We Share Abundance – Review

We Share Abundance review is all about this non-profitable charitable organization.

We-Share-Abundance-reviewI got invited to this program by a fellow member of the CashJuice community.  The setup and login process was pretty easy and now I am ready to share with you my experience with this platform.


NAME: We Share Abundance
OWNER: Graham Frame and Rosa Frame
PRICE: Free to join
RECOMMENDED: Not for me but you might find it is for you


Read a full review to find out:

  1. What is We Share Abundance?
  2. Who is We Share Abundance for?
  3. How does We Share Abundance scheme work?
  4. Monthly WESA Tokens allocation
  5. We Share Abundance Ponzi scheme
  6. My recommendations


What is We Share Abundance?

We Share Abundance is a non-profit charitable organization. They claim to be a community of like-minded individuals who see not just material abundance, but abundance in joy, happiness, love, and compassion. Focused on the power of one: One God, One nation, One individual as part of the community, through abundance in God, the members of the We Share Abundance nation serve others.  As a “Cloud Nation” created under God, they have their own economy and the WESA Token currency.


The WESA tokens are distributed monthly to all the citizens and at no cost. The amount of the tokens you receive each month depends on the love and service you distribute. And of course, the investment you make.


The value of WESA Tokens is always guaranteed within the nation and cannot be reduced. It is calculated each month based on distribution which is limited to a total of 20,000 Tokens per month. They do not recommend selling Tokens outside of the nation for smaller value as they don’t guarantee any calculations which are not within the We Share Abundance organization. So only for bigger value when possible.


Who is We Share Abundance for?

Anyone can become a member of the We Share Abundance nation, as long as they are of the legal age in their country of residence and ready to abide by the community’s rules. So this program is for you if you are:

  1. Adult
  2. Into serving others
  3. Looking for online income as an online marketer/affiliate marketer


How does We Share Abundance scheme work?

We share abundance program is found by Graham Frame, famous for the Empower Network feeder SimpleFastCash followed by the Classifieds That Pay and Success Lifestyles.

It is an MLM opportunity.

There is no product involved in the program that you could advertise as a member of the We share abundance. Affiliates are able to market only the program itself. The Pools must be invested in sequential order and affiliates are required to log in daily to receive returns. Here is the scheme of the promised daily returns:


Affiliates receive a 10% commission on funds invested by their referrals personally recruited into affiliates.

To become part of the WESA Tokens distribution plan, all you need to do is to become a member of their nation and perform tasks of service each day by logging in every day and reading messages from your fellows.


Monthly WESA Tokens allocation

70%  goes to Citizens with administration costs

30% goes to Charity Fund outside of nation for:

  1. Taking orphans to Disneyland
  2. Providing clean water
  3. Starting agriculture
  4. Planting trees
  5. Self Realization Fellowship


Funds are raised for charity by the sale of the Tokens in the charity fund, within the community or on the open market. Citizens are not required to buy anything in order to participate in the monthly allocations.


How do you make money with We Share Abundance?

I took screenshots of the most important part of the video I found upon becoming a member of the We Share Abundance community. I mean this is what we all would want to know about right?






Also, everyone with an investment position in the community is placed randomly into a matrix each month. There are six investment tiers, therefore, six matrices. I honestly didn’t bother to figure the following scheme out as I am not interested in this form of a business, but here is the scheme:




We Share Abundance recommended or not?

Ok so here we go!

As I already mentioned at the beginning of this article, I got invited into this program by a fellow member at the CashJuice platform. So I received an INVITATION and this is why I gave it a try.

I have never been part of any of these kinds of programs. As soon as I signed up, I started exploring their website and reading other people’s reviews. And here is what I found:

  1. It sounds too good to be true what they promise in their ads
  2. It is a form of an MLM marketing scheme which I don’t connect with
  3. It is too much into “our nation”, “our community” which resonates with me in a way I don’t feel comfortable with (I feel like being part of the “Hunger Games” which I would love to tho as an actress LOL)
  4. I am not into Tokens and this kind of investments
  5. I connect more with “do a specific work whatever it is and get paid for it”

So am I going to spend time trying to make money with We Share Abundance? No.


So why I share this article with you?

Why I spent hours investigating and writing and making it readable for you more than it was understandable for me in the first place?


Because it is my mission to help you find secure and certain ways to make your way to Financial Freedom you are looking for! My life motto is DO GOOD AND SHARE LOVE.


At the end of this article, you will find my #1 recommendation. Thanks to that company, I learned how to value each program I find, each article I read, and each and every member of my audience I work for. So on the top of my life motto, I got trained by someone who does the same – helping others achieve their FINANCIAL FREEDOM – including me!


Me and We Share Abundance

Am I an affiliate for this program? Apparently yes as long as I am their member, I mean a FREE member.


Did I make any income with this program by now? I just saw I did. But am I going to continue logging in? Probably out of curiosity, just to check what’s going on and if it really works by itself 🙂



So if you:

  • would like to see for yourself,
  • would like to become their affiliate and work for what they promise,
  • love this kind of business, or perhaps want to participate in their charity causes,
  • click HERE.

When you become their ELITE member (investing money) you will have a chance to earn even more by referring them to others.



But before you go there, let me introduce you to what I found about the We Share Abundance program by reading some other reviews.


We Share Abundance Ponzi scheme

Let’s go straight to the point. We Share Abundance is a simple Ponzi scheme. I learned about this kind of program TODAY!


A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that uses the investments made by newer investors to generate returns for earlier investors. The schemes are named after Charles Ponzi who tricked thousands of New England residents back in 1920. when he promised investors that he could provide a 50% return in just 90 days for investing in the postage stamp speculation scheme at a time when the annual interest rate for bank accounts was five percent.


They call the We Share Abundance a Ponzi scheme because of the system it uses to generate money. As long as there are people investing, their affiliates can hope for some income. But the first moment there are no investments, the system will suffer from bankruptcy and people will lose their money as well!


Are you still into becoming a member for any of the reasons mentioned above:

  • To see for yourself,
  • Become their affiliate and work for what they promise,
  • You love this kind of business
  • Want to participate in their charity causes
  • Any other personal/business reason



My recommendation

If you would like to find out legit ways to earn an online income, learn about recommended programs NOT GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES and become a successful online entrepreneur, check the Recommended Programs within the main menu and browse from there.


FOR THOSE WHO LOVE SHORTCUTS, and to be brought straight to the right values, click on the photo below and read my review of MY NUMBER ONE RECOMMENDATION for newbies and experienced entrepreneurs!





Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 




  1. I am always dubious when I see a platform like We Share Abundance and there is no product involved. I was thinking it just looks like people trading money in the hope of earning a bit more. Thank you for taking the time to investigate as you have just saved me hours of my own time by explaining exactly what they are all about.

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a far better option, as I am a member there and there is so much value included. I think that when we look for We Share Abundance in a few month’s time, it may not be around anymore.

  2. I got the invite too. And before replying, I wanted to know more about it.

    I think it could have been a good platform to join. But I am your discomfort about the subjects shared on the platform. And unfortunately, I do not want people to join such platforms, so I would not even share its existence.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I only involve myself with programs that have an actual product to sell. As you said in your article, this looks like a classic Ponzi scheme that only people like Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff would profit from. 

    This site is trying to pull at the heart strings by telling you some of their profits go to sending orphans to Disneyland to draw more uncertain investors in, but in the end it’s still a scam waiting to happen.

    I’m glad your staying away from giving this possible cult any of your money. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this reeks of a cult to me. Are they the new Scientology community? I guess I’ll never know.

    Thanks for your thoughts and informing me of the opportunity, but, like you, I see a sham for a sham. 

    Awesome article!

  4. This is the first I’ve heard of the “We Share Abundance” program so I read your article with great interest. I almost stopped when I read that it was MLM. I generally steer clear of these types of programs without really investing much time learning about them. However, I continued to read as I like the philanthropy approach it seemed to indicate.

    I doubt I’ll even join for free. I’d rather give my donations to charity directly and know that I can choose when and to whom. Moreover, although this doesn’t seem like a scam, it does feel quite genuinely MLM which is a deterrent for me. Thanks for gathering all these details, though. It helps my decision making easier.

  5. Hi Sunny, thank you for sharing this great article. Like you, it wouldn’t be a program I would be very interested in. I always hold on to the value’ ‘If something sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true’. I think most of the time this is a perfect guideline. 

    I believe all the good things in life require lots of hard work and don’t come easy. However, some people like MLM schemes, I am personally not a big fan and don’t have any good experiences with them.

    I appreciate you are sharing your honest opinion and I am sure many more people appreciate you are article where you share this info with us.

    Wishing you all the best,


  6. Hello there! Thanks for sharing this review on we share abundance. I’ve gone through it and it’s a very detailed review. I always like coming across your reviews because they’re honest and straight to the point. I’ve made sure not to get myself involved with any kind of Ponzi schemes so I’m definitely not going to go for this. Thanks for the heads up

  7. Thanks for having this article shared for our benefits here. We share abundance seems to o be a very good product and reading through this article makes it more appealing but what I really despise about it is the fact that it is a MLM business opportunity which apparently doesn’t work with me. Thanks.

  8. Well, this is a very funny name for a platform to start with and I think the absurd name just goes with every other thing in the platform as it is so absurd. I don’t think that I would be joining especially after reading everything you have written about the platform on your website here. I’d rather just stay away.

  9. Great job! Keep up with the good job. I really appreciate your efforts for investigating and writing this review article on We Share Abundance. I love your honesty in writing this article. Well, I have gotten to understand a few things about We Share Abundance from this article, and I hope to read another article from you that gives a good conclusion on it being legit and working well.

  10. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. It is cool that it is free to join but i do not like such platforms and how they operate so it is a no for me

  11. There has never been a better feeling than you have to feel that you do your work at home without driving out or leaving your comfort zone. We share Abundance is an Online  business which is a not profitable charitable organization in which great values are shared by theory members. The platform can have any kind of member in the platform.

  12. Anything that has to do with MLM or Ponzi especially makes me skedaddle very fast. It’s a quick turn off for me. I’m not saying that MLM businesses are scam but I don’t do well with them. I can purchase their product but can’t partake in their MLM business side. But unfortunately, We Share Abundance doesn’t even have a real product which of course makes it more difficult for someone like me to sign up. I won’t get involved because it’s a waste of time to me. I’m glad you made this review and covered the most part of them.

  13. A really detailed article and some great content, Thank you for this honest review on ”We Share Abundance. It’s quite explanatory and the layout is very much appealing and it basically covers every aspect for beginners to understand what ‘We Share Abundance’ is really all about. And I think you have done very well in being realistic when it comes to how much one can benefit from such type of online program. Well i will have to look into it, to see if i can continue with the program. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Great review Sunny,

    Like you, I too got invited into Share Abundance and I totally agree with, it is absolutely a program we should all avoid. A Ponzi scheme at its best and the best part? The programis built so that they can attract people to spend money on other programs which aren’t very nice. Share Abundance is pretty much a cover-up so that they can absorb you into a bigger scheme.

  15. Hello there, thanks for sharing them wonderful article you have given here and if eel so happy to have found it here. Its really strange to see this platform and have heard a lot about it for a long time now abut it be best to know more about it before advising people who are interested to go into it. Getting full detail here is really good.

  16. Get rich suddenly without a specific product or services are not legitimate as far as I am concerned. Wealthy affiliate is simply the best as there is a purpose for the group not abracadabra means. Thank you for doing a thorough investigation on this and for sharing your view about it. Let all that have ear hears the message this review is passing across

  17. I only involve myself with programs that have an actual product to sell. As you said in your article, this looks like a classic Ponzi scheme. This is the first I’ve heard of the “We Share Abundance” program so I read your article with great interest and I’m really glad that I did as I learnt a great deal from it. 

  18. Hello Sunny!  Thanks for sharing this with me.  One thing I like about them is that they do not require any payments from members to operate or to generate disbursements, nor do we need to expand our community in order to make these disbursemements. We are therefore nothing like a Ponzi, HYIP or Pyramid Scheme. Thanks.

  19. Hey there, thank you so much for sharing this review on we share abundance, it was really nice reading this because I have heard so many rumors about this but uo until now, i have never seen any detailed explanation like this. The platform really seems like a good one though, though i am not a member, i might recommend it

  20. Great article and a really good look at this MLM scam that will definitely not be getting a dollar from me. Red flag warnings always jump out to me when I dont see a particular product that is being pushed. You can bet that if there is no value being given out then there is no value in investing into such things. I don’t see this company making it more than a month or two before they are totally exposed and go under. It’s too bad that people actually fall for these types of things only to lose their money in the end.

  21. When I started reading your review, I was really curious to see what would the final conclusion be. I’m not into any charity of this kind, or any other one in form of an organization, because I don’t trust that the money they collect really goes where you’d like to have it going, or where they claim they use it. 
    I prefer supporting shelters directly and also give money to someone singing or playing in the street because then it’s not anonymous. I don’t want to support big charity organizations paying for clerks, assistants, and managers.
    As to We Share Abundance, I appreciate that you have shared your experience and your findings and provided an honest review. Thanks for that.

  22. Quite a review you have gotten here. The fact that you have simplified everything that has to be about the program here simplify what life should be on. U hmjustt fatigue player to it. It is never an easy fit to mai gain and all but it is always a good thing to really settle with. I jtst value you have shared here and thank you for sharing this with us all

  23. I am still working on a number of ways to make money online. I read almost everything that comes into my space and so I value this review. I admire the intention of doing charity work, but as a scheme, it doesn’t appeal to me. The two main reasons are the ‘Ponzi’ profile, and the multi-level marketing model is definitely not for me. I have had enough failures with them. I also see a red flag when they give promises which look too good to be true. Thanks for the information

  24. Hi Sunny, thank you very much much for sharing this article with us. It is very helpful and it gives us all the necessary information to make the right decision where to invest our money. Like you, I don’t have been part of any of this kind of program, and thank you and other people like you that invest your time in sharing the right information, I’m always notified in what to do. I prefer to earn by investing my time and knowledge in offering helpful information on real products or guides and tips for other people, then spending my time in these kinds of programs. I encourage your readers to consider your first recommendation as a place to invest their time which is the Wealthy Affiliate as you mentioned it there.

    Thanks again.



  25. Thanks for making this known to everyone that we-share abundance is a ponzi scheme and this is a very bad thing, the moment I realized that it is an mlm modelled product, I had the feeling that it can’t be anything good or recommendable. It’s good that I’ve not fall victim of this before coming across this article 

  26. Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for the review article.

    Just like you, I don’t like having to depend on the efforts or dedication other people. There is nothing more distressing than that in the world of finance. MLMs are consequently, nerve wrecking! But that is just for me (and you!) – there are people who are absolutely comfortable with such business models, people who have even had success, sometimes with multiple MLM schemes.

    I am just wondering – towards the end of your article, where you say, “FOR THOSE WHO LOVE SHORTCUTS”, did you really mean that?

    Regards and best wishes!

    • Lol what I meant was “for those who love shortcuts” and to get STRAIGHT to the right place without wasting time on scams. I truly mean that as the Wealthy Affiliate is worth focusing on it alone and then exploring further. 

      Hope this helps 🙂 

  27. This is a good review on that platform that I have never heard of before but with your explanation I think I must have seen another platform that has a very similar make with it. Good one that you shared the info on we share abundance here on your website. This is a good review.

  28. With so many online business opportunity nowadays, sooner or later anyone will get an invitation to join one of these great opportunities one friend might invite you, but before anyone join to it, it’s always better to find more accurate information about it, and today I’m glad I came to your website as I was sure you will have an accurate review about We Share Abundance, thanks so much for share so important point about this “business” as your review will help many to keep themselves safe and far from it!

  29. You are wrong about We Share Abundance, it is making a lot of people wealthy and many are withdrawing monthly. It was created to eliminate poverty and many people are changing their lives and the lives of those that they introduce it to. It will be around for a very long time and if you are in it you will benefit from it and if you are in it but not logging in then you will be expunged from the system. You can benefit from this blessed opportunity or you can reject it, it is your choice but I am truly astounded that you reject such easy income that is helping change people’s lives in such a big way! Truly astounded!! Why reject blessings? You lose nothing as your income is returned to you after a month with extra income added on. It is not a Ponzi but anyway you can say whatever you like, we are prospering and will continue to prosper in peace, hope, and love.

    • Hi Charmaine,
      Thank you for contributing with your comment. I tested the program, and the very first day was disappointed with the number of steps I had to make to even sign up. I also understood that in order to make money you HAVE TO INVEST money. And there is no program to invest in. No product.

      I am aware that the cause is very faithful and made by heart, BUT I didn’t feel comfortable with an approach which is all about “our community”, too much of the “special and different”. I would do everything to help others and bring love to the world, but I didn’t feel “safe” within the We share abundance community.

      As I stated in this review, I went back and checked the system, and would like to see that prosperity you are talking about, but in order to reach any income, there is a too shady way for my opinion. However, I WELCOME YOU, Charmaine, from the bottom of my heart to go into details and help me change my opinion by turning my experience into what the We Share Abundance actually is as per you.

      The only thing I know is that I signed up through the link I got in CashJuice, and I tried. I have never met anyone who prospered from this program.
      Please share your experience and help me find it in the way you do, and I will be happy to write a new review!

      Thank you,

  30. This sounds like a really interesting and enterprising business opportunity I’ll be honest, but the fact that it is a Multi Level Marketing business has me hesitant about joining up. I’ve always had an aversion to MLM’s as they require taking big risks that I feel are not worth the profit. Thank you for sharing this information. 

    • Thanks Bella, I am not sure about MLM neither. At least not this one. However, there are people liking their cause being successful with the We share abundance. 


  31. Thanks for having this nice article shared to for our benefits here “we share abundance” actually seems to be a very nice product but I won’t be interested in it because mostly I involve myself with programs that have actual product to sell but nevertheless the article was awesome and we’ll written with perfect details

    • Thank you Otaru 🙂 
      It’s my mission to give clarity to you about every program online 


  32. We Share Abundance is not for me – sounds like a non-sustainable scam… Anything that doesn’t have a real product and just involves money circulating within the system is not going to last long term. Best to stick to tried and tested methods of generating sustainable money online such as the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    • Yes I also go for products rather than investments. Depending on the niche, knowing all the programs, becoming a member for a traffic gaining purpose, and affiliating with all the good opportunities out there is key to success in the online marketing business. 


  33. Thank you very much for your thoughts and for informing me about this great opportunity. I saw We Share Abundance and thought it was like those other Ponzi platforms. You have indeed changed my mindset about it and you are going to change a lot of lives with it. Home businesses like this should always be recommended. 

  34. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. This looks like another great platform but I think I’ll stick with the ones I’m doing for now without adding another. Thank you 

    • Hey Fay, thanks for the comment. If I may ask, what makes you stay away from the programs you find as a great asset to your business? I am working on some research and would like to know as many reasons as possible. Please share yours with me if you will. I would appreciate that. 


  35. Hi Sunny, thank you for sharing this great article. Like you, it wouldn’t be a program I would be very interested in.I’ve gone through it and it’s a very detailed review. I always like coming across your reviews because they’re honest and straight to the point. I already told myself I won’t fall for any form of Ponzi scheme and this is not an exception 

    • Ok David. Thanks for being around. Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with. 


  36. Quite a very interesting review and surely I think I must have seen almost something simar here but this seems a lot more comprehensive and well better detailed helping us to ease our decision-making process over this here. It just always feel a lot better when we have platforms like this helping with reviews that can ease decision making going forward

    • Thanks Tracy, that’s my mission. To help everyone find clarification about the programs. 

  37. I like that We share abundance is directed to affiliate marketers and it seems to be a nice platform for serving offers. Since it’s free to join, I’ll definetly give it a try and tell you how it felt. Thank you for reviewing these platforms for us and picking out the good ones and separeting them from a sea of bad sites out there. 

    • Hi paolo, please do let me know because I didn’t find my place there yet, in form of a value of the program for making income. For now, it seems to be an investment only. 

      Please do let me know. 



  38. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and mind-blowing article about a charitable organization that is willing to improve the social life of its members, humans as social animals love to associate, show love, and be loved, therefore I believe in a world where depression and suicide is the order if the day, I believe this gives people a purpose to live for.

    • Hello, Thanks for the lovely words. Have you been a member of the We Share Abundance so far? I would like to hear as many realistic opinions from the members as possible. If you are a member, what is your experience? 

      If you are not, are you planning to be? 

      Thanks 🙂 

  39. Nice one, I enjoyed reading it. However, I am still a bit unsure, I don’t know if it is legit or not. But if it is valid, then I like how it operates. It is quite easy to be a member and the process is nice too. I also like its initiative to do good.  Thank you so much for sharing this. I would make my decision on it later on.

    • Hi Ofure, yes, this program is legit and safe. It didn’t fit me so far, but who knows, I might find my way through. 
      So if you like it, then grab it. In making money online business, there is no waiting. Go with momentum. That’s what I do and I already see the results. 

  40. Thank you so much for this very insightful and comprehensively written article. I believe it would be really helpful in helping me understand the subject matter as it is so precise and timely in representing what i really was expecting. we share abundance seems nice to me, i have bookmarked this page so i can refer back to it when I need to understand it more and take my personal decision. I recommend this review for anyone that still has doubts.

    • Hello Tosin, if there is anything I can assist you with related to this program, I still can do it even though I don’t find it as interesting as you did. Please let me know if I can be of service. 

  41. Hello Sunny,  thank you for sharing with us this very good and wonderful article as it has added a lot to our knowledge and it’s very good to see people learn more and for me, I really don’t know much about it before now and it’s nice to finally get some help from here. I am pleased that it’s a non profitable organisation but I wouldn’t want to join 

    • Yes Dane I felt the same. It is a good cause and intention of the We Share Abundance community, but I am also not finding myself in it. 

  42. i read through this particular article written about this platform, I will say it is quite captivating and attractive, I will love to and will like to be a part of it, being engaged in so much and committed in a lot of investments, which might be and impediment for me to join up, but until I will get myself together, I will recommend anyone to join up and be a part of this venture.

  43. Hello Sunny, I have gone through your article and I must say it’s very interesting and I must say I like the “we share abundance” scheme it seems very good. It’s also an MLM opportunity and also an NGO meaning it’s not run by the government so it’s members can carry it’s activities without waiting for any governmental approval

  44. It is a beautiful thing to see people come up with ideas such as this, especially when monetary gratification is not the main idea in mind. Showing love, compassion and care for people is a great composition many people or organization lacks. Thank you We Share Aboujdance for reaching out to the whole of the world to people who really need to be loved like it is expected of all humans 

  45. Thank you for your review on we share abundance. I came across this MLM the other and just have to find out what is it all about. I have to say that their punch line is good and who doesn’t want to join the community (or be a citizen) for a good cause but in my opinion it is so vague on how can you make money with them. It is unclear to me as well on what is their service really is. I think I am going to pass. Good luck with your membership. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, 

      Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate you for taking the time to share your thoughts. 
      The mission of my site is to give as many choices out there, including those programs which don’t work or are even scams. The purpose of that is to save my audience time in their research. 

      Sometimes I am not using the programs, but I remain their affiliate, just for the sake of being into updates of the programs. 

  46. Hey there Sunny, 

    I really like serving others and being involved in charitable organizations that are aimed at empowering others and taking care of the universe at large but I feel like this program is not for me.

    The fact that they use MLM to help members make money is something that makes me feel something about is not right. I have had some pretty horrific experiences with MLM in the past and I wouldn’t want to get back to that.

    Thanks for the insightful information here though.

  47. I have seen advertisements for We Share Abundance before, but the minute I saw that they are an MLM opportunity, but without an actual product, it was a red flag to me. I think it is a Ponzi, or pyramid scheme, as you can earn from those that you recruit, but if there is no product, then the only way you can earn, is by getting more people to join. And that is a scam.

  48. Thank you so much for the article over WeShare Abundance, which is something that I have personally used before.  At first I really did like them, but I found that MLM was just something I was not into, so I switched to Affiliate Marketing solely.  There are people I think would be good at this, but it’s just not for me either.

  49. Hi Sunny, I have never heard about the We Share Abundance platform, and I must say that first impression was really good. God, Nation, being involved in community – this speaks to me and its close to my beliefs. Yet, looking deeper it seems just as different type of MLM product which is definitely not something I would like to participate in. I don’t think it’s a scam, but there are so many better programs like the Wealthy Affiliate to invest time and money in.

  50. Greetings! I went through your article on We Share Abundance. I am really interested in joining this organization just because they focus on the power of one God, one nation and one individual as part of the community. They also believe in abundance in joy, love, happiness and compassion as you clearly stated. I think this is the one. Thank you for sharing such an amazing article with us, I definitely will be sharing it further to spread the word.

  51. Thanks for this review. I have not heard of We Share Abundance before. I am not sure I would trust a platform that does not market any product. It seems to me like another pyramid system where all the members have to work hard to make money. I can not say whether it is a scam or not since I have not tried it but I do not think it is the way to financial freedom.

  52. I hadn’t heard of this opportunity but right off of the bat is seems compelling due to the charitable aspect of its design. I avoid MLMs like the plague though, so it’s definitely not something that I would want to get involved with. It’s also fairly complicated, so it seems like it would take a significant amount of time to even figure out if it could be beneficial. Thanks for the helpful review – I agree with you that this is not something for me personally. 

  53. I mean I wouldn’t mind joining We Share Abundance go make extra here and there, but I agree that, contrary to popular belief, get rich quick schemes are a major screw up. Then again, you get out of it what you put into it.

    I agree that they seemed to into one God, one community, and the power of one. Also, I think that this program is too good to be true as well. I think we are conditioned to think of money as something that doesn’t deserve time and investment when really that’s exactly what it means to harvest plants of abundant seeds.

    Most importantly, abundance is the whole package! Tres bien!

  54. Hi Sunny

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Non profitable charitable organization i.e. “We share abundance”. I am really impressed with your gut feeling that if anything seems to be too good, it probably is not. After reading the complete article I could sense that it is nothing but a Ponzi scheme built on your emotions of charity and the money in your pocket. Thanks for the research and your efforts to bring out the truth.

    Warm Regards,

    Gaurav Gaur

  55. I kind of like the system of We Share Abundance. You know Sunny, most affiliate programs that are available are your typical Ponzi scheme. Why I say this is because most of them will train you to sell their own program. In fact, though they may not say it clearly enough, WA is also one such scheme. But it also teaches you to get into any niche at all, and that’s the difference. I am personally a very strong supporter of WA. 

    That notwithstanding, I am going to give We Share Abundance a try. I like the way you review all programs too. Good work.



    • I wouldn’t agree that the Wealthy Affiliate can be classified as the typical Ponzi scheme, as the Wealthy Affiliate is at the first place a platform for learning online marketing, they provide hosting, technical support for your website, and good training for those wanting to start an online business in any niche. 

      They are more an affiliate program than a typical Ponzi scheme, as the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program gives their affiliates a chance to sell training and hosting while making an income for the advertisement. 

      However, even if they would stop with their affiliate program, people would still benefit from the membership as they have more products included: hosting, comments platform, training. 

      A typical Ponzi scheme shuts down as soon as people stop bringing others as there are no benefits from the membership other than an ID number which brings nothing else than a number. 

      Thanks for the comment though 🙂 

  56. Thanks for reviewing this business. I guess it could be something that people could stand to make money with but much like yourself, I am not interested in this sort of opportunity. To me it looks like those that began the business or got in very early would stand to make the most money. It’s a bit of a pyramid scheme.

    If I were involved in this sort of structure I would probably end up feeling bad for the people that I had recruited into it too. Yes, if it works and you can all continue to bring people into the business, you could stand to make some money but if you only are able to get a few friends and family to reluctantly support your efforts, it would just be a waste of their time and money. I’d bet that they could end up holding a grudge over that sort of thing and might damage your relationships.  

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