What Is The WordPress Dashboard


WordPressThe WordPress dashboard is your back office. You manage everything from here. Your content, site’s appearance, layout, plugins.

Everything related to your site:


  1. The technical part of a dashboard
  2. Creating content with tools provided within the WP dashboard
  3. Making your site beautiful – done from this excellent back office


 Log in page

To use your dashboard, you have to log into your WordPress blog. You can do that from the WordPress site (as shown in the image) or if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member,  just click on the login button






Welcome to WordPress Dashboard!



Once you log in you will find everything you need for your website development.

I would like to emphasize that this article shows the simplest way of using the WordPress dashboard. I am going to show you the features I use after my WordPress site is up, installed, and ready to use.


Simply because as the Wealthy Affiliate member, I don’t have to worry about the technical part which involves the website protection, managing the All in One SEO, and coding. The wealthy Affiliate support team does this for me.

My job is to write and make my content attractive and useful for my audience.


Creating content with tools provided within the WP dashboard

WordPress is super easy to use. Let’s say your website is installed and up. On the left vertical frame of the WordPress dashboard, you will find different buttons. I will elaborate on each of those in later articles. For now, let’s see what are they.


It is the home button with shortcuts to the WordPress features. See the photo


All In One SEO

With General settings, performance, XML sitemap, feature manager, and an upgrade option. I wouldn’t worry about any of these just yet.



Posts – This is where you will manage all your website’s posts, add new ones, create categories, and add tags.

Media – Photo, video, and audio files

Pages – Managing the website’s pages

Comments – It is essential to have constant interaction with your audience. Allowing comments on your posts helps your website trust, SEO, and ranking. Eery content written on your website counts, including the comments. You can allow comments only on your posts, not pages.



Themes – WordPress has thousands of pre-installed themes you can choose from for your website. They are divided into categories. Once you find the one you like it is very easy to activate it.

Customize – This is a great option that allows you to manage your website from the viewer’s perspective. The changes you make are visible to you as you make them.

Widgets – There are tens of widgets you can add to your website. They are usually placed in the Header, Sidebar, or Footer part of your WordPress blog.




Menus – Here you classify your articles into menus. It is essential to provide a neat frame menu on your website adding posts in a way it’s easy to navigate.

Theme editor  – I wouldn’t go for this one. It’s risky for your website’s health especially if you are a newbie.




Plugins are tools you add to your website for better performance, SEO, appearance.
The most common ones are social media share icons, translator, different side effects, decorations, font styles
You can always use your plugin editor to install new free plugins or upgrade them to the paid ones.


Your blog can be managed by one or more people.
Here you will manage their usernames, photos, contacts.



WordPress-ToolsYou will import, export, back up your website from here. Also, check if there are any site health issues to be fixed. I found some recommendations on what is to be done, but since I am a Wealthy Affiliate member, I referred these to the WA support team. One more reason why I love that company!!!




Besides managing your website’s information and general settings, in this section you can change and edit your writing and reading preferences, this includes your audiences and their information as well.




As you can see, the WordPress website builder is a great and very easy-to-use tool for your online business. I hope that now is clearer what is the WordPress dashboard and what you will be using it for. I will keep posting about the WordPress tools and benefits you have as a Wealthy Affiliate member. So please, stay tuned!


Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

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