Talk To Santa Review

Put some jingles in your pockets! Help Santa and earn commission as Santa’s Elf affiliate. Make income-generating sales and referring affiliates. FREE TO JOIN!

INCREDIBLE PROGRAM sponsored by Coca-Cola, featured on NBC News, FOX…

Like every other article here on the Best Online Home Business page, Talk to Santa review is based on my very own experience. I write as I go, so you get to read the freshest news regarding the Talk to Santa program!

So here we go!

Name: Talk to Santa
Sign up: FREE
Legit: YES

Recommended: YES by many!!!


TWO Ways to generate income:

  1. Selling the product you get paid 20% of the price
  2. Referring to affiliates and getting paid 25% of their sales


In this article we will cover the following:

  1. Who is the Talk to Santa program for
  2. What is the purpose of the Talk to Santa review?
  3. Talk to Santa affiliate program scheme
  4. How does the Talk to Santa affiliate program work
  5. The process of becoming Santa’s Elf affiliate
  6. Marketing material
  7. Talk to Santa product
  8. How much money you can earn as an Elf affiliate
  9. A link to book a call for your loved ones
  10. Benefits of becoming a Santa’s affiliate


Who is Talk to Santa program for?

  1. Affiliate marketers
  2. Online entrepreneurs
  3. Those who would like to help Santa this year
  4. Those who would like to make kids happy connecting them to Santa



Elf Affiliate disclaimer: This post contains links which means I will get a commission at no extra cost for you, should you click through and make a purchase.


What is the purpose of the Talk To Santa Review?

  1. Educating you about the Talk to Santa affiliate program
  2. Presenting you a chance to make an online income
  3. Making the signup process easier
  4. Offering assistance
  5. Inviting you to become Santa’s Elf and generate online income


Talk to Santa Affiliate Program

Become an official elf affiliate and earn cash by helping Santa! 

When you join the Talk to Santa affiliate program, you will get your own affiliate link, which you will share on your website and your social networks. This link will take your visitors to the Talk to Santa website, and whatever they purchase (order) from Santa, you will earn a commission, based on your commission type. Your commission doesn’t affect the final price of the products paid by your visitors.

In case you are a newbie in the online marketing world, here is my detailed explanation of affiliate marketing. The page will open in a new tab, click HERE —> The Secret To Making Money Online

How does Talk to Santa affiliate program work?

  • Sign up FOR FREE and get a $25 signup bonus
  • Earn 20% of all sales you generate for Santa
  • Sign up another affiliate and they will get a $25 signup bonus & 20% of all the sales they generate
  • Receive 25% of your referrals’ commissions

To become Santa’s official Elf Affiliate is very easy, doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and you make a commission on the sales you generate on your website and social networks.

You can log-in 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance.



Becoming Santa’s Elf Affiliate

As I mentioned before, it’s very easy to sign up for the Talk to Santa affiliate program. You just need to fill in your information, and you are good to go!

Once you are in, your account looks like this:


Marketing material

I think that the program has well-organized marketing materials, upon joining you will have an access to:

  • Coupon codes
  • Videos
  • Social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Banners
  • QR codes
  • Text ads
  • Text links
  • Email templates

Basically, you got everything that is needed for a successful business.

Now go ahead and sign up FOR FREE because CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

Talk To Santa Live Video Call


Talk to Santa product

Talk to Santa product is literally that. A call with Santa Claus 🙂



How wonderful and exciting is that for all the little ones!
Especially in these times when Santa is in the lockdown too 😉

A detailed review of the Talk to Santa store you can find when you click on the photo below:


How much money you can earn when you become an Elf Affiliate?

Elf affiliate earns 20% on each sale they generate! 20% that’s awesome!!!

Let’s see how much is that in numbers for each of the Talk to Santa product (note that these are starting prices):

  1. Live video call $39.95 ===========YOU ARE PAID $7.99
  2. Toys for Tot’s  $64.95  ==========YOU ARE PAID $12.99
  3. Personalized video $24.95 ========YOU ARE PAID $4.99
  4. Military gift certificates $25 =======YOU ARE PAID $5 
  5. Electronic gift certificates $25-$200 =YOU ARE PAID $5 – $40
  6. Santa for business $75 – $300 =====YOU ARE PAID $15 – $60


Let’s say you sell all the programs once, you will make $130.97
Since this is an online store targeting 
EVERY FAMILY IN THE WORLD (talking about those speaking English and native speakers),


Imagine you sell these times 10! YOU WILL EARN $1309.7

Since Santa is definitely someone we believe brings goods,
why wouldn’t you imagine selling 100 times each package?



When they sell let’s say each product only once you will be paid 25% of the sales which comes to $163.71

What happens when they sell each product 10 times, 100 times wow! The sky is the limit!!!


What are you waiting for? You have an AWESOME FUN PRODUCT to sell!
You have 20% commission earnings
You have a 25% commission on your referrals sales
You have a great cause – MAKING KIDS HAPPY!!!

And to top it all off SANTA GIVES YOU $25 JUST FOR SIGNING UP (this stays in your account, and when you make at least $100 you will be paid your bonus too) 


And not just that, this program also participates in some charity causes like THIS ONE:


 Elf affiliate sponsors a military family


And there is so much more!


How to promote the Talk to Santa program if it doesn’t belong to your niche?

Someone asked me this in the comment section below, and here is my answer:


Do you want to book YOUR call now?

Click on the photo below!

Talk To Santa Live Video Call


Let’s recap… You became an Elf and what now?

Start spreading Christmas news and generate income in two ways:

  1. Share your affiliate links EVERYWHERE and invite people to meet Santa!
  2. Invite other affiliates to become Elfs as well.


What are the benefits of becoming Santa’s Elf Affiliate?

  1. Sign up FOR FREE and get a $25 signup bonus
  2. Earn 20% of all sales you generate for Santa
  3. Sign up another affiliate and they will get a $25 signup bonus & 20% of all the sales they generate
  4. Receive 25% of your referrals’ commissions
  5. Help Santa!


Talk To Santa Live Video Call


Best-Online-Home-Business-logoWhat are your thoughts so far? Have you met Santa yet? Do you have any questions or you need assistance? Here I am to help!

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 



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  1. Hello, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. This was really helpful and I’m happy I came across it. This is very attractive to join. Signing up for free and getting a free 25$ Sign up bonus is very attractive indeed. The talk to Santa affiliate program from what I can see here is also a nice one although this is my first time hearing of it but I trust your judgment so I’ll look into it 

  2. This is a good. I love this because the invitation to meet Santa will be easy to sell. Likewise their affiliate program will do well. It sounds like a very good affiliate program. And top of it is the 20 percent commission. But my draw back is that it is a program for just the season. After now there may be no sales, I think I have to consider it

    • It is a program to be used for a season. Therefore you jump in quickly without much consideration and take advantage of it. Sometimes you have to act fast as an affiliate marketer 🙂 Especially if it is a good opportunity. 

  3. This sounds like an interesting platform to join. And taking advantage of the season, I think I’ll give it a try. Christmas is around the corner, and sales are starting to go up with the early black friday deals. So I won’t waist any time and hop in. And I have quite a few friends that may also be interested. I’m kinda big for an elf but I’ll give it a try, LOL.

    • Hahaha Abel, that’s funny. You might be big for Elf but you also might be a lucky Elf successfully helping Santa all the way through Christmas 🙂 Please share your experience upon joining as well and let me know if you need any assistance. 

  4. This looks like a fun program and the timing is just right. Christmas is around the corner and signing up for the Talk to Santa program comes at the right time. So, signing up is free? The commissions also look attractive. How does it work then? I share Santa’s affiliate links in blog posts I write or can I share them also on my social media pages?

    • Hi Christine, yes you can share them on your social networks, by sending emails, and within your website’s article. Sign up is for free and you are getting paid for promoting Santa’s gifts and also referring other affiliates to the program. 

      Let me know should you need an assistance along the way 


  5. This is a very good offer and I must say it is really nice to know about it, having fun when you’re working is very good and talk to Santa review has explained all about the product. I think it is something to consider on the sides as it’ll be able to earn you some cash, I’d love to check it out.

    • Hi Shavo, 

      Take a chance and join today! Don’t waste time since Christmas is just around the corner! 


  6. Hey Sunny

    Thank you for the wonderful review. I was not aware of the talk to Santa affiliate program, I will certainly sign up and put some Jingle in my pocket. The benefits are just so amazing. $25 dollars just for signing up and $25 from referrals commission. This is what online entrepreneurs need during this Christmas season.

    • Exactly! PLUS 20% commissions on your sales! You have two legit ways to make income! Join and let me know if you need some assistance along the way! 

  7. Hello there!

    That is a very nice and lovely review you provided there. It is very easy to understand and the Talk  To Santa program is as well quite interesting. Some of the things that captured my interest on the program is simply the fact that it presents me a chance to make an online income, hence making the signup process easier.

    Thanks for that simple and amazing review.

    • Hi Caro, 

      Thanks. Let me know if you need any assistance with your sign up process. 


  8. Thank you for your post. It is a timely program. Right now the holiday is approaching and it is so nice to see the Talk to Santa program.

    I like your description on how does talk to Santa affiliate program work. It is wonderful that it is free to sign up and there is a $25 signup bonus. The 20% of all sales is a great rate for any affiliate earning. The Amazon rate is about 2%, which is only about 1/10 of that of Talk to Santa. I definitely sign up this program and promote relate products.

    • Hi Anthony, 

      Please do let me know if you need any assistance along the way. I will be more than happy to help. 

      This program is DEFINITELY worth signing up for today 🙂 

  9. Thank you for this opportunity. Seems like a really fun way to maybe earn some cash. I suppose their products and services are all Christmas related, huh?

    I believe in law of attraction, and Christmas is on my mind lately. Then I come across this! Just goes to show that the law of attraction is real and very, very powerful!

    • Hi Clark, that’s awesome! I believe in the law of attraction too! 🙂 

      Have you signed up for the Talk to Santa program yet? Let me know if you need any assistance. 

  10. I had a browse at the talktosanta website. Pretty interesting concept to bring santa to children all over the world! I have never seen anything like this before so this is quite a novelty, especially since we shouldn’t be in the crowd with the pandemic. This certainly helps to continue the Christmas spiri and tradition in the digital space. Granted this is seasonal, and I wonder wouldn’t the live video chat with santa be very crowded closer to the date itself… I hope they have many santa on standby!

    • Richard, what are you talking about? Many Santa on standby? There is only one Santa we all know that. I am sure Elfs organized the entire digital event very well 😉 

      What about you? Are you going to join? The opportunity is great! 

  11. I love this idea to add a little bit of extra festive cheer to the holiday season. Thanks for the reminder about the affiliate opportunity. It’s the perfect time to try this out as I would expect parents to be getting creative and trying new things to make the Chrsitmas holiday special this year. Great idea and I’ll keep you posted with updates.

  12. Very good Review – you have written it in great detail and you guide us step by step, that is awesome! I think that this is a great program because Christmas is coming and now is the right time to start this program. Can you, please, just let us know a little more about products that are available for purchase? Is an of them handmade? Thank you for your reply.

    • Hi Vesna, thanks for your comment. 

      Well, all the products are related to VIDEO CALLS with Santa 🙂 There are different packages though. 

      Hope this helps 🙂 

  13. Awesome post. Talk to Santa seems exciting to me. Especially in this upcoming Christmas season, helping Digital Santa makes a lot of sense. 

    The information about Talk to Santa, presented by you is really good and I clearly understood the major benefits and how it actually works. Surely going to try it out. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this cool post.

  14. Hello

    Thank you so much for this review. With Christmas around the corner this is a perfect program to consider. The commissions are also great. 

    I however have a few questions. Is the program available to everyone worldwide? And what are the payment methods for the commissions?

    Thank you once again for this program of the season

    • Hi Boi, 

      Yes, the program is available to everyone anywhere in the World. 

      Payments go through PayPal

  15. I have not come across Talk to Santa and what a great idea for the festive season. To become an Elf affiliate sounds like a good platform to join and the incentive of getting a $25 sign-up bonus is something that is very attractive. Signing up for free is another great bonus. If you are earning from others that you sign up, is then then some sort of a multilevel marketing company, or does the extra commission only to to one level?

    • Hi Line, 

      It’s not an MLM. You make commissions of 20% on your sales. And the system pays you 25% on your referral’s sales. In MLM you have to make your way to be legit to get paid. Here no. You get paid anyway. 

      This is a message from their home page: 

      Just for signing up, we will give you a $25 signup bonus plus your earn 20% of all sales you help generate for Santa. If you get another affiliate to sign up, they will get $25 + 20% of whatever they sell and you will get a bonus of 25% of their commission too!

  16. Awesome little post thanks for sharing it. Is it too late join? I think I’m going to do it anyway as a little bit of fun and see how it goes. After all it is the season of good will, or rather will be soon. Maybe others will buy into it as well…although it is getting close. $25 joining bonus is also not to be turned down either.

    Thanks for this fun little post.


    • You are very welcome Rob. 

      It’s never late to do good things for yourself and others! You are more than welcome to join. 

      Let me know how it goes 🙂 

  17. Another informative and well written article. I actually came across the Talk to Santa affiliate program a few weeks ago and jumped at the opportunity to join. I think it’s a very novel solution for a problem that exists this year as it will enable children from all around the world to get to see and speak to Santa during this difficult time, which is fantastic as it means that the magic of Christmas will be kept alive. I wish you all the best with your affiliate marketing endeavour’s with this worthwhile offer.   

    • Thank you Paul for your wishes. I wish you to all the success you imagined. 

      Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to share your opinion and experience with this incredible program! 


  18. Wow! This looks like an amazing opportunity for anyone with young kids, not only to give them and their friends a great Christmas treat by talking to Santa, but by getting your kids friends’ parents involved as Elves as well!

    I can see how this would be a very lucrative side hustle at a very expensive time of year and it’s definitely something I could see myself being interested in getting involved with.  

    I have a couple of questions though – is this opportunity available in Countries outside the USA and where do the goods get supplied and shipped from? 

    The reason I ask is that I live in the UK and I’d need to be sure that anything that was ordered through my affiliate link would arrive in time for Christmas, not just in terms of the logistics of delivery from suppliers, but also whether it would get stuck in Customs and subject to import taxes, etc.

    Just wondering if you’d know the answers?

    • Hello Richard 🙂 

      Rest assured that everything will arrive on time since the products are virtual. 
      Talk to Santa are literally that – online video calls. The program works everywhere.

      No customs involved 🙂 

      Good luck and let me know how it goes! 


  19. Hello Sunny,

    Thank you for sharing your website. I have gone through your review of Talk to Santa and found it quite interesting. The commission amount seems good too. 25$ bonus after signing up is a good gift as well. 

    I personally have no experience of this platform before but from your review I could say that we should definitely check it out. 

    What are the requirements? Anybody could join?

    • Hi there, yes, of course, anyone can join. 

      Go ahead and grab a chance. Here to help if you need assistance. 

  20. Wow, this sounds very interesting I must say! How long has this company been going for? I will definitely sign up for this and the fact that you get $25 just for joining sounds like a bonus! Am I able to ask what we will actually be promoting inside the platform? Thank you for recommending!

    • Hi Michael, as an affiliate for the Talk to Santa program you will be promoting their products (listed within the review including the video calls with Santa) and also their affiliate program. 

      Hope this helps,

  21. What a cute idea! I remember years ago that kids could call a designated number and chat with Santa. Other business options existed for getting “Santa” to send your kids a letter in the mail. So it does make sense that such an idea now coordinates with affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for providing such details and analysis of this program. I’ll be passing on the information to others who might find it interesting, too!

  22. I love the idea of this affiliate program being seasonal, it makes you work instead of procrastinating about the offer. Christmas seems to come around earlier every year and the commission system for this is awesome at 20%. It will be a very easy sell, lets face it, what child would not want to talk to Santa. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • Exactly Lisa, this is the program which makes you ACT FAST! 
      A very legit good program online! The real product, real commissions, the real deal! Let me know if you need any assistance with sign up! 


  23. That one is real? Well, it is not selling that much, but yeah, Christmas is one of the commercial holidays which very popular with kids. But also, it will only work for 3 months in a year. Don’t you think so? Perhaps this will be good for a person that already has more knowledge of basic digital marketing or affiliate marketing itself. Otherwise, this will be difficult for a newbie to get the sales, especially if the main language of the target market is English. Not all people speak English and let’s say a country with English speakers is limited. My point is if my current residence is not an English speaker even though I do, then basically, no matter what country I want to hit the current residence country plays the most target of the market. Unless I put on more than 50% infestation for promotional paid which lead me to higher liability than the income

    • Hi Lana, 

      Of course that Talk to Santa program is real! 

      I would like to ask if you can share how do you know “it is not selling that much” as you stated above? Are you already an affiliate? 

      This program as many other promotions you will find throughout the year as an affiliate marketer, is to be grabbed without thinking too much. Affiliate / online marketers HAVE to act fast! 

      Not only you can use it within your website’s promotion, but you also can promote through posting ads on your social networks. If you don’t give it a chance, you have no chance to see its benefits at all. 

      Of course that the targeted audience IS English speaking population. However, more than half of the world speaks English. However, even when you target a country which doesn’t have English as an official language, you might find an audience within that country that understands English 🙂 

      Even when the affiliate for the Talk to Santa program (same as other programs) is a newbie, there are still ways to promote (through social networks) since legit and organized programs like this give you all the tools needed to succeed. So you can use banner links and post them on your Facebook page, Twitter, and other social networks inviting people to book calls or join an affiliate program. 

      You don’t have to pay for ads. All the social networks and traffic exchange programs have people from all over the World involved. I always like to invest time more than money in paid ads. I can manage my time and target whoever I want and change my targeted audience. While in some cases, once you pay for your ads, that’s it! 

      Hope this helps. 
      I would like to encourage you not to miss a chance if there is even one tiny little bit of you wanting to join. Leave your comfort zone and grab the opportunity! 


  24. Hi, hello to everyone who reads the comments. First of all, I think that the text is very good, everything is nicely explained and I am sure that it will attract a large number of people. Talk To Santa, in my opinion, is really useful because it allows your little ones to have a festive mood and the very fact that your child will be able to talk to Santa will make him happy. Definitely my recommendation

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your testimonial. 

      I am AMAZED at this absolutely legit program both as a product offer and an affiliate program! AMAZED! 

      I think that besides the Wealthy Affiliate I have never found an affiliate program that gives so much clarity and certainty! 

      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Sign up today! Don’t waste time! 

  25. What a perfect post for a festive time! I’m so glad to have surfed around your website a little more and have gotten some time to actually find an opportunity like this one. As someone who is getting into affiliate marketing, and as a marketer in general, it makes perfect sense to take an opporutinty like this one for myself, as people always follow what is in the trend. Obviously, santa is in the trend right now haha

  26. Hi, Sunny,

    This sounds like an interesting program! Now, let me see if I understood correctly. For each product sale I make, I receive a 20% commission, whereas I get 25% for each sale my referrals make. Is that right?

    I think these products/services are great and sustainable in the long term. Well, in the particular case of Santa, I imagine the demand lasts throughout the holiday season, but what happens afterward? Is this a year-round business?

    Personalized video greetings and calls with your favorite celebrity seem to be in demand. There are several apps in my country that allow you to do that, although I’m not sure if they have any affiliate programs.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll investigate more about this business idea.

    • Hi Enrique, 

      Yes you receive 20% on your sales and 25% on your referrals’ sales.

      I believe that this is a seasonal business, but am sure that Santa will not disappear afterward. It is a huge campaign supported by big companies so I believe they will continue to develop the idea throughout the year. Let’s see!  

  27. Interestingly, it is easier for me to remember the Christmases that I experienced as a child more than those in my adulthood. The latter seem to just be a blur. The lockdown has definitely brought out the best of innovation and Santa’s clearly not being left behind in this. You do mention that this store is targeting both English and native speakers. Which other languages are available for the non-English speaking countries? Thanks.

    We are Blessed.

  28. This is a good. I love this because the invitation to meet Santa will be easy to sell. Likewise their affiliate program will do well. It sounds like a very good affiliate program. And top of , I like the fact that it is a twenty percent commission. But my draw back is that it is a program for just the season. After now there may be no sales, I think I have to consider it still. Thank uou 

    • Dear Maureen, many opportunities in the affiliate marketing world are ACT QUICK opportunities. Don’t let them pass by because they are seasonal. What if this is a given chance to make a decent amount of online income for a short period of time? 

  29. This is good especially as the holiday season approaches. Talk to Santa sounds like a seasonal opportunity and i might just try it out myself. The commission definitely looks attractive and if you have a solid blog or website with consistent traffic, this may just work like a charm. I’ll look into it for sure to see if i can incorporate it into my affiliate marketing business. 

  30. Hi Sunny, 

    This is a timely and really great opportunity by the looks of things. I am a little concerned the affiliate program is seasonal but the commissions sound very attractive. You say the affiliate program provides you with the material but do you have to set up your own online store to market the products? my concern is that I will have to create a whole new website/page to promote this program on top of my own niche which i am working on. 


    • Hi Joe, 

      What is your niche? 

      I see this program as a great opportunity for every marketer! If I had a niche not related to the MMO, but ANY other niche, I would definitely find the REASON to promote this program. 

      1. Kids
      2. Christmas
      3. Cheering people during Covid time
      4. Starting a conersation on the holiday season
      5. Military topic (there is a product for the military families)
      6. Coca-Cola sponsorship
      7. The TVs featuring the Talk to Santa program 
      8. Toys for Tots
      9. Charity 
      10. Christmas
      11. December
      12. Snow
      13. Winter times
      14. Stay at home topic

      Do you see it? You can start from ANY point of view! Any 🙂 

      Hope this helps. 

      Now you can write an article and promote the product. No need to set up the store, the store is already up and running HERE —> Santa’s Store  

      You can promote on your social networks too 

      P.S. Don’t worry about the program being seasonal (that’s just an excuse our mind makes when it needs to leave a comfort zone 😉 ) 

      Let me know how it goes I am here to assist should you need any help! 


  31. Honestly, I just love the name of this one, haha. So cheeky. It kind of gives it a fun and upbeat vibe, the way I see it. And I think that’s so cool.

    Also, I think that’s so cool that an affiliate program gives you an initial deposit just for signing up. I think implies quite nicely that the company actually cares (and does so deeply) about its affiliates. Which I believe is not that common of an occurrence. I mean, I feel many are absolutely treating their affiliates as trash (with Amazon leading the way).

    Hah, Santa on lockdown, hah. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read that one. Haha.

    I liked the article. Cheers. And an early Merry Christmas. <3

  32. Hello Sunny.

    Thank you for recommending this platform for me, honestly, this is my first time to hear this platform, it makes sense to me, to hear the platform that works best but also it makes no sense to hear the platform work bad(scam), actually I like to interact with the platform which is legit and also their possibility to make money. talk to Santa as I see on this review is easy to make money me as an affiliate marketer and also entrepreneur, 20% and 25% is a huge amount and very important to me

  33. Hi there, Sunny! Wow, that is pretty cool when I saw the sample incomes one can make as an elf affiliate. Especially since Christmas is just around the corner (after Thanksgiving first), I think this is a great program to advertise. Would this be a seasonal type of affiliate marketing business? Are there other programs for other holidays like Easter or something?

    • Hi Mike, for now, it’s a seasonal opportunity. Like Black Friday deals right? I believe that these guys will think about something for the rest of the year too especially when sponsored by big companies like Coca-Cola and others. 

  34. Talk to Santa sounds like a decent eCommerce idea and your post really gives the right information for others to follow. I’m thinking it’s an obviously seasonal however so do you have plans after Christmas to make a new website that will work around the clock for you? I liked reading about how to make money online it helps newbies find the correct information to join your program so it’s quiet educational.

    In Friendship


    • Hi Jonah, I am only an affiliate for the Talk to Santa program, and after the season is over, I will leave the seasonal articles where they are, no need to erase them or even open new websites. 

      I am not aware of what will be with the Talk to Santa website after the season is over. 

      Hope this gives you some clarity. 

  35. Hi Sunny,

    I have actually saw this Talk to Santa service and I was really tempted to try them. I really like that upon selling their goods, you get a sweet 20% commission off of it. And what is more! They have an affiliate link which will give you 25% of the total sales. You cannot find that on other affiliate programs. And the fact that it has a charity plan? That is just a go for me.

    • Hello Tee, yes this program is a go-to! Have you signed up yet? 
      Let me know if you need any assistance. 


  36. Thanks for this vital and informative post, Sunny! Being a seasonal program, a lot of people like me might not want to give it a try because I cherish programs that don’t go out of the market all year round. In spite of that, it’s worth looking into. Obviously, I’m going to make a lot of money once I take action quickly. The Black Friday event is out there for everyone to explore and utilize to earn more money.

    I’m impressed with the signup bonus of $25 and the golden opportunity to earn a 20% lifetime commission. Appreciate the fact that the Talk to Santa program is superb and it has a rewarding affiliate program as well.


    • Hi Joyce, that’s an incredible point you made. A lot of people are skipping this program because they don’t want to give a try to something seasonal. So those who are people of the action – will profit from this too! 

      Have you signed up? Are you going to jump on a train? 😀 


  37. Hello, Sunny,

    This is an immaculate looking site, with excellent content along with visual images to allow the audience to understand it visually. I like the Headings you have from the Home Page to the Motivational very clever on your part. The recommendation is an excellent Page, one that will get a lot of attention. People love to hear recommendations, they may or may not buy it, but you did your job getting them to review it. 

    What you have done so far is well displayed and keeps your audience researching your products, recommendations, and that is exactly what your goals are getting people to read what you’re posting. 

    This is a topic I am also involved with, been doing it for many years, had much success with it. I strongly feel it is highly competitive, but we have access to, like Jaaxy, that using the tools provides us with a very competitive advantage. 

    The advice I can provide you with is doing what you’re doing, reviewing your site daily for errors and how healthy it is, write a lot of new content that is keyword rich using Jaaxy.

    All the Best,


    • Hi Joseph, 

      Wow I appreciate and thank you for your review of my website! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thorough comment. I appreciate you! 

      Thank you,

  38. The idea of this company is fantastic, especially for little children. But also for grown-ups too. This idea is a great way to create the Christmas spirit. I didn’t know that this program was sponsored by Coca-Cola. 

    It’s a good thing that this program is free to sign up for. The fact that you can make an income with it interests me. I think it is a good opportunity to generate some online income. And the idea of the “elf affiliate” who will help the Santa is funny 🙂

    • I am glad you like it. Hurry up and sign up to become Santa’s Elf affiliate! 

      Let me know if you need any further assistance. 


  39. Just in time for the holidays!  It’s great to see you talk about other affiliate programs and what they can actually do.  Many will dismiss affiliate programs as legitimate or illegitimate and hardly say much about them after that.  This deeper look is much appreciated and goes well with the other content you talk about on this site.  If you had to compare this to another affiliate program or way to work from home, are there any that are similar?

    • Hi Quentin, I wouldn’t go into a comparison. Maybe would mention that the certainty is the same at the Wealthy Affiliate, but that’s a whole different world as well. 

  40. Hi Sunny, 

    This article is great! not only have you done an outstanding job presenting this review, but the topic is also awesome! I have already opened the talk to Santa in a separate tab to see how I can be an “elfiliate”. It will help me, help you, and helps all who want to believe in Santa!

    Thanks for this opportunity!


    • Hi Chad, 

      Yes, the program is outstanding. I wish I gave it a try a bit earlier than November. I think I have never come across such a great product at a good price affordable for everyone with an organized affiliate program. 

      Let me know how it goes once you sign up 🙂 


  41. Hallo Sunny,

    This Talk to Santa product is really mouthwatering! I feel challenged to join. It would be really nice to put smiles on the faces of children, at the end of such a difficult year!

    But what I am wondering about dear Sunny, is about NICHE SPECIFICITY. If my website’s niche is far from the products provided by Santa, how can I go about adding the links?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Teboho, 

      This question someone already asked so I updated the article with a screenshot of my answer to them. 
      You will find it on this same page under the title 

      How to promote the Talk to Santa program if it doesn’t belong to your niche?

      Please let me know if this helped and should you need further assistance. 


  42. Hello, Sunny, I read your Talk to Santa review, and I enjoyed going through it. I did not hear about this program before, and it is the first time reading a review about it. It seems an excellent opportunity to earn, but mostly I like it for the spirit of the Holiday Season and the charitable causes supported by this program. I think to try and be part of it. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Alketa, 

      Thanks for your comment. Please let me know if I can assist you with your sign up process and further on. 


  43. Thanks to your article, my kids are most excited about the prospect of talking to Santa. I sure hope they don’t have a huge demand list though … haha! 

    Wish we had such fabulous stuff available to us when we were kids. I remember the nights I spent trying to stay awake waiting that Santa might pop in to check on my gift list, and I might catch a glimpse of him. Crazy times, oh dear! 

    Thanks for this lovely idea. I am definitely trying it out.



    • Lol yes, I remember going to sleep and listening through the walls if Santa is in the house leaving gifts under the Christmas tree. And in the morning, gifts are there but Santa escaped 😀 

      Kids can see him now easily – lucky them!

  44. Your home online business is very inviting. It is packed with encouraging information and what I like is that nobody loses. There is a cut for everyone. It is indeed a great way to make money online. Access to help is readily available and the videos are a plus help to bring your offer more visual.

  45. Thank for your review on Talk to Santa. I am trying to get my nephews to do something with Santa this year and boy, it is hard ever since the global pandemic. I figured that this has something to do with Coca Cola, they are all about family as we all know. I love the fact that it is free and we get to get some commission as well. I am going to checck it out and also enjoying the perks as well. 

    • You are right Nuttanee, Coca-Cola is sponsoring the Talk to Santa program. 
      Take advantage of the free sign up. Still having time to make some sales. 

  46. Thanks for this it’s nice to see an in depth insight into what this program is about and the potential it has. It looks like a great way to be earning passive income, think I might need to take a look at this affiliate program!

    There’s also quite a lot of marketing material available in the talk to santa program.

  47. Oh, this is such a great opportunity for this time of the year, since most of us can’t go outside due to lockdown. I’ve read your review about this product and it seems interesting. The payout is quite nice and I love the fact that Santa is bilingual. I wonder if they can speak some Asian languages such as Chinese and Japanese. I will register as their affiliate. Thanks Sunny for the information 🙂

    • Yes! Congrats on recognizing the Talk to Santa program as a great opportunity for generating an online income. I asked them recently which languages they have available, they said English and Spanish. For other requirements, there is a customer support email within the Talk to Santa website, where you can arrange other languages. 

      Let me know what they told you for the Chinese and Japanese :). 


  48. Wow I love Christmas.  I have just gone through the article and I think this is quite interesting.  I like the fact that you don’t need any high tech knowledge to do this and also it’s meant for everybody around the world.  It’s so nice to know. I will definitely love to be associated with something that brings a smile to everyone.  Merry Christmas.    

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