International Open Academy – Great Business Opportunity


International Open Academy as an educational institution offers a wide range of online courses. Their courses meet the highest standards for online education.

It is recognized by the International Council for Online Educational Standards. It offers recognized Continuing Professional Development points and it is officially approved by the Training Qualifications UK centre.


International-Open-Academy-Course-CatalogPerhaps you are an entrepreneur, artist, working in the HR department?

Or you are into teaching, SEO, IT, DIY?

Click HERE to open your free account and find courses perfect for you. Hurry up as right now they have heavily discounted prices!

Once you start your course, you will have 24/7 access to it with 60 days to complete the course and get your certificates.


My personal choice was the 120-hour TEFL certificate.  To be eligible to teach English at home, online, or abroad, you have to have certain certificates. TEFL is one of them.


Click on the image below to get your fully CPD certified 120 hours TEFL certificate for
only 22 US dollars!




Right after I signed up I received one more incredible offer which I could not resist!
2 courses for just $19.



I chose American Sign Language 1 and LEVEL 2. It’s one of the wishes from my Bucket’s list. As a crew member working for the Carnival Cruise Line I always wanted to be able to communicate with guests who are able to communicate only using the ASL. This offer truly is great, so I grabbed it.


What are the student’s benefits at the International Open Academy?

  • The courses are fully certified by the CPD/CE and internationally accredited by ICOES
  • 14 days Money Back guarantee
  • PDF certificates which can be delivered in a hard copy as well
  • Incredible pricing up to 95% off of the regular prices
  • Studying at your own pace




What are the membership plans at the International Open Academy?

  • Free Trial membership – free access to all the courses for the first 10 days
  • Monthly subscription plan  $14.99/month charged on day 11 since you signed up.
    You can cancel this membership at any time.
  • Annual subscription plan $129




There is an awesome FAQS page within their website where you will find a lot of answered questions. I would suggest reading through these so you don’t miss some of the information.




Since you are now familiar with the International Open Academy, let me tell you how you can make an income as their business partner, so stick around

Who am I?

In a few words, I am an actress and a freelance artist, an online marketer, and a crew member on the Carnival Cruise Line ships. If you would like to get to know me better, here is my About Sunny page.

Why I started my BestOnlineHomeBusiness.com?

  1. I am seeking a complete financial freedom
  2. I like to travel and my goal is to be able to work from anywhere
  3. I want to help everyone build their own business and achieve their financial goals

Click on the image to see my review of the world’s number 1 online platform for online business.


Click on the photo to read my Wealthy Affiliate review


How to make an income with the International Open Academy?

  • 100% through an affiliate program
    Click HERE to learn what is affiliate marketing
  • FREE sign up
  • To become the International Open Academy affiliate partner, you don’t have to be their student.




They will ask you a couple of questions regarding your ways to promote the IOA. Very soon you will find yourself reading an International Open Academy affiliate program guide.

A very nice lady, Veronica, assisted me through the emails and sent me my very own affiliate pretty links for:


As you already know, these affiliate links you will incorporate within your blog posts and on your social media. Every time someone clicks and purchases a course and a membership at the International Open Academy, you will get your commission.

Your commission doesn’t affect their price as you get paid directly by the IOA.


How much do I get paid? When do I get paid?

  • By selling the first course, you are agreeing to their affiliate payment policy
  • You earn 30% + commission
  • You get paid by the International Open Academy on a quarterly basis
  • You may earn as much as you want!


Do I get any more tools for promoting International Open Academy?

Yes, your HR contact will send you the link for:

  • The course-specific banners and
  • Generic IOA banners
  • Affiliate program starter guide
  • Your affiliate account


My International Open Academy affiliate account

International-Open-Academy-new-affiliate-accountAs their affiliate partner, you will have access to your affiliate account/dashboard where you can:

  • Track your sales
  • Export course list
  • Change your password


Your affiliate link is active right away and you can begin offering the courses on your social networks and in your blogs. You just need to direct any traffic from your website or your offline connections to your affiliate links.

Your affiliate account will be active unless you don’t make any sales within 6 months when it gets automatically deactivated.



  • Free affiliate membership
  • Decent commission
  • Unlimited income – earn as much as you can
  • Promoting great courses sold directly by the IOA for amazing discounted prices


  • No commission for referring affiliate marketers

This is the only one I found hoping they will change their policy. However, wanted to share with you this awesome opportunity. If you found it useful then my mission is complete!


Affiliate Disclaimer: In this article, you have affiliate links towards the International Open Academy, and when you click on them and purchase your courses, I will get a commission as their affiliate. This will not affect the cost of the courses you sign up for. 


My final advice…

To become an affiliate for the International Open Academy is very easy. What I would suggest is to open the free trial student account, explore and see for yourself all that you read in this article.

To reach their webpage click on the image below 🙂


Click on the image to use your discount


Before you go…

Check my number 1 recommendation and an outstanding online business opportunity here 🙂


Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to come back to get my reply to your comment! 


  1. Hello there, after reading this article I understood the reasons you said we should count yourself lucky to have been this article and truly I feel lucky because I have been really looking for good online business, and having one here in this article is just wow. I and my friends would be really happy to take up this opportunity at once. Thanks for sharing this really nice article 

    • Hi Bella,
      I hope you joined the International Open Academy and explored their platform. I am very happy with their courses though. Finishing the TEFL course. Very precise, neat and professional school. And besides that offers an affiliate program, so that you can actually get awarded for sharing your experience 🙂

      Good luck and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  2. This will be a very interesting and benefiting opportunity to know about the International open academy, it really entails a lot of courses and I really like the fact that you can still make money from it. I’ll look into it carefully cos this is the first time I’m reading about it and I’ll get back to you, thanks.

    • Hello there,
      I hope you are doing well and that you are already enjoying the International Open Academy, as much as I do.
      I would be more than happy to hear about your experience.


  3. Hello There, thank you for taking your time to compile and share this informative and resourceful review article. This article is centered on international open Academy review.  This would be my first time of knowing of this Academy.. I am am online marketer, I’m quite sure this Academy would be of lots of help to me 

    • Hi Lesley,
      The International Open Academy not only has an awesome list of courses but they also have some nice courses for online marketers.
      Check it out and let me know what you think


  4. Well, this is good because I can learn all I want to know about making money online and also make money from this by being their affiliate. Which I think is really good stuff for me. I have not heard about this International Open Academy that you shared. It’s good stuff. I need a whole lot of the information on that platform so I’m joining as soon as possible 

    • Hello Payton, did you get a chance to join and explore the International Open Academy since the last time we spoke here?

  5. Wow! You know nothing beats the feeling of increasing and boosting ones chances of success by just learning it the right way. This information here is really awesome and I know that I can really make the best use of them. The fact that I can just engage in the International Open Academy and earn an income as their affiliate member is great. Thanks

  6. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is the International Open Academy – Review. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about the International Open Academy. I like the membership plans at the International Open Academy of the points mentioned in your article. I first joined here as free membership and later updated my membership by looking at its various activities and as a paid member have been getting various benefits from here for a long time.
    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share it with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know International Open Academy.

    • I am glad that you’ve been enjoying the IOA. Keep it up and know that I will be more than happy to hear for your further experience.

  7. Hi Sunny, I am glad I found your post. It has been a bit difficult for me to find unbiased reviews about International Open Academy. But you have given me here a general and honest picture about them. I appreciate it. I think I’ll give this platform a try. I started my journey online recently as an entrepreneur and I have plenty of spare time now, due to the pandemic. So I better invest this time in something productive. 

    • Hi Abel, you will not regret even one bit. I am very happy with my experience with the IOA. It’s been giving me a lot of knowledge and benefits lately.

  8. Nice! Just like before; a very nicely outlined, well-structured post. Also, you put a lot of time into this one. It contains a large number of details. This is my first introduction to the International Open Academy. But it sounds interesting. Question: does this affiliate complement your wealthy affiliate? Just curious. Really good job writing this article. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi James, 

      Thanks for your comment. 

      Regarding your question, of course, that this and any other affiliate program complements the Wealthy Affiliate program. Even I review the scams on my website Best Online Home Business it compliments not just my work, but it helps my desire to help others find legit online business opportunities and reach their financial goals. 

      Hope this helps 🙂 


  9. Wow! This review unvails a great business opportunity out there! International Open Academy sounds like a good place for learning and earning at the same time. 

    Not only I am going to check the affiliate membership there, but I am also going to sign up for some courses too. 

    Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of the International Open Academy and I am thrilled to try it out. 

    To Your Success,

    Alberto Lazaro   

    • Hello Alberto,
      How have you been? Did you get to try the IOA?
      What do you think about it now from your own experience?

  10. Since I am a home business owner, my primary motivation in enrolling to courses like this is honing my skill as an entrepreneur. I did enroll in other sites like Udemy, but I noticed that the lower the price they have, the lower the quality of the teachings you will get. Several times I got disappointed with Udemy-offered courses that I got looking for alternatives. Good thing that I’ve found this International Open Academy, maybe I should check out some of their business courses including accounting and bookkeeping.

    • Hi Gomer,
      Look no further. The International Open Academy is great! I have been their member for couple of months now and am very satisfied with their products and affiliate program as well.

  11. The TEFL course is what got my attention.Thanks to the recent events and everyone at home I was already looking into tutoring. Specifically the TEFL. With the International Open Academy it looks like teaching english as a foreign language is going to be my new side job. Can not wait to jump in! Thanks for the informative article. After reading this I know I am on the right path! So question if I signed up and paid for the TEFL course and for some reason I couldnt pay for the International Open Academy membership would I still be able to finish the course I did pay for?

    • Hi, as they stated in the FAQS, as a free trial member you can only go through the course but if you want a certificate, you will not have them available that soon. You would have to upgrade which is as per my opinion ok. It’s a quite nice offer for the Monthly membership as well For a sake of getting certificates at least.. 

  12. You did a great job highlighting a very interesting opportunity to market online training. The certifications and the 120 hour length of many of the training classes definitely shows the value offered. I have done a lot of online training courses so I am considering taking one of the courses if I can find one that suits me. Teaching English as a foreign language seems like it would be quite enjoyable. Were you able to get your TEFL certification?

    • Hi Noah, I am still working on my TEFL certificate. I will write some post in a future offering my experience with the course. 

  13. Hi Sunny,

    It is lucky for me to come across this review. 
    I like the the money back guarantee. This is the way of affirmation of the quality they are offering.

    The course fees are not very high and looks reasonable after discount.

    Every business people, entrepreneur, students, learners can take advantage of this opportunity.

    Can someone get a MBA with international open academy which will be respected for getting an outside job?

    • Hi, the International Open Academy offers accredited courses and once you finish the course you get a certificate.
      I am not familiar with the MBA at the IOA. I am pretty sure that you would have to find those somewhere else. The IOA is more like a platform. They don’t offer degrees like universities do.

  14. The wonderful thing about being able to do these courses is that you can study any time and learn something new at any age. No need to feel embarrassed if you want to change careers and have to sit and study with all the youngsters. 

    This also makes it more affordable to get a qualification. I am a big fan on doing courses at Udemy but haven’t heard of this one one yet so thanks for introducing it to me. Good luck with you sign language course. 

  15. This review is very beneficial and insightful, I loved your review and I pretty much understood why you said I am lucky to get this review,I also liked the idea that I can get my certification in hard copy 😊 I guess I am too backwards I always like my certification in hard copy form🤣🤣

  16. Hi Sunny

    It is an interesting concept  to actual  study certain subjects and the possibility  of earning money by promoting it via affiliate  links. You will have an advantage as you would have study the material involved, especially how it works and therefore you can promote the courses involved.  I really like how you have highlighted all the different courses involved, which should keep those who look for a new career  or a hobby to occupy the time. You are never to old to learn  something new.



  17. This looks and feels like a great opportunity as in my view learning online is going to grow and grow and I expect the trend for home working will increase. The one thing I love about this is of course the back up by especially CPD and that fact they are recognised. I think it is vital that people know their qualifications and study stands for something worldwide.

    I also notice you have listed the Trust Pilot score there which is pretty impressive.People like social proof and you seem to have presented it in bucket loads here as well as clear instructions on how to join. A very well thought out and written review. Thanks

  18. Hi Sunny.

    I kept wondering how much this academy would cost and was eventually pleasantly surprised.

    The thing that nagged at the back of my mind was, “Why would I need government recognized qualifications if I want to go into business for myself.”

    I was a TEFL teacher for 8 years in Japan and I know that anyone needing TEFL  would have a lot of difficulties reading your article. Certainly, none of my students when they started out. It seemed a bit odd.

    Then I realized that you weren’t really trying to get me to join the academy, but something else.

    I have heard that Wealthy Affiliate is pretty good.

    I’d like to think it over and do some more research.


  19. I’ve always loved the freedom of studying online. I’ve done several courses with Mindvalley, and I loved them. However, the courses there are not cheap, so for a lot of people that can get a bit demotivating. International Open Academy seems to be truly open to everyone. And their variety of courses is great. I got intrigued by vegan cooking or even home beer brewing! I love the fact that you teach us step by step on how to become their affiliate. There’s nothing nicer than promoting a great product you trust in and passing the knowledge to others. Thanks for your great article!

  20. Jeez, 95% off is a bargain. I started the Tefl course as well. I want to travel when this Covid-19 business is over and teaching English is a great way to make money while I do that.

    And all the other courses they offer that are fully accredited.

    Thank you for sharing this. Great post!

  21. This is a very detailed review of the International Open Academy, an online course platform that that I had not come across before. They do seem to have a vast range of diverse courses at very affordable prices. 

    I would be interested to know if one needs to buy a course and become a student, to be able to become an affiliate of International Open Academy.

    • Hi, Thanks for your comment. As I mentioned before, the good news is that you don’t have to be a student to become their affiliate. I find it useful to be a student so I know from the first hand what I promote.

      Hope this helps,


  22. This is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers who wish to publish articles related to ongoing education and earn a commission for that. I thought the TEFL course was interesting. So would this qualification allow you to teach anywhere in the world? I suppose the option of online teaching would be an option. Do they cover this as a topic do you know as that could be a massive opportunity. I read somewhere that growth in teaching online is increasing 350% a year which is a staggering statistic.

    I love the fact you quantify it through a trust pilot score and that score is very impressive. It feels like a golden opportunity for someone blogging about teaching and learning online. Thanks for sharing. I will look more closely at it for opportunities.

    • Hi Phil, 

      Yes you can teach English offline as well, not just online. There are particular schools hiring in foreign countries. 

      Hope this helps. 


  23. This is some really good program for me too, to be able to make some really good money as am an affiliate marketer. I feel like this company can really help me since I can also learn and at the same time invite people to come and join and also make money from it as they join as well. I only have to say a big thank you to you for inviting me to join this one.

  24. Hello There, thank you for taking the time to compile and share this informative and resourceful review article. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about the International Open Academy.

    Keep up the good work.

  25. Well! This is very good to see here m considering the fact that I am just getting started as an affiliate marketer ad would give anything up to get my first sales at all, I would love to get I to this international open academy since it seems they offer it all and can really help me to get started. Thanks you so much for sharing

  26. I knew about many online education platforms. Mostly paid ones like coursera, udemy, skillshare etc. but I didn’t know about the international open academy… it’s great that they offer free courses to online learners. I think that internet offers a lot of possibilities to people who want to continue to learn even after school or university but don’t have the time or money to attend traditional courses. I think employers really value a candidate who always tries to improve his knowledge and skills. After all, you can never learn too much. Whatever field you’re in, there’s always some aspect of your activity you want to get better at. Thanks a lot for sharing this review. I’ll make sure I check this website out and possible take some interesting free course. 

  27. Thanks you for sharing about international open academy ,just a quick question the price you just gave is it the same universal price I pay for any program I choose? I am looking forward to your reply as I might need to enroll for one of the courses that you mentioned in the article.

    • Hi Audrey,

      At this very moment all the courses are discounted 95%
      it’s an insane offer.

      I started today my ASL 1 and finished the first out of 8 modules and I am very happy with it 

  28. People who wanna start their own business search high and low to find the best online home business. Problem is most online home businesses are shady You never know which one to trust. I remember just starting out in regards to working from home, and was scammed by a few companies. I started thinking, “Are there any honest online home businesses out there anywhere?” There are companies that promises a lot, but offers very little. In other words,a good online home business is hard to find. 

  29. The impact of Wuhan’s pneumonia on the world is indeed that online courses are indeed a good way of online employment. You can work at home to avoid the epidemic. However, people who are interested will reverse operations online and provide some fraud courses. Thank you. Set aside time to organize such information, you can quickly understand and avoid being deceived

  30. You are doing a great job here, helping people to find legit and successful home businesses. Thanks for this opportunity, the International Open Academy, that I never heard of before. It certainly looks to be an interesting and affordable option for many of us.

    As I am looking to teach English, it was good to learn that I could get a TEFL certificate through this program. It is even a recognized level for teaching here in Thailand. What are the basic qualifications I need to enter such a course? Or do I just need to follow the course? Many thanks!

    • Hi Jerry,

      I’m glad you found it helpful. 
      All you need to do is to follow the course.

      Good luck!


  31. I have never heard of International Open Academy before currently I am using Udemy but would love to see what this app has to offer and I can never say no to the free signup and learning something new. I will see the courses first and IIf I like it, I may promote it, as I am sure many people love to learn new things especially during this pandemic. 

    • Hi, i assure you that you will not regret if you decide to try out the Internetaional Open Academy courses. I already finished TEFL and SEO course, and Social media management course.
      Good luck and let me know what you think


  32. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here! One beautiful I love about them is that their online courses and exams are accessible to students all over the world – from any digital device. I will talk to my son about it, I am sure he will have interest in it. Thanks for sharing this with me,

  33. I found this article really helpful. I’m currently looking for courses I can take around digital marketing to help me in my career and with my online business – I couldn’t find any course offered on the IOA site, but I did come across a blogging course to help with writing content and monetization which might come in really useful! Thanks also for the tips on making income with IOA – I can learn and make money at the same time – game changer!

  34. Thanks for bringing this Academy to my knowledge. The courses are diverse, interesting and above all dynamic. I like that there is an option of earning whilst you learn as well. Gives one the opportunity to make money whilst acquiring new skills to enhance their career especially those waiting to return to work like yourself. I will definitely be looking into the courses. 

    • Hello, I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your comment. Did you get it a chance so far? What do you think about the courses?


  35. helloo dear, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing and informative post with us all, i am really lucky to see such nice and helpfull post, i saw some review on International Open Academy but i wasnt sure if it was real or not until i saw your website, i believe the affiliate program will really be of great help to me, i have been searching for a very nice way to earn some side cash, i see these as a very good opportunity cause many student will be ready to join such good learning site, thanks alot for the info

  36. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. Wow this is really a great opportunity as you don’t  see stuff like this one everyday i would start up a little research on them and hope to register after that.

  37. It is always a good idea to increase our knowledge in areas that can benefit us significantly. It appears that the International Open Academy offers a wide range of courses, including online courses. How do they compare to the online courses offered by Wealthy Affiliate? 

    If I were to take a course at the International Open Academy it would be in a field that complimented online courses like SEO etc. The reason is I already get great training at Wealthy Affiliate. 

    The cost of the courses also appear reasonable. So thanks for bringing International Open Academy to my attention. 



  38. Very good article, I didn’t know this academy. It makes me think about how education is changing and how economy is changing: when education and affiliate marketing meet each other is always a good thing. It is beautiful that we can give the opportunity to a lot of people to educate themselves and at the same time earning from such a good activity. I am very interested in this program and I’m going to bookmark your article!  

  39. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about International Open Academy and gave me a new system to approach Great Business Opportunity…The International Open Academy seems like a great platform to me because it allows you to read online business from the comfort of your own home, so I recommend anyone interested to join such a platform.I really enjoyed your article so I want to share the topic of the article in my Facebook group so that everyone can find out about it. By joining here, anyone can expand their online business.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  40. My wife and I run an online training, interpretation, and translation company.  We have recently added a new on-line English language course to our range of business activities, but we are always looking for additional add-ons, in particular anything that is on-line, for obvious reasons today. The International Open Academy sounds like an interesting option, but I confess I had not heard of it before. The TEFL offer looks particularly attractive but the ability to offer sign language also appeals.  How internationally recognised are their certifications?

    • Hi Trevor, 

      Thanks for your comment. I WOULD LOVE to know more about your company. Could you please share the details with me? 

      I just started the ASL course and learned the ABCs and numbers 1-100. In just 2 days! The training is awesome! Now results of course depend on my ability to learn and memorize. 

      ICOES and CPD certificates are as per my knowledge well recognized, as far as I learned about them. Do you have any additional info? 

  41. Hi Sunny.

    That was quite a good idea you had.

    So let me clarify, you had and idea for an online business which is Open Acadamy, and you used Wealthy Affiliate training to learn how to go about it, am I correct?

    Having an online business sounds really exciting. I have been thinking about it for ages, but still don’t have much idea of how to go about it.

    Was it difficult getting started?


    • HI Garry, 

      International Open Academy is one of the affiliate programs I rolled into for making an extra income. Wealthy Affiliate thought me how to recognize legit programs, and use them in my favor. 

      Getting started was difficult, but when you are part of the community such as the Wealthy Affiliate, nothing is impossible to achieve, as you are getting a thorough training and tools needed for success. 


  42. iInternational open Academy sounds like a great program. I just signed up a free account yesterday and am learning the ropes. I have already found 8 different courses so I am trying to narrow it to 1 or 2 for now. Besides the english as a second language and sign language. Which other would you recommend right now? I am looking at Market your business and building self confidence ? What other do you think is in high demand right now as a skill?

    • Hi, I think that the SEO course is good. And also everything related to Human Relations. 

  43. I’m interested on how you create banners to begin with.  The only tool in my war chest is link a word, and the word shows in a different color.  Does this “course” use a lot of the same strategies that Wealthy Affiliate offers in its boot camp?  Just making sure I get this right, you purchase the training course before you start earning money, or do you get right  into it?  Good post here, it gave me some things to think about.

    • If you think of the official banners, you can find them in the WA dashboard. If you think of the International Open Academy banners, you get them through the link you get upon approval to work as their affiliate. 

      Stay tuned when comes to photos as I am going to upload a page on how to upload a photo to the WordPress post. 


  44. Thanks for sharing the opportunity with International Open Academy. I had heard of them before but wasn’t aware about their affiliate program. I am a new member to Wealthy Affiliate as well so browsing your website really provides a lot of inspiration to someone like me! Thanks for continuing to share.

  45. Hi Sunny

    I am very much interested in your post because I want to improve my English skills. And I think the international open academy can help me improve. Also, I like the fact that it is a business opportunity.

    My question is if we don’t get a commission for referring affiliates, does it mean that when a student that we refer becomes an affiliate, we don’t get any commission? Because it is a great opportunity and people may be tempted to sign up only for the first month and become fully affiliate later.


    • Hi, as far as I know, there is no commission for referring affiliates. I am looking forward to seeing that change 🙂 

  46. This is perfect. I’m always looking to find courses online that I can take that are cost efficient as well as accredited and the International Open Academy is just that. I too have been interested in The American Sign Language ever since I worked at the post office. I wanted to communicate with my co-workers and they started teaching me some basics. I’m not fluent yet, but I would love to take this course online. Thank you for sharing this. I will be looking into it a bit more.

  47. Sunny, This is a very masterful review of International Open Academy, you have provided for your readers.

    It is loaded with rich honest information. The need for professionals of all levels to increase their pro skills is a must requirement in today’s’ highly competitive economy. According to your review, to register for the courses is never hard, and the fees are affordable, and the courses are so rich and rewarding. 

    I think, without much consideration, I’m going to revisit your site and take a chance. Because your review of this program is very convincing. And the Q & A, answers every question any new person or reader can ask. Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing.


    • You said everything, very easy process to sign up for very affordable price. How do you like the International Open Academy so far?


  48. Hi There,

    As I’m currently looking for some options to grow my affiliate marketing business, your article got my attention, after I read your article is clear the International open academy could be a good opportunity for anyone who is interested to make some money working from home with an online business.

    It’s quite interesting this academy offers an opportunity to learn more about everything so you can start making some money working on a field you like, like teaching English or online business (SEO and more topics).

    My question is this Academy ask for anyone who is interested to become an affiliate from their business to have a website, in case they do, do they ask to have a minimum of monthly traffic? I ask this question as there’s another website selling online courses where I’m a member and when I ask to become an affiliate from their business, they turned me down asking me for my website making a minimum of a few thousand visits per month, but I must say, they were nice to let me know to apply again as soon as my website reach that number.

    • Hi Alejandra, well great news for you! It’s much easier to become an affiliate for the International Open Academy than the platform you mentioned. They ask you for strategies you plan to use for their promotion, and your website address. 

      I would say – go for it! 

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  50. I wouldn’t have thought that I would be able to make money from this as an affiliate but the  income possibility that this gives is something that I would definetely like to try and I think it is good if I will also be able to try to join on one of those courses. Probably that sign language.

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    • Hi Tosin, there are no free trial courses, they are all paid. The subscription is trial, and courses are on huge discounts right now. Hope this helps 🙂 


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    • Hi Cathy, yes you are right, those “hardcore” courses on how you call them at the International Open Academy I consider as “good to know” amount of knowledge, and they might be great for those who are already in a job like that. I haven’t taken those courses so I can’t comment, but I believe they carry a value. What I can testify is that the TEFL, SEO, ASL courses are great! Go ahead and check the out! You will enjoy 🙂 


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