How To Get Ranked In Google

This is a very quick article on how to get ranked in Google page number one QUICKLY!

I just went to check if in any case Google ranked my newest reviews and saw that an article which I have written on November 17, has been ranked by Mr.Google as good enough to be number 4 on the first page!

Say what?! The fourth day since I wrote it! It seems that Sunny is getting it right 🙂

So happy.



What does Google love?

  1. Honesty
  2. Interaction
  3. Goodwill
  4. Knowledge of the SEO
  5. Consistency
  6. Willing to learn/adapt/change


How to gain Google’s trust?

  1. Follow the Wealthy Affiliate training
  2. Educate yourself on SEO and Copywriting
  3. Use Jaaxy keywords research tool
  4. Find good keywords and don’t overuse them
  5. Write the way you speak
  6. Be consistent when comes to publishing articles
  7. INTERACT WITH YOUR VISITORS – ALWAYS answer to their comments, even when they are rude or negative, that way you get to pull your best communication skills and the best aspects of your article/product/topic and YOU ARE WINNING THE CHAT 100%
  8. Be ready to work even when you already decided to go to bed but the momentum of inspiration started – DON’T GIVE UP THOSE PRECIOUS MOMENTS!




Where you can find the tools mentioned above?

In case you never heard of it, the Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for online marketing. You will find all the training, tools, and support needed to successfully build your online business/blog.

I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate since 2015, and all I know about online marketing and affiliate marketing and networking, I learned from Kyle (the co-owner and trainer at the WA).


Since I already have written several reviews on the Wealthy Affiliate I suggest that you get familiar with a program by clicking on this photo:




What are SEO and Copywriting?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it is a process of improving your website to increase its visibility in the search engines like GOOGLE

Here is my detailed review of SEO —> What Is SEO ?


Learn more about SEO from an expert in this field attending the online course which I reviewed here:  SEO Online Course




What is Jaaxy?

It is the best keyword research tool I have ever used, and it’s FREE for Wealthy Affiliate members. Open your account with Jaaxy and YOU WILL LOVE IT!

To read my detailed review of this incredibly helpful tool click on the photo


And just to recap…

As I said this is a quick read to remind you that we all are in the same situation when comes to Google ranking. There is no favoritism with this tough guy!

You have to do your best, have faith, and a clear goal, and let the Universe do the rest!


And celebrate!

Celebrate EACH & EVERY step you make closer to your goal. Even when you are on Google page 2. You KNOW that right before (in this case after) page number 2 comes page number 1.

And when that happens, CELEBRATE loudly so you can hear yourself!





Best-Online-Home-Business-logoWhat are your thoughts so far? Do you have any questions or you need assistance? Here I am to help!

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 



  1. Wahooo, 

    Google likes it when you write focused on your audience. I like the way you expressed it- you write the way you speak. I must say the two resources are great resources. wealthy affiliate and international open academy are a great place to SEO. I belong to wealthy affiliate and the community and training is robust. Also I have had contact with students of international open academy and their testimony has always been awesome  

  2. I am new at all of this so no real experience with it! I love the site and I do have a couple questions. I have received notice that 2 different pages were indexed. This was a while back. How long do they stay indexed? Do they notify you if that changes? I may check out The International Open academy very soon. I am a slow learner so what is the best way to get the most from this program? Please let me know. Excellent Job.


    • Hi Ken, 
      First congratulations on your indexed pages. This means that the Google crawler visited your website, found it legit and worth being visible in the Google search engine. So CONGRATS! 

      1. Once your pages are indexed, they stay indexed until you change that physically within the HTML 
      2. You can also choose which pages you don’t want to be indexed

      3. International Open Academy will suit you as you said, you are a  “slow learner” practice as it gives you 60 days to finish the course from the moment you activate it.
      I would suggest their SEO course click on the link to access it —> SEO Online Course – International Open Academy 
      This course teaches you the SEO process and importance ina simple way. (SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is important for your business). You can read more about SEO here —> What Is SEO Optimization?

      4. As an affiliate for the International Open Academy, you can earn a decent commission when you sell their courses. 

      Hope this helps? 
      Please let me know how I can assist you further. 


  3. It’s good to have a clear notion of what Google likes and doesn’t like from the very start. We need to focus in creating content that’s optimized for search engines but also that people enjoy to read. I am just starting out with affiliate marketing and I know that to achieve this we need knowledge and good tools. Thank you for seting me on the right track.

    Are Yahoo and bing similar to Google when it comes to things they like and dislike?

    • Hi Ann, 

      Yahoo and Bing’s page number 1 is much easier to achieve than Google’s. The last time I did my research, 90% of my website was ranked on Yahoo and Bing. Follow all the requirements for Google, and you will be rewarded by Bing and Yahoo right away! 

      Google is a bit more challenging BUT when you do it right, you will succeed in ranking in Google as well! 


  4. Hello Sunny!

    That is a very brilliant and helpful piece from you. It is as well very much educative and informative. I love the content and how you structured it. I am very interested in the subject cos I want my SEO articles to be too ranked in Google. I have searched for ways to achieve this but I have not been able to get easy aid. I was really excited after reading through this piece because I’m positive the guide will help me get ranked in Google.


    • Hi Caro, beside the technical knowledge needed to succeed a good optimization, just follow these steps and you will be surprised 🙂 

      Have you checked the pages I referred to? 

  5. Wow! congratulations Sunny. I got really inspired. SEO stuff can really be complex or maybe in my view but you really simplified it here. I think my greatest challenge is publishing consistently. I have learned from your article and will be going back to my schedule. I also loved your last tip, be ready to work even if you already decided to go to bed. It is all about discipline. Thank you 

    • Thanks! I am happy you got inspired by this article. I got inspired so much with that particular ranking too!!! Awesome feeling every time 🙂 

  6. Thanks for sharing this article, it is a very good one and it has a lot of things to teach to online business owners, most especially those that are using websites to work  and are wanting to make sure they get ranked by Google, google will help you get your website out to a bigger space. Thanks for sharing

  7. I actually googled and found your Talk to Santa review on first page, wow congrats!! Super proud of you, it’s awesome seeing how it ranked well and to think you wrote it just a few days ago, showed that Google does reward those who put the effort in writing good content. 

    Out of curiosity, how long does it usually take you to write one review? I usually take a day or two.

    • Hi Riaz, yes imagine, so quickly got ranked. Thanks for being so supportive 🙂 

      It takes me a couple of hours to write a review. Very rarely I leave it for later. Let’s say 3 hours max with all the perfectionism in place. So one hour to write, one to polish, and the rest can be done quickly or slowly. But I think 3 max.  

  8. You are so right Sunny! I love this. Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy rule! Knowing SEO is key too which is why I’m so grateful for joining the WA community! I’m already seeing my articles being indexed and I’ve not been at this for very long! Thank you for the recommendations! Looking forward to being ranked higher. I always write from the heart too as I want people to know I’m real!

    • That’s amazing Michael, always write from the heart, only that way you know that you are doing the right thing and soon or later you will be rewarded for being truthful. 

      Congrats on indexed pages! That’s awesome step further to success 🙂 

  9. Thank you for a lay out of the features needed to get ranked. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, who would like to improve my online business and, based on your article, I need to get this understanding of SEO down pat. I think ,also, that I need to be more consistent in my blogs. Right now I don’t work with a regular timetable and this needs to change. Very valuable

    • All these things you mentioned as possible challengers are changeable. That’s good news! For me, the timetable is the biggest challenge ever! I am still working on it 🙂 

  10. Sunny, as a new premium member of WA, I’m slowly building up my blog and I’ve just learned that getting indexed is different from getting ranked in Google. Your post lists out the things Google loves when it comes to your blog and the list is super helpful. For me consistency is something I’m trying to work on right now. Making sure that i pump out solid content on a consistent basis is a challenge and it requires good habit and effort. 

    • Yes, Walt, that is very important. Being consistent. And publishing quality content. I am glad this article was helpful to you. 


  11. A timely article for me to read and one which you make some great points. I am currently struggling with my SEO at the moment, but being apart of the WA community has given me the confidence that i can push my website up the google rankings sooner rather than later. in relation to gaining googles trust, point 8 is completely true!! never give up and work like mad when you don’t want too. 

    Thanks for the motivation sunny- all the best in your journey 

  12. Wow! So definitly talking about somehting that is trendy would be very helpful with being able to rank on google. From what I can read from this article there are a lot of intricacies from ranking on google. I cannot belive that there is so much that goes into it! Then again, it makes sense, there is no way google would’ve made it that easy for us lol

  13. Hi Sunny, and thanks for this straightforward article on getting indexed in Google. My website has more than 50 posts published now and all are indexed in Google. In fact, my new articles now get indexed overnight by Google even without me submitting a new URL in Google Search Console. I don’t know whether this is because of the recent changes Google made. Anyway, I am slowly getting more organic traffic to my site but the numbers are still low. I am wondering at this stage whether I should be targeting different keyword phrases. I always opt for long keywords that have very low competition even if the average monthly traffic is also low. At what point in the development of a website is it preferable to start targeting higher competition keyword phrases, does that depend on your current ranking, or is there no real rule here? Thanks, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      That’s awesome! I would only suggest that you check your keywords and pages rankings from the INCOGNITO TAB in Google because sometimes the search engine remembers your address and shows that your website is on the first page (because it recognizes your urls and thinks it would be great to help you find them fast). But when you search from the incognito option that is a real picture. 
      In case your results are the first page everywhere from the incognito then HUGE CONGRATS! 
      in case you don’t know where to find the incognito tab it is in the right upper corner of your Google Chrome. Click on the menu option and then on the Incognito search tab

      Regarding the keywords. Kyle says that we should target the keywords with a lower competition and ones the site is matured and with a consistent high traffic with a lot of Google trust to use those with less than 200 max.
      Hope this helps a bit.


  14. Sunny,

    Thank you for the great information in the post. I really like you simple way of describing what Google wants in easy to digest ways. There is an art to doing it right for sure. It is awesome to celebrate your win of being rank 4th on the first page of Google. What do you think that you did differently with that post that you did not do in other posts? I would love to get a first page ranking. 



    • Hi Rachel. Thanks a lot.

      I think it’s a good keyword with a low competition and I put some emphasis on the SEO. 
      I started with some course for Copywriting and feels good. Lots of ideas in one place 🙂

      Also I think that the post is more suggestive, inviting and with better call to action point. I guess all of these kept people longer on the page and Google loves that too. 

      Hope this helps!


  15. Hit there. What a lovely website and a good idea to write about how to get ranked in google. SEO is so very important like you said and matters just as much as the other rules. I like the points on what does google love, also it is nice that you said you should write how you speak because a lot of people miss that (even me) and thats the only way to really do it. I have learnt to use Jaaxy as well and it’s a more than useful tool and helps me keep up with my content listings and rank. Thanks for this great post!

  16. As a content writer, I have been writing various blog post and these things are correct. Really though, you should be honest with your what you are writing. Provide genuine information so that your readers will stick to you. And learn to make use of SEO. This one is really important if you want your work to be found.

  17. This is a great explanation of how to get ranked on Google.  I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a little over a year now and I continue to be amazed at the way I learn new things all the time.  I had no knowledge of affiliate marketing, running a website, SEO, or anything else about this process!  The training took me through the entire process, baby step by baby step, so I could learn at my own pace.  And there’s no such thing as a stupid question at WA!  I highly recommend it.

  18. Hi Sunny,

    That’s a great article; thank you for sharing it. 

    I have a new site, and some of my articles got on the first page of Bing and Yahoo, but still waiting for my posts to rank on the first page of Google:) It’s been 5 months now of hard work, and it seems that Google doesn’t reward my content. When I submit the URL in my Google Console, it’s written that Google is making an update, and it can’t index the pages. Did you see this message? This is what might be causing the problem? Any suggestion, please?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Daniella, 

      I have never seen this message before. I will try to find out what does it mean and how to fix that and will let you know in case I get a solution. Is your website indexed at all? 

  19. It’s truly such an exciting and heartwarming feeling whenever you find your post, the one that you wrote, edited, and polished, to be ranked in Google’s first page. I still remember when that happened to me. I hoy ranked at the #2 position and I was beyond excited. SEO is what gets your business running and there’s not doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to start your learning process.

  20. Ranking at the top of Google is soo important! A few of my articles aren’t ranked as of yet but hopefully will do soon, I’m going to use this as a guide to help so should bookmark it.

    I know SEO is super important but wasn’t aware of the copyright act so thanks for giving me the idea of that!  Congratulations on your rankings!

    • Thanks Sariyah. 

      Yes, copywriting is a very important part of the SEO journey. It can truly help your website ranking. 

      Although it is only one aspect of SEO optimization.. it is the most interesting one for me 🙂

  21. What a fantastic and professionally written article! I can see why you’ve ranked number 4 with your last article. I also like your professionalism and appreciate the advice you’ve given in this writing piece. How long have you been in the affiliate marketing vertical? Do you have any advice towards engaging content?

    • Thank you. 

      I have been in affiliate marketing since 2015, but I would count the last take after the break which is since May this year. 

      Well regarding engaging content, be direct, honest, approachable, and most importantly read your articles yourself. If you are feeling bored or annoyed when you read your article, then certainly there is something to be changed. I like short sentences, clear and understandable. 

      I also like when the text has a few paragraphs rather than a big paragraph which seems to be never-ending, especially on a mobile phone. 

      Hope this helps a bit 🙂 


  22. That is brilliant news that you got ranked on the first page of Google after such a short period of time. SEO is so important to learn. I have met  so many people who have made the process sound very complicated. After reading your post, it sounds a relatively easy process. Posting articles on a consistent basis also helps. Making sure your content is unique is brilliant advice.

  23. Oh, this is such a neat tip. Thanks for explaining it in an easy way for beginners like me. I have published several content but I can hardly find any of my website pages within the first (or even second) page Google Search result. My website is still one month old but I have followed SEO training. Does it make sense to not appear in the first page?  

    • Hi, your website is still young. Have patience while continuing quality work. 

      Results will come. 

  24. As a member of WA I have seen a whole new unbelievable and easy way of getting  a better life.  I have searched for ways to know  this but I have not been able to get easy aid. I was really excited after reading through this piece because I’m positive the guide will help me get ranked in Google. I am really happy I found this usefull

  25. This has really motivated me to see that you got ranked at the fourth position only four days after publishing a post. Congratulations! Google certainly likes honesty and if you write for real people, rather than bots, then you will get ranked by the search engines. Creating content that people find helpful is what Google wants and the training with Wealthy Affiliate will certainly set you on the right path.

  26. Hi Sunny, 

    That’s a short but very informative article on how to rank in Google. Great writing skills. I see that you have laid out exactly what Google looks for and also explained a great program that helps us write blogs and make a website. 

    I think a lot of what is required is plain and simple hard work and consistency. Slowly, once your site is old and has some good content, Google starts assigning it some authority. And that’s when you start ranking.

    Thank you for the great write-up.


  27. As a new blogger myself, I am trying the best of my ability to get a high ranking on google as fast as I can as we all know that can help with traffic. Congrats! I cannot believe that it took you only 4 days! It took me a week and a half or sometimes longer. You are right, it i just all about getting the latest training and also be consistent with publishing your post with the right keywords. Do you think that we have to post a post on the same day every week? Or is it just all about how many post that you post weekly? 

    • Hi Nuttanee, the more consistent you are the better. If you can make it on the same day every week, that’s great. However, SEO wants you to be diligent and consistent, and to follow its rules. Affiliate marketers have to publish more often than those having the company’s website as such. In that case, blogging on a regular basis would be recommendable. 

  28. The idea of not giving up on those key moments feels like the most important takeaway from this article for me.  I have some knowledge of SEO but that means nothing if my articles are not consistently coming out.  Using the tools available to me have set me on a great course but the only one who can keep me on it is me.  How do you take advantage of those key moments when you don’t feel like writing those few hundred extra words?  Is there a mantra you use?

    • Lol Quentin, there is no mantra, you commit, get ready for it and you do it. There is no trying, only doing. 

      No mantra, only goodwill, and a clear goal. 

  29. Getting ranked on Google can become a challenge if you are doing it or writing content the wrong way along with not doing a proper keyword search. While I must agree that even with the best of post there may still be a challenge to rank because of the competition but the good news is you can still have a good ranking once you do it the right way like you have listed/ It gives such a good feeling to see your content on the first pages of Google and the other search engines. Thanks so much for sharing.

  30. Thanks so much for sharing a good article to read to know more about how to get ranked in Google, as I’m a beginner blogger I wanted to find some information that helps me to know how I should write new content for my blog, I’m just starting to learn about SEO and keywords, but I’m looking to learn more, I will check on your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate as it looks this is a platform where I can find a good training, is it good for beginners? Is it good for any niche?

  31. Haha thanks for the article my guy! This article comes at the perfect time, as I’m looking to rank my posts in Google! My site is only two and a half months old, so it’s not too trusted by google yet. But thanks to your tips, I’m sure that I’ll be there in absolutely no time!

  32. Heya,

    I am actually fired up to read through the links you have here. I have been with WA for about 4 months now with majority of my articles being indexed in Google. I do have to continue the training to fully understand how to get traffic and SEO. I have bookmarked your page for definite referral. Thanks a lot. 

  33. This is important info for anyone out there looking to start their own website. I never knew how much emphasis there was on SEO or how important it was until I found some of the training at wealthy affiliate, and am glad I found it because now my articles and websites are doing so much better! I wish I had found this article when I first started out honestly, because it would have saved me a LOT of time and effort trying to get things right lol. Kudos on helping out other new starters and hopefully they take all the important info from this article so they can create their own empire. 🙂

  34. Very simple information but very true and exactly what needs to be done to have an article ranked well with Google.  I know one area I need to work on is including more key words in my article.  I don’t want to overuse, but I think I end up under using them. LOL.  Thanks for the reminder!

  35. Awesome article Sunny. It’s great that you have listed what we need to be focusing on when writing our articles. I feel like one of the hardest things for me is maintaining consistency. I always find that I will be on a role with writing many articles and then I’ll find myself in a slump where I just don’t feel like writing and I also can’t really find anything to write about. Happened to me over the Holiday’s but now I’m back on track.

  36. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article how to get ranked in google sounds really amazing. Well I haven’t really heard about this before but going through this article was indeed an eye opener. I enjoyed reading every bit of this article 

  37. Hi there! Thanks a bunch for sharing with me How I can be ranked by google! Getting found online when people type in a phrase or keyword is now so important that companies can rise or fall due to their results in a Google search when customers are looking online for your products and services that you sell. I just newly created my website, so this is helpful

  38. Hello there, thank you for sharing this wonderful information and I have been my glad that there is some really good information online for all of us at see and make the best of and this is one very good information you have here for us all. Woking online will save you from a lot an gating all that you’ll need t to grow is very interesting to see too 

  39. It is very thoughtful of you to share this interesting and very resourceful information, if is very helpful to make and it’s been really useful. Getting ranked by Google is very important to your website so this article will be very helpful and relevant.  I’d love to see more information that’ll be helpful like this jere

  40. Good day! This is one of the most informative pieces that I have read in this year. It has so much more to see and to learn from and honestly, I just like how you have done the overview and simplified all the intricate details in here. I believe that we all can make the best use of all that has been shared here by you. Thumbs up to you and definitely a bookmarked post.

  41. Hi, Sunny,

    I must confess Google continues to be a mystery to me. I know we have to consider many factors like keywords, optimized images, internal/external linking, post length, etc., and it can be an overwhelming task.

    I constantly monitor Google Search Console and Google Analytics to keep track of my results. According to them, a couple of my articles got ranked, but when I use Jaaxy, it tells me otherwise. I don’t know what to think.

    When I write, I always have SEO in my head. I guess I’ve become obsessed with it lol.

    Thanks for sharing. I will continue doing my best to get ranked in Google.

  42. hi there such an amazing article. thanks for taking time to share this on best online home business. its a good thing is i stumbled on this. its always a pleasure going through your articles. i really did learn alot especially from your tips. your explanations were easy to comprehend. thanks again.

  43. Hi, I love you article ask feel it is very knowledge and helpful and will definitely help small businesses. I have recently started my own website on wealthy affiliate and find it amazing!! You article has definitely helped me as getting ranked on Google is very important. I feel that point 8 is very important, giving up is just the easy option out and we know we can all do this. 

  44. Great post, Sunny.

    Hard work is important for achieving success, but proper training is also a must. I’m certain that you would not have reached such a high ranking on page one of Google without the proper training.

    Many entrepreneurs and new business owners are hard workers, but sometimes they ignore the value of finding the right training and a community of friends to help them sort out the hard stuff.

    You are fortunate to have found Wealthy Affiliate, but I can tell that you work hard at your craft.

    Being at the top of the class requires hard work and proper training.


  45. Awesome article and very short and sweet! This was a good way of summarizing how to get ranked in google as a member of wealthy affiliate myself I totally agree with your presentation in this article, wealthy affiliate is a great place to learn online marketing for everyone including those with zero experience, tools such as jaaxy within the wealthy affiliate platform makes the whole process fun and easy! It my first time hearing about International open Academy but their course review looks like a great deal!    

  46. how to get ranked on google 
    Step #1: Improve Your On-Site SEO
    Step #2: Add LSI Keywords To Your Page
    Step #3: Monitor Your Technical SEO
    Step #4: Match Your Content to Search Intent
    Step #5: Reduce Your Bounce Rate
    Step #6: Find Even Keywords to Target
    Step #7: Publish Insanely High-Quality Content
    Step #8: Build Backlinks to Your Site
    Step #9: Track and Monitor Your Results
    Bonus Step #1: Boost Your Click-Through-Rate
    Bonus Step #2: Use Internal Linking

  47. I’m glad I came across this post because sometimes you need your memory refreshing and this article did just that. I often get overwhelmed with so much information I forget the little details that need attention too. I’m already a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate so I’m glad you mentioned that, shows I’m somewhat on the right track.

  48. Hello there, Sunny! This is a really helpful article. Getting articles ranked on Google is really important to really make one’s website known. I know sometimes I will receive emails letting me know that my articles are indexed by Google, but I haven’t received any from Bing or Yahoo. Do Bing and Yahoo email you when your articles are indexed? Thanks for this informative post!

  49. Hello there, Sunny! This is a really helpful article. Getting articles ranked on Google is really important to really make one’s website known. I know sometimes I will receive emails letting me know that my articles are indexed by Google, but I haven’t received any from Bing or Yahoo. Do Bing and Yahoo email you when your articles are indexed? Thanks for this informative post!

  50. Congratulations for this great article! I love how you have approached this very important topic in such a clear, concise and inspiring way. Really very useful! I have been a member of the Wealthy affiliate community since 2019 and I still have a lot to learn. Although, as you have said, every little achievement going forward is a victory to be celebrated. I agree with you on how important it is to completely generate quality content and focus on the needs of the audience. I have realized things that I can improve by reading your article. Thanks a lot!


  51. Thanks for this interesting article How To Get Ranked In Google. I started building my website a few months ago (I joined the Wealthy Affiliate), and I follow various instructions regarding keywords, SEO, regular posting, attractive topics, and the like. It’s true, I’ve learned a lot with training in WA, and when you finish one chapter, the upgrade begins. Working with a website requires you to constantly upgrade, supplement and improve, and I believe that results will come over time.
    Congratulations on your successful fourth-place on the Google first page. I wish you much success in the future,

  52. Great article you have here and thank you for sharing such a brief and informative article. I like how you have listed out what google loves in terms of ranking, and how Jaaxy helps out when searching for keywords. Am curious, like what plugin’s or software do you use to check your ranking in google and other search engines? 

  53. For someone looking to get traffic, you can’t ignore Google. Getting Google’s respect and trust is vital to website success. I have just got back in to blogging again. You have done a great job getting feedback on your Google Ranking post. I agree the training at Wealthy Affiliate is the key to being successful in learning to rank on the bigger search engines like Google.

  54. Thank you for sharing this awesome and informative post. SEO is so important for online businesses to rank on google. If you use low hanging fruit keywords and the more helpful the article is on any subject the higher it will rank. If anyone needs to learn more about SEO and are interested in starting an affiliate marketing online business then look no further than the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I am very honoured to be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Family because of the awesome online business training and the best community support on the internet.

  55. Hi Sunny

    I love your article. As it is honest and real. Straight to the object.

    Congratulation. I can’t say, never, but you are amazing, how did you do it, you have to teach me, how you manage. I am really trying so hard to be marked in Google. But maybe luck is playing a significant role in all of this what do you think.

    PS. Reading your profile I’ve been amazed by how natural and brilliant a human being you are. Thank you for sharing this with me, with us. I wish 1 day to be like you.

    Many blessings and, keep going, girl! 

  56. Ah yes, the good old SEO that Google loves so much! This is an important part for all websites, which is to know how to rank in Google. No matter how great your website is, if you have no audience reach it will result to nothing as there are nobody to support your niche and content. I always believe that replying to all your comments is important because it shows Google that you are active on your site. The Wealthy Affiliate training really is helpful for me, as it really helped me understand all aspects of website needs such as SEO, website building, website niche and marketing.

    I do have one question, have you heard of the new All in One SEO? What do you think of it so far and should we use it? Thank you for your great article on SEO as it is really is helpful for my website! I hope to see more of these great stuff and keep up the good work! 

  57. Getting higher rankings on search engines especially Google takes hard work, consistency and patience. Google is the strictest search engine ever. So if through your effort you are able to appear on page number 1 on Google no matter the position, then you definitely need to call for celebration.

    Getting higher rankings is a process and it needs to be maintained. You have listed the some steps already. We definitely need to follow them in other to always be ahead of our competitors. There are lots going on, on how Google ranks website. So it is our duty to find out how and apply it.

  58. Great article! It’s awesome to see how far you’ve come in five short years with wealthy affiliate. I also see you have quite the SEO knowledge.  I’ve struggled with trying to write towards my keywords too much and having the content look like keyword stuffing. That’s good advice to write as you speak. I was curiosity what is the Santa affiliate program? Thanks again and all the best to you!

    • Hi, Santa’s affiliate program is over, that was the Christmas thing. 

      Regarding my membership at the Wealthy Affiliate, I wish I was constantly active throughout the years. Sky would be the limit for me if I was! 

      Lesson learned: Giving up is not an option! 


  59. Great article and thank you so much for the advice, I have been following the WA training to the letter for the past month since I have joined. I have not ranked on the first page of Google as yet and I was wondering how long it takes to even be considered to rank on the first page? 

    • Hi Jean, this is something you can’t really predict. It’s important that you investigate the market as you are preparing to write your particular article, and use the right keywords with a lot of traffic and little or no competition. 

      As your website is gaining Google trust, with the correct usage of the keywords, chances to rank fast on Google page number 1 are bigger and bigger. 
      For the start, don’t worry about that. Use your time to write and build trust and audience, and working with a great amount of focus and quality, you will be surprised with results. 

      Some of my pages haven’t got ranked just yet (so I am going to optimize them better) and some got ranked “overnight”. 

      Hope this helps. 

  60. Hello, very informative article of the many ways that are available in getting greater rankings within Google! I can’t believe how quickly you can find your rankings through Google, Bing and yahoo through the incredible tools in Wealthy Affiliates! I use Jaaxy daily and its a fantastic tool to search for keywords and create contents easier, I cannot do without it! Many thanks:)

  61. Thanks for sharing this essential information on how to get ranked in google. We all want for readers to find our articles online, but sometimes it can feel like a mystery in order to appeal to the search engine indexes. I found some good tips here, but I’m curious about the “overuse” of words or phrases. What is the correct balance to use with keyword phrases? Is it advised to use a bunch of different targeted keyword phrases in the same article?

    • Hi Aly, definitely not. You have to find a balance between using the keywords and overusing them. Use the keyword in your title, first paragraph, picture tag. Use variations of the same keyword, so that it sounds natural for your readers. But don’t overuse them. Otherwise, the text itself will not make so much sense and Google doesn’t like this too. 

  62. Thank you for this useful information! Some of them are familiar to us, but we should update them from time to time in order to improve our site! I like your words of motivation and support. I totally agree with you. You need to be persistent on this path, especially in the beginning!

  63. This is essential reading for anyone who is currently building an online business.  Unfortunately, if we don’t keep Google happy then we are not going to rank and if we don’t rank then we won’t get traffic.

    It is important to remember and probably the hardest part of all, but we need to have loads and loads of patience.  Because even if we dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ‘t’s, we still have to wait until Google finds us and is happy.

    Thanks for the good guidance.  Keep up the good work.

  64. Very informational post.  I recently joined the WA community a little over a month ago and still earning all the ins and outs of learning the SEO’s.  I finished the Entrepreneur training and doing the bootcamp training now.  I have learned a lot with this program.  I highly recommend this program if you’re looking for financial independence.  I think the international open academy sounds like a good program to increase your knowledge.  I might have to look into it.

  65. As an affiliate marketer I know that the importance of this topic can never be overemphasized. It is really important. It was really highlighted well and it made me love my job more and more. I always enjoy your articles so much. Is there any way I can subscribe to your article so as to be getting a notification once you post

  66. How To Get Ranked In Google- Thank you for this much needed article. 90% of my articles have been indexed, however none has ranked on google. I am a newbie so I am keeping the faith, still concentrating on my content cause I know it is work in progress. I am part of the Wealthy Affiliate and the support from the community is amazing.

  67. Wow…I just googled that The Talk to Santa Affiliate Program and you’re right you are ranked number 1. According to my MOZ bar you out ranked many high authority domains. So, I’m assuming the SEO course and copywriting course that you took has met your needs. I have heard that once you have excellent copywriting skills, that the sky is the limit. Would you recommend this SEO course to just beginners? Or is it an in-depth course? This might be something I’m interested in. Either way, Congratulations on your hard work. Keep it up. Have an awesome day!

  68. Thank you for your information, I have only been with a wealthy affiliate for about a month now. I have 13 articles written and about 8 of those have been indexed with google. I am following the training and enjoying what I am learning. It feels like a very good program. I know I am very early to this, do you know if Google somehow looks at the completeness of your site, as in the number of posts, keywords, etc? I’m wondering how long it may take to become ranked, and if it is something that just takes time. 

  69. Great tips! Always replying to comments is so important. It really shows that you care, you’re passionate, knowledgeable and a generally respectful person. Even if google didn’t care about engagement, I’d still reply. It makes people feel a connection with you and you’ll feel more connected to the people you’re writing for.  

    Being honest is key too. I can always tell when I’m reading something whether or not someone is actually invested in the topic or doesn’t care. People can tell when someone is being fake and dishonest and that will make your ranking suffer as well. You can’t build up a good reputation without having integrity. Thanks for the article! I’ll be taking a peek at that SEO online course.

  70. Hi Sunny, I’ve just gone through your helpful article about how to get ranked on google. The information you’ve shared with us here is very important because almost everyone wants to get ranked on google’s first page and sometimes lack of information becomes a problem. I like the part where you put more emphasis on wealthy affiliates. I’m going to share this amazing post so that even those who still doubt wealthy affiliates can learn from your experience. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful information.

  71. Hi Sunny, Very interesting article. I just started my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely helpful. I am a wealthy affiliate member for a few months now and I can totally agree that this is best starting point for beginners. With tons of training materials, active community and webhosting its most useful platform Ive ever checked.  I need also get more familiar with Jaaxy as looking on your post it may be very useful tool on day to day work.

  72. Hey there! Yeah, certainly looks like the methods that you are using really work. I too have been following the guidance of Wealthy Affiliate for some time now. I can confirm that the training and methods definitely work, but I still find keywords that I just cant rank for. Sometimes I think I have it spot on, but weeks down the road I’m still on page 5! I think the key to success with Google is to not pay too much attention to them! Keep one eye on them but don’t get obsessed with rankings. It can drive you mad!  

  73. Great to see that you are doing so well Sunny and that Google is loving you. I found it interesting to see that you have been around Wealthy Affiliate since 2015 and it looks like you have learned heaps and are reaping the rewards now. Great advice about SEO and the keyword finder Jaaxy. Wishing you even more great ranking in the future. Well done.

  74. Hi Sunny
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to get ranked in Google. The strategy you explain is very effective yet simple. As you correctly said, by understanding proper SEO and implementing in the simplest way with the focus on audience do Marvel for our website. I would like to congratulate you for becoming Google page 1 holder with this smart work of 3 hours.
    Thanks and regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  75. Wow, 4 days? That’s amazing! I didn’t realize it could be done so fast. I clearly have more about Google and SEO to learn since my blogs usually take a week or two to get that page one rank and I thought that was fast. Thank you for this article, Sunny.

  76. Thanks for the article. The Jaaxy tool sounds like an awesome game-changer for any content marketer. I have used other keyword research tools which don’t seem as powerful. I’ve always wondered something about the keywords that tools like Jaaxy and others reveal. What is the best number of keywords and placement to get that Google love we all desire?

  77. Hello,

    I have been with Wealthy affiliate for six months now and have already learnt so much. I have a website in my chosen niche and i really enjoy it. 

    I am a fast learner, but I do struggle with SEO so I am going to make it my focus for the time being. I also struggle with some of the terminology such as meta description. Any ideas? I should just google it. 

    I am heading to your SEO page now and maybe ask Kyle at WA for some more training on the subject.

    I am also bookmarking your website for the future.



    • Hi Aidan,

      You should have meta description guidance within the training. However, it’s important to use it wisely, write few sentences using the chosen keywords. This helps your audience and search engines to understand what is your site/page about. Hope this helps. 


  78. Hello Sunny,

    Interesting article and great results you’re having!! I have a blog about soap making and god knows how many hours I have worked in without seeing any results for months… Finally, it’s happening 😀 I have half a dozen posts showing in first page in google, one of them ranked at number 3, and it’s showing in organic traffic. It takes time, and some trial and error, inclusive how to apply this knowledge we get in wealthy affiliate. It’s not easy. And it’s not for people with low persistence. You’ve got to be stubborn to have some success!! 

    Best success with your work,


  79.  I appreciated the fact that your article starts with 2 very useful lists. I think that you are right when you say that a blogger must always interact with his /her readers. There are not a lot of online business coaches who talk about this important part of the job. As the tools are concerned, I totally rely on Jaaxy when I need to find the best keywords for my article. This tool is simple to use and VERY accurate. Great article, Sunny.

  80. Hi Sunny,
    Hope you are doing fine. You have good article written. When I created a first website my website got indexed by google and some of my keywords are starting to rank in search engine usually on the first page. Ranking don’t happen immediately after creating website. First indexing, ranking, traffic and revenue. I am mainly focusing on getting my keyword indexed and ranked and eventually will lead to traffic and revenue.

  81. Hi Sunny

    What you write makes a lot of sense. Google are very particular about things like targeted content, giving your audience what they’re looking and asking for, etc. 

    Bing and Yahoo are often overlooked because Google owns around the lion’s share of the traffic and they also own YouTube which has become the ‘Go To’ search engine, especially for the younger audience. 

    However, all exposure is good. Facebook Search, Apple devices and brand new off-the-shelf PCs all use Bing as their default search engine. Some people don’t like to tinker, so if a new purchaser hasn’t changed their search engine to Google you would miss a lot of search engine traffic by ignoring Bing Webmaster Tools.

    I can definitely vouch for the quality of the training at Wealthy Affiliate. I haven’t looked back since I got started.

  82. Hei Sunny,

    you have very fresh and interesting website. I like your menu too. There are many interesting posts.

    I am interesting in online business and your website will give me a lot of new information about that and possibilities to learn new skills.

    Keep on working and keeping your website alive, like you do.

    Best Regards

    Eija Järvelä

  83. Hello Sunny. I started my blog a couple of months ago, and written 12 posts so far. Google indexed four of my pages, but I can’t find them in the search results. You mentioned copywright in your post, but I’m not familiar with this term. Can you please explain what it is? Maybe it’ll be helpful to me, as I’m learning SEO and how to get ranked in google. Thank you.

    Kind regards, 


    • Hi Debora, that which is indexed by Google is one thing, and it is great that Google recognized your pages. Eventually, all your pages get indexed. 

      However, the Google ranking is what you need to focus on. When you find your pages in Google while doing your keyword research with Jaaxy you will know that your pages have been ranked in Google. I am sharing here one of my posts for you to understand better the keyword world Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam

  84. What is this???
    Ηow freaking awesome a website can be???
    I am speechless.
    The design is perfect. Even the menu is perfect. More comprehensive and dare I say beautiful articles I have ever seen even on professional websites.You made me read almost all of them.
    Beautiful and clear photos.
    I even admire the use of bolding at letters…….

    Sorry sunny but I am going to copy the whole design of your website……..lol

  85. Hey Sunny, I’m very interested in this subject. I just started building my affiliate sites. I have two for two separate niches. The point on keywords and not using them too much – what would you say is too much? How many times do you suggest using that keyword in the article? Also, another question, do you need to keep the entire phrase of keywords together to for it to be considered a keyword? For example, if the keyword phrase was “eating good fish” and I said “On Friday, I was eating at my favorite restaurant and had some fish that was incredibly good” – would that work or would I need to have “eating good fish” all together and not split up. Thanks for your help! Love, Sammy

    • Hi Sammy, yes you should keep your keyword together as “eating good fish”. A suggestion is to use the same keyword maximum 5 times in one article 
      Title, the first paragraph, subtitle, photo title and once again in the text

      Always write naturally as you would speak to your friend. Hope this helps! 

  86. Hi Sunny, thank you for these helpful tips to follow. I’m struggling to rank in Google and reading your list, I see that I have a lot to do and improve myself in some of them. I agree that I need to start to write most in the way I talk in my daily. Your last recommendation is one that I like most, to work at every moment that I have an inspiration. 

    Thank you again


  87. A few years ago, I didn’t know how to operate a website, but now I know that the WA platform has acquired and learned a lot of knowledge and information.
    I also have a better understanding of how the Internet works, so that my business can run on the website and get more potential customers through the GOOGLE search engine

  88. I am a new member of wealthy affiliate. I only started last month but my website is already indexed in Google. I am learning a lot and it’s true, you will have all the tools you need to succeed. You won’t need to pay anyone to get you ranked in Google, you will learn to do it yourself using all the tools available on this platform. I am loving my journey. 

  89. Hello, Sunny!

    Reading your post really made me ensured I’ve chosen the right path to work with. The training is amazingly clear and thorough and it makes my life easier. Having the right idea of what Google “likes” is always a good way of successfully working online.
    Thank you for such a brilliant piece of information. It was really helpful!

    Keep safe!

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