Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Program

Wealthy-Affiliate-affiliate-programWealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive company where you can find the training, tools, and support for building a successful online business.

They also offer an affiliate program as one of the several ways to make money as their member. And I experienced the Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate program as the second to none affiliate program out there.

But.. Let’s see first…


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Being an affiliate marketer means promoting someone’s online business by sharing your unique affiliate links related to the company or product you promote. Whenever someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you get your commission which does NOT affect the customer’s price.


Affiliate Programs Research Tool

As a WA member, you have access to awesome research tools

Every single niche has at least one company that offers an affiliate program. You can find those on Google.


For instance, if you would like to refer to online courses, you would type in Google ONLINE COURSES + AFFILIATE PROGRAMS and choose which company you want to work with.


Here is an example.

I found a great institution that offers a variety of online courses. Not only I became a student of the International Open Academy, but I also became their partner as their affiliate.


International-Open-Academy-EXTRA-offer My job is to blog about their courses, sharing my experience as their student or/and affiliate. This can be done here on my website, as well as on any of my social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Marketing experts call that REFERRING.

In this example, I am AN AFFILIATE and you and my social network friends are my AUDIENCES.


Click HERE –> to find details about the International Open Academy.

Within the review, you will find a link that will help you sign up for their courses. That link is called AFFILIATE LINK.

Once YOU click on the affiliate link and become their student, you are my REFERRAL, and International Open Academy pays me a commission for referring their product.

In order to get a commission for something that you refer to others, that company needs to have an established AFFILIATE PROGRAM.


Now when you know what is an affiliate marketing program, I can get you closer to the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program. It’s very simple.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program 

Wealthy Affiliate – affiliate program is a great opportunity for making a full-time income online. By becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member, you are automatically becoming their affiliate marketer.

HERE you can find a detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate company I work with. It is my number 1 recommendation for everyone who wants to make an online income, both newbies and experienced entrepreneurs.


How does the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program work?

I found the Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015. I was a pure newbie in the online marketing industry. All I know about websites, hosting, blogging, online marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, keywords, and much more, I learned thanks to the training at the Wealthy Affiliate.




One of the courses they offer within the membership is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training. This is where you learn how to build an online business. As you go through your daily tasks, you are actually setting up your online business which promotes the Wealthy Affiliate as the university and a great opportunity for generating an online income.


I built a website called Best Online Home Business where I talk about my journey and the Wealthy Affiliate. Or, since we are now familiar with marketing terminology, I am REFERRING Wealthy Affiliate to my AUDIENCE (YOU) and millions of people all around the world.

Sign up page aThis link in red color is my personal AFFILIATE LINK for the Wealthy Affiliate. If you click on it, it will take you to the Wealthy Affiliate sign up page which looks like this:

If you sign up, which is FOR FREE, you will become my REFERRAL. Since the WA has established an AFFILIATE PROGRAM when you set up your profile and add a photo, I will get a commission from the Wealthy Affiliate for referring you!

That’s it! It’s very simple especially when you get to be trained by experts like Kyle and Carson (co-founders and owners) are.


When you become a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will automatically get an affiliate link whether you decide to promote the Wealthy Affiliate or not. That affiliate link will be your online ID which will bring you a lot of income through some other sources.


By becoming the Wealthy Affiliate member, not only you will get ALL the knowledge, secrets to success, and tools for building your online business, you will also get a chance to MAKE AN INCOME while exploring and learning how to create your online success.


How much you can earn as the WA affiliate?

The great news is that you can start making an income as the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate right away!

As soon as you sign up you will get your very personal affiliate link.


Here are the membership options:

  1. Free starter member $0
  2. Special offer deal $19 / the first month
  3. Monthly premium $49 / month
  4. Annual premium $495 / year




And this is how much YOU as a premium member will make when someone becomes YOUR referral:

  1. Free starter membership = $1 when your referral sets up an account
  2. Special offer deal = $8
  3. Monthly premium = $23.50
  4. Annual premium = $235

This is how much you make as a Free Starter member:

  1. Special offer deal = $4
  2. Monthly premium = $11.75
  3. Annual premium = $117.50


While you will need time to build your website, write posts and blog about the WA, generate traffic, and get some referrals, you can start talking to your friends sharing your unique link from the very first moment.


My very first referral was a friend. I told her about a great business opportunity, sent her a link in a FB messenger she signed up and I made my first online income that way!


We say in Serbia “When there is a will, there is a way too”


How much successful WA affiliates earn?

This is a job where you need to set your financial goals and what you want to achieve as an affiliate marketer for the Wealthy Affiliate.

From the very start, you will be motivated with the offer to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate conference which happens once a year. It is an all-inclusive business trip to Las Vegas. All you need to do is to gain 300 referrals during the previous year.

This is Grace, my friend, and colleague from the Wealthy Affiliate. She was in the conference this and last year. You can find out more about her experience by clicking on the link below 🙂

You can read more about the WA conference HERE


But let’s make a breakdown of the income you make by the time you achieve the WA conference in Vegas.

You have to have 300 premium referrals. I will consider you as the PREMIUM member so we can look into higher potential.

When each referral upgrades to the monthly premium when your commission is $23.50

300 x $23.50 = $7,050

What if ALL OF THEM upgrade to the annual membership when YOU get paid $235 / referral?

300 x $235 = $70,500


And this is JUST the number you have to achieve to reach the conference.
Many people who went to the conference say that they had a lot more referrals than 300. Once the business starts rolling SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!


So what you are waiting for?


To read more about the NUMBER ONE online business opportunity, learn how to make an online income, and actually succeed in the online business click on the photo:






Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. Wow, this is my first time hearing about the International Open Academy. I like its interface, and the first course listed is actually what I have been looking for! Thank you for sharing it I bookmarked it. Thank you!

    I would like to thank you also for your concise review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am also part of the platform, but some of these features I am not familiar with–especially the earnings per referral. That sounds so lucrative! I would also love to agree with that ad stating, “Uncover the secrets” to MMO, because with Wealthy Affiliate, that’s so true, without bias. I resonate with your experience too, I shared WA to a friend, and in my case, I really didn’t know that I would earn with just signup. Anyway, I would love to know if the Bootcamp is much easier than the OEC, or it’s just a matter of preference? Thanks, and have a great day! – A

    • Hi A, 

      Thanks for your comment. The WA Bootcamp is a great choice for the newbies especially. 
      I also think IT IS easier than the Online Entrepreneur Certificate as you use your experience at the Wealthy Affiliate ALL THE TIME for your blog. 


  2. Thank you and I really appreciate your work. I like that you emphasize that while you will need time to build your website, write posts and blog about the WA, generate traffic, and get some referrals, you can start talking to your friends sharing your unique link from the very first moment”. This is so true! Wealthy Affiliate is truly number one in the industry. You learn and earn at the same time. If you are a newbie starting from zero knowledge, you WILL eventually become a PRO making awesome income! If you are experienced, you will even before get to see an income in your bank account as this is a great job opportunity to promote.

  3. Many thanks for sharing this timely article with everyone. The main content of this article is the Wealthy Affiliate Program Review. If you want to start your own home-based business online, you must join the Wealthy Affiliate Program. One of my questions to you is whether I will get any commission on the referral income of those who will join my referral. That is, whether I get any commission on their income.

    • Hi, you are getting a commission when your referrals sign up and every time they renew their membership. 
      Hope this helps. 

  4. Thank you for your review of Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.  You have helped me to understand what Affiliate Marketing is in a clear and concise way.  It has me very interested in looking more closely at their program. I understand now that it is about referring people to companies who are looking to sell.  No different really to people being paid a commission for referring clients in a traditional business setting. I am impressed by the offer of “WA”, are there any downsides?  Are they well known? What about market saturation?

  5. This is such an interesting review, thank you! I’m so interested in your very positive experience with WA and also really keen to explore International Open Academy as an educational resource but also as a potential affiliate program to look into. Your proof of how much you can earn as an affiliate at WA is really compelling. Very interesting. 

  6. A great article about affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate.

    I am really inspired by your earning potential and I am looking to get to £5000 per month by the end of this year. What do you think the secrets to ensuring that your earning potential is achieved?

    I am really enjoying wealthy affiliate and recommend this especially based on the training and the fact that it is such a great community of people.

    Thank you 

    • Hi Imelda, thanks for stopping by and sharing your goals 🙂 

      Well, the secret is to be consistent in writing and content creation, networking, and of course all of that rapped in faith and self-confidence. 

      Here is to your success! 

  7. Really nice to read your wealthy affiliate review here and also understand some details of how the platform works. When I look at everything on and on, I understand that it is really a wonderful place to be able to make money online and also learn what it takes as well. I just joined the platform and I am yet to move up to premium but having read this review, I’m sure my mind is made up on what I want to do now.

  8. I belong to the affiliate side of the wealthy affiliates.  If it doesn’t work out, I’ll try the boot camp.  It sounds like, though there is a lot of work, it may be easier to break through at an earlier point with money for referrals.  I don’t know if they’ll have the conference with covid, but I hope it does, it’s a good motivator.  I am impressed at what you get for just one referral.  I was wondering, what is your experience doing this?  I would be interested in hearing more.  The different levels of payment you get doing different things is also interesting.  

    • Hi, well that’s a concern now but they’re still running a conference count down. Who knows what is going to happen by next Spring. I believe the Vegas will be an option. 
      mans for my success.. Long story short.. This is my second time I go through the Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp. I started this website from the scratch. 
      my previous business was pretty much successful at “young age” 🙂 but then I lost it due to a lack of internet on the cruise ships where I work. 

      I’m looking forward for a deeper and even faster success this time 


  9. This is such a great review of the Wealthy Affiliate. I totally loved the presentation. In fact, I think if someone reads this, he will be totally motivated to join as a premium member. great job on this one Sunny. 

    You have a penchant for writing and I must say that you produce great articles. I had read a few earlier too and liked them a lot. Do write about Authority Hacker and other suchlike programs too. 


  10. Terrific opportunity with the International Open Academy. I took a glance and will be signing up myself shortly. I am a member of WA for the past 2 years now. I started with the OEC training and only part way through the Bootcamp. I seem to be a little stuck on the videos and social media portion but I will get there. What part of the bootcamp did you find the easiest and why?

    • Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience. This is my second time that I go through the Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp. And again the easiest part for me is writing I believe so. Even though it’s not easy, I’ve been enjoying it so much that I feel like it is 🙂


  11. Thanks for sharing your views on Wealthy Affiliate – definitely agree this is an excellent program for any newbie looking to start working from home to generate income. This is the first time I heard about the International Open Academy though and I found their site quite interesting, bookmarked for now and look forward to learning more through them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Or but what an interesting thing about the trip to las vegas and all that money at the time you comment on it, even one gets excited
    Thanks for the review

  13. The way you approached your post seemed good to me, at no time did I feel like you were selling me something, and still managed to get me excited about the trip to Las Vegas. I found it quite nice and fluid, the way you speak. It’s like I was listening to someone I knew for a long time. 

  14. Thanks for this awesome review about wealthy affiliate. Being a member myself, I can say it is by far the best training course I’ve come across in regards to teaching people how to make money online.

    I’ve built a free different sites with the platform and each one has earned me money.

    From your experience though, how long would you say it takes someone brand new to this platform to start earning money?

    • Hi Michael, thank you so much for sharing your experience. 
      I would say that it depends on the level of dedication and depth of the faith the newbie has. It’s absolutely individual. 

      There is nonofficial info going around that if you are an affiliate for the WA itself, you start making a lot of money once you reach 400 posts on your website. Several people proved that. 

  15. Hi Sunny – Very good review about Wealthy Affiliate. It is full of motivation and excitement. I attest to everything you have written. I am not involved in the MMO niche but Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place for starting out in affiliate marketing. I am so fortunate to have run across it early in my online endeavor. I wish you much continued success

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  16. Don’t that blow the roof of my concepts? Yes, of course, it does. While I’m in my corner attempting to make money online through all sorts of varied means, I meet up with a person who persuades me to try affiliate marketing. I do, and I find myself having to pluck down thousands of dollars to get started. Thankfully, there is a full refund policy in place after a certain amount of days. So, I start and learn everything I can then find out I have to put more money down to get the privileged training. What??? So, I scour the web and find an affiliate marketing, exactly the one above, and discover that I can join for free, learn for free, get hosting, and training for free. There has to be a catch, right? Guess what? There is no catch. That’s exactly what I can do. Wow, this blew my mind. I’m learning and training, and building. 

    • Wow thank you Joss for your testimonial! You got me reading on one breath. 
      I am so happy for you that you found the WA as THIS IS a place to start with online marketing/affiliate marketing

      Well done!!!

  17. Hello Sunny, you have made things clear with this well detailed article and I love every bit of it. Wealthy affiliate as a platform would make so much good to people who are interest in affiliate marketing as it have proven to be a really great means of making money online and I just can’t imagine how good it have been for those who are already into it. Wealthy affiliate as a platform is really good with the service they offer at that cheap fee. 

  18. Very good overview here about wealthy affiliate. It is always a good thing having an edge in terms of learning the basics that revolves around affiliate marketing and one of the very best place to have this knowledge is on wealthy affiliate. I love the platform for so many things especially the fact that I am a member too. I have gained a lot especially from the trainings.

  19. This site, best online home business, gives awesome information on how to use Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to create an income!  As a member myself, I stand by the site and platform.  This post gives a lot of information and how to start.  It tells it as it is, without the fluff which I, personally prefer.  The prices, levels, and basics are laid out for you in this post, you need to go no further! If I wasn’t already a member, I would be signing right now.

  20. helloo sunny, thanks alot for sharing with us such an educative and amazing article, i am glad i got to see these post, i really want to thank you for the effort you put in bring these website i am really gratefull, cause i believe your article has thought me alot about wealthy affiliate and hw i can earn money from it, thanks alot for the info

  21. Hi there,

    This is really well explained, and you opened my eyes when you explained about the money Wealthy Affiliate members can make when they refer 300 people to the program … I had not even realized it, that’s an amazing commission! And you have a great goal set for you! How do you plan on achieving this goal? Do you have any tips for affiliate marketing beginners?

    • Hi Christine, 

      Thanks for your questions. 

      My answer on this type of question always has two parts. one is about my attitude, and the other is about the tools.

      My goals are always my actual plans. At my job, once I set a huge goal and my general manager told me “Perfect, it’s the most important to have a goal. The Universe will show you the way.” This is the way I live my plans 🙂 

      I don’t bother myself with schedules. Yes, I have a habit to create schedules all the time, as a way to motivate myself. By creating schedules I see my goals very clearly, but then I leave them on the side and don’t bother. I go with the flow. 

      So now, when I have a clear picture and faith, I believe in the tools the Wealthy Affiliate offers. I use the training all the time, going back and forth to each lesson and task, beautifying the pages all the time, meeting people, and following those who already achieved their goals and set new ones. 

      I would say that these are components of a successful journey: 

      1. Open mind

      2. Faith

      3. Dedication

      4. A clear picture of success

      5. Wealthy Affiliate and its training

      6. Signs on the road 

  22. Really benefited. The way the Corona epidemic has affected people’s lives around the world, online commerce will be very prominent in the coming days. I think the current article written by Sunny will help people who are experienced and interested in online businesses. Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the most effective and efficient methods of online business today. It is also clear from this article that Wealthy Affiliate is the most professional and successful platform.

  23. In this Pandemic Era, the importance of earning an income working from home is essential. Everyone, no matter if they have a job or not, needs to develop the means to become self sufficient. Affiliate Marketing as you have so clearly explained, is the best option available. 

    If we agree with that premise, we need to have the best training, tools and support to give us an above average chance to succeed. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the perfect vehicle to achieve that goal. The icing on the cake is that Wealthy Affiliate also has their own affiliate program. That makes 100% sense. If they are teaching their members to create affiliate marketing businesses, why not offer them the opportunity to become affiliate of the platform they are trained on.

    Thanks for such a clear and concise article on this industry. I wish you continued success Sunny. 



  24. Wealthy affiliate program is a very good online business program and a lot of people are looking into benefiting from it like. Reading thoroughly through this is very enjoyable and  it has a lot of useful and important points to note, this article will help you know more about how Wealthy affiliate operates and how to best make money from it.

  25. They do have a good affiliate program and it’s a good thing that the platform what’s to share what they have so that other people also would be able to make something from them as well. It’s really nice and it’s something that I would definitely want to give a try. Like that you can share the information you shared here with me. Thank you!

  26. Hello,thank you for sharing this article on wealthy affiliate program. Wealthy affiliate is necessary for anyone who wants to build his business or gfow his business. The training offered on WA is top notch and not to forget that one can simultaneously earn while learning. I have been on WA for quite some Time and it’s the best decision I’ve made so far this month. 

  27. Affiliate marketing is a very good mean of earning money when we talk about making money online and most people how wants to make money online first take a look at affiliate marketing and that shows how good it can be as a means of earning. Nevertheless, no one would make money online without having the background knowledge on how to go about it. With what wealth affiliate offers, it will be much easier to go on with it. 

  28. Wealthy affiliate is a program for all but if you are willing to out in the work required to become a success, then it can be the next best thing for anyone. Ut has it all that can set us up for the success and I really like all that has been shared by you here. Thank you so much for sharing with us here

  29. Thanks for your helpful review Sunny. I’d heard lots of positive feedback about Wealthy Affiliate so I decided to initially check out their free membership and then quickly upgraded to premium when I saw just how much value there was in the support and the community. I had no idea how to set up a blog and a website, but I was able to do both quite quickly through the step-by-step training and community support.

  30. Hi there, I’m really glad I stumbled on this amazing article,  to be honest I have hard time understanding how the referral program works In wealthy affiliate marketing platform, but with this highly detailed and informative article, I fully understand how the whole thing works , it was really thoughtful of you to share this amazing article review, it was quite helpful and I really enjoyed reading this article review.

  31. Hi there, I like how clear and understandable you describe in your article this helpful guide about affiliate marketing and especially the Wealthy Affiliate as an Affiliate Program. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn for being successful in affiliate marketing, and it also offers many opportunities to grow and make a lot of incomes with this platform, even choosing a different niche.

    Thanks for sharing



  32. Although they offer a monthly subscription to me it is still way more affordable as compared to other platforms. Bare in mind they offer to host on top of the training not to mention access to plenty of success stories within the platform. I do think that Wealthy Affiliate will continue to dominate the website building training niche. Great article, it is easy to rea through.  

  33. This is awesome information on Wealthy Affiliate. I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and hope you get lots of referrals through your review. There is so much to learn with Wealthy Affiliate and the commissions you can earn is amazing. This is a great program to earn while you learn how to run and operate your online business. 

  34. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s one needs to be aware of before joining this company. I am an affiliate marketer and i must say you have just summed up all about affiliate marketing in this review, good job

  35. Hello again Sunny! Thanks for sharing yet another interesting article. This particular one is very helpful and I’m definitely going to share with people around me. I’ve been on the wealthy affiliate platform for about 6 months now and it’s a very good one. It’s a very legit and quality training is provided. In wealthy affiliate, you don’t just earn, you learn. This is a detailed article on how to make a lot of money with wealthy affiliate. The referrals method is a good one and I’ll try that too. Thank you 

  36. Wealthy affiliate renders the best online business for those who have started or those that are just starting. Those who are having plans to start an online business of their own should utilize this review and make do of it.

    The information is helpful. Thank you for sharing this information with us here

  37. How I love the flow of your articles. I have read about Wealthy Affiliate before but your article cleared a lot for me. The opportunity looks very lucrative, It cant be compared to any. The numbers are clear, which makes goal setting very easy. I will certainly immerse myself into the platform for this lucrative deal

  38. Thank you very much for writing a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, I’ve heard about this platform from my friend. He said the people there are very friendly towards newbie, so it’s a plus point for me. It’s good that we can earn money even if we are just a free member. I’ll try to sign up and see it myself. Thanks

  39. Thank you for sharing this unique article. The main purpose of this article is the WA Review. If in any case you want to begin your own home based business online and be earning consistently, you will have to choice than to be a member of wealthy affiliate because to me they offer the best affiliate program i have had to come across.

  40. Working from home has not been easy and has been the desires of many folks out there. But the question keeps coming in. How can I make money from home? There are ways, lots of ways to make money online, but affiliate marketing seems somewhat friendly to beginners. It has low cost and startup fee with lots of online materials to learn from. But having the one platform to guide you from start to finish is what any person or rather beginner would love. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome place to learn affiliate marketing. Truth be told it’s not a scam. The reason why some may see it that way is because they come in with the wrong mindset thinking they could make money within a blink of an eye. Which is impossible if you want to have a real business. Every real business both physical and online takes time to build and affiliate marketing included. But all the same time and effort put in the building of your business pays off in the long run.

  41. Hi,

    From my review as a member of wealthy affiliate program is a company where you can get training with the unique and power tools that have at wealthy affiliate, you can sign up as a starter member but you are limited to some features and courses on the platform, when you upgrade to premium member you will enjoy and be open to many courses. You will learn to become a affiliate markers and know how to build your own websites and generate passive income online.

    Thank you.


  42. I have always wanted to do affiliate marketing as a side income but before I was busy with work but since the pandemic hit, I have no excuse but to look into it. I love the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shopping deal. I certainly need the education, the support from the community and boy, I want to be successful like those people. Anyways, I am going to start with the free trial and take it from there. 

  43. Hello. I have been a member of the WA since recently. A friend recommended WA to me and I am very pleased. I hope to make even more progress soon. The good thing is that you can join WA for free, and if you want to progress, you can upgrade. I have all the recommendations for the platform and I hope that many more will like it

  44. Wealthy affiliate is an affiliate marketing marketing which have been set up to give the right tools, training and support in building a successful online business. Talking about affiliate marketing, this talks about sharing a unique link on the page of to get people to click it and if someone clicks a link and buys something from there, the owner of the link gets a commission without changing the price of the product 

  45. Thank you for this informative and resourceful article on wealthy affiliate which I’m sure will be helpful to anyone interested in the platform and making money through affiliate marketing. Wealthy affiliate one of the best affiliate marketing training platforms in my opinions as it holds lots of benefits to the person joining. 

  46. Hi Sunny!

    I like promoting WA as an affiliate product because the commission is quite good, and I know that it will create a recurring commission. As a beginner that what you are really looking to achieve. Because that will motivate you and let you work at ease knowing that you will not spend a lot of money and the business will take care of itself.

    Another reason is that WA is a great product, I know that people will get a lot of value in it. And they will be able to build a life-changing business from the training.


  47. I was really impressed to see such a wonderful article on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. There is no substitute for this platform for doing business online from home. Not only this, by the affiliate from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform you can earn one passive income per month. I myself am a premium member of this platform and today I am successful in the world of affiliate marketing by becoming proficient with step-by-step training from here. So I will suggest newcomers to join this platform to establish their own business.

  48. I am surprised about how many things are included in just one platform. And I wonder why I hadn’t come across them before.

    I understand what an affiliate link is. And I know there is a lot of work that has to go in to have people clicking your link. I’d like to continue learning about how to atract traffic and click through rates.

  49. All the training in the Wealthy Affiliate can help YOU to become an expert in the internet online business. Perhaps many of your friends and family have heard about you’re passionate for doing financial freedom.

    Many people do not perform regular exercise, eat healthy food, and don’t have adequate insurance policy add safety to their future.

  50. Thank you for this detailed and informative article on how to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate by being an affiliate of theirs and getting referrals. You have explained the process in a way that is easy to understand and implement. Although I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now, I dived straight into developing my niche website, and it was not until many months later, that I learnt that I could also be promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate. 

    Your post has motivated me to promote Wealthy Affiliate on a more active basis to get more referrals. 

  51. Hi! I am just new in online business, still trying to figure things out and how would I earn in a legitimate way.  Thank you for sharing this review.  It is very helpful, given that there are huge online opportunities out there and I am becoming overwhelmed.  I started my website dedicated for dog lovers but since you have mentioned the affiliate bootcamp I started to consider trying that one. Thanks.

    And by the way, I would like to set my goal at $500 /month before 2020 ends.

  52. I am wowed I must say I knew Wealthy affiliate has a good affiliate program but I never knew it was this good as without even setting up a website one could make a lot of cash but just bringing people into the system…I must say this is really great all we have to do now is build a community of people inside the wealthy affiliate community.

  53. Hi sunny,

    Thank you for this elaborate post on wealthy affiliate. Good platform, honestly good platform. I joined wealthy affiliate and it changed my perception of affiliate marketing. I use to see it as to be difficult, but the training on wealthy affiliate changed my perception. Top of it is the community, top professionals ready to share their secret 

  54. As an affiliate marketer, this article was really interesting and captivating because I am a newbie in the field, I was also surprised that I did not know about this amazing opportunity, I just followed the link and got registered. It is really a nice experience. I also chose the 120 hour TEFL certificate

  55. Sunny you are so experienced for someone with only five years behind you! I have to agree, as someone with over a dozen years behind me, Wealthy Affiliates will get anyone looking to grow the right way with affiliate marketing the right start. The supportive community combined with training gives a better foundation than other programs I’ve seen over the years.

  56. Honestly speaking, I must say that wealthy affiliate is one of the best online affiliate platform, if not the best. At wealthy affiliate, there is much to learn and benefit. One can register as a starter and upgrade to premium later on. But even when registered as a starter, there are lots of features and lessons wealthy affiliate offers that would be of great great benefits.

  57. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn Affiliate Marketing. I am with you 100%. Their affiliate program is really lucrative at almost 50% commission. If you work hard and get a lot of referrals you could get rich by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, This is a good review that explains the whole affiliate program. Thanks

  58. The review on W.A. was awesome. You really articulate everything out to help your visitor decide before joining. If I wasn’t a premium member, I’d join W.A. after reading this article review. I can say without a doubt, W.A. is one of the best platform for an online home business. You review was also catchy and grabbing. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

  59. Hi Sunny, 

    Wow, you really got me more interested in this WA  program and got me into the math 🙂 Also, you made a keyword section very well explained to me. Since I’m still new to the online business model at WA. Here in Croatia, I don’t know anybody yet who is doing affiliate programs and actually earning some money. I think It’s worth taking a chance. How do your friends and family react to this kind of income in your country when you promote this program to them?


    • Hi Kristina, 

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 That’s a good question though. To be quite honest with you, many of my friends still don’t know what I am exactly doing as I didn’t talk about it a lot. I focus more on content writing and advertising on my social media accounts freely and not by direct contact. However, those few who know about WA in details as they asked me to explain are just observing and I feel as if they’ve been waiting to actually jump in as soon as I share some huge results with them 🙂 

      What I would like to suggest to you, is to focus on the content writing, learning everything you can about online business and online/affiliate marketing, let the World be your audience, and leave the closest ones for those times in the future when they will want to join you when you least expect that. I once had 1 on 1 conversation converted to referral and that’s it. The rest is from the generic traffic or my Facebook exposure (when my friends decide to check out and they end up signing up) 

      Hope this helps 🙂

  60. Thank you Sunny.  This is by far the best article I have read regarding affiliate marketing.  I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year.  I have been doing the training, putting what I learn into action, and sort of just going with the flow.  Now, I have a better understanding of what it really is and with its many benefits. I will investigate the Open Academy as I love learning.  Thank you for this great article.

  61. This article has been extremely informative on the WA platform. I personally joined 2 weeks ago as a starter member, and I’ve signed up for the premium membership a few days later. I have completed phase 1 of the bootcamp training which is is one of the most comprehensive training I’ve taken; it literally guides you from being a complete newbie to publishing your first post. And you can have access to that training as a starter for free! I can’t imagine what is in store for the premium training, and I can’t wait to get started!

    Could you also share with us more about the support that WA provides? What if there are specific questions, who can we newbies approach for advice and guidance? – L

    • Hi there, 

      Well welcome on board! I wish you a great learning experience which will ultimately bring a lot of success to your business! 

      In case you have some questions and you need assistance, you have several ways to reach out to the community members: 

      1. You can always message your mentor (the person that provided the affiliate link for you to join) 

      2. You can always reach out to the owners – Kyle and Carson

      3. Live chat is available 24/7

      4. Classroom platform is where you can type in the question and use the search bar 

      5. Your own blog where you can ask for assistance

      6. For the WordPress technical support, the technical team is available and always ready to assist

      Hope this helps 🙂 

  62. Thanks for this information about Wealthy Affiliates. Wha i like about it is the opportunities to earn money in a variety of ways. I also find the regular payment reasonable enough. The affiliate marketing really shows a lot of promise, and the income from this would be in addition to what I earn from operating my business. Thank you for the details. I know so much more now.

  63. Wow, this is my first time hearing about the International Open Academy.The WA Bootcamp is a great choice for the newbies especially. I also think IT IS easier than the Online Entrepreneur Certificate as you use your experience at the Wealthy Affiliate ALL THE TIME for your blog.One of my questions to you is whether I will get any commission on the referral income of those who will join my referral. That is, whether I get any commission on their income.

  64. Thank you Sunny again for one of the best posts I have seen about the best Affiliate Program out there today. I am also a member and have been for the past 4 years, (almost 4 tears anyway) and it has brought me from a newbie, like you were, who knew nothing about affiliate marketing to now having two websites that are doing pretty good.

    I did go to your International open academy post and it was very informative and I have saved it in my favorites. Thanks again for a great post and keep up the great work.

  65. Not too many people emphasize the affiliate program at WA.  I think you are wise to do so.  Its a big incentive especially once someone really gets into using the tools and develops their own affiliate marketing business.   There is nothing like success to produce enthusiasm which can be passed on to others.

  66. Hello sunny! This is a perfect platform! People help each other. The training is excellent, even someone like me can understand the process. The support is outstanding. Honestly, I am delighted that I took the step to become a premium member. I recommend this platform to anyone and will do so to my family and friends. I already did recommend this excellent forum to my neighbor.

  67. Wealthy Affiliate is a really great platform to get started with affiliate marketing. What’s amazing there is the support and training that’s available. They have everything covered to get you set up and earning money as soon as possible. The only thing you need to know before starting is that it can take time and a lot of effort before you actually see any income!

  68. I have heard with this type of business that it takes time to build and earn money from. This makes perfect sense to me because Rome was not built in a day. I have seen quite a few reviews regarding this company and they all sound very enthusiastic. Yours is no exception. Very well written. it is great that it has been around for 15 years. I am going to have a look at the program. 

  69. Totally agree with you on this one Sunny,

    One of the the best if not the number one Online Business platform on the web today, WA’s features are unlike any other. With their ever green courses which is always updated, their amazing features like that website health check analyzer, and a warm a community filled with people from different backgrounds, I don’t think any other Online Business platforms can match up to them. Proud to be a community member! 😀

  70. Wealthy Affiliate definitely seems like a great platform to get an online business started. I think I would find a lot of use in this platform, especially as someone who has been looking to start his own online gig. This is definitely something I would be interested in. I do have one particular question though, how is it when it comes to up-sells? Do they have any? I’m not a fan of them and usually, they draw me away from purchasing something. So that’s really my only concern if you wouldn’t mind responding! Thank you! and thank you for this awesome review!

  71. Hi Misael, thanks for your comment.
    I would say, go ahead and give your best. There are no upsells in the Wealthy Affiliate. You get what they promise to you. So Free Starter membership and Premium membership features are legit as listed.

    Hope this helps,

  72. I’ve been in the online world for five years but only found out about affiliate marketing about one year ago. I’m tempted to say I wish I’ve found out earlier but I consider everything a lesson and don’t regret anything I’ve done, it’s better to be grateful than to hold a grudge and regret things.
    The Wealthy Affiliate program is the best program I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t have any experience with website building and would like to become a blogger/affiliate marketer or even a YouTuber/affiliate marketer because there are many people on the Wealthy Affiliate platform who have experience with that and are ready to help. I think most people who join this platform just want to create a website and become a blogger.
    However, as you are pointing out in this article, one can earn while promoting Wealthy Affiliate, using their affiliate program. The commissions are really awesome compared to other programs.

  73. Hi Sunny,

    Thanks so much for sharing a great article about Wealthy Affiliate, to help more people who is interested to create a website to build an online business, I’m also a member of this great community and I signed up about 6 years ago, from day one I started to learn about how to create a website with affiliate marketing, it has helped me to build up my own niche site that is currently doing well and it’s making money for me as I create new content to share some new tips with my readers, at the beginning I had many problems to create a new article, but with the training and with every Friday night webinar I got all the help I needed and today I can see my articles are ranking on page # 1 and my website gets a great number of traffic!

  74. Being a premium member of WA, i want to say again thank you for taking the time and effort to do this review. Yes, everything you mentioned about WA is spot on. It’s one of the most trusted programs out there for online businesses. I’m still very new in this community as i continually to work on my website. However, one step at a time and i know i will get there some day. Still, thank you for the review!!! Keep on posting!

  75. Very good explanation of what I consider one of the best affiliate platforms available.

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about 4 years now and I can’t say enough good things about it. Not only does it provide the learning information and tools, it hosts a very large community of people always willing to reach out and help one another. 

    In my opinion, WA is the best way for people to learn and continue affiliate marketing. 

  76. What a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate! It’s truly an online business community that offers video and text-based training modules to young and old internet entrepreneurs, and to those who are still novices to online marketing generally. Its membership is in three packages as you mentioned and there are revenue opportunities to explore if you are a premium member. Currently, I am earning from the training platform and from the rest of the platforms including the affiliate platform.

  77. Hello Sunny,

    Thanks for this Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program review. I have been a WA Member since February this year and have absolutely enjoyed the journey, including the difficult parts of the journey! There is really all types of training resources and programs – more than you will ever need! But whether one intends to pursue Affiliate Marketing full-time or part-time, one needs to understand that it is necessary to make input, work consistently.

    For example, the first ever Referral I got, was on a weekend that I decided to go all out and advertise that part of WA on social media. I had been very busy with the other aspects, such as the Training and creating content for my website.

  78. Hello sunny.

    Thank you for introducing this real business in our industry, those you have shared to us are legit and no doubt to leverage that business and make money a full-time income online for your own effort and time and also a little money to start up, personally I’m a member of wealthy affiliate it will not be fair to leave this post without giving a thumbnail for the founder of wealthy affiliate kyle and Carson for their great work of helping a big number of people like me to make a full-time income from them.

    Thank you Sunny for writing this gold information of WA.

  79. Thank you for your thorough explanation of Wealthy Affiliate! I love the community and all the benefits of using that platform to learn how to create and monetize a website. This is comprehensive and appreciated! I also noticed a few more learning opportunities on this page. I have been interested in teaching English abroad, so I’ll definitely be looking into that training as well.


  80. I have been with wealthyaffiliate for almost a year now. Although I have only written about 1 article per week, I already started making money. Not much yet, but I am convinced that with perseverance and following more seminars and lessons and writing more articles, I will get to the bigger money sooner or later. Because if one can’t get there with the help of this great company, then nothing will work honestly. Thank you for your lovely post !

  81. Thanks for your thorough review on the best online home business. I happen to agree with you because I am a long-time member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2009. WA literally gives you everything you need to build your own online business – even if you don’t know what a URL is – which was me when I first started. You mention the social support you get from other members on here. There are literally 1,000s of people who vary in experience level who are willing to jump in and help you. They range from multi-millionaires to newbies. And all you have to do is click a button to ask for help, and within minutes, sometimes seconds, you’ll get 5 people helping you and answering any question you have. I have never seen another platform like this. Also, you mentioned the fact that you don’t have to start out as a premium member. That’s true. I’m so glad people can join for free and even build their first website for free without being a premium member. But, if you want access to all of the tools that will really take your business to the next level, getting a premium membership is a must.  Thanks for the great review.

  82. This was one of the best Affiliate marketing guide I have seen so far. I mean, it’s like you were over my shoulders taking me through the whole process step by step. I have really enjoyed it.

    I’m interested in starting an online business. I’ve heard a lot about affiliate marketing, and now I know exactly what it is. So, glad to have come across this article.

    Wealthy Affiliate seems interesting, nice affiliate program with lots of advantages. I’ll definitely have a look at it.


  83. wealthy affiliate is what im using right now completely changed my life had no skills now gained training that helped i understand seo, and found a new love for writing content the community is very caring and helpful as well as your coaches you are provided.  absolutely love the tools the research and keyword analytics.

  84. I’m already a member of wealthy affiliate, so this was basically “preaching to choir” for someone who already agrees that it’s a helpful service. Nice to read your personal take on the service though, as I’ve learned a couple of additional ways that I could be taking advantage of some of the benefits for paid members. Thank you!

  85. Wealthy Affiliate Yay!! Yes I love this place and I am here to route for this amazing website and platform for your online business! You can get so much out of these trainings provided for you.

    Thank you for all the information and I am super excited to be at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I learned so much with the way you broke down the commission pays I never really knew how that worked. It is so cool and great for our pockets to know and see how much money you make by just commissions off each thing.This information was very useful.


  86. Hi Sunny, I read through your post on Best Online Home Business. I found it informative and made me want to look further into affiliate marketing in your post clicking onto the pictures you have provided. You have explained what affiliate marketing is, and have covered examples of earnings within our WA site. If I was to see your site on Google I would be curious to have a good look.

  87. Great article on Wealthy Affiliate. I like how you went into beginner detail and explained affiliate marketing and how much you can make etc. Often people don’t like to put in the information as if they were just beginning and it gets to complicated and not understandable. Thank you for the article! best wishes!

  88. So nice to see that you took the time to explain what affiliate marketing is and provide examples as well. I have been part of Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now and their affiliate program is actually quite pleasing given the number of people that join every day throughout affiliate links. The great thing about this company is that even if your blog isn’t about online business or work from home topics, you can still find a way to incorporate the platform in your own site. 

    • Stephanie, thanks for your testimonial. That’s so true. You can use the Wealthy Affiliate source in every possible way. Some people use the platform for learning and free webinars ran by some worlds leaders in online marketing world. Some for networking. Advertising. And some take it further and use all the features of the Wealthy Affiliate for starting an online business. 

      Thanks for your comment


  89. Thank you sunny for this post. I have been looking for an online business that I can run from the comfort of my home and this your post has helped me with it. Thank you and I think I now know how to go about it and the necessary steps to take to achieve it 

    • Hey David, that’s awesome! Ask me all the questions that need clarifications. Here to assist you 🙂 

  90. Hi Sunny, this was an amazing post on an Affiliate Marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I have heard that this platform provides everything you need to succeed in Affiliate Marketing and also heard that there is great community support within this platform. And, all of this is SO true. 

    I totally resonate with your ideas on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, 1 thing I learned from your post is the Affiliate Commissions earned by affiliates who choose to promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Your analysis was so in-depth that I got to learn a lot of important points. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

  91. i think wealthy affiliate is the best affiliate program. what i really like about it is that When you learn how to pick the best niche for it you’ll take a step forward to help you work for your customers and write the content for them. There’s so much to learn on how to develop a website to start making an income.

    Many websites won’t survive long simply because they were built on the wrong niche. WA training will help you pick up the right niche according to you and your passion.

  92. I joined the Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago, and am currently still in the completion phase of Online Entrepreneur Certification training. However, I was already thinking of continuing with Affiliate Bootcamp after completing this workout, and your article with all this information on how much you can earn with referrals is a great motivation and encouragement to really continue down this path.
    Thanks for all the data and information where you have them nicely clearly gathered in one place so I got all the answers to my questions.
    I wish you much success,

  93. Hi, I have been a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate for two years now. Like you all I know about affiliate marketing and about SEO, building a website, etc I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. Over this two-year period, I have delved into other affiliate marketing learning systems a little bit here and there but I have seen nothing that seems as comprehensive as Wealthy Affiliate. But as I say, I haven’t looked very deeply into other systems so I don’t really know. But one thing I have seen with other systems is that there is usually some other essential component that is missing and you are obliged to go and find and usually buy it from somewhere else. Whereas, Wealthy Affiliate is fully self-contained. It also looks as if Wealthy Affiliate itself has about the most generous affiliate program there is. I wish you the very best of luck. Best regards, Andy

    • Thanks, Andy for such a thorough testimonial. I am so with you on what you say about other programs. I have never found anything so close to the Wealthy Affiliate system. Don’t know why people don’t make more great programs. 

  94. Hi  Sunny,

    I really love reading your blogs. You write so passionately and comprehensively about Online business ins and out. Wealthy Affiliates seem to be a great avenue for those aspiring to be generating their revenue working online from home. I love that I can set up my online business and develop a website with wealthy affiliates and I can also become their affiliate member and earn some commissions as well. 

    Thank you for sharing this article.



  95. Hello there, Sunny! I definitely really like your review of Wealthy Affiliate! This happened to be the first affiliate program I encountered and the more I use it, the more I realize how many opportunities there are. I definitely forget about the opportunity of getting referrals to WA. Seems there is still a lot of things left for me to learn. Thanks for creating this post!

  96. Wealthy Affiliate is a great site host, with the training and everything! I am not a super affiliate but I have seen many people reach this status and saw all the benefits! It’s a great environment to be in. Thank you for providing this detailed and well thought of article.

  97. I think that affiliate marketing is always going to work best when we are marketing for companies that we are passionate about and believe in right?

    Thats why I think it is so easy to promote a company like WA because they have been able to become more creative and steer clear from the competitive arena that is so common with a lot of companies.

    They get to help other people unleash their own creativity every single day and they have created a beautiful way of being compensated for doing just that! But not just for themselves but for anyone who would be interested in doing so!

  98. Hi, me again. I have to say that the Affiliate program on Wealthy Affiliate platform is a great thing and it really works. If you are a beginner and have no idea what you could do and who and how to promote this is a great way to go. I love Affiliate marketing and on Wealthy Affiliate commissions are great.

  99. Affiliate programs really has become the next best thing in making money online. It can be a long tedious road if you dont know where to get your dos and don’ts. This website breaks down affiliate marketing for what it is and shows you how to create a self made platform to promote your affiliate programs better than before. 

  100. This is an excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    It really is an all-inclusive platform.  It is great that it had absolutely everything you will ever need to run your online business, all in one place.  That is all the tools, training and support.

    I also love that you can earn money from referring others as well.  The earning potential is excellent, as the commission rates are very good.

    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to all your readers.

  101. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a couple of months ago and I am really enjoying the training that I am getting. It is excellent. I have not taken advantage of their affiliate program and have instead focused on building out my website. However, I know it is one of the best affiliate programs out there and should really build another site that is focused on it. Thanks for the information.

  102. Another great Wealthy Affiliate review. I absolutely love this platform.

    My husband also operates a website promoting WA and I am following a different niche, although I do write articles for his site as well as my own.

    Having our own online business is something we have both wanted for quite some time and Wealthy Affiliate was the right tool to bring that dream to reality.

    It is a great life no longer having to commute to a job that really was only working for someone else’s dream. Now we control our future and that feels great.

    Looking forward to international travel reopening so we can truly live that laptop nomad lifestyle.

  103. I feel the best information comes from people who actually use the products and services that they are promoting. Sunny, the owner of this website, has done an excellent job in directing the information in categories that are easy and simple to understand.

    The most accurate information is from someone who is truly unbiased. I was more than impressed by the overall insight into the Wealthy Affiliate program. The Wealthy Affiliate program has so many important factors that every new entrepreneur just can not live without. One of the most critical points of the program is that you are given your affiliate link even if you have not yet joined the group. Awesome “perk”!!

    I really felt comfortable and truly had an overall positive impression that left me feeling as if I was fully informed. When I am fully informed about a product or service then I am able to make clear and concise decisions. I feel like this is by far the best program available for anyone who is developing an online business.

    I give the Wealthy Affiliate program a five-star rating.

    • Thank you! I am glad you found my articles useful when making your own decisions and clarifications. 
      Please reach out should you need any further assistance. 


  104. You explain the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity very well Sunny. When I started with Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago I had absolutely no idea of what an affiliate was, so I am pleased that you explained how it works by joining companies and promoting their products for a commission. Being old school I knew what commissions were but this is a whole new world. I love that I can work from home and promote products that I like to help other people grow in their lives. It’s a win/win situation and anyone can do it if they want to.

  105. Thank you for your post! Personally, I am happy that I am being enlightened on the various, on-the-nose ways to generate income. I am ready to start earning money and utilizing all my resources to the best of my ability. I am already doing an amazing job here. And, after reading your article, I realize that if I just thoroughly explain the competitive advantages of joining Wealthy Affiliate to a friend, I am going to earn my first commissions.

    It is a matter of believing in yourself and never giving up. I absolutely love how clearly you outline what to expect from the program here.

  106. Thank you so much for this well-written article. Wealthy Affiliate is the best for making money online. 
    I have Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now, and I love it. I can travel, making money online, can take a vacation, making money online. Wealthy Affiliate is freedom. I can recomend Wealthy Affiliate to anybody.

  107. Thanks for the review of Wealthy Affiliate and the International Open Academy. I have a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works now. I like how Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership so you can try it out. I have a better understanding of some of the difference between the benefits of a free membership versus a paid membership.

  108. Hi Sunny. I am member for wealthy affiliate for a while now and I must say its absolutely best platform for all beginners. With tons of training materials and active, supportive community it makes much easier to start online business. I have never thought before about their own affiliate program, but looking on your review its great way to ear some extra money. And what its important, wealthy affiliate is reliable program, so you recommended something which have real good value. So classic win -win situation.

  109. woow great post. You really nicely explained what an affiliate program is and how to use it. I am super happy with the program that WA offers. The affiliate program is the best way for me to earn money and you can really learn a lot on the WA platform. I think writing like this will help a lot of new people in this business.

  110. Awesome Wealthy Affiliate review Sunny! I honestly cannot say enough good things about WA. When I first started I didn’t have any knowledge at all about how to become an affiliate marketer. The Online Entrepreneurship Certification training definitely changed that. I’m now currently going through the Affiliate Bootcamp and I love it. I highly suggest anyone who wants to build an online business should definitely become a Wealthy Affiliate member. 

  111. Good day,

    I think making an online business is a very fruitful and ideal opportunity for everyone. This piece of writing about wealthy affiliate is very important to anyone who may wish to make a business online. I like the way you outlined how one can become an affiliate marketer and get earnings. This is very crucial information.

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