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Hello friends,

I decided to share with you some Global MoneyLine questions and answers I exchanged with the support team there.

I hope they will give you some clarity, as they did to me.

Global MoneyLine is an amazing platform I joined a few months ago when I activated my account but finally became active just about a few weeks ago.

The benefits of the membership at the Global MoneyLine are many, and here are some:

  1. Traffic exchange
  2. Great chance to make an income as their affiliate
  3. Amazing support team
  4. It’s free to join




And here is a quick Q&A session I wanted to share:

1. Do I have to request and become an I.R. in order to get Commission for my referrals?

Yes, you need to complete the IR process to become a qualified Affiliate. At that point, you will be paid direct payments for subscription purchases by your direct referrals. You can log in to your MoneyLine back office and select menu Account Info — Request to be an I.R. to complete the online IR form. Then you will need to submit a signed W8 form to verify that you are not a US citizen.

2. In case I become the I.R. do I get charged $20 each month? If yes, does the $20 charge occur even if there are no referrals coming from me?

We created our Affiliate program to be as fair as possible and as such, the $20 IR monthly fees is “out of profit, not pocket” which means the $20 is only paid (deducted) when you receive commissions from your downlines.

3. I understood that by paying $20 for the Bronze, I don’t have to invest more money (which I plan to do when I see the first income coming in)

All of our subscriptions are optional. The choice to purchase the Bronze subscription is a very good one as it qualifies your account to receive credit for the growth of MoneyLine every day. Moving up to the Silver and above subscription is done to increase your exposure via the various ad placement options (check out each of the subscription options via menu Support — FAQ).

Please help me understand this. Also in the I.R. agreement, I saw that I.R. is not allowed to promote other companies to their MoneyLine? Is that correct?

We will have to check into the “not allowed’ statement but that is incorrect. MoneyLine was designed for networkers to share opportunities with others around the world.

And one more thing I wanted to ask is if my country of Serbia (Europe) is eligible for the I.R. position (in case I would have to accept it)?

We have affiliates all over the world and do not know of any issues with Serbia. At this time, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba are the main areas we are not allowed to work in.

Your MoneyLine Team,
MoneyLine Support Team

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login into your account for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.




Me as your upline sponsor

When you sign up for the MoneyLine through THIS LINK and you become my prospect, I will make sure that you are all set up and good to go for the journey!
Here are some answers I gave to one of my prospects as well, so you will find some answers here too:

Here is what you can do to start:

  1. You can send messages to your MoneyLine people. You will find them when you click on the blue button on the top of the page that looks like in the photo Ema1





    1. If you get a page that looks like on the photo Ema3 then don’t worry about this step. If you get the page like in the photo Ema2, then click on any of the silver promotions to get to your MoneyLine which looks like a photo Ema3



  1. You will get a page that looks like the photo Ema3, and that is where you can send messages to all your fellows in your MoneyLine. These are all the people who joined the platform after you joined (not the referrals).





As a free member, you can message one by one person. Here is an example of my message:

It’s a pleasure to connect with you! Let’s share business links to help each other succeed goals ahead! Sunny


You can send whatever you want. I am planning to change that message to promoting the BEST PROGRAM FOR MAKING MONEY ONLINE. As I said it’s up to you. Just don’t forget to include your link.

You can send a message to the same person only once. If and when they reply to you, you can message them again.

On the photo Ema4, I circled the GETTING STARTED button where you can watch the videos, read through the description of the program.



I saw that you started your upgrade process. I did the same right after I saw that Premium actually allows me to send 20 messages at once. That’s a huge benefit. Among others. Once you become a Bronze member, you will be able to get paid for your referrals.

But you will have to finish your process.

After you finish the process and become a Bronze member, you will send a request to become I.R. Which means Independent Representative, and this way you are becoming a representative for the MoneyLine with the potential of making a nice income.

The first two referrals you bring to MoneyLine will be your people but the incentive for them goes to your upline member (which is in this case me).

The same happens to me. The first two go to Tony who is my upline. And every next one I will be paid for.

I hope you got some clarifications. My greatest advice is to watch the videos in the Getting Started section, as these will help you understand the process.

Make the best use of the message center, because this is where you get to connect with other people. Advice: don’t just send the affiliate link with no friendly words, as some people do. It’s something many readers avoid 🙂

Do these steps, (and if you want to finish the subscription – up to you and not required), and then let me know how I can assist you further.

Good luck! Congrats! And welcome!


And what about you? Are YOU a MoneyLine member?

OK. You got some answers here.

Let me know in the comment section below whether you are a MoneyLine member already.

If you are not, here is your chance to join for free!

JUST CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW. I will then be your upline or a sponsor or a mentor, whatever you want to call 🙂 But for sure I will be there for you making sure YOU GOT THIS!



Still not sure?





  1. Click on the image below to read about my recommendation NUMBER ONE:


2. Click on the image below to read my review of the CASH JUICE:


Best-Online-Home-Business-logo I will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. Hey There Sunny, 

    This is another well-written review from you. I have been seeing a lot of articles and reviews on Global MoneyLine,  I did not know it did have this much benefits. Anyplace that generates traffic works for me, Great to see they have an amazing support team too, I would want to give it a try. 

    • Hi, thanks a lot 🙂 

      Well, give it a try, don’t lose your turn in the line. As soon as you sign up, more people will be able to reach out. 


  2. Another great review Sunny,

    I’m impressed at how much effort you put in to ask their support our burning questions, and it’s even better than their support actually got back since not many programs have good support. I was wondering about the payment commission but having you clear it up that I don’t have to pay until I make my own commission is more than what I expected! 

    If that doesn’t show fairness for beginners, I don’t know what does. Thanks for the insight!

    • Hi Riaz, 

      Thanks a lot for your comment and support! Yes, these were my burning questions and I was happy to see the customer support’s email in my inbox. I was worried about paying to be an affiliate even if I don’t have referrals. But they clarified that! Awesome! You pay only when you have enough income coming – fair enough!!! 

      Have you signed up yet? Do you have a need for any assistance though? 


  3. Hello there thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece  of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. I am an online marketing beginner so i always look up to top marketers like you to foster my journey here, global moneyline seems like a good start as well 

    • Hi Harry, you are very welcome. Global MoneyLine is a good start. Have you joined yet? 

  4. Hello Sunny! Thanks for this detailed review on global money line. Actually, I’ve been hearing of global money line for a while now and I actually didn’t know it has a lot of benefits like this. I actually lost interest in it when I was told it’s an MLM scheme but from what I can see here, I definitely want to give this a try. Thanks a lot 

    • Hi Lizzy, no it’s not an MLM scheme. I wouldn’t go for it if it was. It’s actually nicely structured. Have you read my detailed review of the MoneyLine? Click here if you haven’t Global MoneyLine – Join For FREE Today 

      The link will open in the new tab, hope you will get more clarity about the program. 


  5. Hi Sunny, I have found a lot of value in all the content here on your site. But one of the platforms that really stands out for me is Global MoneyLine. I have read a bit about it, but up till now I haven’t joined it. I would love to join with you as my upline sponsor. Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks!

    • Hi Paolo, I will be happy to be your upline sponsor. Let me know once you sign up and I will make sure to assist you along your MoneyLine journey. 


  6. Hey, Sunny thank you for the brilliant post. It was really great for you to share that conversation with us. Some of the answers you got are the answers we are looking for. But we wouldn’t have enquired the way you did or maybe didn’t even know that we need them. I have signed up with the moneyline, I just have to activate the account.

    • I am very glad you got answers to the questions you had 🙂 Now go ahead and activate your account as soon as possible so that you can get one step closer to success. 

  7. It is a good thing that you have shared this interesting article, online business owners should always cultivate the habit of looking out for nice information like this one that’ll be of help in a lot of ways . Global moneyline is a very nice and lucrative platform, with a lot of benefits I’ve been able to get, these support tips are going to be very helpful.

    • HI Shavo, I am happy you gained benefits from this review. How long have you been their member? 

  8. U really think it’s a good program Sunny? I checked it out and it seemed pretty Ponzi to me. But I could be 100% wrong too. Is it owned and started by one of the WA members?

    If it’s a program of international repute, why is the GUI like that of a program that’s been made at home, by a novice?

    I will check this out further and see what others have to say about it. Thanks so much.



    • Hi Aparna, 

      Until now I didn’t experience it as a Ponzi scheme. It’s been a good experience though. I didn’t have a problem with the program. 

  9. I did sign up via your link some days back. And I have to say that I have been enjoying Traffic ad bar and Easyhits. But I was yet to contact their support. So, I am glad that you tested that for us. And I am pretty happy that it working well.


  10. I ma a member of Global Moneyline, but I have not yet done anything on the platform since I joined, mainly because I did not know how it worked and How I could benefit from it. You have answered the questions that I had and I can now see that my first step would be to to upgrade to bronze membership, which will cost me $20. I understand that I only pay that once, and not monthly, but please correct me if I am wrong.

    • Hello Line, yes you got it right. You pay $20 to upgrade to Bronze.
      That’s a one-time payment (unless you want to upgrade further on the scale later when you start getting more referrals so that you earn more income). So once you upgrade to Bronze ($20), you can rest assured that they will charge you $20 on a monthly basis ONLY when you actually have income in your account. 

  11. Thanks a lot, for taking your time to share about the global money line, this not the first time am hearing about it, but this is the first time am having detailed information about it. I started affiliated marketing a couple of months ago when I heard about MLM but I felt reluctant to join, your post as convincing me to try it out. 

    • Hello there, I am glad you found benefits here. I encourage you to try the Global MoneyLine. It’s a good program, not an MLM, and you can make income promoting it as a good social networking platform. 

  12. Although I have read about this traffic exchange before but I did not get enough explanation like you did. You question and answer on global money line really cleared some gray areas. I will use you link to access the platform since I can join for free. Since you promise support, I think it is a good one and it’s encouraging 

    • Hi Parameter, yes I am going to help you out, just share when you need assistance 🙂 


  13. Hi Sunny,

    These questions make it all clear to me, and it also shows that GlobalMoneyLine has excellent support. A good support team is important to me when I sign up for a platform, so this is good to know. I have already read reviews about GlobalMoneyLine, but with these questions you asked the helpdesk, I have a much better idea now what it is about.

    • Hi Christine, thanks 🙂 

      I am glad it helped. Have you joined the MoneyLine though? 


  14. Sunny,

    What an excellent read this is and I love the way in which you’ve managed to explain it all perfectly and the addition of the images throughout the article has really complimented your writing and made the directions so easy to follow! 

    Great work here!

    Thanks for the tip around the message centre too, I’ll be mindful!

    All in all I think you have a great article here which your readers will find useful.

    I also like the way you have managed to incorporate an alternative platform such as Wealthy Affiliate for those people who are looking for many avenues when making money online!

    Keep up the excellent work!


    • Hi Kris, 
      Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave your comment. 
      I appreciate you. 

      Have you joined the MoneyLine yet? 

      What do you think about the program yourself? 


  15. Helll there!

    That is a very unique and well structured review on GlobalMoneyLine. I’ve seen several reviews on the program before but they actually didn’t provide enough clarity as this article just did. Meanwhile, GlobalMoneyLine is as well an awesome platform because they help business owners grow their businesses and helps websites to increase their traffic.


  16. Another post on Global MoneyLine. I remember seeing a review on this before, a good review I think, about this as a legitimate way to obtain more traffic for our website.

    This is not traffic exchange, is it? Because I kept hearing that traffic exchanges hurt our website or at the very least provide irrelevant traffic and waste our time.

    • Hi Clark, Global MoneyLine is more for networking. There are people sending me links with no other words within the message whatsoever, but I definitely ignore those. Not many of them do this. 
      I don’t use the system just like the usual traffic exchange scheme. I use it more for connecting to people. Get this, when you genuinely approach people, with a focus on NETWORKING not selling, they will most likely join you, if they are genuine. 

      If they are not, then you don’t need them at all! 

      Hope this helps. Yes, you can use the MoneyLine as a pure traffic exchange (not so recommended), or you can use it for networking and promoting programs you like.


  17. I actually came across the Global MoneyLine through Tony but somehow I couldn’t quite relate to it. After reading this post and also click to read your earlier post on this, I think I see more light on how Global MoneyLine works! I am not in MMO niche so I’m also skeptical whether I should invest time on this. But I think you have given me more confidence or comfort that this could be something worth exploring. Are there any other examples of members who are not in the MMO niche? Anyone on education related niche? 

    • Hi Richard, thanks for taking the time to leave the comment. 
      I am pretty sure I saw some members promoting other niches websites. The point is in networking and spreading the word. You will not be losing time. You will be investing time in your future success 😉 


  18. Hi Sunny

    Thank you for a great piece of material here. As I am a relative newbie, I’m constantly looking for more viable ways to earn money either from commissions or direct sales. I am already a memeber of a few platforms, but not  GlobalMoney Line, so stumbling across your post has given me yet another avenue to persue.

    So thanks again and I wish you all the best.


    • Thanks Rob, 

      Please let me know if you need any assistance with your start-up process at MoneyLine 


  19. Hello Sunny

    Thank you for a very wonderful review on Global MoneyLine. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about this program and I am have not yet signed up. Your review has ironed out many of the questions I have been having in my mind and now with your wonderful review, I am considering joining with you as my upline sponsor. I am pretty sure you will be of great assistance to me.

    Thank you

  20. Thanks for sharing your article. It’s always interesting to learn new ways to gain exposure as an online marketer and network with like minded individuals.  Global Moneyline would appear to be a good source for generating such leads so I will take the time to watch the video and study this product in a little more detail. I do like that it has a fee registration though.

  21. This sounds like a great traffic exchange program and I like the fact that I can get some income from referring people.  I really like the fact that I don’t have to pay unless I have commissions.  I’ve never heard of that before…all the other programs I’ve looked at make you pay every month no matter what.  I do have a question about buying into different levels. You mention that the bronze level will cost $20. Is that a one-time payment or monthly?  Is that also taken out of commissions or is that on top of the $20 taken out of commissions?  I look forward to having more information and thank you for bringing this opportunity to light!

    • Hi Cynthia, yes you pay only once $20 for your Bronze membership. 

      After that, you pay $20/month for being an independent representative ONLY when you make a commission for that month in the amount of more than $20

      Hope this helps? 

      Please do let me know.

  22. Wow!  This review really helps me to understand Global MoneyLine to a greater degree.  I joined a couple of months ago and I get notices daily.  However, I keep saying I will take time to understand it tomorrow.  Your questions to them and their responses to you really put things in perspective.  I actually signed up for the Bronze membership.  After reading this review, I am really ready to put the program to work for me.  Thank you Sunny.

    • I am super happy for you Patricia! Keep up that attitude and success is bound to happen. 

  23. Hi, this is a very informative article about traffic exchange. I have never even heard of global money line!? I will be sure to check it out as it seems it will help me promote my business and receive more traffic? Is that correct? Is cash juice pretty much the same? I will be sure to spend some time reading more of your reviews and checking them out! Thank you for sharing!

  24. I am new to Global MoneyLine so your post really helped me understand the basics of the program even better. I like that it is done in levels to allow us to try out the different levels before investing more money. I like to see results before dropping too much money into a program.

    I wasn’t aware that the $20/month of IR was out of profits, not out of pocket. That certainly helps! 

    Thanks for sharing this information. I look forward to reading future updates from you on this program, as well as others.

    • Hi Diane, thanks for your comment. Yes, $20 out of profits actually got me into an upgrade as well. 
      Do stay tuned as some new articles are coming to life 🙂 

  25. Thank you very much for the information on Global Money line. I joined a few months ago but, i wasn’t to sure of what exactly to do, This post has made things a lot clearer for me. I appreciate the informative information as it is very helpful. This post will help many like me who did not fully understand it.Very well written.

  26. Excellent article! Though I have not joined yet, as I am of the old school mindset – if it sounds too good to be true, it is! You answered all my questions too! I like that it is FREE to start and you dont pay unless you get sponsors from which the $20 comes out of.
    This leads me into another question that just occured to me? Who gets that $20 or how is it dispersed?

    • Hello, those $20 have something to do with legal documents related to the Independent Representative status (I.R.) and they are deducted from your commissions only in case you earned commission

      Hope this helps? 

  27. I always get a little jittery when I see references to uplines and downlines because I usually associate those with MLM schemes. However, your detailed review helped clear things up for me especially since I’d never heard of Global Moneyline. Thanks Sunny for a wonderful review and sharing your Q&A session with their support team in particular.

    We are Blessed.

    • Thanks Mark, I appreciate you for taking the time to leave a comment. Please do let me know in case you decide to join so that I can assist you on your MoneyLine journey. 

  28. Thank you for this article, I have never run into an article before that actually takes the time to place the most frequently asked questions, as well as the answers into an article so that more people are aware of them and make sure to not have similar issues. I have gone through the questions and answers and i must just say thank you for providing this, Global MoneyLine would be too much of a doozie if I didn’t have your website to help me out

    • Sure Misael, glad it helped. Thanks for sharing your impressions with me, as that helps me in knowing how to help you and people reading my articles 🙂 

  29. Hi there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information with us here. I find it very interesting and helpful because it contains valuable information. I have been seeing a lot of articles and reviews on Global MoneyLine,  I did not know it did have this much benefits. I think it is really nice and less expensive touring. I would definitely love to get on it

  30. So, I don’t get it. This is the first time I end up on this page. Well, the Global Money Line, is for traffic exchange and can register for free? Then how they work to give traffic? And what kind of traffic? Can you tell me or us more about your experiences with Global Money Line? Like when exactly you started, how you started, what have you done, and when you finally receive the result as your goal?

    • Hi Lana, 

      I suggest that you check my full detailed review of the MoneyLine where you will find these and many other questions answered. Please let me know if I can assist you further after reading this review 🙂 

      CLICK HERE (it will open in a new tab): 

      Global MoneyLine – Join For FREE Today

      Looking forward to hearing from you. 

  31. Hi, Sunny,

    I didn’t quite understand. I see that Global MoneyLine has an affiliate program where I can earn commissions, but what is the product or service being offered? What is the point of contacting other people on the platform?

    You mention something about traffic exchange. Does that mean I can share whatever affiliate program I’m in or how does it work? Is this something that can only be done if you’re in the MMO niche?

    I’d like to understand the business model a little more. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Enrique, 

      Yes you are all set don’t worry. You can use the program even if you are not in the MMO niche. Read my detailed review of the MoneyLine with some questions previously answered. It will benefit you. You can access the review HERE

      Global MoneyLine – Join For FREE Today

      Let me know if I can assist you further after you read the review 🙂 


  32. Hello Sunny It is a good thing that you have shared this interesting article, online business owners should always cultivate the habit of looking out for nice information like this one that’ll be of help in a lot of ways . Global moneyline is a very nice and lucrative platform, with a lot of benefits I’ve been able to get, these support tips are going to be very helpful, I am really very grateful.

    • Hi Maureen, you are very welcome. My mission is to help you find certainty and clarity in programs for making money online. 


  33. Hi Sunny, this is the second review regarding Global Moneyline that i’ve ran across, and your review about it is even more extensive and detailed. There is a lot to learn when it comes to this platform and I can see that it offers a lot of support. This is definitely something i want to see if i want to expand and grow my business. Thank you so much for the review, and since it’s free to sign up, i might just take you up on the suggestion and try it out. 

  34. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business a while now and the outcome of my business is not satisfactory as I would expect. Look back, the traffic to my website is the key factor. I am thinking about how to improve my website traffic. Here comes your article, the Global MoneyLine, which provides traffic exchange. This is what I need to enhance my website traffic. 

    I like your description of the benefits of the membership, which answers all of the questions. It is free to try, valuable traffic exchange, and make income as their affiliate. I definitely give this a try.

    • Hi Anthony, go ahead, you will love the platform. 

      Let me know if I can assist you! 


  35. This sounds like another really good platform, one which could help a beginner in the online business grow. Do you think money line is better than WA? I ask because i am a member of WA and i think the platform is great but i wondered how the two may differ? Also how does the traffic exchange work? is it question of reaching out to people directly on the platform? 

    Thanks for this great review Sunny.

  36. Hi Sunny. Thank you for a detailed explanation of this platform. I joined and then paid to become a bronze member but didnt know what happened after that, nor what to expect. I spent days of just sending messages to hundreds of people. What exactly happens after that? How do i make money ?

    • Hello JJ, you will make money through your messages with links to your website and affiliate links you are sending to other people. That’s one way. Network as much as you can so you grow your own community, and get out there as a valuable member of the online marketing world, and money will arrive with success. The third way is to promote the MoneyLine itself as a great platform for networking. 

      Hope this helps,

  37. Sunny this is very interesting.  I think Tony Hamilton written about this company platform too.  I did not know there were so many platforms out there that can help you either make money or deliver traffic to your website.  I see that you are part of a lot of organizations for me that is too much I still have to deal with Cash juice another platform you wrote about.  But this will be something to look into if I do decide to join another one.  Thank goodness it is free to join.  Thank you for this information.  Alicia  

    • Hi dear Alicia, you are very welcome. I am glad that you are finding your way to the CashJuice platform. Please let me know if I can assist you further. MoneyLine will be easy to use after you figure out the CashJuice 🙂 

      Good luck! 

      Btw, I see a child on your profile photo. Have you seen my newest review about the Talk to Santa program this year? You can read about this incredible opportunity HERE Talk To Santa Online – Book Your Call Today

      Also, I would highly recommend that you join the program and become Santa’s Elf affiliate, as it is an incredible opportunity. You can find more about it in my detailed review HERE Talk To Santa Review

      Let me know your thoughts 🙂 
      Cheers and see you soon! 

  38. Hey Sunny.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing review of global money line, myself I’m a member of this platform actually this platform is so awesome for traffic exchange, team support and the best of this platform that is why I like so much as you have said it’s free to join.

  39. Hi there, Sunny! I’ve been hearing a lot about Global Moneyline. There seems to be a lot of benefits within this program. I also heard of some members making 7 figure salaries which is quite amazing. Something I am curious about is what exactly does a typical member of the program do? Is it more focused on selling products or like making referrals to the program or something else?

  40. Thanks for a comprehensive review of GlobalMoneyLine, Sunny! One of the things I look into before joining any program is whether they have a strong support system or not. And it’s good to know that GlobalMoneyLine keys into that. Recently, I’ve been receiving a series of emails from this company, but haven’t opened their emails more than once or twice ever.

    On a more serious note, I’m most impressed by the fact that I don’t have to make any payment until I’ve earned some commissions first. Good to know I can only be charged when I’ve earned some income in my account! I think GlobalMoneyLine is worth giving a try. Thanks.


    • Yes Joyce, that’s what got me into a decision to upgrade to Bronze. So now I have a chance to make income but will be charged only when I do. Fair enough! 

      Enjoy and let me know if you need any assistance. 


  41. I encountered global moneyline a quite time ago when I was searching for a company offering an affiliate service. What charmed me to join them is their traffic exchange which is huge since you get to trade traffic from a fellow blogger. And it is free to sign up for an account so you can try them first if it suits your taste or not. I commend to their techinal support team which helps me when I was encountering a bug in their system.

  42. It’s not the first time that I hear about Global Money Line. In fact, I constantly receive emails from them. Do you think that their traffic exchange is good for your website? And also, are you an affiliate with them? Do people like this product, is it easy to get referrals? I don’t like the affiliate programs in which you have to pay just to take part on their affiliate program, but I see that they deduct the $20 only if you get referrals and when you withdraw your earnings. Did I get this right?

    Do you think that MoneyLine is worth it in general? I have read about it before on different reviews, but I thought it was a business model made to spam people, correct me if I’m wrong. 

    • Hi, yes you are right. You pay the legal right to be the I.R. (Independent Representative) only when you actually generate income so they deduct from your earnings. 

      The rest of the answers you will find in my detailed review of the Global MoneyLine program. Please refer to this page —>>> Global MoneyLine – Join For FREE Today

      Please let me know if you need further assistance upon reading the review I referred you to. 

      I DO think the GML is a legit and good program. 

      Don’t know about others, but my articles are honest reviews based on my own experience and I write the way it is and from my perspective.

      Hope this gives you some clarity and certainty 🙂 

  43. Hi Sunny, 

    I am going to look at getting started with building my downline list with Global Moneyline today. I have looked at this before and just not really sure if it would be worth the effort/investment. In fact, there are a few links on your site I am going to look into. I already use some. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is where I started and have nothing but kudos for Kyle, Carson, and the gang! I have learned so much from them and started it all for free.

    Thanks for the insight!


  44. Hi, now I have become a regular reader of your blog, I really like the posts that you share. Previously I had a small glimpse of Global Moneyline, where you wrote about it. But I have read these questions and also read in detail about Global Moneyline through the link you provided. 

    If I want to start my free membership there, will there be any duration after which I must upgrade my membership? 

    As you have mentioned in your questions, I am glad to know about its Gold membership option. I look forward to trying it out.

    • Hi Akshay, 

      Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate you. I noticed you have been around a lot 🙂 Grateful for that!!! 

      You can remain a free member of the Global Money Line forever benefiting from the program. You are not limited with the time to upgrade. Whenever you feel ready you can become a Bronze member! 

      Upgrading brings more options for you and the possibility to generate more income. 

      Hope this helps, 

  45. Hi Sanela,

    Congratulations on the type of energy and enthusiasm you have!

    I was actually intending to contact you somehow, about MoneyLine. I was probably going to go back to the previous article on which I commend. But booom, you have provided the answers to some of my questions.

    I joined Global MoneyLine about two weeks ago. But I have not been able to participate fully. It’s still not too clear to me (though you have made it much better with this article).

    I find the platform not easy to navigate. I don’t know whether it’s because I use a smartphone at the moment. The screens don’t look like what you have shared with us!


    • Hi Teboho, that’s called the law of attraction 🙂 

      I have been sharing the screenshots made on my laptop screen maybe that’s why? 

      I just logged in on my phone and here is what you do:

      1. Log In 
      2. Click on the yellow banner where it says “Click here to Continue to Your MoneyLine Dashboard 
      3. You will then get the home page
      4. To browse through click on the blue little square with 3 dashes in the top left corner. This is where you will see all the tabs of the menu. 

      5. To send messages to the people don’t click on the blue square in the top left corner. This time click on the big navy blue button which says YOUR MONEYLINE and has a number of the members who joined after you. That’s the button in the top middle part of the home page right next to your profile photo

      Please let me know if this worked for you. 

  46. Thank you so much for this detailed article. You went above and beyond by contacting customer service about all those questions that typically arise when you are trying to join a new program. Thank you for clarifying all my questions about Global Moneyline. 

    Seems like their customer service is excellent. I am going to check out this program.

    • Pranali, let me know if you need any assistance upon joining. See you on the other side. 


  47. Hi Sunny,

    Thank you for sharing your website with us. I had heard about the money line from some other people like the word of mouth but was not sure if it is a scam or it is a good platform. 

    When I read your blog post I found out about their terms and the submission of the amount only after we make a sale. This is a very good advantage to the user of this platform in my point of view as we will not be obliged to pay from the pocket.

    All the best!

  48. Hello Sunny
    What a fantastic review. I have read a few of your articles and reviews on your website and I have found you have so many benefits for me and can help me on my way.

    I am often Skeptical of some organisations because I often wonder are they legit or not. I believe you are the right person to contact about such money making business from home. I would like to contact soon about participating.

    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for your kind words. Please feel free to reach out should you need any assistance on your online journey 🙂

  49. This is a fantastic site. You have done thorough research, and I’m glad to see you have done it all from your own experience. 

    Your article has provided many benefits for anyone wanting to earn extra money online working from home. 

    I’m not very experienced on this topic, but I am learning a great deal about other money-earning activities through your site. 

    Because it is written from your own perspective, you are most knowledgeable to answer any questions that are asked.

    I wish you success!

    • Thank you Yvonne, I am so blessed to be of assistance. I set the following vision and mission for my Best Online Home Business online company which I am looking forward to justifying with people succeeding their goals with my assistance: 

      Our mission is to help people find the financial freedom we all dream about. Our vision is to make building an online home business certain, easy, and fun for everybody, newbies, and experienced entrepreneurs 

      Bless you and much success to you Yvonne! 


  50. Thanks to write about their customer support. So their customer support really exists and very helpful. It means this one is really a legit platform. I’ve seen a few articles that explain the benefit of Global MoneyLine and quite impressed with how fast the platform grows. Do you think it will be too much if I join this program along with either Wealthy Affiliate and Cash Juice? I haven’t decided which one should I go to. Thanks

  51. Cool to see that the program is transparent and seemingly fair towards its users.  The affiliate program really seems to have a lot of things going for it.  A lot of online resources claim to have great help teams and centers but few actually do.  With these questions and answers were they quick to get back to you whenever you asked questions?

  52. I heard so many hypes about Global Money Line and I just have to find out for myself what is it all about and is it worth it for me to join or not. I love the fact that it is free to join and not only that I have to potential to make money. I think best of all is the support team. I hate it when I purchase something and the support team did not get back to me at the appropriate time period. Thanks for sharing this, I am going to sign up and take it from there. 

  53. Hi Sunny,

    This is the second review I read about Global MoneyLine, The best part is that you have included the Q&A which is very helpful for readers like me to get clarified further. I have decided to join Global MoneyLine and have lined it up in my goals and priorities, in order to increase my chances of passive income.

    God Bless you and thanks for this article.


  54. Hey Sunny,

    Well written artical I might say and glad to see that Global Moneyline has an amazing support aswell!

    I do have a question though, I have been some traffic exhange programs a few years back but didnt really get the exposure that I wanted. So, basically I am wondering how good is the traffic here? The whole point of a traffic exchange is to get more traffic to a website and hopefully get better google rankings, right?

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Tobias, 

      Correct. That’s the purpose of the traffic exchange websites. What I find as a benefit and hope for more than just traffic is networking with people. I would rather concentrate on finding a few quality connections than thousands of clicks which won’t serve me as much as quality connections I network with. 

      For me, this is a reason for joining such websites. Think about it, so many people there might be looking for the same quality right?! Wouldn’t it be great to find all of them and create your little network? In a long run, your network will spread your words further, and recommend you further in their small networks and so on. 

      Hope this gives you some clarity and motivation. 


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