What Is The CashJuice?

Hello my friends,
I already shared a very detailed review of the CashJuice program, so I am not going to go into so many details this time. To refresh your knowledge or learn details about this AMAZING community go ahead and CLICK HERE CashJuice Community Review


What I AM GOING TO SHARE here is my experience and what I know about this platform to date. And I hope that this article will answer questions you have about this community

It is going to be short and sweet! One minute read. The rest you can find in my detailed review mentioned above.


So here we go:

What is the CashJuice?

  1. A great platform for networking
  2. Suitable for EVERY NICHE
  3. Amazing place for your adds
  4. A community which is a huge asset to your business NO MATTER what field your business belongs to, CashJuice IS for you!


Is it easy to navigate?

Yes! Once you find your way through you are going to enjoy it!

As soon as you are in, find me and I will help you. I would LOVE TO get involved with your navigation, as I received so much help over there and it would be great to have a chance to give back that kindness and assistance for your good.


What are the membership levels in the CashJuice?

  1. FREE membership
  2. Upgrade (paid) membership – A GREAT DISCOUNTED PRICE to $29.50 one time payment with 56 Day Money Back Guarantee!




What are the membership rewards positions in the CashJuice and what they mean?

There are different rankings within the community. You climb up the scale as you contribute to the community. As you can see in the below photo, I reached the Silver status, jumped over the Bronze. Just woke up to this success the other morning.



You might be wondering why is a success to become a silver member of the CashJuice platform?
Because the higher the rank you are, the more exposure you get. Since I became a Silver member, I got some random referrals joining my network.

My posts are more visible. I am more visible. More people see me and follow me, which ultimately brings me more networking, more interaction, more traffic exchange as we go.

There are also Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks.

Also the higher you go, the more chances to earn money you have. The main aim is DIAMOND 🙂
Once you have that sparkle, the sky is the limit for you here!


How do you climb the ranking scale?

  1. Approaching people
  2. Following new members
  3. Being available and helpful
  4. Commenting after reading statuses – but really reading them!
  5. Being active in the free advertising traffic exchange like this one here:





What about making money opportunity within the CashJuice?

When you:

1. Join HERE for free
2. Browse through and enjoy the features
3. Share the benefits with others
4. When your referrals upgrade – you make income

Also as a FREE member, you gain referrals randomly when you are well exposed within the community. And you get well exposed when you follow the steps from the chapter above 🙂

You also increase your website’s income when you utilize the CashJuice BECAUSE it’s a traffic exchanger, and when you use it wisely, you will see the progress!

Once you upgrade, your commission significantly grows, and you get more AND more exposure.


Why would you upgrade to the platform when it is already a great help to your business even when you are a free member?



As I promised, I am not going to expand this post more than necessary. All the details you can find here: CashJuice Community Review

If you need more guidance in a program, feel free to read through it. If there is still something you would like to know before JOINING FOR FREE, please leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.

I always say, TRY everything, you won’t know unless you try. Not every program suits everyone. But how would you know without trying?

One message I LOVED and it comes from the CashJuice member:

Be the one who aims high!!!
See you in the CashJuice community!

P.S. Before you go, check my number one recommended company for online business which gives you training, tools, community, support, and income ALL INCLUSIVE! Thanks to them, I am who I am today when it comes to digital marketing (to date).


Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


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NUMBER TWO – Money Line








  1. I have read about the cash juice  program and I think i am going to sign up with you. I signed up to a similar program and I have no idea what is going on with them. I have no explanation of what i am to do. Even though I signed up to be a bronze member. I will be accepting your offer. Thank you

  2. I’ve heard a lot about CashJuice and the word has been good.  In my opinion, you can never have too much social media so I think I’ll take the plunge and sign up.  Thank you for both of these articles to help me make a decision.  I like the fact that I can get rewards for interacting with other members (something I do now anyway), the chance to earn income, and (most of all) the ability to sign up for free to see if I like the platform.  The fact they will let me in to look around for as long as I want indicates, in my opinion, a platform that is proud of their service.

    • Absolutely Cynthia! Everything you said is 100% right! And you have such a great opportunity here. Grab it! 
      Let me know when you sign up should you need any assistance. After you look around you will see how wonderful a community of friendly entrepreneurs is the CashJuice platform! 


  3. Cashjuice is a great platform and I’m really glad that I came across this article because now I better understand what cashjuice is and how it works. This was a well detailed and informative article about the platform which I’m sure will be very helpful to a lot of people who are interested in cashjuice. 

  4. This has certainly been a valuable article on Cashjuice. I have considered becoming a part of it for a while and I was not sure of whether it would be a good idea or some type of scam. Nonetheless, it looks like I have found the right article for what I have been trying to search for quite some time now and I am certainly happy about it, cahsjuice definitely seems like something I will be interested in joining and my gut was right! it is not a scam!

    • Absolutely not a scam! Very good program. So have you joined it so far? Don’t wait too long once you find the program you realize it works, take momentum, and act! Right away. That’s when success comes in. Let me know if I can assist you somehow. 


  5. Hi Sunny,  I have seen CashJuice advertised in solo ads I have got and also on LeadsLeap.  I think I will read into this a bit more in the future but I don’t think it is for me right now.  Your word seems good enough for me though I visited your website a few weeks back through a link you give me on WA.  Like what you are doing so definitely will visit again. 

    • Thanks Alex. That’s fine, not all the programs are for everyone. It’s always good to be truthful towards yourself. Thanks for your kind words though. See you later,

  6. Thanks for telling us what the CashJuice platform is and also explain in addition how it can help to boost our business and also on how it is very universal which means that it can go out to work for a variety of niches in the internet marketing world. It’s good stuff.

    • Hi John, yes you can use the CashJuice even outside of the make money online niche. Good luck! Have you joined so far? 

  7. It is always a good idea for us to make whenever we read about products that we want to register for to register right away, this makes us in a safe spot and also makes good and useful decisions. CashJuice is a good product and I like that fact that it is very way to use and it is applicable to almost all businesses, I’ll share this.

    • Hi Shavo, yes it is great to follow that momentum and sign up right away upon reading, as that’s when we know well what we are signing up for 🙂 Good point


  8. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoy going through your review as it contains valuable information one needs to be aware of. Online business these days are the best one can get into, I will surely use this opportunity to engage in cash juice

  9. CashJuice sounds like a great platform where one can not just gain something beneficial but also learn a lot too. I have read a review article on CashJuice before, but I didn’t have my mind made upon becoming a member. However, haven read this article, I think I am now interested in trying CashJuice out.

    • That’s amazing Kelvin. Please let me know should you need any assistance. I will be more than happy to help. Did you go through the sign up already? 

  10. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one. I took your advice and registered for CashJuice because like you said it’s free and there no harm trying. My experience has been wonderful so far and I must say I really appreciate you 

  11. I have gone through this wonderful article and I am happy I stumbled on this today. must confess you have left me speechless after reading this article. I enjoyed myself and I am very positive this will cause a paradigm shift in my career as an aspiring Affiliate Marketer. God bless you 

    • Oh thanks a lot for your words. 

      So have you tried the program so far? Please let me know how do you like it?

  12. This is very amazing content, it was quite comprehensive to assimilate. I find it very helpful in determining my next move in venturing into the online business targets I have set for myself. I also advise other people reading this to be thorough and not be in a hurry to register for any platforms. Thanks again.

    • That’s great advice Tosin. It’s always very good to take time for making decisions. Sometimes when we stumble upon the programs which are good it’s good to go for them right away especially if they are similar to the CashJuice. And for free! 

  13. Yes, I love CashJuice. As a digital marketer, I will definitely sign up. It makes networking easier, boast traffic plus you can also make money for it. Sign up is also free. It is great, thank you so much for this. I would do my own personal research when I am free, but nevertheless, I love it.

  14. Hi,

    I liked your review because you explained things in a very simple way. This is the forth review I read about Cash Juice. But all the others left me scratching my head. There were to many things that I didn’t understand. I also liked that you explained clearly how to climb the ranking scale. I’ll give it a try.

  15. Thank you for this review and the fact that you have done it all. I honestly value the fact that you have simplified it all and the fact that a lot of the times, people tend to overlook the benefits that come with sites like this CahJuice. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all. 

  16. Thanks for sharing this information, it’s Wonderful and insightful, it’s a wonderful opportunity for people with a strong online presence and an avenue to expand once business with a free membership or premium membership of 29$. Also, a platform to send advertise out a lot of people across the globe. I will love to try this soon

  17. Hey Sunny, I consider your review informative and useful. I have always wanted to know how and how efficient traffic exchange works. I’ve often wondered why most sites for traffic exchanges look so dated, and now you’ve explained to me why it doesn’t work. It makes sense for anyone to want to sell similar companies because it’s hard to get anyone to buy it.

  18. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one. I think the cash juice community is an interesting one and like you said, there’s no harm trying it since it’s free yeah? So because of this I’m going to give it a try and come back with feedback. Thanks for the heads up sunny 

    • Hello there Sophie, I will be more than happy to read your feedback! Please do let me know 🙂 


  19. Yeah, trying everything is quite important. But then, going through a good review will save more time. After going through your article, I’ve been able to get a basic understanding what’s all about. Well, I’ll take advantage of their free offer and see how the system works before committing. I also read that the creator of Traffic Ad Bar is same as CashJuice. So this can be trusted.

  20. Hello there! Thank you for sharing this insightful review of Cashjuice. I’ve come across your article before and it was helpful to me and seeing another one here is indeed a great one to behold.
    After I have read through all that you have written in your article and I can say money making on the internet has become a usual activity and I like the fact that I can get rewards for interacting with other members of the program. Well, I think this article has given us just much information about this Cash-juice program. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hello there, network marketing is a very good and healthy part of an open business and people who are informed and have given it a try have surely been happy to see how good it and add I am happy about it all. There is so much that I like a bit cash juice and that is they goof and how they operate makes me happy 

  22. Hey there thanks a lot for this article on cashjuice . Up until now, I have heard things about cash juice and come across some articles as well, but no one really hit me like this, I liked how you paid attention to detail while keeping it simple too . I really liked this and shared with friends too

  23. Hello there Sunny, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of about cashjuice and how it works so one can benefit from it. For me seeing alone that it is a great platform for networking which is something i am into makes it a must have.

  24. CashJuice is a name I hear a lot the last few days and it seems there is a lot of attention on it. For me the single most important aspect of it is that there is a free membership which allows you to see some aspects of the platform. It is very important to see it for yourself before putting your time and money to it and this is a good sign as far as the validity of the program.

  25. I have read about the cash juice  program and I will like to give it a trial, I signed up to a similar program. Prior to this time I only have a limited knowledge of how this system works. Even though I signed up to be a bronze member, there was little or no result gotten. I will be accepting your offer. Thank you

  26. Hello Sunny. Thank you for another great article as to telling us more about Cash Juice. I have heard little about cash juice before and you have perfectly showed us that it is a 100% legitimate platform and a perfect money making opportunity. I wont fail to try it this time. Thanks for dropping another golden opportunity for the audience. I wont fail to share with my friends.

  27. Thank you sunny for this your review on the cashjuice. I have read about the cash juice  program and I think i am going to sign up with you. I like the fact that I can get rewards for interacting with other members (something I do now anyway), the chance to earn income, and (most of all) the ability to sign up for free to see if I like the platform.

    • Thanks David for clarifying the program features in just a couple of sentences. I have nothing to add. So well said! Thanks,

  28. Thanks for the great post! I have never heard of Cashjuice before, but after reading your excellent article, I am now quite curious and will click on the links and read up on it. It sounds like a great opportunity to go with my Wealthy Affiliate website to increase my traffic as well as my potential income! How long did it take you to get to the silver Level? How long to you think it will be before you are diamond?

    • Hello Dave, it took me a couple of days to become a Silver member. For Diamond, not sure, I believe it’s the tougher one, but certainly, that is a goal. 

  29. Thanks for this great article. I think cashjuice will be a great platform for beginners and advanced learner for online businesir a platform where you can make easy transaction and trading, it fast and simple to access so be free to use cashjuice, it fast and easy to use, it the best platform to your online business. 

  30. Hi Sunny, as always your article is very informative and helpful and what I mostly like it is that you are sharing your experience in CashJuice platform. I want to congrats you for being a silver member now, and I agree that the best thing about a program or platform is to try by ourselves. I have a question, approximately, how much time it is necessary to spend on this platform? I understand well that much we give to the community, much we get back here, but being a mother, finding free time is one of my challenges😊, so if you can give me a hint about this, I will be grateful. 

    Thank you very much for the article.



    • Hi Alketa, don’t you worry, you don’t have to spend a lot of time at the CashJuice community platform. You have a plan to follow, which asks you to post 3 posts per day, later as an upgraded member you have the opportunity to post even more. Also interacting with people that post ads and texts beneficial for you, is what you do there. 

      Most of the time in the CashJuice I use for signing up for the programs I find there, so I can’t tell you the exact time frame. But let’s say like half an hour to one hour daily will benefit you for the start. 

      Hope this helps,

  31. This sounds like an excellent platform, I’ve been looking for a way to enhance my reach. My only question is you mentioned it’s suitable for all niche’s which is great, but how about products? For example could you advertise books here? As a non-fiction author it’s sometimes hard to find the best ways to market books? Also what about blogs, advertising blogs to gain general following

    • Of course you can Kae! That’s what the CashJuice platform IS for! Networking and advertising your own business, talent or hobbies. Just look at it as you look at the Facebook! The only difference is that usually you know your friends on Facebook and in the CashJuice are all new people for you. 
      mom Facebook you need to get your friends like what you do and on the CashJuice most people WANT to know what you do so they can exchange experience with you!

  32. Hey Sunny – I read your CashJuice review a few days ago and thought it looked good and enticing… and having read this article, I now feel even more inclined to join and probably will do so in the next few days… and I’ll be sure to link up with you once I’m in to help me along. I agree that unless you try something you won’t know if it’s for you or not…

    • Exactly Mohammad, I feel the same. My only add on o what you said here would be, don’t wait. The more you wait the more opportunities are passing by. Please do find me there, I will be more than happy to help. 


  33. Thank you so much for your review on cashjuice! I came across cashjuice the other day and I heard mixed messages so I have to do the research myself. I love the fact that it is a perfect networking place for every niche. I am going to give it a try (it is free anyways) and take it from there. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, only when you give a try to the programs, you can learn them fully. This one grants you FREE access! Go ahead and use your chance 🙂 


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