, i have come across several reviews recently, and this is the most meticulous of them all. At a point, i was skeptical about registering on the cashjuice platform, but after this informative piece i would definitely give it a try, since it’s also free. My only fear is, i have heard online marketers talk about how traffic exchange could be harmful as it may increase bounce rates. How do you go around this, thanks.

    • Hi Tosin, to be honest, I heard the same thing. However, I didn’t notice any harm until now. I am now getting involved with people on a personal level as the CashJuice is a community for networking. One more thing, I followed the lead of one of my online mentors and feel quite secure in this platform, as Tony is still present and very successful within the Cashjuice. You don’t have to do a traffic exchange in the way many people do. You can simply use the platform to gain some online friends like-minded entrepreneurs and ultimately leads as you exchange business plans with them. 

      Hope this gives you some clarification. 

  107. Very interesting. I think Cashjuice can be an interesting place to build your network and also promote affiliate links. Thanks for sharing. The video with Darren Merrett was very simple to understand. In the long run Cashjuice can be a profitable place to be in. We at Wealthy Affiliate need many sources in order to get traffic for our web sites.

  108. This is beneficial. Thank you for sharing the stepwise procedures on how Cashjuice operates,right from joining the membership. I must say that Cashjuice is dynamic with their style as it’s free to join,and to share as many affiliate links. Review and earn with training. Definitely the only thing needed is absolute commitment in order to earn more

  109. Hi Sunny I have heard of Cash Juice but I have never looked into their program. While I understand the reason why persons may use a program that promotes the idea of traffic exchange I’m curious as to how effective it would be. If the whole aim is a traffic exchange is there a stipulated time frame that members need to remain on your site? Added to this what are the rules in terms of actuallly interacting with your site when they get there.

    I believe that this type of traffic exchange could potentially increase the bounce rate on a site if it isn’t handled properly.

    Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to your response and a chance to learn more about CashJuice.

    Candy Benn

  110. Hi Sunny, thank you for the information you presented here in your post. I have heard of this CashJuice but never really taken any time to check it out. What in your opinion is the actual possibility of making any money from this platform, without investing financially? I get from your review that it’s really more of a community. What would you say the quality of the leads are, if any, one could get from CashJuice?



  111. Hello Sunny:

    Thank you for the detailed review on CashJuice, which is one of the affiliate networks i’m trying to join once my site gets consistent traffic. I definitely learned a lot from your post and i appreciate the details and the step by step action points one needs to take in order to be successful with this particular affiliate network. Now compare with other affiliate networks, which one would you recommend for a newbie to join first? There are a lot of them out there, so your experience would absolutely be super helpful. Thx again!

    • Hi Walt, thanks for your comment. 

      Well, I would recommend being mainly focused on the Wealthy Affiliate. However, joining the affiliate programs one by one, taking the time to figure them out will be super beneficial for your website. Go for the CashJuice, MoneyLine, and International Open Academy. 

      CashJuice will serve you more for networking, MoneyLine is a good business opportunity and International Open Academy is a refreshment along with other affiliate programs. 

      Hope this helps 🙂

  112. Thank you for this very thorough review!  I have never heard of this program before but it’s very intriguing.  When I think about how much time I spend on social media, it makes sense to join one where I can earn some revenue, build contacts AND build an audience.  And it comes with training?  Crazy!  I’m headed over to join up right now!

  113. I poked around Cash Juice awhile ago but wasn’t too impressed with the system and the interface. There weren’t really a lot of feeds going around and everyone was just promoting their affiliate links. So I was back at checking the network and nothing much seems to change. The last post was about a month ago and only a handful of members appear to be interacting.

  114. Cash juice reminds me of WA’s give and take comments platform – and WA in general. Everything I or you post on your WA blog, or even just asking questions, has so many opportunities to get traffic. We get lots of traffic – from getting others to comment on our sites and from commenting on theirs. I won’t be signing up with Cash Juice though. I think Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 platform for affiliate marketing and building a business and generating traffic.

  115. Thanks for your well-written article about CashJuice.  It sounds like an excellent way to generate traffic and, God knows, we all need to do that!

    I’ll look into it further and might even sign up.  

    All in all, a new, fresh idea for a good home business.

    I like the idea that CashJuice introduces you to a community of like-minded people, all focused on the same business goals.

  116. Thanks a lot for this information, it is avery good  one that You’re sharing this here because it ihas a lot of things to teach people that are with businesses online. Creating a downline and making your friends to people that can be your customers, this makes it easy for you to promote your business. Thanks

  117. Hello Sunny, there are many ways to grow your business but the major part of it all is getting a trusted one that will deliver and cash juice seems very promising with all you have said here. I love the free membership idea because that alone creates room for more people to get involved and I hope to give it try myself and benefit from it

  118. I must commend the persons behind this great innovation called CashJuice. It is truly the desire of everybody to make money especially from the comfort of their house. A very old friend of mine actually told me about CashJuice some couple of months ago but I was just not too attentive, but with this article I have read, I must confess I am tempted to read more, and after much knowledge acquired, I think I will be good enough to signup

  119. Hello Sunny. I loved reading this article. I haven’t heard of CashJuice before, but now, thanks to you, not only that I learned about it, but I also joined the community. I am looking forward to advertise my website here. Thank you for this one, and I hope we can work together on CashJuice.

    Pozdrav iz Makedonije 🙂 

  120. hey sunny first off nice work on your website really like the traffic exchange idea ….well cashjuice has a lot of good quality like; free sign up, A  nice social network and i think the only thing which need to be worked on is increase in bounce rate which may occur from time to time 

  121. Hello,

    It is not first time when I coming across with your website. I love the topic and the comprehensive information provided here. Once again I came across a review about a company whose existence I knew nothing about. In this case is Cash Juice. As you presented in your review, seems to be a friendly platform, and are great news if they offer the possibility to be part of their system for free. 

    You piqued my curiosity. I’ll give it a try to see how things turn out for me. But tell me please, how long have you been a member on the platform? Thank you in advance. Continue to provide great information. Your work it is much appreciate.

    • Hi Diana, 
      I am happy to help. Thanks for your comment. 
      I have been a member of the CashJuice for a little more than a month now and I encourage you to try out the platform. 

  122. I have heard of this program before, but I was not sure how it worked. You explained this very clearly. It’s great that you can sign up free and that there are no upsells. The founder is also real and you can see him in the video which is great. Can I promote my own links if I sign up for Cashjuice or only Cashjuice’s affiliate links?

    I have not tried a program like this with traffic exchange, but it seems to be quite successful for some. How long have you been doing this?

    • Hi Christine, I have been into CashJuice for a little over a month. Yes, you can promote your personal links. That is the whole point with the CashJuice. That you are allowed to network and share. 

  123. I’ve noticed through the last past several months, they’ve been many reviews on the subject of online businesses. (We would lose count over how many out there.) If it wasn’t for the writers doing the research for us, the beginning entrepreneur would be totally lost. They wouldn’t know who to trust because of the number of scams out there. I was scammed a few times before myself years ago. I wish we had some type of control back then that helped monitor and weed out the bad.

  124. Hi Sunny. I must say that you have mentioned everything about cashjuice so meticulously. Personally. i have registered for cashjuice too. But my allegiance is with WA anytime. Nevertheless, i would like to congratulate you and wish you all the success.Your post is definitely of great value to everyone who would like to achieve traffic to their website.

  125. Thanks for this review. I signed up with Cashjuice about 1-2 weeks ago using your link and this is a great network. Thanks for your review.

    I like using Cash Juice and the traffic exchange platforms, it’s a good way to serve people by viewing their sites and a great way for you to find your next “add on” to help build your business by viewing these various offers.

    I am still getting the hang of it and ensuring that i do what I can to learn and grow. Thank you again for the great review.

  126. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one.  From what I can see here, cash juice looks a like a very good platform and a community one should join. I mean, the sign up fee is free so there’s really no harm trying. I really hope I get the best experience, thank you very much 

    • Hi Harry, you are welcome. Please do let me know if you need any assistance upon joining the CashJuice community! 


  127. Very useful and well explained post on the CashJuice community – I will definitely have a look and probably sign up… you can never have enough traffic and it’s always useful to be able to find new ways and avenues to source traffic to you website. You can also never have enough knowledge, there’s always more to learn.

    • That’s right Mohammad. If you haven’t done so just yet, I highly recommend joining the CashJuice. 


  128. I love the layout of your blog Sunny. I’d love to know what theme you use. Great content as well. I was using a similar theme; Hero, but I believe they updated it and it’s very dark now.

    • Mine is Hiero. Yes the theme is awesome. Love the colors, it’s not too bright and not too dark. Have you tried the Hiero?

  129. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful content here with us. This is a very well written review on what the platform cashjuice is all about.  It was made clear to me how can I leverage this platform to create my network and at the same time have free traffic and your review just made me realize that Cashjuice can be a great place to grow as an entrepreneur

    • Yes Bella, the CashJuice is a great platform where you can definitely utilize great business strategies for your website growth! Join for free and let me know what you think. 

  130. Wow this really was beautifully written, thanks for sharing this article. This is the first time I am hearing About Cash juice, After going through your Article, I am very excited to try it out. The Affiliate section of it is what caught my fancy, It really seems like a really cool & helpful platform as it is free.

    • yup, go ahead and try it. You will be happy with the opportunity! Let me know if you need any assistance

  131. Thanks for a good and thorough review.  I do like how CashJuice is designed to go with a community spirit.  There’s nothing worse than a group of affiliates that looks all spammy.  

    It also seems quite straightforward to get started and make progress with the system. 

    About how long roughly do you think the average person would take to make good connections and start earning income?

    • Hi Dominic, I think it’s very hard to predict how long one needs to start making money. The programs like CashJuice which are not the get-rich-quick schemes can’t tell you exactly those things because it depends on you. 

      Let’s see my example, I signed up a couple of weeks ago, was super active for two days, spent time on this platform like really spent a lot of time, and climbed up to the Silver position. Then I took a pause, focusing on some other programs, but still was into the CashJuice check-ins here and there. I have more and more followers each day, and referrals are coming into my network. 

      What if I spent 7 days all the working time with the CashJuice people? I guess I would be even more successful. You see? 

      Someone signs up and never logs in.. 

      I would say, it’s up to you which is great right? 🙂 


  132. I just read this great article and now I fully understand how Cashjuice works…I got to know about this platform some days back and it’s very simple and straightforward with nothing to lose not only that …one can also sign up for free as they help to connect you to people within your niche in order to promote your business  also it is also a great way to meet people and promote your business

  133. Thank you for sharing this post and going into comprehensive detail about cash juice and the advantages to be gained. I had seen a lot of people advertise cash juice on other platforms, and it seemed too good to be true.
    However, your article shows that this is a great alternative to generating traffic apart from paid and organic SEO,
    Also the chance to interact with other members, and the free sign up the opportunity, has persuaded me to give cash juice a go.
    Thanks once again for the article.

    • Thanks, Joe, and how do you like it now as you became a member? Is there anything I can assist you with? 

  134. Thank you for this detailed review of CashJuice community. I have heard about it for the first time. At first, I find this too good to be true but your review really gives me an idea of what this program is about.

    As long as sign up is free, there is no harm in trying. I will look into it more! Thank you

  135. This is nice, it seems like a simple and straight forward platform to earn money and get networking connection. I also like the fact that is it linked with Affiliate marketing, which makes it so easy for me. I think I will sign up for it. Thank you so much for this article

  136. Thanks for the detailed CashJuice review! I must say it comes in handy for me, as I’m about exploring some traffic exchange services out there. CashJuice sounds more promising than the similar platforms I’ve ever come across. The first thing that impressed me most is the opportunity to sign up as a free member and never have to worry about upgrading my account.

    I also appreciate the fact that I can automatically earn credits that will be used to advertise my own website once I visit other members’ websites. Glad it has such a resounding affiliate program that further provides revenue opportunities!



  137. Hi Sunny,
    I wanted to learn more about CashJuice so am glad I found your review.  I like how you have stated up front that the main goal of being with CashJuice is that it is a traffic exchange.
    So what I am wary about is that the CashJuice marketing calls it free advertising, true technically, but I’ve read that traffic from traffic exchanges is not good traffic.  Also that it can harm your website in the eyes of search engines due to the higher bounce rate this type of “click to get points” traffic brings – so fleetingly to your website.

    If someone can demonstrate that this free advertising or free traffic from CashJuice traffic exchanges is good for my website, I would be more inclined to use it.  Thank you 

    • Hello John, 

      Yes I heard the same and created a bit closer look into the CashJuice. Please refer to this page What Is The CashJuice? 

      Hope this will give you some clarification, and benefits of joining the CashJuice. 


  138. There is a lot of beneficial details here for online users when they are able to get platforms that’ll give them substantial information about online businesses, products like cashjuice are really good for promoting your business by converting your friends to potential customers and It’s good that cashjuice has a lot to offer to it’s members, I will love to check it out.

  139. Hi Sunny!
    Thank you for a helpful review on CashJuice. I really know nothing about it until now. It seems that it is a very interesting platform not to mention it’s free.

    Considering that it can help drive traffic to my site I am very much inclined to signing up. But as of now my website is still on the works so I will have to do it later.

    But can CashJuice work also for those who don’t have their own website?

    • Hi Rose, I am very happy to hear that you found the benefits of this CashJuice review. Do sign up as soon as you can. Even if your website is not done yet/or for those not having the website, you can still share the affiliate links of the programs you work with, or you can at least be creating your network while working on the website
      Hope this helps,

  140. Hi Sunny!Thank you for a helpful review on CashJuice. I really know nothing about it until now. It seems that it is a very interesting platform not to mention it’s free.

    Considering that it can help drive traffic to my site I am very much inclined to signing up. But as of now my website is still on the works so I will have to do it later.

    But can CashJuice work also for those who don’t have their own website?

    • Hi Rose, yes, the CashJuice works even for the people without the website. It’s because you can become the affiliate of Cashjuice and include your link anywhere you like and in any interaction online. You don’t need a website, even though is god to have it. 

  141. Thank you for the detailed review. CashJuice seems a lot like Wealthy Affiliate when comes to networking. But in all honesty, I am still to find a platform that can challenge its value. It’s good to see that they have a free membership so people can sign up and decide for themselves before putting their money on it. I will keep an eye on it to see how it develops.

    • Hello Stratos, I completely understand your point of view but also don’t forget that participating in its development will benefit you more than watching it develop 🙂 Go ahead, sign up for free, and enjoy the benefits of the great community.

  142. Hey Sunny, it’s always an amazing time to go through any of write-ups and I say thank you because it’s very helpful and informative. I have heard about CashJuice but didn’t know it was this helpful, I’ll advice everyone to go through this and see the relevance of this information. Thank you very much.

  143. I haven’t yet heard of the cash juice program and am not sure whether or not its legit but perhaps its time to take an adventure. I would definately like to have these details for further clarification.The best way to make money online is by having a diverse community. If you have an audience, then you have the money coming in. And i think cash juice aims at making that happen.

  144. Hi, one of my marketer friend recommended Cashjuice to me, but I was skeptical, as I was hearing all the positives and negatives about this system. I’m glad that I found your detailed and most importantly an unbiased review about this system. 

    In 3 Parts you have covered in-depth detail about the system that is all I needed to know, I really look forward to try at least its free service now. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review. It was very useful for me.

  145. Thank you for such a detailed review of cashjuice. I have run across this platform before but have not signed up yet. My experience with other traffic exchanges in the past have quite frankly been a waste of time not to mention full of spam emails. There are a few good ones and cashjuice does seem to be one of the better ones for sure. That being said are you actually getting verified traffic by using it? 

    • Yes, I have been getting some new traffic. Of course I am aiming for more than “some” 😉 

  146. Hello Sunny,

    Thank you for sharing your website.

    I did read your new article about CashJuice What Is The CashJuice?. I was also looking for another Affiliate program besides Amazon. I am glad I saw your informative article. I am very glad about the useful information I got from your article. I am very glad you shared it. 

    Thanks once again and all the best!

    • Hello, I am so happy to hear you find benefits in the articles about the CashJuice. Have you joined the program so far? It’s free and it will benefit you a lot. 

  147. Hey Sunny,

    I found your article when looking into Cashjuice, I have actually been very curious about it and been looking at videos like the one you posted and other feedback from others, one of the things that stuck to me and were wondering was, how active are the users in there? I read there really isn’t many users and then somewhere else that the community is thriving, of course, I can check myself, but I like to do my due diligence before signing up to another site, thanks for your input and new information, hope to see you there sometime. 

    • Hi Victor, people are pretty active in the CashJuice community. I haven’t heard differently. Also, it depends on which part of the day you log in. But yes, people are active there. 

      Hope this helps. 

  148. Hello there!

    The review you have here is extremely unique. I must say it is really amazing to come to know about the CashJuice Community with the exclusive benefits offered to its members. I’m really impressed after reading through the review and I look forward to getting registered with the community soonest so I can enjoy those benefits as well.


  149. So CashJuice earns money for your website automatically by networking and advertising. It sounds a lot like Wealthy Affiliates or could easily be a app the wealthy affiliates works with. In think its great that this program helps website owners generate money quicker because it takes a while to make any kind of profit for someone like me thats just started a website. Thanks so much!

  150. I feel that cashjuice is an affiliate marketing community ready to interact with each other, however, a close friend did not recommend it to join. He explained that while becoming a member, he did not get valuable network and even though they show to have thousand of members, there seems to be only 300 to 400 active ones. 

    After reading your post I will give it a try. It won’t hurt to try after all, my friend runs a software affiliate program.

    • Dear Maria, I appreciate very much your comment and sharing your friend’s advice. A difference between 300 and 400 is huge (100 people) and what if out of 100 people there are 10 searching for something YOU have to offer? Imagine then that number of 300-400 people! 
      It’s up to you to decide which programs you will choose to use. I decided to give a try to the CashJuice when I read a review written by an affiliate marketer I trust. 
      And I didn’t regret. 

      If you would allow me to add that we will always have different people being for or against the same programs at the same time, and that’s THEIR experience. I’d suggest you build your own experience, that’s when the success will kick in! Maybe this program is not for your friend since he doesn’t see the value in the community of couple of thousands members even IF “only” 400 are active.

      Think about. How does your friend know how many people is active? 
      Listen to your own guidance dear Maria, grab all the chances you find especially when they are free opportunities which are clearly legit programs.

      Hope this helps. 
      Please let me know what you decided and if I can assist you further. It’s going to be my pleasure.


  151. Hello! I read some of your posts and I can say that they are a wonderful young, beautiful but also successful woman who unreservedly gives herself and her knowledge to help others in building an online business. Reading you only gives me an even greater desire to succeed in this work
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    • Emilia how sweet from you. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very happy to hear that my mission is reaching out to you. Please feel free to take an advantage of my experience. 

      What do you think about CashJuice so far? Have you joined their platform? 


  152. I’ve not heard of cashjuice before but the way you have presented the information made me want to read further and click the links. This is the perfect scenario for your website visitors to also want to read more and click your links. Reading that its free to be a member will also get the website lots of attention. Online home businesses are fast growing and your website should get a lot of attention.

    • Thanks Dameon. I appreciate you. 

      May I ask you what are your thoughts on the CashJuice so far? Have you joined the platform? What I can do for you to make your membership there more enjoyable? 


  153. Hi there, thank you so much for sharing this article, it is really interesting. I think as affiliate marketers we are always on the look out for new opportunities, although sifting through the myriad of bright shiny objects can be tedious and time consuming. CashJuice would appear to tick all of the right boxes, especially the fact that it is free! I am definitely going to check this out and more than likely sign up. How long have you been a member and have you had any success?  

    • Hi Paul, I have been a member of the CashJuice for a little over 2 months, active for a month for example and for now I would say that I saw success in form of networking, learning the program, getting referrals, and becoming a Siler member (check HERE what that means) therefore I see an income coming soon. 

      Have you signed up yet? 


  154. thanks for sharing it is great to find something like this with free membership I am hoping it will help bring more traffic to my website. It makes sense to support others who are doing the same thing and a good way of learning too. will cash juice work for any website or niche 

  155. CashJuice sounds interesting, I don’t have a lot of experience with this kind of programs but it does seem like a great way to bring traffic to your website. I also love the fact that it’s free to sign up, I know lots of programs that don’t even let you sign up for a trial without asking you to pay for it first. And I also noticed you mentioned it has an affiliate program, I have more experience in affiliate marketing so I might be interested in that aspect about it first of all.

  156. I had honestly never heard of CashJuice before reading this article. It sounds like an interesting opportunity for networking with affiliate entrepreneurs. You really did your research with this one. Your points were concise and clear. I also had not heard of the term traffic exchange which would be something I would have to research some more. Good luck in your future endeavors!

    • Hi Sonia, glad you learned some new stuff you can use for your business. Traffic exchange is super important. Try to find as many as possible traffic exchange websites to build your network. 

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