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International-Open-Academy-SEO-course-overviewHello friends,

Today I am going to share my insights on the SEO Online Course that I recently took at the International Open Academy (IOA). I will give you a quick sneak a peek into the benefits of taking this course.

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International Open Academy – Great Business Opportunity



International Open Academy as an educational institution offers a wide range of online courses. Their courses meet the highest standards for online education.

It is recognized by the International Council for Online Educational Standards. It offers recognized Continuing Professional Development points and it is officially approved by the Training Qualifications UK centre.


International-Open-Academy-Course-CatalogPerhaps you are an entrepreneur, artist, working in the HR department?

Or you are into teaching, SEO, IT, DIY?

Click HERE to open your free account and find courses perfect for you. Hurry up as right now they have heavily discounted prices!

Once you start your course, you will have 24/7 access to it with 60 days to complete the course and get your certificates.


My personal choice was the 120-hour TEFL certificate.  To be eligible to teach English at home, online, or abroad, you have to have certain certificates. TEFL is one of them.


Click on the image below to get your fully CPD certified 120 hours TEFL certificate for
only 22 US dollars!




Right after I signed up I received one more incredible offer which I could not resist!
2 courses for just $19.



I chose American Sign Language 1 and LEVEL 2. It’s one of the wishes from my Bucket’s list. As a crew member working for the Carnival Cruise Line I always wanted to be able to communicate with guests who are able to communicate only using the ASL. This offer truly is great, so I grabbed it.


What are the student’s benefits at the International Open Academy?

  • The courses are fully certified by the CPD/CE and internationally accredited by ICOES
  • 14 days Money Back guarantee
  • PDF certificates which can be delivered in a hard copy as well
  • Incredible pricing up to 95% off of the regular prices
  • Studying at your own pace




What are the membership plans at the International Open Academy?

  • Free Trial membership – free access to all the courses for the first 10 days
  • Monthly subscription plan  $14.99/month charged on day 11 since you signed up.
    You can cancel this membership at any time.
  • Annual subscription plan $129




There is an awesome FAQS page within their website where you will find a lot of answered questions. I would suggest reading through these so you don’t miss some of the information.




Since you are now familiar with the International Open Academy, let me tell you how you can make an income as their business partner, so stick around

Who am I?

In a few words, I am an actress and a freelance artist, an online marketer, and a crew member on the Carnival Cruise Line ships. If you would like to get to know me better, here is my About Sunny page.

Why I started my BestOnlineHomeBusiness.com?

  1. I am seeking a complete financial freedom
  2. I like to travel and my goal is to be able to work from anywhere
  3. I want to help everyone build their own business and achieve their financial goals

Click on the image to see my review of the world’s number 1 online platform for online business.


Click on the photo to read my Wealthy Affiliate review


How to make an income with the International Open Academy?

  • 100% through an affiliate program
    Click HERE to learn what is affiliate marketing
  • FREE sign up
  • To become the International Open Academy affiliate partner, you don’t have to be their student.




They will ask you a couple of questions regarding your ways to promote the IOA. Very soon you will find yourself reading an International Open Academy affiliate program guide.

A very nice lady, Veronica, assisted me through the emails and sent me my very own affiliate pretty links for:


As you already know, these affiliate links you will incorporate within your blog posts and on your social media. Every time someone clicks and purchases a course and a membership at the International Open Academy, you will get your commission.

Your commission doesn’t affect their price as you get paid directly by the IOA.


How much do I get paid? When do I get paid?

  • By selling the first course, you are agreeing to their affiliate payment policy
  • You earn 30% + commission
  • You get paid by the International Open Academy on a quarterly basis
  • You may earn as much as you want!


Do I get any more tools for promoting International Open Academy?

Yes, your HR contact will send you the link for:

  • The course-specific banners and
  • Generic IOA banners
  • Affiliate program starter guide
  • Your affiliate account


My International Open Academy affiliate account

International-Open-Academy-new-affiliate-accountAs their affiliate partner, you will have access to your affiliate account/dashboard where you can:

  • Track your sales
  • Export course list
  • Change your password


Your affiliate link is active right away and you can begin offering the courses on your social networks and in your blogs. You just need to direct any traffic from your website or your offline connections to your affiliate links.

Your affiliate account will be active unless you don’t make any sales within 6 months when it gets automatically deactivated.



  • Free affiliate membership
  • Decent commission
  • Unlimited income – earn as much as you can
  • Promoting great courses sold directly by the IOA for amazing discounted prices


  • No commission for referring affiliate marketers

This is the only one I found hoping they will change their policy. However, wanted to share with you this awesome opportunity. If you found it useful then my mission is complete!


Affiliate Disclaimer: In this article, you have affiliate links towards the International Open Academy, and when you click on them and purchase your courses, I will get a commission as their affiliate. This will not affect the cost of the courses you sign up for. 


My final advice…

To become an affiliate for the International Open Academy is very easy. What I would suggest is to open the free trial student account, explore and see for yourself all that you read in this article.

To reach their webpage click on the image below 🙂


Click on the image to use your discount


Before you go…

Check my number 1 recommendation and an outstanding online business opportunity here 🙂


Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

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