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  1. This is fantastic, instead of a card I can do it differently and a personalized video to my siblings. The nine-plus video will be great for my children especially having Santa read it to them. But for me and my wife, it’s the personalized video. We are going to exchange greetings unique and she will like it 

    • Yayyy amazing right?! I am so excited about this program! Such an amazing idea to bring up the Christmas spirit! 

      Enjoy a creation and yes let Santa entertain your kids, they will be super happy! 

  2. I once played Santa to a bunch of kids at a kids English language school in Tokyo. The kids really got into it. This sounds like a great idea for a much greater “Santa” experience than kids normally get. I remember when I still believed in Santa Clause.

    I imagine that Christmas is the busy-time but do people book or buy this stuff throughout the year?


    • Hi Garry, I don’t know what you mean by “I remember when I still believed in Santa Claus?” How do you mean you believed? What is there to believe or not to believe? 😉 

      Well Garry, let’s see what will be during the year. For now, this is the most certain online program for making affiliate commissions, so far (after the number one recommended program)

  3. I have a ton of presents to buy this winter for Christmas and I was checking out what’s on display on the Talk to Santa page and there are a lot of cool stuff. I will shop several of the gifts in my list here, thank you! I am also interested in joining this site as an affiliate. I have heard about people making passive income this way. I’d like to give it a try.

    • Hi Ann, that’s great! I encourage you to join and start earning an income as an Elf affiliate for Santa Claus 😉 This is truly a legitimate program. No doubts! 

  4. Hi there Sunny! I think this is a wonderful program for the children. Especially with this COVID-19 happening and getting crazier each day, this is a great way for kids to still enjoy their Christmas all while being safe at home. I think kids really need more types of these programs. Thank you for sharing this article about this program.

  5. Your post and video has got me in a Christmas mood! After the year we’ve had, I think this Christmas would be a good time for appreciating the ones who are with us. Talk to Santa seems to be a good avenue for cheering up the kids after being told to stay home all year.

    Merry Christmas, Sunny!

    • Thanks, Clark. I got you in the Christmas mood?! That was my intention for sure 🙂 Happy to hear you enjoyed the read! 
      Merry Christmas Clark! 

  6. This is so cute Sunny. I love the idea. Kudos to the persons who thought of this and made it a business. After all, the main thing is to make kids happy on Christmas, and a little role-play couldn’t do any harm. 

    I see that you have your Black Friday sale already advertised and that’s great. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a year, and I can tell you, there is no better alternative online. In just $300 to $600 annually, you can get Premium membership which is a steal.



  7. Well this is different! I suppose what with everything happening in the world right now, it’s a good thing Santa can still be there for the little ones through video calling! What a great idea! I’m sure this will keep many families entertained over the holidays! I still have lots to get for Christmas yet! Don’t know where to start lol

  8. Personally, I love how this whole talk to Santa thing looks. I feel it’s such an unconventional way to genuinely delight children and bring so much joy. It just feels like something they would never expect. Something that they will probably be telling people about and reminiscing over for at least a decent part of the next year. I mean, I, for sure, wouldn’t have been able to shut up about such an encounter if I had one back when I was a kid. Plus, I think the service is affordable as hell. Plus, the affiliate program and everything. It just sounds really, really nice.

    Again, I appreciate you introducing me to this. Cheers. 🙂

    • Thanks Matiss, I am glad it cheered you up and brought back to your childhood. 

      Enjoy the program or the call itself 😉 

  9. Nice to have this kind of program that will allow kids to still enjoy Christmas while at home due to the COVID-19 crisis! Programs like this must be created online and people wouldn’t have to worry about the ongoing pandemic. If I’m asked to choose, a personalized video would be good for me, while the kids will go for the nice-plus video option.

    In this forthcoming Christmas season, I won’t hesitate to play the best of Santa to the kids. It’s really exciting to make the season exciting for school children. Thanks.


    • Hi Joyce, I believe that this program is a blessing for the little ones. Imagine them watching Santa reading stories to them every night! Amazing right?! And the storytimes are FREE! 9 of them 🙂 Talk to Santa is indeed an amazing program!

  10. Wow, I did not know that such products are being offered by Talk To Santa! In my honest opinion, that Electronic Certificate looks juicy, and to think that is just for a $25 fee? Just worth the price, I must say. And the chance of participating individuals to win XBOX is really good to catch attention. I find the 9 free exclusive videos of Santa talking amuzing. It is really good for the kids. I hope I can try this for my family.

    • Great Tee that you like the Talk to Santa program! Gift your kids they will be super happy! 
      Let me know their reactions 🙂 


  11. Right on, I think kids will fall in love with this. It gets you in the holiday mood. I used to talk to my kids about Santa and read stories about him. Now they don’t believe in him anymore, but still good for smaller children. It would be delightful to hear stories from Santa and very engaging.

    • Hi Paula, whether they believe or not, Santa is on the North Pole in a quarantine but ready to talk to kids online 😉 

  12. Wow how awesome.  I absolutely loved the video.  It looks awesome.  This is such a great idea to ensure that kids that can’t go to the mall to see santa can still get their fix.  Families and parents are going to go crazy for this idea.

    I really enjoyed your post, and am very enlightened that you took the time to come up with this post.  With the way the world is right now, this joyous occasion with Santa can’t be missed.  Kids have had a crazy year already, so great job.

  13. Christmas is the favourite time of the year for me. I didn’t know there was something as the product that you have described on this article. I like the fact that videos with Santa are customizable. This reminds me of some Fiverr sellers who offer similar products. I think the opportunity given by this company to talk to santa and having santa read to them is fantastic!

    I also checked the number one program for making money online as per your recommendation. I really liked that opportunity and I am currently giving it a try. 

    • Awesome! The good thing is that if you like the program you can also promote it and generate a decent holiday season income by doing so. 

      Click here for details: 
      Talk To Santa Review


  14. This is such a cool idea. Every year I face the challenge of what gifts to buy for my family and close friends. There are some good offerings here and I specially like the personalised gifts and videos. Although ‘Santa’ is not usually the highlight for us at Christmas, I see where choosing gifts from this collection will bring a lot of joy to our home. It will certainly change things up this year. Thank you for the introduction.

    • Hi JJ, 

      Does Santa visit your country at the same time as mine? Right? For the New Years Eve 🙂 Correct me if I am wrong. 


      Since kids in Serbia speak English very well nowadays I feel that they can use this opportunity as well 🙂

  15. Hey Sunny

    Wow this is a great idea for Christmas. It’s going to be a weird one because of the messed up and strange times we find ourselves in, but will definitely be cheering a few lonely souls up. Also, bring a new twist into the festive season. Is there still time to sign up as an affiliate do you reckon?

    Great post thanks. 

    • Hi Rob, yes still time to sign up. Still spots available. Santa has plenty of time, I guess he knows some magic to prolong his days ahead 😉 

  16. Hi Sunny, 

    Happy Holidays! I love that the call from Santa has opportunities to donate to toys for tots and support for military. This is just an all-around good thing. 

    Do you know if you can schedule international calls for those overseas? It would be so cool to set this up for someone abroad. 



    • Hi, yes you can set up your call for anywhere in the World. And also Santa speaks many languages. You can arrange that too with Elf’s support 😉


  17. Hi Sunny,

    There are many things that are celebrated throughout the year, which I don’t really associate with. Christmas remains the most important occasion for me. Maybe it’s because I was born five days before Christmas.

    I am very happy to come across this article at this time, an article that brings such fascination!

    I must say, what I don’t like, is the trend that we see globally, where people start advertising Xmas at the beginning of October! It takes the uniqueness out of Xmas, and commercialises it too much. Do you agree?

    Kindest regards.

    • Hi Teboho, 

      Some countries put the Christmas decorations throughout the capital in September and I am like, people??? Why??? 

      But when comes to promotions like this, it has to start early I guess so that people can choose what they like the most in the sea full offers for the Christmas bash. 

      But I agree that sometimes some things are too early. 


  18. What a innovative idea. Specially when we are all stuck home due to pandemic, this is a great idea to personally talk to Santa and make Christmas 2020 memorable. 

    For my kids, Santa reading to them is an awesome idea. I am going to try it this year. Thank you so much for the article!

  19. I love that you can book a live call with Santa!  That’s so cool that we have the opportunity every year to get in touch like this.  I’ve got quite a few friends with really little kids so I’m gonna share this with them.  This has obviously expanded this year to be even more creative than in previous years because of COVID.  Very cool and I love the idea of a personalized video too.  Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Paul, 

      Share the news that Santa is on the North Pole available to speak with kids! 
      Do good, feel good. Whoever books a call will also do good for those in need. 

      Excellent program! 


  20. Hello there!

    Wow! That’s an amazing article promoting a great and wonderful initiative. Christmas is around the corner and everyone is making plans and steps to make the day a memorable and joyous one. And of course, people would want to give their loved ones some surprises which is why I think this initiative is awesome. This will make it easy for people to carry out exciting plans.


  21. This is a fantastic idea, fancy not being able to see Santa in person at the shops this year. the idea of vising him online will be great for the family.

    My grandchildren will love this.

  22. I haven’t any questions because I love it so much that I don’t have anything to say. 

    What a lovely idea of visiting Santa online instead of going to the shopping centres and the whole family can be present talking to Santa with their wishes.

    You have done such a wonderful job, and the videos are just amazing.

    I wish you success.

    • Thanks, Yvonne so much. I appreciate your kind comment and the time you put aside to give feedback and share your thoughts.  

      Have you thought about promoting the program yourself? 


  23. What an interesting idea to talk to Santa during this era of social distancing! I think my kids will love it. Bringing back the  Christmas joy is important for them during this time since they are already missing school and their friends. God knows how long more it’s going to be like that. Just a quick question – will this work with different time zones? Thanks.

    • Hi Cathy, yes the program works in different time zones and different languages 🙂 
      Enjoy and please share your experience 


  24. Christmas is in the air and I can feel it. The talk to santa initiative is such a great idea, I am just scared to share it with my kids because I must be ready before I even think of doing that. Talking about kids, I have three , if i book a video call with Santa can the three of them share the moment or its strictly one on one? Thank you for sharing this 

    • Yes you absolutely can join them all together in one call with Santa. 
      In one call 4 of you can talk to Santa. You can invite your friends and family. Since you have 3 kids, then your kids and you can all be together in the call 🙂 

  25. As Christmas is here already, it’ll be a very nice idea to he able to reach Santa’s store and get nice gifts and packages for the Christmas festive period. I like how this talk to Santa online works, there are lots of things to be engaged in and this will make it very fun to be a part of. Thanks for sharing

  26. I can talk to Santa online, wowee! Technology has really come really far, I remember the old conventional method but of course we need to stay safe at home, and getting the chance to do a teleconference with Santa is a blessing. Can’t wait to try his out for my niece, I saw the sample videos and Santa’s voice is so soothing and caring that I feel like making one for myself too 😀

    • Hahaha yesss it’s so tempting even for adults! 

      Let me know what Santa told you 😉 

  27. Sunny, TalktoSanta website is a tremendous idea! I am so disappointed that due to COVID the kids will not be able to visit a live Santa this year. what a downer in the Christmas Season. This online chat with Santa may be the best way to get around the virus restrictions and still show the little ones a great time with the Big Man! I love the fact that the send a video of the interaction so they can watch it over again! fantastic post and Merry Christmas to All!


    • Thank you Dave! 

      I agree, this is a great idea to make up all that could be if there was no restriction. Santa is unfortunately in the lockdown too but he definitely found a way to be available for the kids. 

      You too be blessed with a lovely holiday season!

  28. It’s great to see this program available this year as Santas are keeping socially distant in order to protect the elves back home. Seems like a great program at an affordable price — all to make memories that are priceless. The affiliate option seems like a good opportunity as well. Thanks for sharing – I’m already looking forward to Christmas!

    • Yes Aly, Santa is being responsible 🙂 
      Great opportunity for kids, and adults as well. 

  29. Wow what a great product in Talk to Santa Live! With Christmas just around the corner, this will make for the perfect gift and one that can be done for/with family members. In particular, I really like the sound of the Personalized Video, Military Electronic Certificates and Santa for Business. I have bookmarked your post for when it’s soon time to order. Thank you so much for a great recommendation!

  30. This is a brilliant idea. My grandchildren would love a personalized video from santa. How unique is that.There are so many excellent gifts on offer from the talk to santa page i will be spoilt for choice. This has been a great way to get me into the Christmas Spirit.The affiliate program sounds very interesting as well. getting $25 to sign up is a huge benefit.

    • Hi Lisa, please share with us your grandchildren’s experiences 🙂 Can’t wait to hear it! 

      Are you planning to get into promotion as well? 

  31. Super cool! This is especially true as the holiday season draws near. This is also a very creative way during the Covid-19 pandemic, and this way kids can still be engaged and enjoy X-mas while they are stuck at home. Talk to Santa seems to be a great program to help kids as well as generating some passive income at the same time. Great resource Sonny!

    • Thanks Walt! I also think it’s a good idea to make this period easier for the little ones. And for affiliates, still, time to sign up for the program. 

  32. I think this is a great idea and very much keeping with the theme of the virtual world which we have to have come so use to living in now, I think this is something I might encourage my family members to do with there kids as i think it is a great way to keep with the festive spirit. 

    A really nice post and thank you for promoting this.

  33. In this new digital age we’ve been subjected to because of quarantine, this is a great alternative to what we used to consider normal.  I still have memories of going to see Santa in the mall and being excited to have that hallmark experience as a kid.  This is a great adaptation and an example of working with the cards you’ve been dealt.  Love to see it

  34. You put me right into the christmas spirit here. I am sure Santa would love some more helpers. All the gifts he have to make. Wonderful gifts and a very interesting affiliate program. I have a few questions: First – Wiill the gifts be delivered on christmas day? and Is it a popular program? Is it in multiple languages since it is everywhere in the world?

    • Hi Hilde, 

      The gifts are delivered whenever you arrange a delivery since they are mostly arranged online video calls with Santa. Also, they have a program available in English and Spanish but if you have some other requirements, you can send them an email and arrange further. 

  35. Hi Sunny! What a great idea. Especially during this 2020 Covid-19 year and all that the children AND adults have been through, it would be awesome to do something not only affordable but heart warming by talking to Santa (I STILL believe)! Wonderful and exciting idea and good Affiliate program to follow!

    • Hi John,
      I am happy you haven’t lost your trust in Santa 🙂 He would be so sad if you didn’t believe in him.
      Please let me know if you need any assistance for sign up. But if you are planning to join the affiliate program, do it asap, it’s already almost the end of November.

  36. Hi Sunny! What a great idea. Especially during this 2020 Covid-19 year and all that the children AND adults have been through, it would be awesome to do something not only affordable but heart warming by talking to Santa (I STILL believe)! Wonderful and exciting idea and good Affiliate program to follow!

    • John! Santa says hi to you! He loves people who don’t question his existence, and especially this year when he is in a lockdown too. Are you going to talk to Santa this year? 

  37. As an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for things to make my site interesting and seasonally relevant while help me to earn some income.  Your article provides a great way to do this.  I have applied for the program and received an email saying that they would check out my website and get back to me.  I hope that I become an affiliate which will  help me earn money for both of us.  Thanks for the suggestion.

  38. I love this initiative! This gives so many more wonderful options for Christmas, especially now that we have to stay indoors and large gatherings are not encouraged. I will check out Talk to Santa’s site to see what great surprises I can find. The kids are going to love it! Do I need to sign up to order somethng or can I just order directly?

    • Hi Christine, just follow the link for booking. The process is easy. You will basically get your own account and will be able to manage your order from there. let me know if you need any assistance once you click and go to the website. 

  39. Very informative read! With the Christmas season coming, I have been trying to shop for gifts and I see the gifts on display on this platform are actually very interesting, I will be using it to shop for the upcoming season! Nonetheless though, I have heard that you can make money with this platform and I’m kinda interested in making some passive income with it. Thank you so much for sharing 

  40. I cannot believe that Christmas is truly right around the corner! This year just went by so fast. I have to say that this is genius that you can talk to Santa online. What I usually do with my friends and their kids is to take them out during the holiday season and have the “Breakfast with Santa”, but as we all know, it is not gonna happen this year. I will share your post to my friends, I am sure they will love it. 

  41. This is such a great idea, especially this year when visiting Santa in person isn’t really happening!  My kids are all too old for Santa now, but if they were younger, I would totally pay to have Santa leave a personal message for my kids.  How magical and cool would that be!

    I’m sure as an Elf, you are going to help make a lot of kids happy this year.


  42. I had never heard of Talk to Santa.  I think its a great idea that my children would love!  Getting to actually see and talk to Santa would add another layer to our Christmas traditions.  We like to put the Nordic tracking on and watch where Santa is as he delivers all the toys.  Thanks for putting this together!

  43. Hi Sunny, this is a very interesting business model that I have never seen before. Are you able to advise whether the live call with Santa is also offered to different timezone like in Asia? I believed Santa works in the US timezone? Or will he work round the clock for all children around the world? 

    • Hi Richard, yes Santa 🎅 is available for the entire Planet! This year he has been in a lock down too but he has 24 hours online to make everyone happy regardless the part of the Earth and also this year he’ll not be so tired afterwards from running around and jumping into chimneys 😉

  44. Love this Idea I have used a similar program for my daughter previously, she loves getting a message from Santa.

    Just wondering how customizable this one is? can you add your own info to personalize it? It looks like they have video calls cards etc.. but can you add names and images etc to make it more realistic?

    • Hello Dave,

      I believe so that you can add your own things too. All of this should be arranged through Santa’s customer center within Talk to Santa website 🎅 

  45. This is a very interesting service. My nephew really likes Santa and stories revolve around him, so this will be a very nice present for him this year. Is there any country restriction to order the service? Its affiliate service is also nice. I may want to sign up as their affiliate for one of my children’s niche websites. Thanks

    • No restrictions 🙂 Santa is available for everyone! 
      Sign up for the talk to Santa affiliate program still time to do so and generate some income 

      Good luck!

  46. Very nice idea, Im sure a lot of people will thank you for making a online Santa. Kids need a little magic in their lives and it’s not fair that it would be taken away by a pandemic. The prices are also reasonable for the time your allowed. Home businesses are getting greater every day and yours is done very well.

  47. Wow, what a novel idea, and I am sure this one is going to sell well, as what child doesn’t want to talk to their favorite Christmas hero. Whoever thought up this idea is a genius.

    I love that the call can also be shared with family members and this can make an excellent gift for that granny who has everything and you never know what to buy her.  I see you need to book a time in advance. Do they send you a reminder in case you forget?

    • Hello Michel, 

      I am sure they do. But do you think you will forget such a great present you booked for your granny? 🙂 

      Enjoy the call and please share your impressions afterward. 


  48. This is an adorable idea!  I’m going to get one for my 3-year-old granddaughter.  While many would say this is a lot of money, I would disagree. It’s a present, just like any other.  The video would be a treasure for years to come so why not take the plunge?  It would give a child a great memory.

  49. Hi Sunny!…you got a very awesome article here  that offers business in the virtual world…I have a health care business and very much different from your offers but I think it is very timely that I really have to join as an affiliate because your offer can at least help alleviate everyone’s hope this coming Christmas season and forget what we have experienced during these times of uncertainties and we really have to move on forward Sunny. And by the way thank you for offering comments on my article about Bamlanivimab treatment for Covid19 patients.

    keep safe always!

    my warmest regards,


    • Thank you so much for your support. Keep safe and thank you for helping people heal in this time of Covid-19. Your service is much appreciated! 


  50. This is actually such a sweet gesture from the people who created this opportunity. Especially in times like this where due to a pandemic a lot of us are missing on holiday get-togethers and the little ones aren’t going to the mall to have a face to face conversation with Santa. This is an all family opportunity but this might be even more enchanting for the little ones. 

  51. Hi There,

    I think this is a great idea, especially with the current situation be on lockdown. Kids can call Santa and get messages and short stories. I think this could work out for you and with families joining hands at the moment not so much been bale to meet they may well use your service to bring back the Christmas spirit.

    In Friendship


  52. This is the cutest and sweetest Idea I’ve seen yet! I really, really like your writing style and I think it’s very sweet that you’re looking to bring cheer to children in a time when they really do need it. I also like the Gifs and the general structure when scrolling, I really do get a Christmas feel. It’s very warm.

  53. This is such a great idea to share the Christmas spirit. To make a personalised video is an awesome way to send your own festive greetings. With more people doing online shopping this year, this is bound to be a great success. I am sure kids would love the program, specially if they cannot visit Santa’s Grotto this year. A very novel idea to be an elf affiliate, and evn if the bulk of the shopping might be done in the run-up to Christmas, it is still worth giving it a try. 

  54. Growing up as a kid, I had always wished there was a way I could pick to Santa easily from the comforts of my home. Well, all that is available now, but I am all grown up. Anyways I am glad about this for the kids of this present generation who will get to enjoy this. Is this available only in the US?

    • Talk to Santa program is available everywhere in the World. It’s good for adults too 🙂 

  55. Wow this is perfect, I have a 5 year old and he is really down about what has been going on this year and a video chat with Santa would be perfect! Could I ask how long the video chat is for?

    Can’t believe a service like this exists, I have not seen this service anywhere else.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Mark, the call with Santa is about 10 minutes long. Enjoy and please share your impressions later 🙂 

  56. What an amazing intro it has and it filled me with Christmas Spirit just watching it. As I am new to all of this how could I incorporate this into a niche that is sports related? It is only a month away (Christmas) it wouldn’t be a long term thing. I can honestly say that you have done a wonderful job and I am inspired. Thank you!


    • Hi Ken,

      I am happy you’re inspired to use this great opportunity. Why wouldn’t you refer to this page  below, I am sure You will get some ideas as I attached a screenshot with an answer to the same question someone else asked me a few days ago.

      Click here:Talk To Santa Review

      Let me know if you need my further assistance 🙂


  57. Thank you for your post. It is timely information. The holiday season is here and it is time to give and buy some gifts for your loved ones. 

    Here are the wonderful resources you organize on the site. I particularly like your description on click on the image to access Santa’s store. These are innovative ways to celebrate the holidays. The personalized video is my favorite. It is fun to do something different this year and to give my loved ones the video appreciation. 

  58. This is such a great idea, with COVID-19 throughout the world, and now worse than ever. And you can’t go to the mall where there is a plastic between Santa and the child – everyone likely touches the plastic shield. This is way better!

  59. Hello, Sunny,  Talking to Santa is a great idea to create a warm and festive atmosphere for our kids this season holiday. This year is different, so every opportunity to makes our kids happy must consider, and this program is a beautiful gift idea for toddlers to talk to Santa enjoying the spirit of Christmas and holidays. 

    Thank you for sharing


  60. Hi Sunny,

    Very nice post! I really liked your collections. They are very interesting for all the kids around the world. I am sure parents would love to take that chance to bring a smile on their loved children’s faces by visiting Santa virtually. 

    Thanks again for a wonderful article

    Great job!


  61. Hi Sunny

    Anything that brings joy to the little ones and their parents  must be encourage. We all this year have been through so much this year, especially the children and it will be sad if they are deprived of their annual meeting with santa at the grotto. It is a great way of bringing the joy of the season to them individually. Does it confuse the child if different Santas are used?



    • Hi Antonio, 

      We all know there is only one Santa, he just likes to change different characters 😉 

  62. Hi, what a fantastic idea to get Santa into your home for Christmas! And the choice between a live video call or a personalized video message is also a great idea, love it! Is this done through Skype/zoom or anything else, I’m curious? When Santa can’t enter your home because of Covid19, this is really the next best thing, so thanks!

  63. Thank you for this post, people need to see this, so they can easily access Santa. This Christmas is something else making it impossible for people to be together in the pandemic. I think families should book a zoom meeting with him with that they could be in a safe enviroment 

  64. I was always looking for other ways to send some wish instead of doing the usual Christmas card thing. This talk to Sant program seems a rather unique way to do that and it’s amazing what people can do online these days. I had never though of something like this and its far more interesting than any Christmas card can ever be. Thanks for the heads up!

  65. I love this idea Sunny, this will be better than paper cards (Saves the trees) I will have to look more into this, I love how it’s a video and not a card. and Really love the personal touch you could put on it.

    I look forward to more from you, I can’t wait to read more you have to say ( I really enjoy what you write, it’s great) Anyway, thanks again Sunny.

    Rebekah from TeaJubilee

  66. What an absolute wonderful idea. I am booking this for my grandchildren.  With lockdown here in the UK, it is important for our kids to get something special at Christmas and this really does put the cherry on the cake. 

    A personalised video call with Santa. What more could your child or grandchild dream of?

    Thank you for a wonderful post and great idea. 

  67. Talking to Santa online, this is awesome! The potentials of the internet are just so much, one can imagine ever having a chance to talk to Santa online. Well, this is what the kids of this generation gets to enjoy. This concept is a great idea and kudos to the company or organization behind this and Coca Cola sponsoring this. This is a great way to help the kids harness the potentials fo the internet this Christmas.

  68. Hi Sunny; this is really a fun-filled Christmas treat for those who know and love Santa. They will no doubt find something within these videos that they remember about Santa in previous years. I mean something that is funny, that will ignite laughter. I will be sure to share this exciting post with many who I know have kids who are always excited about Santa.



  69. Hi Elf Sunny… what a great idea. I am living with my wife in Portugal with a couple of grandchildren in the UK. This could be a perfect way to handle the challenge of surprising them despite the pandemic. I think would love a message from Santa!  I just wondered if it’s OK for Santa to talk to 2 children at the same time?

    • Hello Richard, that’s awesome! And I have great news for you – you can have 4 people in one call 🙂 Have fun!

  70. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I just found a very good surprise for the kids this year although we use to go and see Santa every year but because of this pandemic I don’t think we would do so, so this is a very good step to take.

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  72. Wow this is new! Big blessings to whoever came up with a creative idea as such. It really would go a long way this year considering the fact that we all trying to avoid large gatherings. My meetings with Santa are the best memories I have of Christmas while I was growing up! Thanks for this Sunny

  73. Wow, what a wonderful idea! Someone is going to make a LOT of money from this, this year! 🙂 In the COVID-era, I think many people are seeking options to make the holidays feel magical for our little ones. This looks like it will be the perfect opportunity for so many families! With sponsorship from the likes of Coca Cola, it does seem like they’ve got something right. 🙂 

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    What a very captivating video at the beginning, I keep hoping to see an image of myself somewhere in there.

    Thank you for this, Sunny.


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