Unfair Advantage Review


Unfair-AdvantageWelcome to the Unfair Advantage Review page. This article is based on my own experience, and before I even start sharing with you what I learned about this program, I would like to highlight that I AM NOT AN AFFILIATE of the Unfair Advantage business.

NAME OF THE PROGRAM: Unfair Advantage
FOUNDERS: Vick Carty and Tom E
PRICE: $17  (when the $5 OFF add pops up you pay $12)
REFUND: Yes, 30 days money-back guarantee


In this Unfair Advantage  review, I am going to reveal the following:

  1. What is the Unfair Advantage program?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. The features of  the Unfair Advantage
  4. My fair experience with Unfair Advantage
  5. Unfair Advantage upsells


What is the Unfair Advantage program?

Unfair Advantage is a method that focuses on affiliate marketing mostly with Amazon.

If you are wondering what is Affiliate marketing, click HERE to find out how Affiliate Marketing works (it will open in a new tab).

Shortly, Affiliate Marketing is a process of making money by recommending the products of companies with an affiliate program. You get your unique affiliate link which you implement within your promotion, someone clicks on that link, purchases the product and you get paid your commission BY THE COMPANY you are affiliating with. Your commission DOES NOT affect buyers’ price!

So Unfair Advantage helps you make this process easier and more certain by giving you the training, the software, and the templates.

Unfair Advantage is a software system that combines a loophole on Amazon with their software and promo hack they came up with. Because of this, the users of the Unfair Advantage can rest assure that it is impossible not to make a commission.




So let’s simplify, you become an Amazon affiliate, and a user of the Unfair Advantage at the same time, and start using your Amazon affiliate links you get from Amazon. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate links and buys ANYTHING within the next 24 hours, you are going to be paid.

The founder of the Unfair Advantage Vick Carty, his partner Tom E and an email marketer who sent me an ad for this program claim that there is NOTHING LIKE THIS out there in the affiliate market!

What hooked me up with the program and made me make my final decision after reading through their description was the video below. It features Vick’s 12-year-old daughter who actually was the first customer to try the program and proved it correct and legit.




Who is the Unfair Advantage program for?

Unfair Advantage is for affiliate marketers, eCom sellers, and internet marketers. Apparently 12 years old can make money using this training and software. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, this program will work for you they say. You just need to use it for about 20 minutes per day.


The features of the Unfair Advantage program

The key features of this affordable $17 program: 



At THIS POINT no one talks about upsells. They promise all of the features listed above for $17!




Unfair Advantage upsells

Upsell 1 – UNHINGED – $37 w/$27 DS

Upsell 2 – COPY US – $37 w/$27 DS

Upsell 3 – WE DO IT FOR YOU – $97 w/$67 DS

Upsell 4 – COMMISSION BOOSTER – $37 DS: $27

Upsell 5 – A GUARANTEED CAREER – $197 w/$97 DS


All that you see as an ad to each of the upsell levels above are actually promoted in the ad as something that you WILL GET ACCESS TO as soon as you sign up for $17! This is what actually signed me out of this program.

I am NOT someone who believes in get-rich-quick schemes where programs do everything for you when comes to online business. I believe in miracles and that I deserved to be rewarded by the Universe with some easy job.. BUT..

What I don’t like is when someone promises something just to make money from me. I would trust more if I had everything unveiled right there in the first ad I have seen and if I was given a chance to decide whether I wanted to be part of it or not.

What happened with the Unfair Advantage, was that all of the mentioned features above were listed as the key features of the whole program from the moment of signing up.



  • A testimonial process of Vick’s 12-year-old
  • A high ticket advantage daughter succeeding with the program

To find that only if you add more and more and more money to your upgrades, you will access these parts of the training.


My fair experience with Unfair Advantage

I found guys named Mark Barrett and James Fawcett the other day online and signed up for their program called Infusion. They are email marketers and being very successful and well known I trusted their word. So whenever I received the email advertising the Unfair Advantage, I thought “Oh yes please teach me how to get high ticket sales”.

So I signed up for the Unfair Advantage program.

Upon paying $17 I saw that there was an upgrade and since I was super hooked up with the program, I clicked on the upsell link. My bank stopped the payment (fortunately). I then unblocked my card and wanted to try one more time. As was about to go ahead and search for the upgrade link I received an email from the WarriorPlus (a platform where you actually buy these products) as a reminder that my purchase wasn’t complete.

I thought, excellent! This will be even easier than I thought. But as soon as I said that, I saw that they are reminding me to pay $17 again. This was followed by countless emails from different people offering the same Unfair Advantage program under covered with “different programs” the best in the world named differently.

I immediately suspected something was wrong. The same Mark that advised me to purchase the Unfair Advantage as the only program offering the features listed above, now they were sending a countless number of emails offering some other programs, and whenever I clicked on the link I got the same guess what – UNFAIR ADVANTAGE page!



Mark-Barrett. Mark-Barrett


Contacting the owners – Support team

I decided to ask for assistance and sent an email where I explained what happened with my purchase and that I would like to purchase an upgrade but can’t find the link and this is what I got as a reply. Note that in the promo they state that you have access to the owners, and here I received an email that seemed to be some kind of an automated response.



Being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate company for the last 5 years, I admit that I am a little spoiled when comes to customer support, and I need to feel I am actually talking to REAL people. I am not saying that the member of the team wasn’t really here in the email above.

What I want to say is that on my clear email where I state that I already purchased the program and I would like to upgrade, I get the link to the same program to “complete” my purchase.


Reading reviews online

Most of the time in my life I listen to my guts. And from the very moment I received an invitation to sign up for this program, I could feel that it’s going to be only for the purpose of helping others to not get hooked up and to save their money.

As an owner of this Best Online Home Business website, I am on a mission to give my audience enough information so that everyone can actually succeed in their online business endeavors, by following my reviews.

I decided to sign up and check what’s the program about and whether my guts were just reflecting my old fear of being scammed.



Would I recommend it to you like the program which will bring you success? No. I wouldn’t.

Last night I read the first review of the Unfair Advantage business program I found on Google. And the amount of disappointment I found there from the guy who also tried the program, made me request a refund immediately.

This morning I woke up to the email which states that money is back on my account and a response from the support team stating the same.


I appreciate that this part went smoothly. You might think $17 is not much, but I would say IT IS! It is because there are so many programs costing that much, and all it takes for success is finding one which is proven to be legit and worth giving money for.


Here you can READ ABOUT MY #1 RECOMMENDED PROGRAM which I joined back in 2015.




I hope you got a clear idea of the Unfair Advantage program after reading this review. I would greatly appreciate if you would leave your thoughts, comments, and concerns in the comment section below. In case you already interacted with Vick Carty and Tom E, please share your experience as well. You might change my mind? 🙂




Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

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