What Is The CashJuice?

Hello my friends,
I already shared a very detailed review of the CashJuice program, so I am not going to go into so many details this time. To refresh your knowledge or learn details about this AMAZING community go ahead and CLICK HERE CashJuice Community Review


What I AM GOING TO SHARE here is my experience and what I know about this platform to date. And I hope that this article will answer questions you have about this community

It is going to be short and sweet! One minute read. The rest you can find in my detailed review mentioned above.


So here we go:

What is the CashJuice?

  1. A great platform for networking
  2. Suitable for EVERY NICHE
  3. Amazing place for your adds
  4. A community which is a huge asset to your business NO MATTER what field your business belongs to, CashJuice IS for you!


Is it easy to navigate?

Yes! Once you find your way through you are going to enjoy it!

As soon as you are in, find me and I will help you. I would LOVE TO get involved with your navigation, as I received so much help over there and it would be great to have a chance to give back that kindness and assistance for your good.


What are the membership levels in the CashJuice?

  1. FREE membership
  2. Upgrade (paid) membership – A GREAT DISCOUNTED PRICE to $29.50 one time payment with 56 Day Money Back Guarantee!




What are the membership rewards positions in the CashJuice and what they mean?

There are different rankings within the community. You climb up the scale as you contribute to the community. As you can see in the below photo, I reached the Silver status, jumped over the Bronze. Just woke up to this success the other morning.



You might be wondering why is a success to become a silver member of the CashJuice platform?
Because the higher the rank you are, the more exposure you get. Since I became a Silver member, I got some random referrals joining my network.

My posts are more visible. I am more visible. More people see me and follow me, which ultimately brings me more networking, more interaction, more traffic exchange as we go.

There are also Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks.

Also the higher you go, the more chances to earn money you have. The main aim is DIAMOND 🙂
Once you have that sparkle, the sky is the limit for you here!


How do you climb the ranking scale?

  1. Approaching people
  2. Following new members
  3. Being available and helpful
  4. Commenting after reading statuses – but really reading them!
  5. Being active in the free advertising traffic exchange like this one here:





What about making money opportunity within the CashJuice?

When you:

1. Join HERE for free
2. Browse through and enjoy the features
3. Share the benefits with others
4. When your referrals upgrade – you make income

Also as a FREE member, you gain referrals randomly when you are well exposed within the community. And you get well exposed when you follow the steps from the chapter above 🙂

You also increase your website’s income when you utilize the CashJuice BECAUSE it’s a traffic exchanger, and when you use it wisely, you will see the progress!

Once you upgrade, your commission significantly grows, and you get more AND more exposure.


Why would you upgrade to the platform when it is already a great help to your business even when you are a free member?



As I promised, I am not going to expand this post more than necessary. All the details you can find here: CashJuice Community Review

If you need more guidance in a program, feel free to read through it. If there is still something you would like to know before JOINING FOR FREE, please leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.

I always say, TRY everything, you won’t know unless you try. Not every program suits everyone. But how would you know without trying?

One message I LOVED and it comes from the CashJuice member:

Be the one who aims high!!!
See you in the CashJuice community!

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Best-Online-Home-Business-logoI will be more than happy to hear what you think and to read about your online experience. Should you have any questions or concerns or you need my assistance please let me know in the comment section below.

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