Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – For Free


Just found out that the Wealthy Affiliate changed the rules because they want to keep the quality comments rolling on the comments platform. You still can earn and have the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership for free, but please read through as some GREAT changes happened. 

So if you want to become a CERTIFIED COMMENTER and MAKE MONEY giving comments you have to be a premium or premium plus member for at least 3 months. 

However, the payment system still works, you just need to go through the trust process, which honestly I LOVE because it blocks many spammers wanting to trick the system by leaving trashy comments and wasting people’s money there. I actually reported some of them, basically, they were the reason why I quit comments for a while, came back now, and saw a huge change. 

With that being said, go ahead read the article and find out how you can cover your premium membership by making money at the Wealthy Affiliate, but remember, the NEW RULE IS TO BE A PREMIUM / PREMIUM PLUS MEMBER FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS now. 


Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership FOR FREE 

“I want to extend my Wealthy Affiliate premium membership after the trial but I have zero bucks in my pocket. Can I be successful as a free member of the WA?”

This is a question I get all the time. And let me clarify this for you as simple as this. YES, YOU CAN! But it depends on you and only on you! 

So let’s see what happens when you take my advice, sign up for the Free Starter Membership at  Wealthy Affiliate, and after you got hooked up with the program during the 7 days full premium trial. Supposedly you have done your research and read several Wealthy Affiliate program reviews you found on Google, including mine. Now what?

Let’s start from the beginning

During the free 7 days trial when you have full access to all the premium features, you went through the first module of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training or/and Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

You explored the classes and found so many free webinars, met the owners, and direct messaged them for all the questions you had during these first seven days.

You also enjoyed communication with other Wealthy Affiliate members in a live chat and you were assisted within minutes (sometimes seconds) every time you asked for assistance.

Following the training, you also built your free WordPress website, enjoyed the support of the technical team.

You started your blog at the Wealthy Affiliate and you loved the response you got! 

The trial is slowly ending and YOU WOULD LOVE to continue but you have zero bucks in your pocket. What now? You are thinking, where in the world I can find $49 dollars a month to pay for the premium membership? $495 for the entire year if I go annual? Ha! There is no way!



Investment is the first step towards success

When starting any business, you have to have some investments and kinds of detachment from other things so you can start your desired business successfully. Right? That can be changing your daily habits, mindset, and other things that don’t serve you. And yes you node your head now. You agree that this can be true. But what this has to do with your empty pocket you think?

So here we go! The Wealthy Affiliate premium membership costs $49. BUT! You will love this. The first month is promotional when you sign up within the first 7 days (during your trial). And it costs ONLY $19. For the first month! After that is $49.

Now you ask me again: “Sunny, I think I already told you I have ZERO BUCKS in my pocket!”

And I say, yes you told me twice or three times already BUT I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! You don’t have to pay any dollar from your pocket (and ok I understand you don’t see the ways to decrease your paid habits – which I would certainly do if I wanted to pay something else I find valuable).


“So what is that she is talking about?”, you think. “She just said it’s $19 instead of $49. And I told her I don’t have even $19. And then she said I don’t have to pay $19 but it will cost me $19. I am confused. This girl must be preparing some good news for me.”


Say what? 

Yes, you heard me right! You can make $$$$$ within the first seven days of the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership and use that money to pay for your membership. 


Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership FOR FREE!

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? 

There are several ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate and in this article, we will talk about one way. The one YOU NEED NOW! Don’t worry I will make this very short, sweet, and clear. 

It’s the Wealthy Affiliate comments platform. Wealthy Affiliate members post their website’s links and request comments. Your job is to read thoroughly their articles, understand the topic and give your kind and honest comment. The more care you give to this action, the better pay you will get from the Universe (and the Wealthy Affiliate system). Make sure that you are fair! You pay it forward! 


How much I get paid by the Wealthy Affiliate?

The system will pay you $0.50 for every second comment you give (and get approved for by the article’s owner). That’s why you have to follow the rules: read, understand, and write your comment. I will help you set up your settings so that the system pulls out articles and topics of your interest. 

Now let’s make a calculation: 

2 comments = 0.50$
4 comments = $1.00

So every 4 comments you leave you will earn ONE DOLLAR. 

You need $19. Let’s calculate further. 

$19 x 4 = 76
So in order to make $19 you have to leave 76 comments. 

That sounds fantastic, right? 

It sounds too good to be true. Well, there is something you have to do to earn the status of the qualified paid commenter. Remember, there are thousands of active members at the Wealthy Affiliate. Hundreds of them are using the platform. Not everyone can be paid just like that. You have to earn that status. 

But don’t worry, that’s a pretty straightforward and easy process. 


How to earn the qualified paid commenter status at Wealthy Affiliate? 

In order to become one, you have to give 50 comments within a month (in your case within the first week) with no less than 80% approvals and (my advice is not to skip any article that the system gives you – you might struggle with some as not everyone is born to write clear articles, but you do your best to understand what the writer wanted to say). Once you accomplish this you will see dollars piling up. 

Let’s calculate now. 

So we said every second comment earns you $0.50, which means that you make $1.00 every time you give 4 comments. You need 76 comments for $19.00

And you need 50 comments to get approved. I would increase this number (just to be on the safe side to 70)

That’s 76 + 70 = 146

Now… It takes me ONE HOUR for 10 comments. That’s circa 15 hours for 146 comments. 

I am sure you can find time to invest in this! Do it while watching your favorite TV show or what I would do if I cared – sacrifice the TV show 🙂 


Ok. Now we know that you can make money and use that income to pay your first month of the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. We also know that you need approved 146 +/- comments on 146+/-articles to accomplish this. And we know that you want this so much so that you are ready to sacrifice your TV, drinks time, and hangouts for a couple of days. Let’s get into a business! 


How to join the Wealthy affiliate comments platform?

In order to make it interactive and simple for you, I need you to login into your Wealthy Affiliate account. If you didn’t sign up yet, you can open your account here. Go ahead and open it. It’s free! And you don’t need a credit card. They will ask you for your name, username, e-mail address, and password. 

I will be waiting here. Click on this link, sign up and come back here. Go! 🙂 


Congratulations! You became the Wealthy Affiliate premium member for the next 7 days FOR FREE! 
Now let’s work on your extension as a premium member FOR FREE. Shall we?! 


Read further.. 

In this video, you will learn this process step by step. So now when you are in and you are ready to go, click on the play button: 



That’s all for now! 

Now you have all the tools you need, you just need to start creating your income! 

Click here to find out more about cash credits at the Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me know if you need any further assistance!