How Long Does It Take To Make Money At The Wealthy Affiliate


45, 48, 67, 98, 100, 109, 129! These numbers counted in days are the answer to the question you have just asked: “How long does it take to make money at the Wealthy Affiliate!”
On my 45th day, I earned my very first dollar online, on my 129th day I got my first premium commission 🙂




This is what happened.

Back to September 2015

  • September 2015. – I joined the Wealthy Affiliate and Gone Premium – $19 BONUS Premium
    I was at the same time very excited but also a little skeptical until I became active. I started getting followers and their warm welcome messages, met Kyle, joined the live chat, and realized that I was completely safe. I felt like I had found my lucky charm, spent a couple of nights surfing around, and started a Certification course.


  • I remained a monthly premium member, but by the end of September 2015; I went on a road trip, then I have joined a cruise ship again and didn’t have much chance to focus on the Wealthy Affiliate.


A decision that has changed my life

  • July 2016. – upgraded to the yearly membership
  • July 26, 2016. – Made a commitment that was the best decision I could make. I was following my plan pretty much. And the plan was to spend 8 hours a day going through the lessons which Kyle prepared for us.

I took it very seriously:

  • Started the Online Entrepreneur Certification course
  • Bought a domain for my spiritual journey and one for my acting career
  • Had come all the way to Course 2 – Lesson 6 (7 courses, ten lessons each)
  • Realized that I had to get acquainted with online marketing first.

That’s when I decided to leave my website alone and get to it only when I have inspiration.


The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Focusing on Wealthy Affiliate training was one more right decision. But let me tell you something, this doesn’t have to be your case too. I found it much easier for to learn the technical part before the creative part.

When you start with the Bootcamp (which is the training for those who want to promote the University), you have all the content already pre-prepared within your lessons. It’s just about putting it together.

  • In August I also created a website for my friend
  • Bought my first WA domain on August 23, 2016.



My First $ on Day 45!

On August 22nd I started with the Bootcamp training, and after a few days, I completely focused on the Wealthy Affiliate promotion.

I have learned how to add the Wealthy Affiliate banners and signed up my mom to click on them just to make sure that they work and use my affiliate link, set up her account, and BAM!





That happened on day 45 since I had made a commitment.

And then

In September I made 11 more dollars:

    • My mom’s friend became my referral on September 11, 2016. —-$1 – Day 48!
    • On September 30, 2016. —$10 – Day 67, I got two emails from Kyle and Carson. My tutorials were cash-credit with $10.Cash-credits-at-the-Wealthy-Affiliate
    • That is what is a significant part of this platform. When you learn something and create a tutorial for other members on that topic, you automatically create a chance to earn some passive income which happened to me. I created one tutorial on clickable banners and one on inspiration and motivation and received $5 for each of them, and they will pay off even more in the future.
    • On October 31, 2016. ——-$5, which was my Day 98 of dedicated work, my third tutorial got the credit.
    • On November 2, 2016. —–$1, day 100, I signed up my dad just for the purpose of the page creation
    • On November 11, 2016. —- $1, day 109, I got one more referral which set up his account


My BIG sale!

On December 1, 2016. – Day 129, my new referral has taken advantage of the Black Friday sale and upgraded to A Yearly Premium Membership. The commission for the Black Friday sale was $130! A regular affiliate commission back then was $175.



Overall, my dear friends, I have made $149 in 129 days 🙂 Isn’t that great?
Now you can see that creating an online business isn’t an overnight success where ”you just need to click a couple of times, and I will send you $500″.

A legit online business is about building a nice and strong foundation, getting serious knowledge, and using tools that are being updated on a daily basis.

It’s not easy work, but it’s one fun, serious game 🙂



Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

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