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Best Online Home BusinessHello!

Welcome to the Best Online Home Business page. I am very happy to have you here. I hope you will enjoy browsing. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out through the comment section below.

My name is Sanela, or you can call me Sunny.
I was born and raised in Belgrade (Serbia), a country in Eastern Europe.


Ever since I was a little girl, my dream was to become an actress. After participating in many shows when I was younger, my dream came true and acting hobby became my profession.




I graduated acting for the movie and theater, from the University of Arts and took part in the theater and movie productions.




Almost 8 years ago, I found a way to practice two of my greatest passions. Stage and traveling, as I got a job with the cruise line company and ever since then I’ve been sailing from North down the East coast all the way to the Caribbean and back. My job is related to entertainment and hospitality. I present to our passengers the beautiful ports of call we go to and help them plan their cruise so they have a lifetime vacation experience fulfilled with quality shopping, excursions, and beach bash.

I provide professional customer support by taking care of the guests in person, ensuring that they feel completely safe while shopping for high value and high ticket luxury goods such as diamonds, gemstones, and high-end timepieces. Trained and worked with global brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Fendi, Girard Perregaux, Zenith, Hearts on Fire, Mark Henry Alexandrite, Crown of light, Safi Kilima Tanzanite. I have been working closely with LVMH’s and OBM’s clients including the leader in the diamond industry “Diamonds International”.




Besides the stage, I love yoga, traveling, dancing, singing, photography, and pure nature.

But what I discovered about myself throughout the years is that I love people. And I love helping people. I love seeing people happy, prosperous, enjoying the abundance that surrounds us.


Even though I have a job that gives me satisfaction in many ways, I find that having my own business, in addition, is a great asset to my constant thriving to grow in every area of my life. There is no better and bigger market for personal business than an online market, especially now. The online home business is a ticket to the financial freedom we all dream about.



Everything started back in 2015 when I did my research on online business opportunities. I found so many offers out there but none of them seemed to be easy enough for one complete newbie like I was. I didn’t have any experience neither knowledge about online marketing, entrepreneurship, or website building. I was scammed so many times, and we are talking here about investing money into programs that did not work.

I remember that the last program scammed me for more than a hundred dollars, and somehow I managed to get money back and made a decision that I wasn’t going to click on any paying option anymore.

Then with the grace of the Universe, I came across the great Wealthy Affiliate which offered me to sign up for free and explore their platform as much as I wanted. And to date, I am grateful for the opportunity. I have found exactly what I needed. The tools they offered me had no price. I’ve been learning so much about online business, website building, and online marketing.

I got to learn a great secret. How to make money online working from home in my own scheduled time and later from any place I choose to be.

How is that possible? Well, the clear goal, loving freedom, effort, and faith. Those are components of the ”secret” journey. Nothing more than that.



If you are someone who dreams about being financially free, this is a place for you.

If you are someone who has a full list of the places to visit but is limited with time and finances, this is the place for you.

If you are someone who would like to work from the beach while enjoying the beautiful sound of the ocean or the green scenery in the mountains, or you just want to manage your own working time, you are at the right place.

But more than anything, if you are someone who wants to put business ideas into action and achieve financial goals with ease and certainty, this is the place for you and I am the right person for you!

I am here to help you along the way, share my experience and ideas which will help you stay grounded, motivated, and inspired. So here is to your success!

Actually, here is to our mutual success!



Someone shared their knowledge with me. Now I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to share my journey with you. And that will help YOU reach your goal.

My vision is to help each one of you who is looking for an online job opportunity. To help you become a successful online entrepreneur. My posts and pages here on the Best Online Home Business are purely based on my experience. You will find reviews about tools that help me on this journey.

You will also get a full insight into the Wealthy Affiliate, a company I work with.


My Affiliate Disclaimer

Since my work here is based on assisting online marketers in building/improving their online business, besides providing tools and tips, I provide reviews of different online programs as well, which means that as soon as I find the program, and sign up for it, I go ahead and write a real-time review based on my own experience with that program.


Most of them are affiliate programs providing me a personal link which I share with you so you can check the program too.

When you sign up through that link I get a nice message congratulating me for a new fellow member in my network. Here is an example:




When the sale of certain products happens, the company pays me a commission that doesn’t affect the buyer of the product. Below is an example of the income I made through the online sale at the


The celebration of the very first sale back in 2016. looks like this:




Soon enough, I received my New Year Santa’s present, only a few months after my commitment made in the Summer of 2016. It included the big sale combined with an income I made within the Wealthy Affiliate platform through some of their programs:



An amazing feeling of accomplishment!!!



Now when you know a lot about me…

I am inviting you to tell me something about yourself in the comment section below. I am also inviting you with all my heart to browse the website. I promise it will be very beneficial for you to get insights into the programs and tools, tips, and tricks on how to make money online!


If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them in a comment section below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



And finally, I am inviting you to


                            Achieve Your Financial Freedom With



All the best,



    • Hello Paul, welcome to the Best Online Home Business page.
      Have you already started with some website building or you are still looking for ideas?
      I am more than happy to help.


    • Hi Amala, welcome to the Best Online Home Business page. I am currently in the process of the content building which will help you and everyone down the road. But if you would like to take a step further and see for yourself a bit more in advance what is to come, you can check my employer’s official website clicking HERE.
      Once you take a look please come back and let me know what you think.


  1. Hello Sunny! It’s nice coming across your website again. I’ve gone through most of your articles on best online Jobs and it’s been very helpful. I really wanted to know more about you and why you decided to join the online business and I’m glad I came across this. I want to be financially free and I’ll need your assistance all through. I’m proud of your achievements so far and how much you’ve evolved, please help me become like you too. Thank you 

    • Hi Sophie, it is so nice to meeting you here. I will be more than happy to help you with your online endeavors. Please let me know what are your thoughts and plans so far?
      Did you already decide, what is the field you want to join? What is your niche? Did you check the training at the Wealthy Affiliate?

  2. Hello Sunny, I am happy to be acquainted with you, my name is Maureen and I am really getting ready from what I will be learning from you as the learning goes by. The dream of you wanting to become an actress is the same dream I have had for a very long time now only that mine hasn’t come true yet, sadly. I must confess that I love what you do

    • Hi Maureen, thanks for stopping by. I am more than happy to help. Have you already started with your online business journey?

      Regarding the acting dream, it’s never late to pursue it!

  3. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did find your story very interesting to go through as it is very encouraging to everyone reading this. I recently started working from home with wealthy affiliate and i must say it has been a great experience for me

    • Hi Philebur, I am happy to hear you are having a great experience with the Wealthy Affiliate. Looking forward to seeing your success. Please share your experience with me. What is that you love the most about the Wealthy Affiliate and your online journey?

  4. Having a job is not enough. Financial stability is the desire of everyone. And online business is the best way to supplement  your income. Either the job is paying well or not. Not putting all eggs inside one basket just simply means playing safe as job owners may fire or hire at will. This is helpful. I like it. 

    Thank you for this

    • Hi Elizabeth, I am glad that you found this article beneficial. If there is anything I can assist you with, please let me know.

  5. Hi, Sunny wrote a great article about yourself that inspired me to be like you. The only thing I have in common with you is the online business. I am also doing online business through one of my websites that its niche is to make money. I also love seeing your vision of helping others in online job opportunities. Finally, I would like to share this wonderful article about myself on my social media group so that many people can know about you and benefit from you.

    • Thanks, you can feel free to do so as my mission is to help as many people as possible in their online journey.
      If there is anything I can assist you with, please let me know.

  6. It’s very interesting to read through this article, reading about you and how you got into the online business world is a very nice thing to do as it lightened my time here and also I love how you’ve built yourself to be strong in the online world.  Personally, what I enjoy most about online business is the comfort and you being your own boss. Thanks

    • Yes that’s the most powerful thing in online business! You are your own boss!
      What is that your business is about?

  7. Seeing people willing to help is always a good thing today. I am delighted that you are more geared towards helping us all to achieve what we wanted. Seriously I have been looking for a way to supplement my income online. Hence, sewing this here actually assures me that I might have found the right place here. Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks

  8. Hello Sunny, you actually made the right call and I have to admit I am happy for you because you achieved your dream of wanting to be an actress and that is something most people today do not achieve(their childhood dream) and they end up referring it at some point. For me starting your own business is a great idea and being your own boss has the most satisfaction you can ever ask for

  9. Hello sunny, it’s really very nice to learn about your journey and also about the reason why you decided to start an online business. I like the kind of job you are into and I also like the fact that you are looking to help people with their businesses too. It’s really good stuff. Thanks a lot for the information that you shared. Cheers!

  10. I’ve honestly been searching for different ways to earn money on the web considering how things I have been going through this period in my job career. I want to be able to at least have this boldness financially and want to prevent myself by depending on one means of income. This is my third time on the review hunt for Wealthy Affiliate because most bloggers aren’t given me what I want. They were not really clear with their review. I’m happy I found your blog because it has given somewhat a reason to clear my doubts. But is the trial account limited in a way or is it same with the premium?

  11. Nice bio, Sunny. It’s good to see people doing well online. At least it gives hope to many folks that are new online. It’s good to see that you’ve followed your passion and now have a business you’re doing independently. I’m into affiliate marketing too and will say it’s been going great.

    But one of the major problem with newbies is that they think making money online is like withdrawing money from the ATM. And this is what get them discouraged when they find that hard work, time, and patience is significantly involved. Making money is not as easy as it may seem. It includes both physical and online business. Nothing good comes easy. I’m glad to read about you.

  12. Hello,

    The article is all about Sunny, her real name is Sanela, or also can be call Sunny. she was born and raised in Belgrade (Serbia), the country in Eastern Europe. Her dream was to become an actress, she’s educated and got a job with cruise line company where her job is related to entertainment and hospitality. her passion for online business make her to come across wealth affiliate platform, she uses the skill from the platform and making money online.

    Thank you.


  13. Hello,

    The article is all about Sunny, her real name is Sanela, or also can be call Sunny. she was born and raised in Belgrade (Serbia), the country in Eastern Europe. Her dream was to become an actress, she’s educated and got a job with cruise line company where her job is related to entertainment and hospitality. her passion for online business make her to come across wealth affiliate platform, she uses the skill from the platform and making money online.

    Thank you.


  14. Hi Sunny!

    I like your goals. Helping others is an honorable thing to do. And I am sure that with the knowledge you are sharing here, making money online from the comfort of my home will become a reality. Because that is my ultimate goal.

    I am looking for a sustainable way to build an online business. A business that I can scale for a longer period of time, not a make money quick scheme that will fade tomorrow.


  15. Hello Sunny, I really enjoyed reading your article and learning about you. It’s nice to meet you. It’s good that you always chase after your dreams with no hesitation or procrastination which I think is something that many people need to emulate. I have enjoyed reading articles from your sirlte and look forward to learning from you. 

  16. Hey 


    Thank you for your willingness and passion to help as many as desire someone to hold  their hands. Keep up this good work. I believe that many will be spared from scams because we have thousands of those especially in the online business space. Like you I have been scammed a lot of times. I bless God for the day I stumbled into Wealthy Affiliate Youtiube review.

  17. Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us and get us to know a little bit about you. It is always good to get to know someone. Your background is very similar to mine 🙂 I am also a struggling actor and have been a member of SAGAFtra. The online business is truly a great opportunity for all of us to pursue our life goal. Cannot wait to read all your posts and what you have to offer. 

  18. Hi Sunny,

    It’s great to read about you and your journey through affiliate marketing.

    You found Wealthy Affiliate early. I am reading about it during this pandemic. And I wish I had researched about online business opportunities before. But it’s never to late. What I like most is that we get to work on our passion and also make money from it.

  19. hello there,thank you for posting this article about sunny.It is really nice come across your site and your article again.Thanks for telling us about yourself and why you decided to go into online business.I am so glad i will be learning alot from you.I want to be financially free too. I am quite sure you will be of great help.

  20. Hey Sunny, thanks for sharing your life story, it was really inspiring and also served as a motivation for me because I’m a newbie in affiliate marketing and I just needed this.  As the world evolves, online businesses are thriving more and more, and in the near future it will be worth so much more, and it is saddening that many  out there do not know and keep on being sad about their jobs and bosses

  21. Nice to know more about you Sunny. I feel excited about getting to know more about the brilliant person behind some of those greatly educating, informative, and useful articles that have been making me spend more time on the Best Online Home Business website. You have such a great website and personality Sunny. Kudos to you and I wish you well as you keep on doing what you are good at.

    • Thanks Kelvin 🙂 
      I wish you a lot of success too and please reach out if I can assist anyhow. 


  22. Hello Sanela (Sunny), thank you for sharing your cv on this page describing your motivations in life and this page.  I see you love to travel and you also love the stage.  My Mother was an actress and so I can fully relate to your story.  Its fantastic that you have been able to combine travel with acting by working on a cruise line. I see you have been in the online business since 2015.  That is a good track record, indicating and reassuring me that the business is sustainable and does work. I see you advocate Wealthy Affiliate.  Do you think their business model is sustainable ?

  23. I enjoyed reading your business life story, Sunny. Very interesting. I’m also a lover of freedom and come from a country not so far away from you, Czech Republic. Being a teacher and translator and working as a freelancer, my dream is to have enough income from my online activities that would enable me to travel and do just the thing I love.
    Your website shows that you want to help people create the life of their dreams. You are a nice person and I believe that all good things we do will get back to us in one way or another, or as the English saying is “what goes around comes around”. Thank you for everything you do and best of luck.

  24. Wow Sunny great post (page) about yourself and how you came to be an affiliate marketer. I was surprised to know that you are an actor, and also on the cruise lines, so interesting and your story is one for the books. I wish my story was half as interesting. We do have something in common though. I also want to grow an online business and to be my own boss, do what I want and when I want with the financial freedom that can be had with affiliate marketing.

    It is also good to know that I was not the only person scammed during my journey to online success, and I am also a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member and it was the best decision that I have ever made. Great page about yourself and your journey to becoming an awesome affiliate marketer.

  25. Sounds like you are living the life of your dreams Sunny. Your vision of helping people looking for online job opportunites will be realised. You are on the right path. Yes Wealthy affiliate is great and legit. You sign up for free and get to explore the platform and the training. Like you signing up for Wealthy Affiliate is a decision I have not regreted. Good luck with your endeavours Sunny 

  26. Hello Sunny.

    You have a great story, your post is show, how much you desire online business and how much you will be able to help a massive of people to be like you, personally I love something to help people because I believe every success come from how much you struggle to help others.

    Thank you for sharing and God Bless you and your vision.

  27. HI! Sunny, you are such an inspiration, like you I dream also to become financially free, do things that I love most and spend quality time with my family.  As a newbie, I am still searching what is really the best online business to engage in. I have browsed your website and placed a lot of content on it, but what captured me is this International Open Academy, can you tell me more about this? how do you promote this to your prospects?

    • Hi Maria, thanks a lot for your lovely comment. International Open Academy is an online platform that has courses for EVERYONE! My BestOnlineHomeBusiness site has a mission to help everyone searching for online job opportunities. The International Open Academy is one of the great chances to make money online for those having their own programs established and ready for sale and also for the affiliate marketers. 

      Let’s say that by promoting the IOA I hit 3 groups of people: 

      1. Those creatives having their own programs so they might find it as a good place to teach

      2. Those affiliate marketers who by referring people make income whenever someone purchase a course through their links

      3. Those searching for courses 

      Hope this helps 🙂 

  28. Wow, well done to you for achieving your goals of being an actress. Working on a cruise ship sure sounds amazing, although I’m sure at the moment with the current pandemic, that’s not a possibility.

    Working from home gives the most freedom possible, but it does have the downside of you never being free of it. An office job you usually don’t bring home with you. That being said, I love working from home and affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go!

  29. Hi Sunny! It seems like you’ve really had a chance to do some travelling. I’m sure you have great stories to tell. You are very brave to start a new second life with online marketing. I, too, have done some things with Wealthy Affiliate and would recommend anyone – especially someone new to digital marketing – to give it a try. The training is extremely good and gets you started on the right foot.

  30. With stage and traveling, you will be very busy. It is not an easy task at all. I connect very well with your story. I was also deceived, I joined and work for a so called MLM, not knowing it was a pyramid scheme that was already crashing. Finding a platform like Wealthy Affiliate is a plus. Good platform

  31. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article about yourself at least this has given us more than an a little insight about you…I must say you have been doing a great job with all the article you have been putting up recently and if you continue like this, then your website would be somewhere people would definitely come to look for solution to their online business problems.

  32. Hi Sunny, it’s nice to read your story here. Personally, I feel really grateful to come across your website. You have written a lot of useful information and review articles about digital marketing. Your background has inspired me to do the same. I want to be able to love what I do and help other people along the way. Thank you

  33. I have come across some of your posts, so this is nice to be discovering more about you as a person and to see that your real name is Sanela. To be combining your passion of acting and travelling, is certainly awesome. To also be working towards financial freedom with an online business, makes it an even better combination. 

    An online business is the best way to supplement any other income or jobs one might have. 

  34. It’s so nice to finally get to know you Sanela. Beautiful website of a beautiful lady. I see that you have loads of experience in life and seem to be a really interesting person. Great to connect with u. 

    I read your inspiring story and I must say that you have worked really hard to make your dreams come true, Sunny. Do keep at it and keep writing wonderful blogs for your readers. It is through helping others that we help ourselves. I like that mantra of yours. 

    Good luck on your journey ahead. I shall look out for your blogs and keep in touch. 

    Regards and best wishes, always.

    Aparna Bansal

  35. I really admire your journey Sunny,

    From a free bird as an actress and theatrics, you transitioned into an online business, a field that is a bit different than what you envisioned. It must have been a very huge moment for you, I know I would have sleepless nights if I were to make that decision. How did you feel when you decided to switch to Online Business?

    • Hi Riaz, thanks for stopping by. Well, I didn’t really switch. I am still doing this FOR the acting purposes. Acting is my love, passion, and definitely something I do for a living. But having financial freedom comes with an online business. And that financial freedom used for producing shows, movies and pursuing all the dreams one artist has is something invaluable 🙂 

  36. So happy that people are making posts about home businesses these days. The epidemic has really pushed people to look online to find ways to make money at home or even on the web. Even myself and i’m definitely gonna have a look at taking this on. Thanks very much.

    • Thanks Taine, yes please, make sure you will give it a try it’s really valuable and fun! 

  37. Hello Sunny,

    I like the way you introduce yourself! You are a true artist and this is shown through your acting pictures. Your mission statement is also very clear as you aim at helping people to improve their lives and earn money on the Internet. I am very sensitive to it as I believe in financial freedom and independence. So I totally understand where you stand. Thanks and good luck!

  38. Hey, I have visited your site a few times and read all about working on line. you give great information on the process and you make it sound very simple to get started. I have been scammed a few times myself which makes me cautious now. After reading your article i took a look around the platform and found it easy to understand. I liked the take a tour feature and the live chat where i saw new people asking questions and getting them answered. Its awesome that you have told us about yourself. I like helping people so i think this will be a great fit for me. Many people will get excellent value from visiting your site 🙂

  39. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I particularly like the photos of your acting experience. I agree that affiliate marketing presents a huge opportunity in today’s environment. I must say though that in my experience it sometimes feels like the online equivalent of all the craziness that surrounded the gold rushes of the 18th century. Or at least I should say the Hollywood renditions of the gold rushes. There is no shortage of flashing lights, bells, and whistles, and sales professionals barking their wares from virtual soapboxes. In stark contrast with all that noise, I also agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate offers the easiest way to get into, learn, and practice by doing affiliate marketing. Best regards, Andy

  40. Hi Sunny, thank you for introducing yourself and sharing with us your journey this far. I see that your site is mainly about creating revenue online and that what i’m all about. I really resonate with your idea of achieving your dreams and freedom and i definitely hope it’s working out great for you. Your site has a lot of cool things and great reviews as well as tips for those who want to start an online business. Thank you for introducing me to your site. I look forward to see more of your contents in the future. 

  41. Hello Sunny,

    Thank you for sharing your website.

    I found it very engaging. I liked all the visuals that you have put in. They made your site very alive and it sounds like your site is speaking to the readers, which is a really great way of expressing ourselves. As an Affiliate Marketer, our purpose should obviously be that to make things easy to figure out for our readers which is an excellent quality in an author and web developer. 

    Good luck! 

  42. Wow Sunny! It’s really amazing how extensive your site is. I loved your story and thought I could use your expertise. Definitely bookmarked your site. Do you have any suggestions on where to begin to look for online opportunity? I really want to live a life of my own. I want freedom like it looks like you have.

    Good luck!

  43. You have had quite a an adventurous life. For you to choose an online business, means the very same words we all are looking for. Those words are “financial freedom”. I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. I came here as I was looking for an online business opportunity. I was curious about the W.A. website when Kyle introduced me to it. Ever since joining W.A., I never regretted it. I think that if there is ever a moment to do something about my life, this is the place to start. You have made a great choice by joining W.A. to build your financial freedom. The right idea can make you succeed. I appreciate you writing this article and spreading your knowledge so that others can reach their dreams. Thank you.

  44. Very interesting bio. Your story is very inspiring. Home based businesses are great way to make some passive income. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best platform to learn about how to build and be successful at online business. 

    Specifically now that whole world is going though tough time with pandemic, online businesses are booming and it is the time to take advantage of it if you really are looking for a passive income source. 

  45. Discussing about online business is right down my ally, Seeing someone flourish in this area is always great like myself being a newbie at one time  watching someone else become so driven to help others become what we are is great in my eyes. The online business area or trade whatever you would like to call it is a must in my mind now days a person i think should have the skills to make a online business for profit in any kind of way possible weather its selling products or teaching online someone some pacific skills for a profit.

    Not to mention it can be very easy to accomplish for some people and some not but one thing I will agree on is Wealthy Affiliates as a starter for people would be the best decision you will ever make. The help from there community is amazing online chat with replies in seconds not minutes or days a person like you will always be there to answer any question you have Plus weekly Webinars from a experienced web designer there to instruct you at anytime. One of the best things from Wealthy Affiliates is the quick response and the coaching and help from others doing the same thing you are, Its like an giant class room online helping each other become amazing online business men or woman and I’m PROUD to say I AM A WEALTHY AFFILIATE MEMBER and have been for a little while and love what it has to offer. 

    So I totally recommend Sunny’s  Best Online Home Business to all.

    • Trevor, thank you so much for this lovely and kind comment and also for your testimonial as well as recommendation. I really appreciate this. And I wish you lots of success and fun on your way towards your goals! 

      May you be blessed, joyful, happy and peaceful and ultimately wealthy in every possible way! 

      Thanks 🙂 

  46. You certainly have an interesting life, Sunny! What an adventure each day must be for you.

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have to agree with you on the points you made about it. It does offer an incredible opportunity to build your own business, online, even while still continuing other aspects of your life, career, etc.

    I’m glad you found WA and wish you great success! Thanks for sharing a bit about your life with us, too!

  47. Wow, what a lovely story of you, Sunny! So amazing and intriguing to hear! I was also a music fan and a teacher long before I started my online business through WA. I found it exciting to sing and accompany singing with an acoustic guitar. I did that for several years before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. The way I see things happening is that life draws us closer to our point of breakthrough.

    • That’s great! So you can share your experience with music with your audience! I find artistic people more often open-minded and believers whatever they start doing. Good luck to you! 

  48. Hi Sunny, What a fun journey you have had to get to your current position! I have had many jobs with the travel industry, but oddly, those jobs never required much travel (less than 1 trip per year). 

    Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned — it’s invaluable to learn from others who are following similar paths. Keep up the great work!

  49. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us. It is great way to introduce your online business idea to ordinary people. I am sure that you are going to bring sunny to a lot of people.

    I particularly like your description on A Great Discoery. I am so happy to see that you discovered Wealthy Affiliate, which provides all tools to operate your online business, from website building to internet marketing. Now you know the secret of carrying out business online and more importantly, you share your online business experience with us.

  50. Hi Sunny I have been enjoying your articles so it’s great to find out more about you as a person. I’m very impressed that you are building an online business alongside a job. That takes a lot of dedication and commitment, but you show exactly what can be done when people are committed and stay consistent. Well done!

  51. Hello Sunny, it is a pleasure to read someone’s biography. Thanks for sharing us info aobout your life. You seem like a very interesting and dear person and I always like reading your texts. The ideas are great. I know you’re working with WA. I have been there for some time and I am very happy with that platform. It’s definitely not a scam. I would recommend it to everyone.

  52. Hello Sunny,

    Your website is great. You really look like you live up to your name and I enjoy your recommendations. I particularily like that you give an honest opinion regarding those programs which are not so good.

    I enjoyed reading about your background and your passion for giving people knowledge about working online and making that a living.

    I wish you every success.

  53. Hi Sunny 🙂 I really love your story. It works like you were very busy going through acting for the movie in theaters and even take a part of the movie productions .

    And you know we all have dreams that we like to follow and be successful. And that’s what we should do pursue our dreams. But sometimes things change like they have change for you and myself to with now being associated with wealthy affiliate.

    For me it wasn’t something that I thought of doing way back when because the Internet wasn’t even around. But wealthy affiliate has been a godsend. There isn’t a program around today they can offer anything close to what wealthy affiliate offers.

    You seemed to have done a lot of things that make you happy. It seems like we both have the same goals here with wealthy affiliate.

    Onward and upward and much success to you! Thank you so much 🙂

  54. Hi Sunny 🙂 I really love your story. It works like you were very busy going through acting for the movie in theaters and even take a part of the movie productions .

    And you know we all have dreams that we like to follow and be successful. And that’s what we should do pursue our dreams. But sometimes things change like they have change for you and myself to with now being associated with wealthy affiliate.

    For me it wasn’t something that I thought of doing way back when because the Internet wasn’t even around. But wealthy affiliate has been a godsend. There isn’t a program around today they can offer anything close to what wealthy affiliate offers.

    You seemed to have done a lot of things that make you happy. It seems like we both have the same goals here with wealthy affiliate.

    Onward and upward and much success to you! Thank you so much 🙂

  55. Great knowing more about you Sunny. I love meeting people (even if it’s only online) who share the same interests as myself. I also love traveling, singing (not my own) and doing online business.

    Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I look forward to many more collaborations between us in the future!

  56. Ooo-ooo, I can relate on so many levels with the notion of being scammed. It happened to many quite many times. I actually gave up the whole idea of earning online back when I first started. And I only picked it back up some 6-7 years later when kind of by accident I too came across Wealthy Affiliate. It was a game-changer. My only regret is that I did not manage to come across it those 6-7 years before. Because they were around. I just wasn’t fortunate enough to find them.

    I love that you’re a giving-oriented person. It was really cool to learn about you. God bless.

  57. Hi Sunny,

    You are just amazing,  I love everything I read about you here. How you are very versatile and trying to have your eggs in different different baskets.  

    It’s obvious WEALTHY affiliate is a great community for anyone looking to start online business. I’m very much interested and I have friends I know they will  be interested too. So I will be signing up right from here and I will also be sharing you with friends I know will be interested in opportunities like this.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  58. Great to read about you. You do sound interesting and have had a great life and a good story to tell. All the best with your Online Business Training.

  59. A few months ago, I joined the Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner. During this time, I created my first page, wrote a few posts, connected with some wonderful people, and learned a great deal. I know that I still have a lot of work and time to do, but I am very happy to have joined this community, where I have everything I need.
    I warmly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about starting a business online or is already working over the internet but has stopped somewhere, got lost, has unanswered questions. In WA you get everything you need.

  60. Hello Sunny, how are you? I found it very refreshing getting to know a little bit about you in this very warm and thoughtful article. I got the feeling you really cared about helping me learn about creating a business online through Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Do you know what got me hooked? That you are involved with the cruise industry. Since you have the Carnival Fantasy in the background can I assume that you work for Carnival Cruise Lines?

    Carnival is very near and dear to my wife and i. In 1998 we embarked on our very first cruise on the Carnival Elation that tool us for a weeks vacation on the Mexican Riviera. I was working for a network marketing company at the time and they organized this cruise. A funny thing happened. 

    When we boarded the ship we discovered our stateroom was on  a lower deck and turned out to be a suite! It had a separate sleeping and living area with a great balcony. We also had a bathtub jacuzzi. And our closet was a walk in style. WOAH what was happening? We made our booking through the network marketing company and figured out that they assumed since the stateroom was in a lower level it was not a suite. The bigwigs of the company got upper balcony staterooms that were smaller than ours. I think you can relate to what I am saying as you must know I am taking about the Grand Suite. We got to stay in this for the price of a regular stateroom. We were spoiled. And had to travel in a balcony suite on all future cruises. 

    Enough about cruse ships. 

    You make a very good case to take up online marketing. It was a pleasure to get to know you Sunny. I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing business. 

    By the way,  even though we have travelled on ships like the Queen Mary 2, nothing came close to the fun and luxury we experienced on the Carnival Elation! 



    • Hi Edwin, thanks for your amazing comment! Yes, I have been with Carnival for the last 8 years! The cruises are on pause now, unfortunately, but we will be back! 🙂
      It’s so great to hear that you and your family are our frequent guests. And especially cruisers from a long time ago.
      Regarding the suite you got, oh wow that must have been a real adventure!!! I love that you got to experience the best accommodation in the way you did! You must have done something right to receive that kind of a “surprise” 🙂
      It’s my pleasure to get to know you too Edwin and I am looking forward to your success 🙂

  61. Hello and Good Luck,

    This is such a well written article and the way you have put together your website is so bright and cheery. You come across so well and so authentic which is what I liked and I think that this will help so many people.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be and people can try for 1 month free to give it a go. I love it and this article puts it across really well.

    Thank you 


  62. Very interesting profile and life you have Sunny!  Sounds like you are doing everything that you love.  I know there are many of us still striving to get there.  I work on it everyday….working towards that freedom and love for what I want to be doing…traveling.  Your profile gives inspiration, and I am thinking I can do this!

  63. Hi Sunny,

    Nice to meet you here and learn more about you, I’m a frequent reader from your website and it’s always nice to know more about who is behind a website to learn more about why you share some good tips and advices to help many to learn how to work from home or from anywhere around the world with a website. It’s good to know about your passion for acting and how it helped you to get a job that allowed you to travel and visit many different places, as you well say a website is a great way to help many to achieve their goals and dreams while building up a profitable business. I’m sure more readers will find you’re always there to help them to know more about how to create a website to start making money while they travel, do more of what they love to do and have more freedom to spend more time with their families. 

  64. Hi Sunny,

    Nice to meet you here and learn more about you, I’m a frequent reader from your website and it’s always nice to know more about who is behind a website to learn more about why you share some good tips and advices to help many to learn how to work from home or from anywhere around the world with a website. It’s good to know about your passion for acting and how it helped you to get a job that allowed you to travel and visit many different places, as you well say a website is a great way to help many to achieve their goals and dreams while building up a profitable business. I’m sure more readers will find you’re always there to help them to know more about how to create a website to start making money while they travel, do more of what they love to do and have more freedom to spend more time with their families. 

  65. Hello, Sunny, your story and experience is an encouragement for everyone that has dreams and doesn’t know how and where to start realising them. You are blessed having such wonderful experiences in your professional journey, and now you are sharing it with everyone offering help and advice. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to learn and start our online business. 

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Be blessed


  66. Hello, Sunny, your story and experience is an encouragement for everyone that has dreams and doesn’t know how and where to start realising them. You are blessed having such wonderful experiences in your professional journey, and now you are sharing it with everyone offering help and advice. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to learn and start our online business. 

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Be blessed


    • Thank you Alketa for your kind words and for taking time to lead your comment. I am very grateful for the people I came across along this online journey. Looking forward to keeping in touch!

  67. Hi Sunny how are you doing? Nice about me page . it is well written and in depth giving the readers glimpse of you. I am not successful at internet marketing at the moment but I am learning a lot and know I will make it because I am not giving up!
    Can you give some tips about how to become a successful marketer?
    How long have you been learning internet marketing?
    Wealthy Affiliate is legit and one of the best I will recommend to any one.

    • Hi Wendy, thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.
      I believe you are already on your way to succeed your marketing goals as you found the Wealthy Affiliate. All the training tools and support you need you will find there. The community will help you with your networking too.
      I believe that’s the most important, that you found all of the outside tools. The second is a mindset. As far as you didn’t give up you are on the path to success. Did you write your goals down? That will make your stay on track.
      The biggest thing is to maintain consistency, commitment, and faith! This comes from you. Hang out with successful people, read their stories, and make a decision to work every day on your goals 🙂
      Have you completed the training at the WA?
      My journey started in 2015. And yours?

  68. Helping people to me is a great feeling. I love to see others happy and smile so when you said that I totally felt you! And now you are willing to help others learn how to be successful for free is really kind of you. 

    Now I can finally start somewhere on how to be an affiliate marketer, thank you so much for sharing and I love your whole story by the way!


    • Thanks Jessika for your words. Congratulations on making a decision to join the affiliate marketing world. It is truly a very good way to make income. Have you tried the Wealthy Affiliate training? If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to do so. 


  69. Been through all  these big and small successes and failures in life.  You have all these experiences to share and help others who are also striving to live in freedom.  Your life story fascinates me. 
    I am one of those people who wish to make the most of what life can bring — financial security and freedom to do what I am more passionate about in life.  Thank you for making me realize that it is “possible”.

  70. What a cool back story you have! My family came from Yugoslavia so our paths have similar origins. I love how passionate you seem to be about what you do both for the cruise line and for your affiliate marketing. Passion can carry a person a long way and your writing just seems to express that very strongly. Thank you for sharing it was a very enjoyable read.

    • Thanks Barrett, 

      That’s very nice to hear your origins are from ex YU. Thanks for your kind words and yes you are right, I am very passionate when I do what I love 🙂 


  71. Hey Sunny, Im very grateful to visit your cool website. I agree with you creating your own business online is an online real estate. Your dream is to be an actress, I really encourage you to follow that because you look great. When I started my online business I haven’t the experience but reading other people’s articles gave me confidence and knowledge. Keep up the good work and help others.

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ve been following my acting dream, that’s why online business came in so I can focus on some art just because I love it, while making living from the online business. 

  72. Thanks for this beautiful description about yourself, i learnt alot reading about you, it’s amazing how you connect your two professions, it’s not an easy feat, some people have had to quit one to focus on the other.
    for the transition into the online business sphere, that was an amazing choice, i also am very passionate about the internet, I’ve been an enthusiast for a long time before venturing into blogging. What have been your greatest challenge, and how did you tackle it?

    • Hi Tosin, thanks for your nice comment, and for sharing your experience as well. My greatest challenge was to find programs that work or to find programs at all for reviewing them. I found momentum and somehow it opened up and now I am getting more and more tasks on TO DO list. 

      What about you? 


  73. Hi Sunny,

    Congratulations on your new online endeavor and for leveraging it to help others aspiring to have an online presence. It is great that you are able to enjoy your passion for stage and travel and channeling your experience and sharing them through your online business.  Well done and all the best in your online journey.  We also love travel and would love to exchange notes as we go along.


    • Thank you so much! It’s my pleasure to meeting you and it will be a great pleasure to exchange experiences 🙂 

  74. Hi Sunny, glad to see somebody else who has a great job that they love but use online marketing to secure a future for themselves so that eventually they will be financially free. And I agree. What better way than by using the platform at Wealthy Affiliate?

    I would love to go on a Caribbean Cruise and was going to go next year, but now COVID has forced me to use some of my savings, so may see you on a cruise in 2022.

  75. Seriously I agree with you that making money online does not have to be costly or even involve money. It only requires learning the right skills and gaining the right knowledge to ensure proper movement and in the end, making worthy money too this is a really great one to see here. 

    With so many business opportunities and platforms rising up daily on the Internet it is very easy to make a living for yourself these days through digital means and it is important to note that some of these platforms ensure zero cost on registration. Although this is something that should make one cautious, there are many ways to make money online.

  76. Hi Sunny, great to meet you!

    Yours is an inspiring story and I’m impressed with your honesty. I’ve had a browse through your articles on making money online and they seem well researched and thorough.

    I too dream about achieving financial freedom and have been disillusioned by the number of get rich quick schemes that seem expensive and unrealistic. 

    I’ll be checking your articles out in more detail and will no doubt take your advice on one or more of them.

    I’d be interested to know how long it took to start making money, particularly in affiliate marketing?

    I understand that it takes time and effort and will be realistic about that, but it would just be good to have an idea from somebody who is actually doing it.

    Thanks again


  77. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit through this article.  I have read other articles you wrote but did not know about your background.  Its seems to me that you have figured out a way to enjoy yourself doing what you love when you work and doing something really fulfilling when you aren’t formally working.  I hope I can take your advice.

  78. Hi there. Thank you for sharing your personal life experience with us.  It actually motivated me cos my case is just similar. I have a good job and all but I don’t get this total satisfaction from the job alone. I’ve always wanted something of my own. I’m glad with how far you’ve come and I just need guidance down that path. 

  79. Hello there Sunny

    Nice to meet you.It`s so lovely to read about you, your dreams, and your achievements. You must be very lucky to combine your passions acting and traveling and now you can add being paid to share your travels with people.

    I have sailed twice (as a passenger) once in the Nile and once in the Indian ocean and, what a dream, looking at sunrises in the horizon is something we should all do once in a lifetime.

    It`s good to know that you`re not only here to share about your travels and passions but also to help people get started with different online opportunities.

    Like you, I love spending time online, looking for ways to make extra income, and maybe someday make a full-time income online and quit my day job.

    I really enjoyed reading about you.

  80. Hello Sunny,

    Your website looks great!! I had to see it after reading your background story and experience with an online home business. Although I have never been scammed, I can tell you from what I’ve read here and there, you will have a LOT of work with your “Not Recommendations” section.

    Would be nice too if you could help people starting a business online with recommended programs, apps and plugins, I have some difficulties sometimes with some small details, like, for example, what plugin to use to track affiliate links.

    Always good to have people helping other people. Please, keep up the great work you’ve started here!



  81. Thank you for sharing your story with us Sunny. I really do think it is so amazing that all of us come from so many unique and interesting backgrounds. Theatre has always interested me but I have incredibly bad stage fright and I’ve just never been comfortable up on a stage even from a young age. I have mad respect for anyone who can do it. I just love how you’re been able to bring all of your passions and hobbies together. I think that that is enough proof that anyone with the right dedication and discipline can do the same thing. Your website does a great job of showing them how to do that.

    • Thanks Rachel, I am so happy to hear that you see the benefits from my website!
      Regarding the stage, have you tried to discover what is that that causes the fear?

  82. Hi Sunny – what a wonderful life you’ve created for yourself. It’s inspiring to see that you’ve combined your love of theatre and the arts, working for a cruise ship company with the online business world. You must have experienced a lot of awesome adventures. It’s also excellent to see that you want to help people achieve their dreams and avoid all those scams out there. It’s so easy to follow an online guru who really only wants your money and doesn’t offer anything of substance in return. Wealthy Affiliate was also a gamechanger for me – offering a huge amount of support and resources. Anyway, Sunny – all the best and keep up the good work!

    • Alisa, I love your photo, it’s so happy 🙂
      Please do feel free to share your online business experience here with me. I will be more than happy to hear all about your work!
      Wealthy Affiliate is a blessing right?

  83. Hello sunny, it is so cool to learn more about your background and to hear what you are passionate about.  I have never been on a cruise but it sounds delightful! In times like these, with Covid lurking and cruises shutdown, you must be ever so grateful to have taken that leap into creating and operating a successful online business! I too have appreciated all of the skills wealthy affiliate has imparted on me and hope I can continue to grow my businesses with their help.  Thanks for the motivation!!! 

    • Hi Ashley, working on the cruise ships is a great and delightful experience one can gain throughout their life. As you mentioned, the Covid pandemic froze everything so I found this a right time to rebuild my online business, and I can’t tell you how much I am grateful fro this decision I made.
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep in touch.

  84. Hi Sunny,

    What an inspiring story you have! I love your photos of your time in acting. I also love acting, and although I have never really done it, I have directed a school play (Shakespeare, Midsummer Night’s Dream) and I absolutely enjoyed doing it and working with the actors. 

    It is true that there are so many dishonest money making programs online, and it is not easy to find a good, honest one. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the real deal and I am glad that they make it possible for so many to create their own online business. 

    • Christine, that’s so aweosme! The Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of my favorites. Whould you please share where was that performance held? Do you have any links?

  85. What a lovely background you have there, Sunny! The fact that you went all out to follow your dreams and actually made them happen is truly a sign of determination and patience. It’s always great to have a backup plan even when we’re already settled with our jobs or whatever it is that we’re doing. Having an online business can really, not only change your life in a monetary way, but it can also open many doors for your already profession. 

    • Hi Stephanie, yes, true, online business became a must thought for me. I would recommend it to everyone!

  86. Hi Sunny, 

    Thank you, For sharing your insight on Affiliate marketing. My attention was taken mostly by the Unfair Advantage Review. That you do not recommend it but you still share this with us. Thank you for heads up. Something that strikes me is that their videos are so believable.  I can see why one would want to buy in. Your images on the Site are something to look at. They are very interesting especially the Clown pic.


    • Hi, yes you are so right. I got caught by the video of the Unfair Advantage program too. Did you check it out yourself?
      Btw, the clown photo is from a clown workshop I enjoyed so much! Clowns are more than we think they are 🙂

  87. Hi Sunny, 

    Your website looks great. Your About page is very detailed. I am glad that I have come across your website, and I will bookmark it. You have reviewed so many online programs which makes it easier for people to decide which programs they should invest time and money in in the leadup to setting up their online business. I will revisit your site from time to time and read your reviews. Thanks Sunny!

    • Thank you Melodia. I appreciate you. Please do come back as lots of that is coming. If you need any assistance with your online business please let me know.

  88. Hi Sunny!

    The site is very well designed! Congratulations for learning and applying all the lessons.

    The topic on Wealthy Affiliate is very comprehensive and very well presented.

    You have a very high probability to win to convert wherever an audience face.

    Your content objective to help is assured.

    If you don’t mind me asking, do you still add content with this type of website design? 

    Or do you let it work alone with minimal monitoring and passive income generation?

    • Hi Rose, thanks for your kind words. 

      As an answer to your questions, I have to be honest and say that I have been working non-stop adding content all the time. Looking forward to the passive income coming my way from each and every possible side 🙂 

  89. Hi, I just read through your site and I must say BRAVO. Everything completely described me and my experience, I had content block, picking  a theme and to get that up and running was something else. So needless to say I completely relate to your site.

    Your site is informative, detailed and very helpful! I really enjoyed your site very much…


  90. Hi Sunny. I have heard about Wealthy Affiliates and know people who have done well on that platform. I am impressed by the training and support but I wonder of I would enjoy the large amount of ‘admin’ duties a member has to do ( blogs, web comments, answering queries) and if it will allow me enough time to run my business.I like the affiliate marketing part, although I am not sure who to target just yet. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hi JJ,
      I agree with you that being an affiliate requires a lot of work to do. I find myself more and more into work, more and more duties are coming my way. If you asked me before the same question you are concerned about now, I would probably say the same thing you wrote, I don’t know if I would enjoy.

      From this perspective, do I enjoy being an affiliate marketer, customer service representative for my own business, assisting all my visitors and fellow internet marketers, sharing experiences and networking. I do! I do!
      So the one thing I can tell you is try. Go through the Wealthy Affiliate training. Network with people. Join the CashJuice and MoneyLine communities and you will find yourself in the world of internet marketing, able to understand what to do.
      If you are not sure who to target, I am more than happy to help you with that!
      What is that you are passionate about? Write it here in this chat and I’ll help you find your audience.

  91. This is a great inspirational autobiography of yourself. I am aligned with many of your viewpoints and I agree with having your own business.

    I believe that even if people like or love what they do as a corporate profession, they should still not get too comfortable and have some type of passive or secondary income that matches their corporate income. 

    There is no feeling like knowing that you truly own your own life and you would be more confident knowing that even if you lost your corporate job you would still be ok because you have created a side income.

    Helping people is a great passion of mine as well and I do believe that each of us should practice serving other people and helping someone else get to that next level. Each one, teach one.

    • Thank you Gregg. I appreciate you. Yes, having your own business is an asset to a great daily life. And as you said even when you are happy with a corporate job, why then not build your own business slowly, especially when is online.
      Wealthy Affiliate brought amazing amount of knowledge and countless opportunities in my life and I recommend to everyone to give It a try no matter their life circumstances right now.
      Gregg please, do let me know if I can assist enyhow in your online journey.

  92. Thank you for this review, Sunny!  First of all, it looks like you’ve had a lot of success in a lot of different venues so it just goes to show that anyone can fall for online business scams.  I, like you, have invested money in the past only to find out that these “opportunities” only make money for one person…and it’s not me!!  I, like you, also came across Wealthy Affiliate over a year ago and I haven’t looked back.  They are the most honest and upfront opportunity that I have ever seen.  I recommend them 100% so thank you for helping others to find them!

    • Hi Cynthia, I am glad that you also joined the number one online company for buiding/rebuilding an online home business. I wish you so much success, and yes please, stay away from the scams..

  93. I like the layout of the site, and this article was well written. I can see a lot of new referals comming your way. In fact if I were not already a member of WA, this article would have made me want to join this company today. Thank you for shareing your experiances with us. Keep heading in this direction. Have a blessed day.

    • Thank you John so much for your comment. If there is anything I can help you with regarding your online business, please do let me know.

  94. Sunny, I just want to commend you for your contagious personality! You’re living the name of your business. Congratulations on all you do!

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